Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Nanny Smackbottom teaches naughty twins a lesson. A great image sent to me from Dave Lomas.

When the terrible twins went to stay with Nanny Smackbottom they were certain they would be able do as they please. After all, what could an elderly Nanny of all people do to prevent their reign of disobedience?

Well, they soon discovered that Nanny Smackbottom was a strict advocate of pyjama and early bedtime discipline.

They quickly found themselves regressed to toddler status as Nanny fastened the siblings into nappies and dressed them in plastic pants and drop seat footed pyjamas, having them ready for beddy-byes by 4 pm.

Philip refused to use the potty Nanny had kindly provided and subsequently he was left in soiled nappies to teach him who was in charge.

Felicity had her drop seat jim-jams unfastened and her bottom soundly smacked for having a tantrum when Nanny put pretty ribbons in her hair. Corner time followed for the naughty girl.

Nanny Smackbottom will climb the stairs at 5.30 with two bottles of baby milk and clean nappies, change Philip then tuck the terrible twins into bed sucking contentedly on their dummies.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A sixteen year old boy is tormented at the hands of his mum and younger sisters. This was sent to me by someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Part One – Sunday The day It All Began 
(A short story based upon a segment from A Burst Ball by and dedicated to Luc Holly)

Getting my own way was typical for I am now 16 years of age, and a friend of Luc and Alain. I did not at all accept the plight they endured of a change of venue in their lifestyle, nor would I have allowed anyone to do that to me; so I resorted to chide and berate both of them in front of others, despite the fact they were my friends, and I enjoyed having a good laugh at their expense. Little did I know that I should have left well enough alone… 

One of my first exposures to this was on one summer day when we playing table tennis outside at my home with Michelle, Alain’s girlfriend, and Patricia, Luc’s girlfriend, my sisters, and 10 year old Kevin, a neighbor. Isabel and Christelle came for both Alain and Luc, to escort them back home, because it was bedtime for them, since they had guests over for lunch. I just couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Both boys humbly though reluctantly, submitted to the wishes of their moms and excused themselves for the day, leaving with their little sisters; so I teased and tormented them over it, until mom called me to get into bed also. I was appalled as that never happened before and I spent the rest of the day in bed for misbehavior towards my friends. That was the only time, that is, until now… 

It was Sunday morning and I arrived downstairs for breakfast, facing both pestilent little moppets, Beatrice (8) and Tina (12); who were discussing their day with mom.  They ignored me for the moment as mom told them to be ready promptly at 10am; for they were invited for lunch at Janine’s cottage with her daughter Isabelle (12), Michelle (17)(Alain’s girlfriend), and her mom, Patricia, (Luc’s girlfriend) and her mom and Sonia, Luc’s mom, and her daughter Christelle (10). 

Janine spoke to my mom by telephone yesterday to invite both her and the three of us, though she hinted that neither Luc nor Alain would be present.  Mom was inquisitive and asked many questions, all of which Janine eagerly answered in detail. She was enthralled that the discipline problems with both boys had been resolved with so simple a method. She shared her conversation with my sisters just before I came down to breakfast and although I wasn’t aware, the wheels of fate were turning against me. 

-“Our host, Janine told me that lunch today would be both relaxing and harmonious; it certainly will be a pleasant change…!”  (Winking at both girls)

Tina and Beatrice both sniggered contemptuously, for they were well aware of the   refreshing new changes in the routine already in place at Janine’s cottage. 10 year old Christelle (14 year old Luc’s sister) and 12 year old Isabelle (17 year old Alain’s sister) who first told them of the benefits and advantages of an early bedtime schedule for their older brothers, in order to ensure a peaceful and quiet house-hold. Their moms were so grateful to have such demure, prim and fussy young daughters whose faces radiated with satisfaction whenever they were called upon to “help” with their older brothers; of whom they were often left in charge of. If the boys were obliged with a regular early bedtime schedule, their little sisters had no restrictions, for each little girl was revered by their respective mothers. The girls exerted their authority to make sure that their brothers were strictly supervised, and meticulously attended to the procedures taught by their moms, as they put their older brothers to bed as punishment as well. They were most delighted to accommodate their mother’s wishes and reveal their superior mindset over the boys, while patronizing and bossing them around as retribution. On the other hand, the older boys were of course, annoyed and opposed to their little sisters treating them like babies; but they could do nothing for their moms held the girls in such high esteem. 

