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Timothy Part Two. A story by Jane Marwood

They held him in the throes of ecstasy, manipulating his flesh so expertly and for so long that the boy began to shiver as if his body was in spasm,

On and on it went until the last spurts of semen were drained from him. His back arched one final time before he fell back on the bed exhausted. His chest heaved for breath as the nurse milked the last few globules in an upward motion from the very base of his penis, watching as the very last drop escaped into the glass test tube. She gently let go of his penis and placed the oxygen mask over his face.

 Simultaneously the doctor slowly and gently slipped her finger from his bottom and patted his penis gently.

 "That's a good boy Timothy, you have done very well. We are going to let you rest for a while now."

 Timothy sucked at the rich air. His mind and body were in turmoil. He had never imagined that he could have experienced such feelings. He could feel his heart beating within his chest. He could, he imagined, feel every inch of his skin, and still impossibly feel their hands roaming over every inch of his body.

 Paramount to all these feelings was the utter humiliation he felt. He knew that his face was as red as a beetroot. Not just with the physical and overwhelming experience of his first ejaculatory orgasm but with the already deeply carved humiliation, that he had suffered at the hands of his cousin and the doctor and nurses.

 These feelings had been made even acuter by the presence of Susan and her mother and of course the head girl, Gail.

 They had not only heard him have his bottom smacked in public, but had also witnessed his nakedness and humiliation, being made to stand with his hands clasped behind his head, unable to stop his penis from erecting in front of them. Now they had witnessed his utter shame as he had been made to reluctantly ejaculate. He shivered again at the thought of the utter humiliation of recent events, his young body shaking visibly.

 Had he known or been able to foresee the events that would follow, he might well have died of shame and humiliation. Or even had he been able to hear the conversation centred around the doctor's desk his unease would have been multiplied tenfold.

 Both Hazel and Vicki were seated in front of the doctor. Susan and Gail had gone back to their seats rather hurriedly as the proceedings with Timothy had finished. Although they were sat some way away from the desk they could hear the conversation quite clearly.

 Lucy Ashcroft was, without doubt, one of the brightest young doctor's that visited to take school medicals. But there was much more to Lucy's persona than mere skill and efficiency. She had realised for some time that her leanings towards an authoritarian management of young boys had been hidden and recessed in the back of her mind. That was until she had been appointed to carry out the medical examinations of young school teenagers. She had however discovered that only the most physically perfect would excite her. In Timothy, she had found the most perfectly proportioned young boy she had ever seen. His young body had delighted her more than she thought possible as she had thrust her finger up into his bottom. His na├»ve reactions and utter distress had sent thrill after thrill through her body.

 She knew that she had experienced great sexual pleasure from the morning events and was already planning to repeat the episode. Not for her the pimply, greasy skinned adolescents that she had to deal with from time to time. For her, it was the huge significance that she had actually experienced the pleasure of toying with the emotions and physically exploring the body of the most perfect young male individual she had ever seen.

 Her thoughts turned to her college friend who was now operating her own private IVF clinic in London as well as several days a month at Lucy's own private practice in town. A quiet and hugely successful establishment that relied upon, apart from the necessary skills, what she now held in her hand; a test-tube full of the reluctant emission of the perfect donor she had ever seen.

 Lucy looked at Hazel and Vicki Grant and held up the test-tube.

 "I have never seen such an amount ever... and from one emission. He must obviously have been in physical discomfort as well as the emotional one of not daring to masturbate. I think we have an obligation to the boy to make sure that he is well managed over the next few weeks."

 She looked thoughtful for a moment before continuing.

 "I don't know how you both feel but I think it would be wrong of us to set him on a course of masturbatory habits at his age. Apart from the clandestine and furtive approach young boys seem to have to this activity, it can be physically damaging to the penis. The penis can become bent and malformed with vigorous and constant masturbation. Therefore I propose that we keep it on a supervisory and clinical basis as we have already discussed. There is one other thing - and that is that I would rather like a colleague of mine in London to see him at some time, a second opinion is always welcome."

 Lucy smiled at Hazel and Vicki as she stood up from behind her desk and placed the test-tube in a holder.

 "Would you like me to have a word with his mother and tell her what I am proposing? I think it would be best if she was kept informed right from the start."

 Hazel spoke, her voice confident and steady. Although she was only nineteen years old, her confidence and manner were of a much more mature woman.

 "I will ring my mother tonight and tell her of the events so far. We have a relationship as such, that I can easily talk to her about such things, I am sure that she will be able to talk to his mother, my aunt, and explain what the poor boy has been going through."

 Hazel thought to herself, that what he had gone through would be nothing to what she was going to do to him. She had thrilled at the boy's humiliation and her total dominance of him, where at a whim she could play with his body as she wished.

 Susan and Gail had been sitting quietly listening to the conversation. Susan had known for some time that Timothy's popularity with her and her mother had not been just for his practical usefulness with the various jobs he had done for them. She remembered when he had once been emptying a pail of water, that he had wet his shirt and shorts so much so that they were wringing wet.

 Her mother had instantly rushed to the boy and started pulling his shirt from his body with which she succeeded, however, when she had tried to pull his trousers down, he had resisted and quickly elected to return home in the sodden garments. Susan thought then that her mother had been rather keen to divest the boy of his clothes, however well-intentioned her motives.

 What had surprised Susan more today was that her mother had seen nothing untoward in Susan seeing the boy in all his nakedness - and that in fact she had encouraged Susan and Gail to go and talk to him while he was being made to stand naked with his hands on his head, obviously knowing that his penis and testicles would be completely on display for the girls to see.

 Susan spoke;

 "Mummy, will Timothy be alright now, I just heard him moaning, he seemed to be very distressed while you were with him in there."

 Vicki Grant smiled at her daughter and before answering her question, looked at the young doctor.

 "Will it be alright for Susan to see Timmy for a moment? Susan seems a little concerned about him... and of course, she is a going to have to babysit him while his mother is away if Hazel needs a night off, which I am sure she will."

 The doctor smiled at Vicki, understanding immediately the implications of what she was asking.

 Hazel almost chuckled at Vicki.

 "That sounds a nice idea... I mean the night off; are you proposing to show me the bright lights of this agricultural county?"

 Vicki laughed; "Well I thought I might take you out for a meal while you are here and perhaps the theatre afterwards... there is a good rep company here."

 The doctor answered Vicki's question;

 "But of course Vicki, How remiss of me. I think it would be very sweet of you girls if you were to go in there and keep him company. I am going to extract some more semen from him and then measure his testicles. He has been in quite some discomfort I imagine, but I am sure that he is going to be much better in a few days."

 Susan looked at Gail, the mischievousness in her eyes made the head girl smile as Susan took her hand.

 "Come on Gail, let's go and cheer him up."

 Susan led Gail through the gap in the screens. Both Susan and Gail stood and stared at the sight that greeted them. The boy's body was raised up as if in supplication, his bottom supported upwards off the bed and spread open by slim clear plastic pads. His legs were fastened high in the air and his hands were loosely restrained above his head on the padded surface of the examination couch.

 He looked at the two girls as they entered and groaned. Both nurses were standing at the side of the bed as the girls entered the screened-off area. The dark haired nurse smiled at the young girls and spoke.

 "He seems to have recovered from his little ordeal."

 She looked at his penis that was now hanging down between his legs and saw a globule of clear liquid, which had emerged from the tip of the urethra.

 The nurse took a gauze pad from the instrument trolley and moved between his legs, gently lifting his penis she wiped the moist teardrop of liquid from the opening. Susan watched Timothy turn his faceaway from the girls in shame. He blushed, his cheeks colouring immediately into a bright red hue. Susan moved to his side and took his burning face in her hands;

 "Don't worry Timmy, the doctor says you will be feeling a lot better in a few days. Mummy and Hazel are going to milk you every day to make sure that you don't get... erm, big balls again."

 Gail nearly laughed out loud as Susan described his condition so innocently. Her amused expression was not lost on Timothy as Gail bent right over him, her firm breasts pressing against his chest as she looked into his eyes.

 "Are you feeling better now Timothy?"

 He could hardly bring himself to answer as he looked into the beautiful faces of the two girls. He was aware that their soft hands were placed casually on his chest as they looked at him with expressions of concern. He could barely stammer an answer, as Gail casually placed her other hand on his lower tummy and moved it downwards over his freshly shaven pubic area

 "Er... erm... yes... err miss... "

 Timothy did not know what to say... his embarrassment increasing with every moment as the girls looked at him their hands gently stroking over his body. Gail looked at the nurse and spoke sweetly.

 "Have his testicles reduced in size much? The test-tube the doctor had looked really full."

 The nurse almost nonchalantly moved around to stand in-between the boys widely spread legs.

 "Come and have a look, you can see that the scrotum is no longer stretched and that they seem to be hanging normally. They are very large for a boy of his age, but you can see even though he is not erect that his penis is well developed too. Some boy's do develop early, but even so, his penis is unusually large."

 To Timothy's horror, he felt the nurse lift his testicles and take hold of his penis. He could not help but look down at himself as the nurse spoke once more.

