Thursday, 29 November 2018

Nappied and Spanked. Michael has sent an account of his life style.

Hello everybody.

I wanted to share my experience with you. Growing up I was always really small for my age and I tended to get along with younger children better than my own age. Puberty was very delayed and being really small I looked very young even in my early 20's. My mother used to just say I was immature for my age and still a little boy.

I had the exact same rules and routines at 20 that I had when I was 7. In the morning either my mother or sister would wake me at 6:30. I was not allowed out of bed without permission. After breakfast mother would dress me in my clothes for the day which was usually shorts and a t-shirt in the summer and long pants and longer shirt in the winter. For underwear mother always dressed me in girls briefs with childish and girly prints. I was small so I could easily fit in childish clothes.

I always had to take an hour nap after lunch around 12:30. I never slept during this time but mother used to say my nap was more for, "adult quiet time", and I didn't have to sleep if I'm not tired but I had to at least lay quietly. After my nap, if it was summer and we were staying home mother would usually dress me in shortalls and sandals and send me outside to play in the yard. But I always had to stay where she could see me.

Bath time was always around 5:00 or 5:30. My mother or sister would call me inside and undress me in the kitchen near the laundry room. It didn't matter if mother or sister had friends over visiting, mother used to say little boys don't need privacy. I had to hold mother or sister's hand when I got taken upstairs to the bathtub and got washed. After my bath I was put in a girls nightie and sent back downstairs to play quietly in the living room.

My nighties were my sister's hand me downs from but they fitted me perfectly, they were quite short and came to my waist. Once I had my nightie on either my mother or sister would diaper me before bed. At 7:15 I was sent to brush my teeth and wash my face and hands. Then I would hold mother or sister's hand and say goodnight to everyone and taken upstairs to bed at 7:30.

I had stopped wetting the bed when I was 14 or but mother still made me wear nappies from bedtime until after breakfast when she got me dressed the next day. 

Mother was reluctant to allow me to be unsupervised so my sister, who was four years younger than I was, began babysitting me when I was 18. By then, she was much taller than me and much more mature. If she had plans with her friends then mother would get our neighbours daughter, Rosalind, to babysit me. Of course the girls had full responsibility for giving me a bath and nappying me for bed and they were also allowed to spank me if I had a tantrum or was naughty.

The first time she babysat me, Miss Rosalind, as I had to call her, told me it was bath time, I pulled a face and continued to play with my toys, she immediately put me over her knee and I received a very hard spanking as well as time in the corner. I quickly learned to do what I was told and never disobeyed her again although I still received quite a few more spankings from her.

I was finally allowed to start going out alone but only to places mother approved of. I met my wife at a church event I was 24 and she was 19 but she had a really mature attitude but I remember being worried about her finding out about my home life. Mother invited her over for dinner and of course all my rules were the same. She was surprised at first but they talked about it after I got put to bed. She told me she agreed with mothers treatment of me and if we continued dating she would begin treating me in the same manner. We married two years later and now my wife and I live with her mother.

I still have most of the same rules I had growing up. I get up on my own at 6:30 and go down and eat breakfast. My wife lays out my clothes on the bed and I get dressed after she takes my nappy off. I go to work and come home on my own but I have to wear a GPS tracker watch so she knows where I am. I'm still given a bath at 5:30, but my mother-in-law however, insisted that I be put to bed wearing long flannelette nighties as she believes that dressed as such I am more respectably attired when her friends are over. Bedtime is now 7 pm and I still get put in a nappy for bed. I respectfully asked my wife and mother-in-law for a later bedtime but all I received was a spanking.

When my wife goes out she usually asks her mother or younger cousin to babysit me. I wish she would let me stay home alone but she insists I still require a babysitter. It's embarrassing still being washed, dressed, and nappied by her family or friends. Even though I'm older I still have to say goodnight to “grown ups” when I’m nappied and in my nightie. Treating adults with respect is my main priority  and it's always expected of me that I address people as aunt or mummy and I must never use first names. If I ever make a mistake or misbehave I still get spanked and put to bed early which is very embarrassing when a roomful of women are present.

Thank you


Sunday, 25 November 2018

Life with mummy

Sunday to Thursday Daily Routine.

6.00 Wake, shower and get dressed for work.

7.00 Inspection by mummy. 4.45 Home from work, milky drink.

5.00 Bath-time and put into my Winnie the Pooh pyjamas. 

6.00 Supper time.

6.30 Play time. Colour  picture for mummy.

7.00 Bedtime. Tucked into bed, windows and curtains closed. Story time. 

7.15 Lights out. Reminder that mummy loves me and kissed goodnight.

Friday and Saturday

  8.30 Woken by mummy, downstairs wearing my pyjamas and slippers.

  9.00 Breakfast time

  9.30 Dressed in my sailor suit

 10.00 Shopping with mummy 

 12.00 Lunchtime

 1.30 Afternoon nap.

 2.30 Play time. 

 5.15 Bath time and put into my pink footed pyjamas. 

 6.00 Supper time.

 6.30 Quiet playtime. 

 7.00 Cuddle time on mummy's lap

 7.30 Bedtime.Tucked into bed, windows and curtains closed. Story time

 7.45 Lights out. Reminder that mummy loves me and to be a good boy. Kissed goodnight. 

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Teddy Bear Pyjamas

These are the pyjamas I ended up wearing! Aunty and Miss Jacobson couldn't agree which pair of floral pyjamas I should wear so they compromised and decided my Teddy Bear pyjamas would be a perfect alternative. Lady Clutterbuck, and her young companion Miss Annette Kirton certainly enjoyed my embarrassment at having to wear such babyish pyjamas in their presence and when I nervously spilt tea on Miss Kirton's blouse, Aunty gave permission for her to spank me for my carelessness. Young Miss Kirton eagerly took up the offer and I found myself draped across her lap having my "naughty boys bottom" soundly smacked  until I was quite tearful. I was made to stand in the corner with my pyjama bottoms down showing my red and sore bottom for twenty minutes before I was sent to bed.

The next day, Aunty left me in the care of Miss Jacobson who decreed that I should spend the day pyjama punished doing various chores around her spacious home. Miss Jacobson closely supervised me and I received plenty of "encouragement" smacked bottoms as I failed to complete my tasks to her satisfaction. By the time I was presented with a pile of ironing, I had been on the go for seven hours without a break. Terrified of annoying Miss Jacobson I nervously ironed her voluminous winceyette nightgowns. Luckily I succeeded and I was relieved to be tucked up in bed at six pm.

Friday, 16 November 2018

A Puzzling Pyjamaring Problem

My Aunt and Miss Jacobson disagreed about my afternoon pyjamaring last Saturday. Both had chosen different pairs of pink floral winceyette pyjamas but my aunt wanted to put me into a pair of frilly pink floral pyjamas to greet her visitors Lady Clutterbuck, and her young companion Miss Annette Kirton. My Aunt thought the frilled collar and cuffs and the pink floral design would be smart and sensible for my tea dispensing duties.

Miss Jacobson, however, preferred to see me dressed in her chosen traditional style pyjamas because when I had previously worn them we discovered the elasticated waistband on the pyjama bottoms was not as secure as it once was. My pyjama bottoms had gradually lowered themselves as I performed my household tasks and Miss Jacobson, assured my aunt that Lady Clutterbuck and Annette Kirton, would find this tremendously amusing and that my bottom would be bared with my pyjama bottoms around my ankles ready to go across the assembled females laps for my early bedtime spankings.

Which pair do you think I eventually ended up wearing?