As I started to enjoy breakfast, I chose to disregard the giddy babbling of my little sisters; in fact, it annoyed me.  My thoughts were on other, more pleasant matters, such as an afternoon of hanging out with my friends without these two holy terrors around; so I could do as I wanted, when I wanted, and for once I would finally have an afternoon of freedom.  Mom however, was discontent with my sullen mood and regarded it as impudence on my part towards my sisters. The look on her face delighted them; as I took no notice, for I was too busy thinking about my day, and apparently so was my sisters… 

The conversation gradually shifted, and I could clearly see that Tina had some ulterior motive, but being the elder, for once I decided that I would not be a victim in any attempt by her to provoke me, therefore I evaded her; however, sensing my revulsion only proved to intensify her snobbish tone.  

-“Luc and Alain are now put to bed before guests arrive, did you know that mom?” Tina bursts out cheerfully.

-“Oh really?”

-“Yes!...And that includes when both sisters entertain their friends, and feel more at peace this way!” she added laughingly.

-“Well I guess then, you won’t have any chums to help tease and annoy us this afternoon, Francois!” Beatrice scoffed. 

-“Oh!...Too, too bad for you, poor Francois!” Tina adds with demure sarcasm.

-"Well it seems mom, that Luc was often cranky with some guests of Christelle's this past week, and she told me her mom had enough; and decided that bed was the best place for him, so the girls could have peace and quiet with him in bed asleep. That certainly put an end to his annoying behavior towards them”. Tina replied excitedly, and added. “Everyone benefits for it!” 

-“I’ll bet Christelle and her friends benefit the most!” mimics Beatrice, as Tina continues.

-“Oh yes of course! What little sister would want her sulking older brother up and about teasing and annoying, when he could be in bed sleeping?” 

-“Not me, that’s for sure!” Beatrice burst out in giggles.

-“Not me neither!” Tina joyously replies.

-“Besides, we both know (Tina winks) that Luc often provoked both her and Isabelle” Tina replies disdainfully, adding with scorn, ”and that he was most annoying to her, even in our presence, just once too, too often”. 

-“And now whenever he argues with her….” Beatrice boasts.

-“To bed he goes!” laughed Tina, “and his sister doesn’t mind at all!”

-“It does him good”. Beatrice giggles adding, “and everyone else too!”

-“Plenty of sleep is good for older naughty boys…” Tina muses with certainty.

-“Haha, they can’t tease and torment us young girls if they are sound asleep!” Beatrice adds laughingly. 

-“It seems older boys act just like big babies, don’t they?” Mom jests, as both girls burst out in snickers and giggles. 

“Christelle says that it is more peaceful now whenever they have company, without the presence of a cranky older baby!” Tina jests. (all laugh)

It was then that Tina turned to me, gloating, and in a patronizing descent from her demure personality, confronted me:

-“What do you think Francois?” She curiously inquires.
-“I don’t know, I guess they deserve it…” I state pretentiously.

-“They deserve it??...Your chums??...I see!” a not so astonished Tina reacts, then badgers him indignantly, “Hmmm, did someone wake up grouchy?...” 

-“Ha Ha, my brother is a like a big grumpy baby…” leers Beatrice.

-“Of course, Chris and Isa told us much, much more about their nasty older brothers, mom!” Tina states graciously and poised, adding to my irritation. 

-“Yes, much more, as they are just grumpy little babies, just like Francois; older, but no wiser…hahahahahaha…” Beatrice scoffs.

-“Oh I agree Bea! Perhaps at lunch this afternoon, we can discuss that”. Mom adds with a hearty outburst of ironic laughter.

-“Those…er…uh…er.. “gamines” often provoked their brothers, only their moms didn’t believe them……” Francois states nervously.

“Oh so now your friends were just?... How very, very cheeky!” growled Tina.

-“Oh he says one thing then another Tina” Bea scoffs. “Francois must overtired, then perhaps??” 

-“They are sinister little plagues I tell you!” Francois shouts angrily. “Scheming, pestilent tarts!...Ugh!...All little girls are…!” Francois states angrily.

-“Plagues and tarts?... What a horrid thing to say!.. You’re beyond cheeky Francois!!!” Beatrice outraged and disgusted, shouts at him.  “MOM!”

-“Don’t worry girls!...That sulkiness will cost him dearly if he keeps it up” Mom sternly warns, adding, “An older boy like you Francois, should be able to take a little teasing from little girls, and if it persists, since you are the elder, then you deserve to be punished”.

-“Oh we totally agree!” both girls shout.

-“It is therefore best for everyone!” Mom adds with a sneer.

-“Especially for Chris and Isa!...Plagues indeed!!!!” both girls exclaim in joyous delight, followed by a sneer of contempt towards their older brother. 

Despite the taunts of ridicule and mockery, it seemed pointless to argue, since mom already made it clear that I should be more tolerant with these pestilent gamines.

-“Since his chums are in bed, Tina; why would Francois want to accompany us to lunch at all then?...” Beatrice contemptuously murmurs. 