 "Take them in the palm of your hand, you can feel the weight of them, you will notice if you roll them between your fingers, that they are now able to move freely in the scrotal sac."

 The nurse casually held his penis upwards so that Gail had completely free access to his testicles. Timothy groaned in anguish as Gail gently lifted his testicles and moved the softballs around in her hand. He could not believe that such a thing was happening as Susan spoke.

 "Let me have a feel, they look awfully large."

 She too moved to stand between the boy's legs. Timothy's mind was in turmoil, his embarrassment like a wave washing over him as he felt the nurse let go of his tingling penis and her soft hand stroke over the sensitive skin between his legs, feeling his testicles being gently lowered as Gail let them hang freely between his legs.

 He was in anguish as his humiliation continued. Gail spoke sweetly to her friend.

 "I will hold his penis for you so that you can lift his testicles. They feel very soft and delicate."

 Timothy sighed in utter embarrassment as Susan took his sensitive scrotum in her cool fingers; her touch was soft and sensuous as she moved the soft orbs to and fro within their sac. Worse still he felt his penis throb as Gail delicately took it between her finger and thumb.

 Not content with holding the tumescent flesh, he felt her slide his foreskin back down the shaft. The cool air of the examination room was apparent against the unprotected flesh, fully accenting his rude exposure.

 He groaned inwardly as he felt his penis throb involuntarily. To his horror, it seemed to be becoming erect. He groaned in utter anguish as he felt it began to pulse and stiffen as her delicate fingers nonchalantly encouraged and stimulated the sensitive skin. He tried to pull back as her thumb casually rubbed over the sensitive rim of the glans. Both Gail and Susan looked at each other as they let go of him, almost giggling as they left him with his penis completely erect and standing straight up between his legs. The nurse smiled as she saw the effect the girl's hands had had upon the young boy.

 "Well girls, he obviously doesn't seem to need a lot of encouragement, does he? You might as well help us turn him for the doctor, He seems to be rested enough."

 The nurses experienced hands soon had the boy released from the confines of the apparatus and laid flat on the bed with his legs hanging over the end.

 "Right young man," the young nurse said brightly to Timothy: "Let's have you over on your tummy, I want you up on your hands and knees."

 The nurse was perfectly aware that the boy would not be able to turn over with his penis so stiff and erect. So, as he groaned in embarrassment at their positioning of him, the nurse casually took hold of his penis and at the same time gestured to the other nurse, as well as Susan and Gail, to help him up onto his knees.

 Their hands were everywhere, under his tummy, between his legs and buttocks as they positioned him upon the examination bed. His final humiliation was when he was forced to rest his head on his hands and lay with his elbows flat on the bed to each side of his head.

 His knees had been spread wide with his bottom high in the air and his testicles hanging freely between his legs. His penis was jutting forward under his tummy with the tip almost touching his stomach well above his navel.

 Both Susan and Gail were absolutely delighted with his new position. Susan instinctively ran her hand over his buttocks, marvelling at how vulnerable the boy was positioned.

 Gail looked at Susan, her beautiful lips set in a wide smile that showed her perfect white and glistening teeth. She could not have explained her excitement at having a young boy so completely exposed and humiliated before her. Of course, there was the curiosity of being able to examine a young boy so intimately; but her enjoyment and excitement at his humiliation were a revelation to her. Gail was also aware that her feelings were very much echoed by her friend Susan - and as she quickly glanced across at her friend, she could see a similar sexual excitement written clearly across her face.

 Rather than dismiss her feelings or try to hide them, Gail was confident enough to explore them and felt no embarrassment at all in perhaps exposing her newly acquired desires. She spoke to Susan, her words really intended for the young boy so rudely exposed before her.

 "It is a good job that young Timothy here is being well behaved, he is in a most suitable position to have his little bottom smacked."

 Delivered with the sentence was a light tap on his upturned bottom, her delicate fingers immediately stroking over the quivering cheeks of his buttocks where she had smacked him.

 Gail looked at his face to see the effect her words had had upon him, the deep blush to his cheeks immediately rewarded her. His bottom lip had begun to quiver and his eyes had a look of anguish as he turned his head to look over his shoulder at the young and beautiful head girl.

 It was the nurse who put a stop to his embarrassment, at least for the time being, by addressing both Susan and Gail. Her voice was soft and gentle although she was smiling at the obvious pleasure that the girls were experiencing as they examined the boy.

 "Poor Timothy is quite embarrassed by all your attention and... I think it is perhaps time for the doctor to see him again. If you would like to go through and tell her that he is ready."

 She raised her eyebrows in a questioning look to which both Gail and Susan, rather disappointedly, obeyed.

 "Bye Timothy," Susan said as she turned and walked with Gail through the gap in the screens to the first part of the room.

 Timothy was in turmoil; his body was shaking with pure anguish and deep-rooted embarrassment. It had been several years since anyone had seen his body completely naked, apart from the communal showers after sports lessons while at school. He had jealously guarded his privacy and had avoided situations even where he would have had to take his shirt off in front of a female unless it was at the swimming pool or the beach.

 He looked up at the nurses as they stood beside him, their starched uniforms touching his body as they leaned over him to adjust his position. He blushed as one of the nurses smiled at him before touching the inside of his thigh and indicating that he should position his knees even more widely.

 He was acutely aware that his penis was erect and that it was in plain view for all to see between his widely spread thighs. He looked back and watched as one of them took a tube of lubricant from the trolley and unscrewed the cap. Subconsciously he contracted the muscles of his sphincter, shuddering involuntarily at the thought of her gentle fingers invading his bottom.

 Suddenly he was aware that the nurses were standing more to attention and looking over his body towards the other part of the room. He could not help groan as his eyes followed theirs to the procession of people that were walking towards him. He was acutely aware of his humiliating and vulnerable position as he knelt helplessly upon the examination table.

 "Well Timothy, let's see what we can manage this time shall we. Now be a good boy and try and relax your bottom a bit more this time."

 Timothy groaned not just at the embarrassing and intimate nature of what the doctor had just said but also at the fact that both Susan and Gail had followed the doctor and Susan's mother into the screened area. He tried to turn his head away as both Susan and Gail looked him in the eye, but was halted by the doctor's next words.

 "I want you to listen to what I say and follow my instructions, do you understand me, Timothy?"

 He blushed immediately at the authoritative tone of the young female doctor as she laid a hand gently on the cheeks of his bottom.

 "Now relax please, there's a good boy."

 Her words were followed by a couple of gentle pats on his bottom as in horror he watched, not the doctor, but Mrs Grant takes the lubricant from the nurse and gently placed her soft hand on his bottom.

 "Now Timmy, be a good boy and relax, I promise I won't hurt you."

 Vicki Grant's voice was soft and soothing as she gently pressed her hand between his widely spread buttocks and applied a cool gel to his upturned bottom. Her fingers delicately sliding over his delicate flesh until her fingertips rested against the tightly closed rosebud of his sphincter. He shuddered as deftly she inserted the tip of her finger. Vicky watched the young boy's flesh almost quake with sensation as she deliberately slid her finger all the way up into his bottom.

 Susan looked at Gail, both girls visibly excited as they watched the boy being rudely impaled by a slender finger. "There's a good boy," Vicki said as she rotated her finger until she was able to agitate the boy's sensitive prostate gland.

 Timothy could do nothing but groan, his face showing the anguish and humiliation he was feeling.

 "Now be a good boy for the doctor. You wouldn't want to make a fuss in front of Susan and Gail now would you?"

 Timothy looked over his shoulder in abject dismay at Mrs Grant, feeling her finger move sensuously over his prostate gland. He watched almost mesmerised with fear and trepidation as the doctor moved to his side and sat on a stool before reaching underneath him. Her fingers gently wrapped around his erect penis enveloping him in a firm grasp, as one of the nurses lifted up a test tube from the trolley and rolled one of the smart leather covered stools so that she could sit at the other side of him.

 He was acutely aware of the magnitude of his humiliation as he watched both Gail and Susan position themselves behind the second nurse. He was almost beside himself with embarrassment, as the girls looked at him, acutely aware that the nurse had moved closer and was gently stroking his burning cheek as if he was a baby.

 Suddenly and involuntarily, his body jerked as he felt the doctor deftly squeeze his penis and quickly draw the foreskin back until it was stretched tight, exposing him fully to the interested gaze of both Gail and Susan.

He groaned as he felt the doctor let the palm of her other hand rub over the sensitive opening of his penis. As if on queue, a second finger was suddenly slipped up into his bottom; his widely parted buttocks and the slipperiness of the lubricant affording him no resistance Mrs Grant's rude invasion of his bottom.

His groans of anguish went unheeded as simultaneously Vicki and the young doctor stimulated the boy. Their hands seemed to elicit sensation from every nerve in his body as together, they began deftly milking his penis and probe and stroke over the soft pliant flesh of his prostate. He watched helplessly as the nurse leaned forward and gently took hold of his scrotum. Her cool fingers cupped the sensitive swollen orbs of his testicles in a deft and practised manner. He began to wriggle his hips in a reluctant and humiliating gyration as Vicki, in absolute synchronisation with the doctor and nurses, relentlessly stimulated the boy.

 The young boy's wail of anguish signalled his approaching climax. His body shivered and shook as a plethora of delicate female fingers stimulated him to an anguished and humiliating climax. He raised his head and wailed aware of the utter humiliation of being forced to ejaculate as the nurse nonchalantly held the test-tube to the tip of his thrusting penis.

 He seemed to have lost any semblance of control over his body; such was the intensity of his ejaculation. Spurt after spurt of semen entered the jar as the doctor slid her slender fingers up and down the shaft of his penis in a practised milking motion. Cleverly they prolonged his climax, almost nonchalantly using their expertise to stimulate the boy to greater heights of anguish and ecstasy. Easily they toyed with his emotions, watching him in an almost detached manner as he spurted his semen into the waiting test-tube.

 Without warning, Vicki raised her hand and smacked him smartly three times across the left cheek of his bottom. Timothy's eyes opened wide in shock as he reared up, only to feel the quickening strokes of the doctor's hand over the timid flesh of his penis. He gasped in the horrible realisation of being spanked...his shame complete and overwhelming.

 The shock of the smack and the smarting of his flesh allied to the quickening strokes of the doctor's hand upon his penis acted like an electric shock. His entire body being spurred onwards, becoming rigid and taut, as his muscles tensed and strained in a violent orgasm.

 The doctor smiled up at Vicki, almost amused at her unusual stimulus, as she was rewarded with yet another mighty spurt of semen into the proffered glass test-tube. The second nurse stroked her hand over the young boy's back, gently but firmly pushing his shoulders back down onto the examination couch.

 "There... poor baby... there now, it will all be over soon." Her words were soft and gentle as she stroked her hand over his naked body before bending her head down to his and kissing him softly on the cheek.

 Both Gail and Susan moved forward to stand on either side of the nurse and began to gently stroke their hands over his back and shoulders. Their excitement was almost palpable as they felt his body shiver uncontrollably while the doctor milked the last drop of semen from his penis.

 Timothy sat beside Hazel as they drove the few miles back to the house. He had not said a word but instead had listened to Hazel's admonishment in abject embarrassment and humility.

 "Of course I can understand that you are embarrassed... any boy would be, but to be so tardy and slow to obey is quite beyond me."

 Hazel had thought about what she was going to say well in advance and had chosen her words carefully.

 "Now you would think when so many people are involved in your welfare that you would be a little more co-operative. Susan's mother, I am sure has enough work and responsibility, without her having to take on more. She has offered to help and what do you do... but be downright disobedient."

 Hazel was referring to the end of the examination when Vicki had suggested that she take Timothy back to the lockers to dress. Much to his embarrassment, she had led him through the door only to be confronted by a room full of fourth form girls and their parents who had just arrived for their medical examinations. In horror, the boy had let go of Vicki's hand and had rushed back into the surgery. Both Vicki and Hazel had forcibly held his arms and marched him stark naked back through the crowded room.

 He had struggled and pleaded in vain as the girls, who were still fully dressed in their school uniforms, had giggled and even pointed at the naked and blushing youth.

 "Now what am I going to do with you, Timothy?"

 He could not help looking at Hazel as she concentrated on the road ahead. Her exquisite face showed no emotion and yet the mere nearness of such a beautiful girl unnerved him.

 "You had better make a decision... either I am going to deal with you or I am going to have to tell your mother and let her deal with you... and I am reluctant to trouble her in her present state of ill health. Well young man what is it to be?"

 Hazel knew the importance of the boy's decision but was reasonably confident of what the outcome would be. She smiled to herself and felt a thrill run through her body as she thought of what the boy would have said had he known of what she had in mind for him.

 "Oh, Hazel... er, miss... I mean... er please don't tell my mother. I promise to be good I really do."

 "Well what about your behaviour so far, do you not think that that needs remedying you will have to learn to modify your behaviour somehow."

 "I am sorry... I promise I will be obedient... but please don't tell my mother, I couldn't bear for her to know."

 "Alright Timothy, I promise not to tell your mother, if you promise me that you will accept my authority in her absence." Hazel was careful to make no mention of anything specific, or indeed the actual word `punishment'.

 "I promise miss... I will be good." Timothy managed to stammer as Hazel glanced at him quickly.

 "In that case, we will say no more about it for the moment, now cheer up and I will make you a nice late lunch or early tea... whichever you prefer to call it."

 Hazel had deliberately lightened her tone and proceeded to put the boy more at ease. She had won a small battle in getting the boy to agree to her authority and unbeknown to him her punishment of him. She patted him on the knee and smiled at him as she drove steadily down the country road.

 "Now you can be the navigator and tell me in plenty of time when I should turn right or left." She watched the boy relax as they continued the journey, Making sure that he had no inkling as to what was to follow.

 The journey went without further incident, Timothy relaxing and feeling far more at ease as they finally pulled into the driveway of the house.

 Timothy had eaten his tea and was watching daytime television as Hazel finally finished her hour-long phone call to her mother.

 She had decided to use the bedside phone in the guest room so that her conversation would be well out of earshot of the boy. During the conversation, she had leisurely painted her long fingernails bright red. She held out first one of her hands then, the other to admire as she walked to her wardrobe. Feeling relaxed and yet excited at the prospect of what was to come she changed into a white shirt, which was tightly waisted and she knew, fully accented the firmness of her breasts.

 She wore no brassiere, rather choosing to let her nipples rub sensuously against the fine cotton fabric. Her skirt was a fine cotton navy pleat, the hem of which came to mid-thigh, showing off her beautifully firm and tanned legs. She completed her ensemble with a wide patent leather belt: this she knew would draw even more attention to her slender waist and full breasts.

 She now carefully applied new make-up to her face before examining herself in the mirror. Bereft of false modesty she knew the effect her exquisite appearance would have on the young boy. She stepped into a delicate pair of Gucci slender high-heeled shoes and fastened the minute straps around her ankles. One last look in the mirror confirmed the effect she had been hoping for.

 From her shiny black hair to the glint of the patent leather shoes, she was dressed to perfection. She stooped down and unhooked a leather belt from one of her suitcases and placed the broad safety-strap upon her bed. She twirled once more in front of the mirror, revelling in the sight that greeted her. Standing still she held her face in a stern expression before turning and walking slowly and deliberately through to the sitting room.

 "Right Timothy, I have just talked to my... your auntie and she says that your mother is doing fine and feeling a lot better for a little care and attention. Now turn off that television and we will have a little chat."

 Timothy had been lounging upon the settee and had turned his head almost lazily towards the sound of Hazel's voice. He was wearing his school uniform but had changed his shoes to a pair of comfortable tennis shoes. The thought of getting undressed again had been quickly dismissed from his mind.

 As he saw her, he sat bolt upright, his face immediately colouring to the shade of a beetroot, her beauty and cool demeanour immediately denuding him of any semblance of self-confidence. He jumped up as if he had been stung and quickly switched off the television set. He felt strangely faint as he sat down, this time in an upright position with his hands placed primly upon the knees of his school trousers. Hazel moved to stand before him, her legs astride as she looked at his blushing face.

 "Right Timothy my boy, I have reluctantly done as you requested and withheld the knowledge of your behaviour from your mother. However you must be dealt with and I intend, as your temporary guardian, to take you firmly in hand."

 She watched his face turn from a deep crimson to an almost livid purple as each word deepened his utter embarrassment and total humiliation. She gave him one more cool appraising look before moving through the room and taking a hard-backed chair from beside the table where he would normally have been doing his homework at this time of day. She placed the chair in the middle of the room and sat upon it, her skirt falling around her legs to reveal even more bare thigh. She sat with her knees together, totally aware of her own beauty and the electrifying effect she was having upon the young boy's emotions.

 "Right, Timothy, come and stand in front of me. Stand up straight with your hands by your sides." She waited, coolly watching as the young boy struggled to his feet and shuffled shamefaced and embarrassed to stand in front of her.

 "Stand to attention and look at me while I am speaking to you. This is a serious matter and I want your full attention."

 Timothy was quaking in his shoes as he managed to meet her gaze, standing straight with his arms by his sides he felt himself begin to shiver. Hazel could not have been more pleased with the effect she was having upon the young boy as she delivered her coup de grace.

 "I am afraid that it has been left to me to instil in you some proper discipline and good behaviour. To make sure that I have your cooperation and compliance in the future I am going to punish you."

 She felt a thrill run through her body as the young boy almost wilted under the word punishment. I am going to punish you, as all young boys need to be punished. I don't want to do it... but it is my duty to correct your behaviour before it gets out of hand. Now I hope you are going to take your punishment with good grace and without fuss. If you disobey me in any way whatsoever, I shall increase your punishment... do you understand me?"

 Timothy was almost mesmerised by the combination of her beauty and her authority. He could not believe that he could feel so humiliated and embarrassed... to be punished by a young girl of such beauty... it was unthinkable...and yet here he was standing trembling and ashamed in front of her! He shook visibly as she spoke to him again. Timothy looked at her in absolute horror as she waited for his answer. This beautiful girl that he had met only yesterday, the girl he would have loved to have had been able to impress with his maturity and helpfulness, was now to punish him!