-“ Oh, to tease and provoke us of course!...” Tina scoffs. 

-“My point exactly!...” Beatrice accedes with an outcry of laughter. 

-“Well I would like to be far away from the two of you for awhile, that’s for sure!!!...” I state with bitterness and resentment, much to the pleasure of my overbearing little sisters. 

-“That can be arranged brother dear, oh yes it certainly can!” growls Tina.

-“He should be treated like Luc and Alain…” recommends Beatrice.

Tina made her point; Beatrice the recommendation, their faces all aglow with smiles of pure delight; and of course mom nodding in agreement. My tantrum of irritability and resentment instantly turned to resigned hopelessness…

-“I’m sorry mom…er…uh…but.., Tina and Beatrice provoked me…”

-“Oh a big boy like you?...You are a foolish one Francois!” mom scolds derisively. 

“I said I am…er…uh I’m sorry, mom??” I mumbled meekly, bowing my head in shame, at an attempt to gain in mom’s good grace.

-“See how he rubs his eyes?...” Bea discerns closely. 

-“Oh is my baby brother over-tired?...” Tina coos in sugary-sweet contempt of her older brother.

-“Well then, someone needs a nap, don’t you think?...” Beatrice replies smugly. 

-“So that explains why big brother is so cheeky then!” Tina observes mockingly.

-“And he did say he wanted to be far away from both of us, isn’t that right Tina!” Beatrice teases contemptuously.

-“I guess there is only one place for him to go then, isn’t that right mom??...” Tina sniggers. 

-“Of course! His day is already finished for his impudence” states mom solemnly.

-“Cranky babies belong in bed” Beatrice bursts out in laughter.


-“Oh yes I agree; and that’s that Francois!...” Tina banters back at Francois.

-“But I did nothing…but…alright, I’m sorry….”

-“It’s too late for you to apologize, Francois! Mom ascertains. “You can be irritated and angry all you want, that is your choice; But I shall put you to bed as my choice, and before we leave so that you can be irritated and angry all you want, all alone, and in your bed!...”

-“Bu…u…ut…er…uh…um…no, no, no, no, please no mom??...”

-“At least we will know where you are and why; and to prevent you from annoying everyone at lunch, and finally to remove the distraction of being with your incorrigible friends and getting into mischief” Mom declares serenely, adding “This way is best for everyone”.

-“Oh No!” I shout protesting and defiantly.  

-“Oh yesss!...” Tina howls joyously.

-“Bea, please tell mom you would rather have me up, oh please??..” I plead .

-“No!...To bed now Francois!” Bea boasts without empathy, folding her arms in defiant jubilation, and smugly retorting with indignant superiority and disregard for her older brother’s desires, adding, it will be better for you!”…

“Yes much better, especially for us! Tina decrees with ridicule, adding, “it serves you right cheeky boy!” It appeared mom had just about enough as she stood up.

-“March upstairs now Francois!..” mom retorts as she grabs me by the ear, twisting it so I stand up and I am paraded out of the room. “It’s beddy-bye time for you, and that’s that!...”

-“Aw!! Is it night-night time already big brother?...” Tina teased. 

-“You will benefit from a good long sleep in bed Francois!..” mom replies.

-“ Oh yessss…!!” both girls shriek in unison, gloating with joyous grins of utter delight, adding, “And we’ll benefit too!!”. 

-“That’s not fair, I tell you, no, not at all, I’m too old for this….OW stop it mom!, that hurts!...” I cry out babyishly. “Ow, I’m not done with break….”

-“Upstairs and straight to bed now!”… mom commands.

Tina and Beatrice followed us closely behind, clapping their hands, laughing and mimicking me, their outraged, cranky older brother in a contradictory manner.

-“Oh please put me to bed mom; I am so, so cranky, boo, hoo, hoo!” mimics Tina.

-“Oh please, I just want to be far away from my bossy sisters! But not bed, oh no not that!...Waa, waa, waa…” shouts Beatrice joyously.

As I was being led upstairs, both pestilent gamines continued their barrage of baby-like teasing and patronizing me, accompanied by shrill, contemptuous laughter, amidst mom’s smirk of sheer amusement’ .

-“It will be so quiet without you at lunch Francois!” Tina scoffs.

-“Yes that alone is a blessing!...” Beatrice adds sarcastically. 

-“Please oh no, not that!...no, no, no!...”

-“Oh yes that!...It’s the only thing that works and that which gives us peace!”
Beatrice retorts in a domineering aura. 

-“Bu..bu…er…uh..mom?..Please don’t…no…no…no..I don’t wanna…”

-“Well that’s what we want, and that’s where your going!”…mom jeered.