 `Surely she did not mean to punish him physically...his whole body shuddered at the thought!'

 He managed to stammer a reply... almost incoherently through his haze of embarrassment. "Y'y... yes miss."

 "Now take off your Jacket and trousers, you had better take off your shoes and socks first. Place your clothes over the chair by the table and then come back here and stand in front of me again... oh and Timothy..." She paused, savouring the moment. "Bring me one of your tennis shoes."

 `So she was to punish him physically'

 Before he could protest she held up her hand.

 "If you protest or plead with me, I will call your mother and tell her of your behaviour and that I am about to punish you. If you resist physically I will call Mrs Grant and Susan and ask them to help me restrain you... and I don't think you would like the embarrassment of being spanked on your bare bottom in front of them... do you? Now off you go and do as you have been instructed. You may keep your shirt and underpants on"

 Timothy, blushing and trembling with abject embarrassment moved over to the table; his trembling fingers just managing to undo his shoelaces. He shivered with humiliation, aware of Hazel's stern glare as he divested himself of his clothes until he was standing in just his shirt and underpants. He felt utterly ridiculous as he bent down to pick up one of his tennis shoes. `The ignominy of having to carry one's own implement of punishment!'

 His school shirt, which had long flaps at the front and back, thankfully hid his underpants from view. He returned to stand in front of her, his eyes downcast and his bottom lip quivering with embarrassment. Slowly he raised his eyes to look at her, feeling utterly foolish and small as she raised her beautifully manicured hand and took the tennis shoe from his trembling fingers. Placing it on the floor by the side of her chair, she reached forward and placed her hands on each of his hips and pulled him forward until he was standing with his knees touching hers.

 Without a word, she reached under his shirt, her soft hands making him shiver as she touched his bare flesh. She slipped her fingers into the top of his underpants and deftly drew them down until the elasticised waistband was tight around his knees. Hazel knew that he would find this even more embarrassing than her having taken them off completely. He could not help watching, almost mesmerised as she pulled her skirt up until her thighs were completely bare.

 "As you will have gathered, I am going to spank your bare bottom. I hope that it will be a lesson well learned. This will be the first part of your punishment only. The second part will be more of a taste of what is to come if you disobey me further."

 Timothy shuddered with embarrassment and trepidation as she looked into his blushing face. She took hold of his hips once more and positioned him to her side, his feet shuffling to follow her bidding as his underpants held his knees together. Quickly, with an almost practised motion, she lifted up the front flap of his shirt and suddenly tipped his body over her knee. She heard him gasp, as in an instance; he was positioned with his head hanging down and his hands touching the floor, the right cheek of his blushing face now touching the smooth skin of her shapely calf.

 He gasped once more as she opened her knees slightly, allowing his penis and testicles to hang between the firm silky flesh of her thighs. She felt a thrill run through her body as deliberately, she squeezed her knees together, holding his genitals firmly between her legs.

 The baring of his bottom was done in a silent and almost ritualistic manner. He was aware of every nuance of the humiliating action, as slowly and deliberately she raised his shirt flap. Her soft fingers gently uncovered the naked cheeks of his bottom, eliciting an involuntary gasp of embarrassment from her victim as she folded the flap over so that it lay on the small of his back.

 The placing of the cool palm of her hand over the very centre of his quivering bottom completed his total humiliation. The softness of her thighs was already adding another element to the unthinkable humiliation that Timothy was being subjected to.

 To his horror, he felt a throb and an unwelcome swelling in his penis. It was to his utter chagrin that he realised that his penis was beginning to erect. He blushed unable to control himself or his actions; he spoke even though he had been warned not to. He just could not help pleading.

 "Please er.. miss... please n no"

 Hazel knew the trauma the boy must be feeling and prolonged his degradation by smoothing her hand gently over his bottom cheeks, the objects of her intended chastisement. She thrilled as she felt his penis stiffen and throb uncontrollably between her thighs. She had known that it would not be long before the softness of her skin against his freshly shaven flesh and the intimacy of his position would stimulate him to a delicious erection between her legs.

 "Now take your punishment like a brave boy."

 Her words were spoken softly as she picked up the tennis shoe and with an apparent cool detachment raised the soft rubber sole to shoulder height. She grasped his waist and held him tightly as she delivered the first stroke.

 As the rubber shoe bit into the soft left cheek of his bottom, his body stiffened in an immediate response and a loud gasp was emitted forcibly from the back of his throat. He had no time to think or deal with the unexpected severity of the painful smack against his flesh as a second stroke landed accurately on top of the first. The sharp smack, bringing another vivid blush to the already marked flesh.

He cried out loudly, his body wriggling and shivering as Hazel took aim once more, deliberately hitting the same part of his left buttock with the third stroke. She watched as the white smooth bottom cheeks shivered and shook with the pain she was inflicting upon her helpless charge.
He screamed in pain, trying to raise his head and plead with his beautiful tormentor as she watched him, her face, not for a moment betraying the thrill she felt, as she delivered the next stroke equally hard and in the very same place.
 His wail of pain and anguish did not stop but was a continuous cry as she delivered the fifth and sixth stroke, again to the very same spot upon his left buttock.

 The boy was beside himself... unable to control the jerking and trembling of his body, his buttocks twitching from side to side while Hazel deliberately and methodically delivered another six strokes of the rubber tennis shoe, this time to the right cheek of his bottom, each stroke landing in the same place as the previous one. The boy was wailing incessantly, his face covered in tears as she put the tennis shoe down and placed her hand gently across both bottom cheeks.

 He shuddered and wailed, trying to voice a plea for mercy but it was minutes before his voice became coherent enough for her to hear his pleading.

He sobbed and groaned as he regained some of his senses, his bottom cheeks on fire from the pain of the biting rubber shoe. Hazel watched and waited until he had regained some composure. She slipped her hand between his buttocks, her hand moving under him, feeling his erect penis and heavy testicles before she held her hand flat against his tummy. She almost lifted him to his feet as she herself stood upright.

 He stood cowed and humiliated, sobbing uncontrollably as she nonchalantly unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it from his shoulders. She stooped down and drew his underpants down to his ankles. She made him lift his feet before taking them off. She noted that, even after such a painful punishment, that his penis had remained not just stiff, but fully erect.

 He looked into her face, his body shaking with his sobs as she coolly looked at him, her beautiful face bearing not even a hint of a flush, in fact betraying none of the efforts she had afforded in his chastisement. He tried to clasp his hands to his genitals to hide his shameful erection. Hazel was aware of what he was trying to do and slapped his hands before he could fully cover himself.

 "Hands at your sides and stand up straight."

 She placed her delicate fingers under his chin and lifted his head so that his eyes met hers.

 "You have three strokes to come young man. These are to show you what your pain will be like should you ever dare to disobey me again."

 She watched his face crumple as he started to cry once more, the tears rolling down his cheeks.

 "Turn around and spread your legs as wide as they will go, come along now we have a busy evening ahead of us."

 Timothy shook and sobbed as he turned around and placed his feet as wide apart as he could, acutely aware of the humiliating view that Hazel would have of his young body.

 He gasped with shame as she spoke once more. "Bend over and grasp your ankles... each time you move from that position I will add one more stroke. Now Do It!"

 The sharpness of her last three words jolted him into action. She watched delighted with the sight that greeted her as he bent over, his buttocks spreading and his testicles and penis coming into full view as he grasped his ankles.

 "Stay there and don't you dare move." Her voice was firm as she turned and quickly walked to the guest room, admiring herself in the mirror as she reached onto the bed for the luggage strap and doubled it, letting the long loop dangle as she walked back into the sitting room.

 Timothy could not believe the humiliation he felt, bent over in the most demeaning position imaginable... like an errant schoolboy, stark naked and ashamed... awaiting the salutary punishment of a beautiful headmistress.

 Hazel walked around the trembling youth, admiring his perfect form at her leisure, his body bared before her in subjugation, every part of him open and available for her to examine and touch as she wished.

 She moved behind him, resisting the impulse to reach between his widely spread legs and grasp his testicles firmly... perhaps the ultimate gesture of her supremacy over him. Instead, she stood back and spoke to him firmly but not unkindly.

 "These next three strokes are to demonstrate what will happen if you displease me in future. Move from that position and you will be a very sorry boy."

 Leisurely and with a delicious tingling between her thighs, Hazel raised the strap and quickly brought it down to the centre of his quivering and acquiescent buttocks.

 The staccato sound of the strap biting into his flesh was accompanied by a howl of pain from his trembling lips. His body shook as he fought to hold his ankles rather than to give in to the overwhelming desire to stand and clasp his hands to his burning bottom.

 "Two more to go. Hold on and take your punishment now." The warning tone of her voice was accompanied by the long, almost slow motion, swishing sound of the strap descending. The leather bit into his buttocks, it's imprint of searing pain, this time delineating another red stripe of inflamed flesh lower down on the crease between buttock and thigh.

The sound of the strap was an instant staccato prolonged as the leather bit into the flesh of his bottom. This was immediately and satisfyingly followed by an abject wail of pain and despair, the muscles in his throat tightening, delineating every vein and sinew as he cried out.

 The wail of pain and anguish escaped from his lips and lifted in volume as he fought to hold onto his ankles, his distress causing his whole body to shiver and shake as the fiery torment of acute concentrated pain coursed through his body.

 Hazel knew that he would not be able to retain control after the next stroke, but she also knew that her purpose had been fulfilled. He was hers... his obedience at taking his punishment... his timid emotion, so apparent at her delicate touch or severe look, were evidence enough. She raised the strap and brought it down between the scarlet stripes of her first two strokes.

 She thrilled at the effect of the stroke as he straightened up. It was if a red-hot poker and been pushed up into his bottom. He behaved, as she had unconsciously thought he would, his hands clasping his buttocks and his back arching towards her. His body became rigid for a moment of pure anguish before he raised his head and opened his mouth. The frozen moment in time gave way to a series of jerks and gyrations as the pain infused into every nerve of his body, the silence was broken by a strangled cry which increased in volume to a crescendo as he suddenly wailed in utter despair.

 His mouth, which was now wide open, continued to emit the most plaintive of wails as he hopped around vainly trying to rid himself of the biting pain.

 He continued to cry out as every vestige of self-respect washed away in a wave of utter torment.

 He seemed unaware that his penis was bouncing wildly from side to side as he fought to control the searing stripe of biting torture that now seemed to have spread from his buttocks to his whole body. Hazel watched, her delight well hidden as gradually he brought himself under control. She moved across to him and took hold of his wrists and pulled his hands from his bottom. She could feel his body trembling as she held his arms out behind him and propelled him to face the corner of the room.

 "You are to stand here and you are not to move or touch your bottom. Now put your hands on your head."

 She lifted his arms and placed his hands on his head. She stroked her hands down his back and over his buttocks, feeling the boy flinch as her fingers traced the welts left by the belt.

 "Stand with your legs apart... come along, I want your utmost obedience."

 She slipped a hand between the cheeks of his bottom and moved it downwards, tapping the inside of his thighs until he had parted his legs sufficiently for her purpose. Hazel stood back and admired the sight before her. The perfect naked form of a young boy, quivering and blushing in shame and humiliation, his buttocks clenched in pain... pain that she had inflicted at her whim and pleasure. "You must stand like that until I tell you otherwise, you may use the time to reflect on your punishment and a suitable apology which you may give me when I return."

 Timothy stood shaking, his bottom was on fire and yet he could feel his penis throbbing mightily as Hazel once more stroked her fingers gently over his bottom before turning away and leaving the room.

 He felt utterly shamed as he stood shivering, legs apart and his hands pressed tightly to his head thinking about the events of the day. He blushed as he relived each humiliating and embarrassing moment. He could not help the tears that rolled down his cheeks, or the trembling of his lips as he thought about every detail of his ordeal, unable to shut out the plethora of images that were being replayed over and over in his mind.

 It was half an hour later when Hazel approached the boy. She noted that the redness of his buttocks had receded to a mere blush, although the three marks that she had made with the strap were still quite clearly visible across the cheeks of his bottom. She stood behind him and without speaking took his wrist, making him lower his hands from his head. Still holding his wrist she led him away from the corner and upstairs to the bathroom. She noted that his face was already blushing as she stood him by the bath, which she had just filled with water.

 "Get into the bath and remain standing. I want you facing me with your hands on your head and your legs apart. I have not put the strap away and I will use it on your bare little bottom if I think you are not paying attention to my instructions. Now, do as I tell you."

 Hazel watched as the boy timidly took hold of the side of the bath and stepped into it. Blushing profusely he turned to face her, his face bore an expression of utter dismay as Hazel dipped her hands in the water and began to rub the soap in her hands.

 "Now let's have no fussing." She said as she began to soap his legs, her gentle fingers and soft palms caressing his skin as she worked her way up to his thighs. She ignored his genitals and instead soaped his chest before moving her hands down to his tummy.

 She felt him quiver and flinch as her hands moved lower, soaping the delicate and sensitive flesh just above his penis. For Timothy, the sensation was acute as her fingers moved almost sensuously over the smoothly shaven flesh above his penis. He trembled, a shudder running through his whole body as suddenly her fingers encircled his penis and pulled his foreskin back revealing the sensitive flesh beneath. He could not help jerking his hips back as she soaped behind the foreskin. He could feel his penis becoming even stiffer as she applied more soapsuds to his sensitive member. "Keep still, I am going to make sure you are thoroughly clean before I take you over to Mrs Grant's."

 He could not help looking at her face as she pushed his foreskin back as far it would stretch and hold it there while she applied, even more, soapsuds to the head of his penis. He jerked involuntarily as she deftly handled him as if he were some prized animal. Seemingly she seemed to ignore the embarrassment and intimacy of the situation. His penis was throbbing with sensation, the flesh totally hard and engorged as she moved it this way and that, apparently oblivious of his acute humiliation and throbbing erection. She moved one hand from his penis and reached between his legs, her hand sliding upwards between his buttocks. He could not help jerking his body and gasping as a slender finger was suddenly pressed against the tightened muscle of his sphincter.

 Without preamble she teased the orifice, probing gently but insistently until her fingertip was able to slip upwards into him.

 "Argghhh." He gasped as she nonchalantly slipped her finger further upward into his anus, the soap acting as a lubricant, denying the tightening muscle of his sphincter any resistance.

 "Now keep still, I shall not hesitate to take you over my knee if you are going to be naughty again."

 He looked into her face, his own cheeks burning with pure embarrassment as she coolly appraised him. To be standing in front of her, legs outstretched, with her hands firmly holding his penis and penetrating his bottom was almost too much embarrassment for Timothy to bear.

 "Now young man, you will have to get used to doing as you are told while I am looking after you. I am going to insist that you are properly bathed before you have your therapy; I have never known a boy make so much fuss at taking a bath. Now just stand still while I soap inside your little bottom and then I will dry you off."

 Timothy endured the rest of the humiliating bath in silence. Her beauty completely overawed him as she made him look into her face while instructing him. She handled him like one would a small child, ignoring his obvious erection as if it were to be expected. Her fingers were everywhere as she dried him, prising open the cheeks of his buttocks and then making him bend forward so that she could visually examine him, before having him stand up straight before her with his hands stretched high above his head as she dried under his arms.

 The final ignominy was almost too much for Timothy to bear as she took him through to the bedroom and instructed him to lie on the bed.

 "Now I want you to lay on your back with your legs open like this." She moved his legs until his knees were wide apart.

 "That's the way, stretch them wider so you can put the soles of your feet together."

 Her gentle touch helped him position himself to her satisfaction. Timothy tried to turn his head away in shame as he lay looking down at himself with his knees widely spread and the soles of his feet pressed together. His shame knew no bounds as he looked at his erect penis standing upwards from between his widely parted thighs. He could not help looking at the beautiful girl as she bent over him as if he were a baby.

 He watched her every move as she took a plastic container of talcum powder and sprinkled it over his genitals. He shivered as she casually rubbed it around his penis and over his testicles. Finally, to his horror, she lifted his legs, bending his body backwards and sprinkled the powder over his bottom, before rubbing it in, her hand moving almost sensuously over the cheeks of his buttocks.

 Timothy was wide-eyed with surprise and embarrassment as she continued to treat him as if he were her baby.

 "Now you stay there, while I find something loose to dress you in before I take you over to Mrs Grant. She leaned forward, her beautiful face touching his as she kissed him gently on the cheek. Timothy could not believe the rapture he felt as her soft lips touched his face, he was totally under her spell as she straightened up and stood back examining his naked body.

 It was around ten minutes later that Hazel re-entered the bedroom. She was delighted to see that not only had Timothy stayed in the position she had left him in with his legs spread well apart and his hands down by his sides. Timothy, rather than trying to cover himself, turned his head away in embarrassment and blushed a deep beetroot red. She laid the tee-shirt and gym shorts, she had found in his chest of drawers, neatly down on the chair beside the bed.

 She spoke softly and lovingly to him as she laid a hand softly on his forehead and gently turned his head back towards her. He blushed again as his eyes met hers; she could clearly see a look of love and supplication as she laid her other hand on his tummy. She could feel his naked body tremble as she stroked her hand delicately over his tummy, her slender fingers brushing over his smoothly shaven pubis.

 She lowered her head and whispered to him.

 "Your punishment period is over now so stand up a moment and let me sit down,"

 She helped him to sit upright and then to stand by the bed. Sitting down with her pretty knees pressed together, she took the boy by the waist. Her delicate fingers played havoc with his emotions as she guided him so that he was sitting on her knees. His bare bottom was soft against her firm thighs, as she positioned him sideways across her shapely legs, his knees spread well apart.

 She pulled his head to her firm pliant breasts before deliberately and slowly stroking her hand down over his chest tracing her fingers lower and lower over his tummy, before delicately taking the soft flesh of his penis between her finger and thumb. She heard him gasp as she tightened the hand that was around his waist and at the same time moved her fingers around his penis so that his foreskin was pulled back, revealing the intimate flesh beneath. She moved her head and kissed him tenderly on the cheek before whispering softly to him.