Both girls exhibited an aura of stuck-up poise and pretentious superiority towards me, because they were allowed…and my temperament was growing from their tirade of taunts, but if I reacted, I would be punished, not them!...

-“One more word, just one…and you will stay in bed by day all of next week….” is all mom says. 

-“Say something Francois, please do….” Taunts Tina.

-“I don’t wanna go to bed, I don’t wanna, waa,waa,waa,waa, boo hoo hoo for me!...” Beatrice busts out in laughter. 

We reach the top of the stairs and mom guides me towards my bedroom, as I feel somewhat resigned to a deep feeling of hopelessness for my situation; I think of my friends and the plans we had made for this afternoon, and I won’t be able to tell them. I wonder about my date with my girl-friend this evening and if I will even be allowed to see her; and lastly, how was I drawn into my little sister’s trap, resulting in my demise…  

It’s not fair to have to go to bed mid-morning and to be deprived of my freedom to do as I please, but that is my lot. It is so utterly devastating to be punished to bed by day; it is annoying, boring and more so, because it is sunny outside, while the children of the neighborhood are enjoying themselves. Why even little babies are not in bed yet! I never thought mom would ever do this to me, and I blame Alain and Luc. I say nothing, lest mom kept good her threat, trying still to ignore the relentless teasing of my bossy and overbearing little sisters:

-“Move faster Francois. We haven’t all day you know…!”

-“Yes, of course it’s you’re beddy-bye time; you’re too cranky to stay up…!”

-“Time to sleep, well for you anyway Francois…!”

-“It serves you right, you cranky big baby…!”

-“Did you know sleep is best for cranky babies…?”

-“Oh our visit will be so peaceful without you annoying us…!”

-“No, we won’t miss having you around. We are happier with you in bed….!”

-“Yes!...That’s better for an older misbehaving boy like you, and not for good little girls like us…!” Beatrice jeers.

-“Shall we tell your girlfriend you can’t see her tonight, well…???” Tina snickers.

-“I doubt she would miss him Tina. She certainly will agree that bed is a better place for him!” Beatrice bellows with joy, seeing my look of bewilderment and wonderment.

-“Then you had better behave and go straight to sleep and be very still, or we’ll ask mom to make you stay in bed for the entire afternoon and miss dinner, your favorite TV shows, and your girlfriend…!!!” Beatrice warns mockingly.

I say nothing!...Once in my room, mom immediately takes control and marches me to the corner, sensing my increased anger and annoyance. 

-“Hands on your head Francois! Stand very still here until I tell you different”. Mom so orders and adds, “We need to hurry along girls, it’s almost time to leave for Janine’s cottage and we don’t want to be late!”

-“Of course mom!...” Tina replies happily, what can we do to help??”

-“You can select your brother’s bed attire from my room!” mom smiled.

-“Oh yes! Come on Bea, let’s go!”

Mom opened the window a bit and turned on my bedside lamp. She also set up a baby monitor, an idea obtained from Janine, to help supervise me, so that if I awake, make noise, attempt to get up and out of bed, or remove my bedcovers, they would be alerted of my disobedience. The girls thought it was appropriate since they insist that I act like a big baby anyway. Then mom pulled back the bedcovers and fluffed the pillows; while I remained glued to the corner like a bad little baby.

-“Turn around Francois. It’s time to get you ready for bed, and don’t dilly-dally or you will be punished”.

I stood before her with apprehension as she removed my shirt, pulled down my trousers and underwear and pushed me onto the bed in one quick motion. 

-“Please don’t let those two see me like this mom?.. Mom??...” I pleaded.

-“You should be ashamed Francois acting like a little baby in front of your little sisters, tsk, tsk!...Well then they should see their big baby brother just like you are…a baby! That should teach you a lesson or two!”

She pulled off my shoes and socks and then my trousers and underwear. I was now naked and humiliated, as mom continued to berate me, just as both sisters entered the room…. 

-“Look what we found for you to wear in bed today Francois??” Tina jeers!

-“See they're nice and cosy, and girlish of course,” they giggled in unison.

Much to my dismay, Tina held up a pair of pink winceyette pyjamas with a teddy bear pattern for me to wear in bed, while I did my best to cover myself in shame. I knew that both Luc and Alain were subjected to this type of nightwear, but I was appalled at having to wear them myself. As she dangled them around, laughing along with Beatrice, I stood firm and reluctant. Surely mom wouldn’t allow this; how wrong I was. She willingly handed them to mom and stood back with Beatrice watching intensely.

-“put your arm out Francois! Mom so orders. 

In doing so, my privates were exposed and both girls glanced and giggled hysterically, making me red with shame.

-“You will look so girlish in your pyjamas, let’s just see now!”