 "Poor... poor Timothy! Did I hurt you very much when I had to smack your bare bottom? You were a naughty boy... and naughty boys have to have their little bottoms chastised when they have been silly and disobedient."

Her soft voice and gentle touch were too much for Timothy. He felt tears well up in his eyes... and to his horror, his penis began to throb, pulsing strongly between her finger and thumb. Hazel continued to stroke the turgid flesh of his penis, her slender finger and thumb delicately and sensuously arousing the captive flesh. So subtle and effective was her touch that she felt the boy shudder as his penis began to throb uncontrollably.

 Timothy could not help himself from looking down at the slender fingers holding his most intimate part. Her red painted nails contrasted starkly against the virgin white flesh of his penis. He could feel the firm mounds of her breasts beneath the silkiness of her blouse as his cheek pressed against her. He sighed, his mouth open in rapture as she aroused him.

Hazel knew that the boy would ejaculate soon if she did not stop. She let go of his penis and turned his head towards her own. With an almost reverent tenderness, she closed her lips over his. Moving her tongue slowly and sensuously between his parted lips, she kissed him deeply. She could feel his young body tremble with emotion as she moved her head away and looked at him. At last... the look she had waited and worked for... there so obvious and innocently displayed... the look of surrender and supplication.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Timothy. A story by Jane Marwood, who has kindly given permission for me to post this to the blog. It's quite a long story so I will break it up into at least two parts.

Timothy looked at his mother as she sat down in the easy chair by the fireplace of their picturesque family cottage. His face showed concern as she winced with the pain she felt throughout her slender and petite body. His mother, although beginning to suffer the first symptoms of a bout of influenza, had, as always, carefully applied makeup to her delicate and refined features. Jenny Althorp had been blessed with a beauty and grace that was near perfection. Her face was exquisitely featured; the high cheekbones and beautifully shaped lips now revealed perfect teeth as she smiled at her son's concerned expression. She was the product of several generations of fine breeding.

 Jenny was dressed in a crisp white cotton blouse and navy skirt that complimented her slender and trim figure. Although she was now thirty-four years old, her face and body would have had even the most discerning admirer guessing at twenty-five.

 Timothy had inherited the perfect features of his mother and equally the strong physique of his father who had died at the wheel of his car while making his usual journey to his office in London soon after Timothy's birth.

 Timothy was now fourteen years old and was to Jenny's mind the most perfect son a mother could ask for. He was kind obedient and although perhaps a little shy, had a keen and responsible attitude to his schoolwork and household duties.

 Jenny sighed as she looked at her son and picked up the papers that were laid on the small occasional table that was conveniently placed beside the arm of her chair. "It says here that you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when you visit the medical centre today Timothy... and with all the will in the world, I don't think I am going to be well enough to take you on the bus. I don't suppose that missing the school annual medical for one year is going to hurt, do you, Timothy?"

 Timothy looked at his mother, managing to hide his delight at the news. He had no desire at all to visit the school doctor and to be examined in front of his mother. He remembered the previous year when, right in front of his mother, the retiring grey-haired doctor had pushed his hand down the front of Timothy's trousers and grasped his testicles, instructing him to cough. He had not been able to look his mother in the face for several days such was his embarrassment.

 Another reason, even more, embarrassing was that for the last year Timothy had been getting erections. He had never been able to bring himself to mention them to his mother and although his friends at school often talked about "having a wank" as they put it, he had never dared to make himself ejaculate. He often found that as he rubbed against the bed sheets at night that he was near to making something happen, such was the intensity of feeling that he had stopped himself well before the moment of `no-return', scared and unsure of what the consequences would be. A manifestation of his reluctance to masturbate was that his testicles had swollen to such an extent that they were becoming painful. He had examined himself several times as he sat on the edge of his bed and noted the skin of his scrotum was stretched tightly around his balls and that they had become painful to the touch.

 Jenny looked at her son and then seemed to make a decision. "Alright Timothy I'll make some phone calls... and as school is closed for the medical examinations, you might as well go out and get some fresh air. In fact, you might pop across to Mrs Grant and tell her that I am not well and ask her if the blouse I made Susan was alright."

 Timothy managed not to blush as his mother mentioned going over to Mrs Grant. He was rather in awe of both Susan and her mother. Like him, Susan had no father and as such, he had often been asked by Susan's mother to do odd jobs that sometimes required lifting or climbing a ladder "Men's work" as she often called it. He always became embarrassed in front of the pretty mother and daughter as Mrs Grant would occasionally run her hand through his hair and announce to her daughter "look what a good looking boy Timothy is... don't you think he will make someone a wonderful husband someday?" Timothy would blush profusely and look down at his feet as Susan would laugh, or sometimes try to catch his eye. Susan was just sixteen years old, over one year older than Timothy and as such, seemed far more world-wise and mature than himself. She was extremely pretty and was popular with boys far older than him... at school, he would see her talking confidently with sixth formers, boys that the school social hierarchy dictated did not deign to talk with lowly fourth formers.

 Timothy returned home at five o'clock. He had performed several chores for Mrs Grant, carefully avoiding looked at her beautiful and shapely legs as she stood watching him hang a picture, dressed, as she often did in the summer, in revealing cotton shorts. Upon entering his home, he opened the door to the living room and greeted his mother, who was looking even paler than when he had left. She sighed as she looked up at him from her chair.

 "Ah Timothy I am afraid I am getting worse so Aunt Claire is bringing your cousin Hazel over to look after you and... I am afraid; I am going to have to leave you to your own devices as your Aunt insists that I go back with her until I am well. I know you haven't seen Hazel since you were small, but she is nineteen now and a very responsible young lady. She is already in her final year; training as a `young person's nurse' I think they call it now. She is at the top establishment for private nurses to the rich and famous..." Jenny managed a weak smile." So I am sure she will look after you well while I am gone."

 Timothy had mixed feelings at the news. True he had not seen Hazel for years and really could not remember what she looked like... on the other hand, he was rather embarrassed at having to be looked after by a nineteen-year-old girl. The second announcement from his mother came as even more of a shock! "I rang Vicki Grant while you were over there. She said you were being very helpful again... and I do appreciate that very much. I know that she misses having a husband as much as I do and I know I couldn't manage without you being so helpful. So you can give yourself a pat on the back." Jenny managed another weak smile to convey her warmth of feeling to her son even though she was beginning to feel the real effects of what was turning out to be a really serious case of influenza.

 His mother continued "I had a word with Mrs Grant this afternoon and because she used to be a nurse I asked if she thought that they would mind you missing your annual medical. She offered to ring the centre at Bourne and they kindly offered to let you go tomorrow, even though it is the erm... girl's day for their medicals. I also told her that Hazel was coming to look after you and she has offered to look in from time to time. It will be a lot better for you going tomorrow as Hazel is driving over in her own car...and she can take you over to Bourne in the car... would you believe a girl of eighteen already has her own car!" Jenny Althorp had never learned to drive and after her husband's death had never had an inclination to own a car.

 Timothy was unable to conceal his embarrassment at the news that he would, after all, be having his annual medical... and worse still he would be having it on the girl's medical day. He blushed profusely at the thought of the girls from his school recognising that he would be the only boy there having a medical. He had always been shy of girls and at school kept himself very much to himself. Would they think it strange... or perhaps that there was something different about him that he should be at the medical centre with the girls rather than the boys?

 Jenny noted her son's blushing face and thought that perhaps he might think that he had to line up with the girls. Last year the medicals had been carried out in the school hall. Hasty screens had been erected and the boys lined up on one side and the girls on the other. She quickly hastened to reassure him. "You will probably have to go to a different section of the medical centre so I wouldn't worry that you are the only boy there. After all, it is used `day in and day out by' all the local residents of the area." Timothy listened to the news and, never having visited the centre before, was reassured by his mother's words.

 It was almost two hours later that Aunt Claire arrived. She had not changed much from what Timothy could remember, having the same refined and delicate features as his own mother but perhaps showing a little more affection than he remembered. She held the boy's face in her hands and planted a quite sloppy kiss upon his lips before letting him go; only to pat his head and tell him what a good looking boy he was. Timothy blushed profusely and trembled involuntarily as his aunt stroked his cheek and held him by the shoulders while she examined him from head to toe. "My Timothy you are SUCH a good looking young man" She exclaimed, causing him to blush once more before hanging his head and looking at his feet in pure embarrassment and humiliation.

 It was moments later that Hazel drove her car into the driveway of the pretty thatched cottage. She parked carefully, allowing her mother plenty of room to manoeuvre her car out of the drive without difficulty. Timothy managed a sly glance at her without being observed as she slipped off her coat to reveal a navy blue shirt and matching short, skirt. Timothy was dumbstruck... the girl was absolutely beautiful. Her straight shiny hair was jet-black and cut severely to just below her jawline, accenting her beautiful clean-cut features. She was definitely a product of her mother, having inherited all the delicacy and refinement of her mother's features, but with perhaps a slightly more determined chin and jawline. A feature that did not correspond to her mother was the full firm breasts that pressed against the sheer fabric of her blue cotton shirt as she reached upwards to hang her coat on the hooks behind the door and the tall lithe body. Her long tanned legs were bare and showed a great deal of her perfectly shaped thighs as she fastened her coat to the hook.

 Timothy felt himself blushing even before Hazel turned towards him and spoke softly to him. "Why you must be Timothy, my mother told me you were a good looking boy... but my, aren't you just a beautifully handsome young man."

 The compliment, rather than elevate Timothy's sense of maturity, made him feel even more childlike in her presence. He blushed, feeling the blood rushing to his cheeks as his eyes met hers for the brief instance of time before he once again looked down at his feet in abject embarrassment.

 Hazel was well aware of the boy's embarrassment but chose to ignore it in the hope that he would come around and lose some of his inhibitions. She was well aware of the effect her looks and demeanour could have on some men, and so had developed a talent, if she felt inclined towards them, of putting people at their ease.

 The conversations between Claire and her sister Jenny did not last long. Looking closely at her sister, Claire announced that Jenny was really poorly and needed her care and attention as soon as possible. Jenny gently kissed Timothy and with a wry smile let her sister help her out of the door and to her car. It was all Jenny could do, to look back at her son, as Claire solicitously herded her into the car and placed a blanket over her knees. Timothy watched almost in dread as his mother was driven off, knowing that soon he would have to come face to face with his cousin Hazel, whose beauty had already caused him profound embarrassment.

Much to Timothy's relief Hazel had busied herself in the kitchen and prepared a summer salad for his tea. She had laid out the cold meats, tomatoes, potatoes, beetroot and lettuce on several plates, which she had placed on a tray.

 "You may eat your tea in front of the television and I will give you until half-past nine before I put you to bed... how does that sound? Timothy blushed at the first sound of authority, realising that Hazel was indeed in charge. What did she mean, put him to bed? He had always taken himself to bed, sometimes kissing his mother goodnight downstairs and other times sleepily turning his head to her as he laid in bed when she came into his room before retiring herself.

 Timothy was still blushing as he finished his tea and changed channels to one of his favourite space adventure programmes. He was aware that Hazel was looking at him from her own chair, but soon became absorbed in the latest instalment of Space Rangers.

 As the boy sat absorbed in his television programme, Hazel examined him from head to foot. Noting his long legs and muscled thighs through the thin chinos he was wearing. She could clearly see the outline of his chest and slim waist accented by the thin tee-shirt which fitted tightly to his body. Hazel knew then that the boy was quite exceptionally good looking and wondered what it would be like to smooth her hands over his flawless skin. Well, she would certainly have the opportunity if the forms she had laid on her lap were anything to go by.

 She read the paragraph over:

 1 Children (under the age of sixteen years old) MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The parent and guardian will be expected to stay with the child during examination and remain throughout the day. Lunch will be provided for parents on an ad hoc basis in the staff canteen.

 2 Nursing staff will expect parents to help prepare children for tests and examinations and will be expected to bring any medication that the child needs along with them.

 3 Adolescents (over 16 but under 21 years old) may bring their own dressing gowns.

 4 We would be grateful if any parents with nursing experience would make themselves known to one of the staff nurses.

 Hazel smiled to herself, we shall see, she thought, as you looked the boy over once more. Perhaps she would tease him a little before letting him go to bed. "Timothy it's half past nine and I see that your programme has finished. Would you like me to bath you... or can you manage yourself?"

 The effect was startling... Timothy blushed immediately his cheeks bright red as he opened his mouth to protest. He had to draw in a deep breath before he could manage to utter his protestation. "Oh no Hazel, I always bath myself and take myself to bed." To Hazel's delight, he was trembling visibly and bright red as he stumbled off the deep settee and walked towards the stairs. "Well when you are all ready for bed you can come down in your pyjamas and I will make sure you are nice and clean for bed." Although she was filled with glee at the boy's discomfort, she did not let her feelings show. I want you to be thorough in your bath, remember the doctor is going to see you tomorrow." Hazel knew that this would elicit further embarrassed responses from the young boy.

 Hazel watched as Timothy climbed the stairs. She noted his slim hips and firm buttocks, marvelling at the perfection of his figure. She had always liked having control over boys. Not for her the acquiescent breathless infatuation that some girls seemed to readily display to the opposite sex. Hazel had decided a long time ago that any relationship she would eventually enter into would be on her own terms. Her physical beauty and forthright manner had always helped her get her own way and as she had grown older she had observed the effect she had on men as well as younger boys.

 Timothy felt absolutely humiliated as he entered the bathroom; his face was on fire as, for the first time, he carefully locked the door. He could not help blushing profusely as he thought of her words. What did she mean, make sure he was nice and clean? He ran the bath and took off his clothes aware that his penis was fully erect, and the pain in his testicles was getting worse.

 He spent ten minutes scrubbing himself diligently, almost embarrassedly washing his penis behind the foreskin. It was almost twenty minutes later that he emerged from his bedroom dressed in his striped winceyette pyjamas. Although he had tried to dismiss Hazel from his mind he found that his face was still red and that his penis was still erect and pushing against the material of his pyjama bottoms.

 Reluctantly he began to descend the stairs hoping against hope that Hazel would not notice the bulge of his erection against the thin striped material of his pyjama bottoms. Shyly he looked at her as he entered the living room. She was sat reading and on hearing him, looked up and smiled.

 "Come over here Timothy, where I can see you." She stood up from her chair and waited for the boy to come to her. Timothy was completely mesmerised by her as he shuffled forward, his mind in a haze of embarrassment. She held him by the shoulders and then placed her hands on either side of his face turning his head from one side to the other as she looked in his ears.

 "Well, you seemed to have cleaned your ears well! How about the rest of you... are you clean all over?" Timothy blushed profusely, alarmed that she intended to examine him further. "Oh yes... Hazel, I scrubbed all over.... Please.. er I am clean everywhere!" Timothy was shaking from head to foot as Hazel held him by the shoulders once more and placed him at arm's length. She could see his erection quite clearly but chose not to embarrass the boy further by mentioning it at that moment. Instead, she stroked his cheek tenderly causing him to blush and spoke softly but firmly.

 "Well I will take your word this time... but I am quite used to smacking the bare bottoms of naughty boys that are lax in their cleanliness. She observed the immediate colouring of his face to an almost purple blush as she spoke those words.

 She was deliberately reducing his stature from that of a fourteen-year-old young man to that of a naughty and disobedient young child. She had realised by his look of anguish and humiliation that he was normally very shy and that perhaps he would be easier to handle than she had first thought. She immediately changed the tone of her voice "All right sweetie, off you go to bed and I will see you in the morning." She leaned forward and kissed him lightly on the forehead.

 Timothy's mind was in turmoil as he stumbled up the stairs to bed. The embarrassment of her mentioning smacking bare bottoms along with the tender kiss on his forehead had played havoc with his delicate emotions. As he got into bed he realised that his penis was so stiff that it was painful, he felt faint as he laid his blushing face against the crisp white pillow.

 After a feverish and restless night, Timothy awoke to the sun streaming through his bedroom window. He realised that Hazel must have already been into his bedroom and drawn the curtains. He lay there wondering what the day would bring when Hazel entered the room. She was dressed in a silk shirt and navy pleated skirt that came down to just above her knees. She was bare legged and Timothy could not help looking at her long well toned and tanned limbs. She wore perfectly applied makeup and looked even more beautiful than he had remembered her from the previous evening.

 Without knowing why he blushed immediately upon seeing her and began to tremble as she placed the cup of tea she was carrying onto his bedside table. "Good morning young man here is a nice cup of tea, drink it and then come into the bathroom. I have already run a bath for you and I want to make sure that every inch of your body is clean before your examination.

 Hazel could clearly see the telltale bulge of his morning erection pushing the bedcovers upwards as he lay looking at her. He quickly turned on his side as he saw her glance at the tented bed covers. He was blushing and trembling as he looked away from her, clumsily raising the teacup to his lips to hide his embarrassment.

 Although Hazel had deliberately embarrassed the boy by intimating that she would be either bathing him or at least inspecting his body, she had no intention of doing so. She knew that sooner or later she would have a genuine excuse to see him naked and that when that moment came, she wanted to be able to take her time and examine him at her leisure. She waited for Timothy outside the bathroom door and spoke kindly to him.

 "Right young man, I am going to trust you to take your bath and make sure that you are thoroughly clean from head to toe. When you are finished I want you to dress in your school uniform and come downstairs for some breakfast. We only have an hour before we need to set off."

 Timothy's sigh of relief was audible as he stood before Hazel covering the front of his pyjamas with his hands to hide his erection. Hazel again ignored the boy's obvious erection and turned away and walked down the staircase.

 Parking at the Medical Centre was quite easy, as many of the parents had taken advantage of the school bus to accompany their daughters to the centre. A kindly looking nurse greeted them in the reception hall and began talking with Hazel. She looked over at Timothy and told him to sit on one of the waiting room chairs while she filled in the appropriate forms. Timothy looked across at them once or twice as they chatted while completing a sheaf of white forms. With the end of the form filling, they were ushered into a cubicle, which was curtained off from the main corridor.