Mom buttoned me into the pyjama top, she checked the fit by fixing the shoulders and smoothed the pyjama jackets Peter Pan collar to remove any wrinkles and checking the length. It was just long enough to cover my privates, and I was somewhat relieved when mom stepped me into the pyjama bottoms to hide my embarrassment.
I looked downcast with shame, as mom held up my chin and looking at me:

-“You will now apologize to your sisters Francois!”

I balked at having to apologize to both girls quite a bit younger than myself, one by 5 years, and the other by 8 years for doing nothing wrong! My anger and disapproval showed as I folded my arms, shrugged my shoulders and grunted. That proved to be a mistake!...

-“But..er…mom??” I pleaded. 

She smacked me very hard on my behind, as I jumped and screamed, “OUCH”, and as my sisters sniggered and giggled approvingly. 

-“Perhaps Francois needs a good long spanking like a baby mom!” Tina chidingly replied.

-“Spank, spank on your bot-bot, you very bad baby!” Bea scolded sternly.

Without a queue or warning, mom sat on the bed and took me across her lap, forcing my arm behind my back to prevent interference and scolded me, just as Tina handed her a long handled stiff bristled brush…

-“I think this will be an effective reminder for you to behave and do as you’re told in the future Francois…!!” mom sneered.

-“Oh-Oh!!!!...Someone is about to get a red cheeky behind!...” Bea laughed.

-“Shall I pull down his pyjamas, mom?” Tina demurely inquired.

-“Yes of course!” mom replied happily.

Then mom began to spank me briskly and hard across my bare bottom, her hand locked onto my wrist preventing me from getting in the way. She kept it up non-stop, scolding me like a baby, as I wept real tears, and in front of my bossy sisters who enjoyed my whimpering and agony. As each swat reddened my bottom, it became more sensitive, increasing my tears and vocal protests. I wriggled uselessly as the girls grabbed my legs and helped to hold me down. It was so humiliating getting a spanking at my age in front of those evil gamines!...

-“You should be ashamed Francois; an older boy being spanked wearing his pink pyjamas by his mom in front of his little sisters, like a baby, tsk, tsk!!!!”

-“Francois’s bottomt looks alike a big red tomato, haha!” Beatrice clapped with joy.

-“I am much younger than you Francois, and I have never been spanked, but you are older and getting spanked, because you’re a baby, a big, big baby!” Beatrice sniggers. 

-“Now I ask you only once more Francois. Are you ready to apologize to your sweet sisters?” mom asks, letting up on the paddling for a moment. I nod my head reluctantly, as mom allows me up, but forbidding me to rub my tender behind.

-“Stand up straight, hands at your side and look straight at your dear sweet sisters and beg for forgiveness!!” mom ordered. 

With my head bowed in shame, and humiliated beyond words, I reluctantly stood before my giggling sisters.

-“I’m sorry Tina!...I’m sorry Beatrice!”….I whispered.

Tina placed her fingers under my chin and forced my head up, jeering straight at me.

-“On your knees now simpleton, and look up at us!” Tina commanded. 

-“I’m sorry Tina!...I’m sorry Beatrice!....”

-“There that’s much better” Tina ordered mockingly, as both girls beamed with eerie delight, enjoying my comeuppance, adding, “Now go to bed!”. 

-“Into bed now Francois!...” mom commanded, “No, on your stomach. You’re not in bed to be comfortable you know!” 

As I lay on my pillow, I realized they were going to be true to their word and keep me here…as I made my feelings known as I bantered, and Tina put me in my place every time as mom and Beatrice listened with amusement.

-“I don’t deserve this!.. I mumble.

-“Oh yes you do!” Tina taunts.

-“I cannot stay in bed, I hate sleeping….” 

-“You can, stay in bed that is and you will!...”

-“Please let me up…!!”

-“No!...We want you to stay in bed, and that’s that Francois!!!!...”

-“I’ll be good, I promise!”…

-“Oh, we know you will, now that you’re in bed…”

-“But I’m not tired…”

-“You will be, you’ll see”

-“What about my friends and lunch?”

-“No friends and no lunch!”

-“Mom??.....” Tina sighs.

-“No more backtalk from you now Francois!, mom adds sternly.

-“You may close his curtains now Beatrice! That’s enough sunlight for him for one day!...mom orders.

-My pleasure!” Beatrice demurely replies. 

-“I don’t care if he ever sees daylight for yet a long time, if putting him to bed gives us peace and quiet, then I’m all for it!...” Tina jeers, then gathers up all my clothes and takes them to the hall closet. 

The sounds of a beautiful summer day emanated from the window, now slightly ajar, so I could be deeply humiliated for not being up and dressed like the little children below. Bea closed the shutters, then lowered the shades and closed the lined curtains very tightly. The only light into the room was from the bedside lamp and the natural daylight from the hall corridor. 

-“Since you are still very, very cranky and sulky towards Tina, I will give you something to make you calm down and go to sleep” mom sternly stated.

-“Sleep?....I can’t…I can’t…..”

-“Yes SLEEP, You are not allowed to stay awake, and misbehave!”

-“Oh yesss….” Beatrice hissed.

-“It’s what we want Francois!!!!” Tina jeered.

-”We don’t care what you want, you’re a nuisance already!” Bea gloats.

Mom took a medicated suppository from the jar she had placed on the bedside stand and unwrapped it, spreading my tender red cheeks and inserting it deeply, as I groaned, under the watchful eyes of both holy terrors!

-“One is not enough, mother!” Beatrice moaned. 

-“I agree! He is really cranky with us!....”Tina nodded approvingly.

-“Well of course, we can’t have him wake up any time soon, can we girls??”  mom sneered.

-“Oh no mom!.. I know I wouldn’t!” Tina scoffs. “And only sleep will make him behave, lots and lots of it for a very long, long time…” She added in abject mockery. 

Mom unwrapped yet a second suppository and inserted it deeply, then gave me a swat on my tender, red buttocks.

-“Your monitor is set, so I had not better hear any noise from this room!”

She turned off my lamp and warned me one last time, before kissing me on the forehead…Then tucked me in completely up to my neck with assistance from the girls.  I felt so humiliated and miserable. I wanted this to end, and it did…

-“It’s beddy-bye time for you now Francois; girls kiss your baby brother and let’s go, it’s 9:20am and time…”

Each sister kissed me on the forehead, grinning with happiness….

-“Sleep wisely and have nice dreams!” Beatrice demurely whispers.

-“Good…er…uh.. afternoon…” I stammered nervously.

-“Good afternoon??... Oh I think not!! Good night is better and that is only for you big brother, in any case NOT for us!” Tina cheekily replied.

-“Oh right then! We will stay up late, perhaps well past midnight and we will enjoy a good long day yet, that’s for sure!...” Beatrice boasts joyously.

Both girls join mom at the door, with an aura of arrogance, continuing their taunts as they proceeded to leave, followed by mom who simply closed then locked the door, leaving me in the gloomy darkness, most conducive for a deep sleep. They continued to laugh and talk about me in the hall, before heading back downstairs, their footsteps and laughter quickly fading…

I lay in bed on my stomach, very uncomfortable, angry, and bored at my situation, in the complete silence of my lightless room of punishment. I was quite annoyed as I heard  mom and my bossy sisters getting ready for their visit, and humiliated because I was punished by my domineering little sisters who were still up and fully dressed, doing as they please, without any restrictions, while I the oldest, was tucked into bed as punishment; then I heard the sounds of a beautiful summer day from the narrow opening in my window; birds chirping, bicycles ridden by young children, laughing, shouting, crying, cars driving by, adults conversing, balls bouncing, and everyone getting ready for lunch… My feelings were prolonged when I noticed a brief ray of sunshine peak through the curtains, reminding me of a beautiful day I was forced to miss.

Then my feelings became mixed and I felt deep sorrow, shame and remorse, hoping that somehow they would come back upstairs and let me up, but that didn’t happen. Instead, and true to their word, they deliberately forgot about me, because I was expected to sleep and nothing more, and they wouldn’t want to disturb that!...

My thoughts were interrupted by loud, shrill shrieks of laughter from outside on the patio, just below my window, where my sisters were now talking to some of the neighborhood children, probably telling them I was put to bed as punishment because of them, and their intense laughter told me they so approved! 

Mom joined the girls on the patio below, and I couldn’t make out what was being said, but I am sure I was the topic. Their voices though faint, made it difficult to hear them, and were specially muffled from their derisive laughter. It sounded like Beatrice and Tina were trying their best to convince mom to keep me in bed all day, but I had hoped I was wrong!...

Shortly, their voices faded as they were well on their way to Janine’s cottage as I tossed and turned trying so desperately to stay awake and angry that mom gave me several medicated suppositories, to ensure a quick and undisturbed sleep, against my will….

From time to time, some neighboring children would stop by under my window and taunt me with shouting and mockeries as they walked by, making my stay in bed even more miserable, just as my sisters had intended…

Mom and my sisters arrived home about 1:30pm, and instantly both girls went upstairs to check on me, the receiver still attached to Tina’s belt. Of course I was still sound asleep, that is until the door opened and Tina hovered over me, shaking her head with a disapproving grin. 

-“You were supposed to be asleep Francois!.....tsk, tsk!!!” She vented.

-“Yes, you were told….” added Beatrice disgustingly.

I was groggy, and half-asleep and in bed since 9:20 am, and extremely miserable, so I did not welcome the holy terror of brats, my sisters, who would say I was crankier than before, and of course mom would agree. 
-“I was asleep, until you two woke me up!” I bellowed out indignantly.

-“Oh my, are we still a bit cranky yet baby brother, hmmm??” Tina cooed and tickled me under the chin, kissed me on the check and added, “Go back to sleep then”.

-“No, no…no…please wait…..” I whispered. 

-“Right then, let’s go tell mom Bea!...” Tina sneered angrily.

-“Bu…ut…..no…..come back….I’m sorry, don’t tell…”

-“Oh do I detect a wittle pout of submission from my baby brother, hmmm?” Tina purrs with an air of snobbery. 

-“Let’s go Tina!!....” Beatrice banters, and adds. “It’s too late now for you to be up anyway, Francois!” 

They both turn away and leave the room, closing the door, before I can respond. I hear footsteps on the stairs and I assume….(meanwhile)…Outside of my room, I hear distinct voices, shrill laughter, and then the door reopened and in walked mom; then I felt remorse. 

-“Francois!!...You were told to sleep, and yet your sisters found you wide awake. Is that true??.....Mom glared at me angrily. 

-“No mom!...I was asleep, I was, really!!...I only awoke when….”

-“Tsk, tsk, tsk!...you naughty miscreant!!” Tina sniggered; and now mom was provoked to anger..

-“I put you to bed because you were very cranky and disrespectful to your sisters and you needed to calm down; your crankiness indicates your sisters were right…”


-“That’s enough already!...” Mom hisses.

-“I…er…uh…they are wrong…”

-“No! You are wrong, and so you will stay in bed for the rest of the day now , you need your rest!” mom stated seriously adding, “don’t you agree girls??”

-“Yes! He’s too sulky mom” Beatrice sweetly replies.

-“ Oh yes; and he’s too, too irritable to be allowed up!!” Tina sneered. 

-“But why mom?...” I pleaded.

-“You blamed the girls when you knew they were right and you’re still very, very cranky, that’s why!...” mom replied sternly, adding “That’s why I brought you a snack, so your dear sisters can get you ready….”

Beatrice opened up the curtains and raised the shades, and then the shutters, allowing a flood of sunlight to enter my pitch-black bedroom, as I cover my eyes from the brilliance.

-“Oh look Bea, our baby brother doesn’t like the light!” Tina scoffs. 
-“Oh don’t worry Francois!...We will make it dark again shortly!” Bea adds grinning.

Beatrice then orders me to sit upright, as she lowers my bedcovers, and sets my pillows upright behind me so I can sit up properly. Next she ties a baby’s bib around my neck that  says, “I’M A BIG BABY”, especially made for me by Christelle and Isabelle.

-“Since you were so nasty to your sisters, each one will feed you!” mom states.

-“Oooh! It smells so yucky mom, what is it!” Bea grimaces.

“-Baby formula!” mom replies grinning.

-“Ugh! I’m glad I don’t have to drink this wretched sour smelling stuff, but you do Francois!...Bea bemused adding, “Oh and it's good and right for you!”

-“Bea, you may feed him first, since he is always nasty to you!” mom replied.

-“With pleasure mom, with pleasure!...” Bea sneers, as she forces the nipple into my mouth, enjoying my displeasure of that warm, sickly-sweet taste.

-“Finish it all Francois. This is all bad babies get…!hahahaha” Beatrice laughs as she deliberately makes fun of me, forcing me to finish the bottle, Tina is next…

-“That’s right, no din-din for you, you bad, bad babykins!” Tina sneers, and forces the second bottle in my mouth, adding, “Hurry now, we don’t have all night!” She states demurely and annoyed.  

-“I am having my bridge club over early Monday afternoon Francois, and I am very  concerned about your behavior and lack of manners. Mom stated dryly. “If allowed up, you might act cranky, and I want our time together to be fun and without incident”.  

-“Well there is one way to ensure peace!” Tina grins.

-“That’s right mom, and it works…” Bea retorts amused.

I appear mortified as mom speaks, nodding her head in approval with my pestilent sisters…

-“Once again, you girls are right! There is only one way to have peace and quiet, so Francois, you will stay in bed all day tomorrow as well, that is unless you misbehave, and then your bed punishment will certainly be extended!...” Mom concludes, adding, “And Tina is correct; no dinner for you tonight!”

-“But mom??....”

-“Sorry, it’s better to prevent than risk your crankiness towards them”.

-“Good! Now there is more dinner  for us!” Tina jeers.

-“ Especially dessert, strawberry shortcake, yum, yum!” Beatrice shouts with joy. 

-“We can discuss Monday’s schedule for your baby brother downstairs girls, if you would like? Mom grins,  as she notices my distinct displeasure, adding, ” Of course it’s fair Francois, since you always provoke your dear sweet sisters!”

-“Of course we do!” both girls scream in unison.

-“Haha, he has no say in the matter and that’s that!” Tina mused.

-“And Babies do as they are told!” Beatrice bellows enthusiastically.

-“So do you girls have some ideas about Francois’s schedule?”

-“I know I do, for sure!” Beatrice busts out, holding the baby bottle in place, so I cannot respond. 

-“Of course I do; only Francois might not like my ideas!” Tina jeers. 

-“Oh too bad; too bad for him!” Bea gloats. 

My hopes for seeing my girlfriend tonight vanished. I was to stay in bed all of today and tomorrow before I could even get up. Meanwhile, my pestilent sisters could watch TV, see their friends, enjoy regular meals and do as they please during the long sunny days of summer; since I would be kept in bed and deprived of all activities but sleep, not fair!!! Tina closed the shades and curtains once more, adding to my misery and my bedtime began promptly at 1:55pm!....

-“It will surely be very calm around here for awhile” Tina laughed, adding, “Isn’t that great??...”

-“Oh it will be, that’s for sure, it most certainly is!!” Bea shouted with joy. 

-“Too bad you will miss your TV shows tonight, Francois” Tina jeered.

-“But that’s right for you!....” Bea mocks.

I wanted to scream out in disagreement, but only mumbled pathetically: 

-“The girls often provoke me and then I am put to bed. That’s just not fair!.... And I was supposed to see my girlfriend tonight, and she will be so upset…”

Mom checked the baby monitor and kissed me on the forehead. 

-“ I put you to bed to deprive you of doing as you please and outside activities, where you surely will do foolish things; so instead close your eyes and rest now”, mom whispers sweetly. 

-“Besides, it’s better with you in bed…” Bea sighs mockingly.

-“Yes, so we can watch our own TV shows”.  Tina added.

-“And we’ll have some friends over too; without you agitating and annoying us!”

-“I don’t think your girlfriend will be as upset as you think Francois; I’m sure she will gladly make other plans for tonight!...” mom adds condescendingly.  

-“Oh I know she will…! I’ll call her shortly…hahahaha…” Tina laughs. 

-“Before we leave, we have something special just for you!” Tina scoffed, as she holds up a pair of earplugs and waves the package in front of me. 

-“See how thoughtful we are of you??... Tina whispers sweetly. Somehow I felt otherwise!

-“Yes we are, and you are just so nasty to us!...”  Bea sneers mockingly, as she places the earplugs in my ears, and kisses me also, then adds,” It’s better that you sleep sound, so you can’t hear us enjoying ourselves; that’s so much better for us!” 

-“And so much more annoying for you, Hahaha!...” Tina scoffs.

-“These earplugs are a “gift” from Isa and Christelle, after we told them you called them plagues; isn’t that sweet of them, Mon Cheri??....” Tina sniggers, and 
adds,” Bea has something for you too!”

-“Hear no evil; now see no evil! Bea bellows scornfully. 

-“Lights out baby brother; this should help you sleep now!” Bea covers my eyes with the satin sleep mask, securing it from behind with the elastic band, and adjusting it in place, kissing me on my forehead, and whispering, “sweet dreams naughty baby..hahaha!”

Both sisters were taking full advantage of their authority, using every waking moment to boss me around, deride, ridicule, tease, torment and provoke me without any retribution, and they knew that I was annoyed, and so they kept it up…

- Tina demurely whispers in sweet baby-like prattle. “Tsk, tsk, shame, shame, NIGHT NIGHT, HAHAHAHA!”

Then my sisters turned away laughing, and before she closed the door, mom added:

-“We have company tonight and remember the monitor is on, so be very quiet and sleep sound or I’ll consider bringing my guests up to see you” Mom whispered. 

As the door was closed and locked, I started to become drowsy and subdued from the medicated formula and my willpower to stay awake was diminishing. I cried and pouted as they left me alone, with delight on their faces; for I can do nothing now, but sleep, while my young sisters will probably stay up well past midnight. I hear the key being turned in the lock, voices, haughty laughter, and then the sound of fading footsteps as mom and my sisters went back downstairs promptly at 2:00pm in the very early afternoon!...

It wasn’t long before I heard obnoxious, loud laughter from most likely those plagues, just outside my window on the patio below playing with their friends. There is too much discerning laughter, it is probably about me, but these dreaded earplugs greatly reduce any chance of hearing what they are laughing about and that angers me, as I slowly doze off into a deep punishment sleep.