 The medical centre was much smaller than either Timothy or Hazel had imagined it to be. Apart from four consulting rooms and a reception hall with canteen and kitchens leading off from it, there were just two bathrooms and a large hall for multiple examinations.

 The nurse spoke to Hazel, again ignoring the boy completely. "Right Hazel if you would get Timothy here undressed and then take him through to the bathroom opposite. Nurse Davis will be there to give him his enema and shave him! You can put all of his clothes in this locker." She indicated one of four wooden lockers built into the back wall of the cubicle above a slatted bench that ran the length of the room.

 "Take the key with you. Oh if you want coffee, there is a canteen just off reception." Hazel felt a thrill run through her at the young nurse's words.

 "Do you want him to leave his underclothes on?" Although Hazel already knew the answer she wanted the boy to hear it for himself.

 "No, they tend to get lost if they are left in the examination rooms so we find it best to leave all of their clothes in the locker."

 Without another word, the Nurse pulled the curtain across the opening of the cubicle and left Hazel and - a profusely blushing and trembling Timothy, alone.

 Hazel savoured the moment as she turned towards Timothy. He was trembling visibly and as she touched his shoulder he almost flinched, such was his abject state of nerves. "Right Timothy you hand me your blazer and shoes, those seem to the biggest items and I will put them away for you." She kept her tone neutral as she watched him blushing and trembling as he stood in front of her." Each stage of his undressing was an absolute delight to Hazel. She stood admiring his chest and narrow waist as he got down to just his trousers.

 Turning to the lockers she tucked his socks into his shoes, wondering if he would start unbuttoning his trousers without being prompted. Hearing no movement from him she turned back towards him, she could see his eyes had begun to water slightly as he held his hands to the clasp of his trousers, making no further movement. A thin sheen of perspiration had formed on his body as he stood trembling, his eyes downcast and his bottom-lip quivering.

 "Come along Timothy...," she savoured the next phrase "...drop your trousers!" Timothy undid the buttons with trembling fingers. Not daring to look at Hazel as he eased the material down his thighs, acutely aware of his erection which tented the thin cotton material of his underpants.

 Handing his trousers to Hazel he suddenly covered his erection with both hands, pushing his bottom backwards and almost crossing his legs. Hazel pretended not to notice as she carefully folded his trousers and laid them on top of the neat pile of clothing she had taken from the boy.

 She could hear the sounds of females talking in subdued tones from other cubicles along the corridor when suddenly she heard a loud slap and an admonishing raised voice "Now get those panties off straight away you naughty girl." She glanced at Timothy who had also heard. He looked at Hazel in anguish, tears welling up in his eyes as he stood cowering before her. Hazel could not miss the opportunity as she looked at Timothy.

 "Now you wouldn't want me to smack your bare little bottom for being difficult, would you Timothy?" Hazel looked at him and placed her hand under his chin raising his head so that he could do nothing but meet her steady gaze. "Would you Timothy?" With trembling voice, Timothy shook his head... no miss." Hazel's heart jumped a beat at the use of the word miss, instead of her Christian name.

 She knew that the nature of the relationship had changed at last. Her authoritarian manner and the constant humiliation of him had finally reduced his self-esteem enough for him acknowledge, perhaps unconsciously, her complete superiority over him.

 Her constant referral to him as more of a child than an adult had helped his unconscious thoughts accept, however reluctantly, a subtle but important shift in their relationship.

 "Place your hands on your head young man... and stand up straight." Hazel waited for the boy to obey. She knew that she might have to wait for him to compose himself, but instinctively she knew that he would eventually comply.

 She tapped her foot and folded her arms as if impatient. She felt a thrill run through her body and a tingling between her legs as she watched the boy stand straight and reluctantly uncover himself and place his hands on the top of his head. "You can stand straighter than that... Now, arch your spine... shoulders back... you don't want me to think of you as a you?"

 Trembling and flushing a bright red, Timothy stood straight, staring in horror as Hazel went down on one knee in front of him and placed her delicate hands on either side of his waist. He shivered uncontrollably as she slid the smooth palms of her hands down inside the waist of his underpants. She watched his face for a moment as she slowly pulled them down until his erect penis halted them. Looking at his groin she lifted the waistband over his penis, watching it spring upwards as it was freed from the confines of the material.

 She was astonished at how large it was for such a young boy. Her face was only inches away from the smooth beautifully contoured bell-shaped head of his penis. She noted that the boy had been very neatly circumcised, as she slid the garment down his thighs and to his feet.

 "Lift your feet so that I can take them off, there's a good boy." Hazel's voice was soothing, her tone almost husky as she slid the garment from his feet and stood upright.

 She placed the garment in the locker and then before Timothy could cover himself she spoke sternly to him. "Stay exactly as you are... and tell me, young man..." She paused for effect "Why you have an erection?"

 Timothy did not believe he could have been more embarrassed his mind was in a whirl, the cheeks of his face were on fire, and he was trembling from head to foot. "I......d'd'don't know much mmm miss. I..."

 He failed to finish the sentence, feeling near to fainting as Hazel looked at him, her face seemingly serious and stern. "Well young man, I will just have to take you out into the corridor as you are... I sincerely hope that we don't meet anyone." Holding his chin in her hand she looked into his eyes. "Now put your hands down by your sides and follow me." Before he could protest or compose himself she had taken hold of the curtain to the cubicle and opened it wide, stepping into the corridor immediately.

 Almost fainting with embarrassment the trembling boy followed her. He could not help clasping his hands to his groin as he stumbled after her, pressing his hands tightly to his penis so that it was tight against his body. He walked with his knees pressed together as he followed her to the door opposite and stood cowering while she opened it.

 If Timothy thought that his humiliation could get no worse, then he was in for a shock. It was Hazel's quick thinking in catching hold of his arm that stopped him from fleeing down the corridor.

 In the room were two nurses, one of about twenty years old and the other a student of not much more than sixteen years of age. There were several mothers who were standing with their daughters. It was an extremely large tiled room with three baths, two of which had the curtains drawn around them. In the centre of the room was an examination table complete with stirrups, which were set at such an angle that, even to the casual observer it would be obvious, that, one's legs would have to be spread high and wide to fit in them.

 All the girls were wearing dressing gowns of various styles. To Timothy's absolute horror one of the girls was Susan. She was wearing a fluffy towelling dressing-gown and looked completely composed, her hair freshly brushed and shining with health, her pretty face even had a touch of makeup. Behind Susan was Mrs Grant, who upon seeing Timothy immediately came over to him. "Ah there you are Timothy, I knew you were here somewhere." She turned to Hazel, seemingly ignoring the boy's nakedness and abject embarrassment.

 "You must be Hazel, Timmy's mother said you would be bringing him, I hope you didn't have any trouble finding the place then?"

 Hazel smiled at Mrs Grant and held out her hand. "Pleased to meet you, Vicki isn't it? Yes, I found the place with no trouble at all."

 They shook hands and Vicki immediately turned her attention back to Timothy. She had always wanted to see the boy naked and now was her chance. Even though he was cowering crouched against the cold white tiles of the wall, trying to hide his naked body from the stares of the mothers and the curiosity of their daughters, she could confirm that he was, as she had always thought, a perfectly physically proportioned boy.

 She spoke to Hazel again. "The rest of the girls have had their enemas, there is only Timothy left to do. So I am sure Nurse Davis will prepare Timothy next and then she will probably help you bath him." She turned to Timothy as she spoke again. "I am sure Timmy doesn't want to stand naked in front of all us ladies and the girls for any longer than he has to."

 Susan looked at Timothy, also admiring his perfectly formed body. She had always liked him and looked forward to him coming over to her house. Even though he was nearly two years younger than her she had always known that he was someone special. She looked over his naked body and although his hands were clasped over his groin she could clearly see that his penis was erect. Susan had often visualised what the boy must look like naked, but the reality, despite his crouching position was better than she had ever hoped. She smiled at him and watched him blush an even deeper red as she spoke.

 "Hello Timmy, mummy said you were having your medical with us today. Gail and the rest us girls..." She looked over shoulder at a tall blond girl who had never taken her eyes off the boy since he had come through the door. "...are going to join the line for the doctor so you will be on your own in here. Don't worry we all have to go through it." She smiled kindly at him and walking forward touched her hand to his blushing cheek. Timothy could never have envisioned, even in his wildest dreams that he could feel so humiliated. To be naked, not only in front of Susan and her mother but in front of Gail the head-girl who was the prettiest girl in the whole school.

 Gail was tall and her maturity and aloof demeanour had set her apart from the rest of the school, making her the perfect choice for the prestigious position of Head Prefect. Excelling at sport as well as academic work she was extremely popular amongst all of the teaching staff as well as the pupils. He had seen sixth formers, boys that would not even think of talking to him, mooning after her like lost sheep. Now the humiliation of seeing him naked and cowering in front of her.

 "Timothy was as near to fainting as he had ever been as Mrs Grant took his arm and propelled him along to the examination couch. Hazel walked with her and took the boy's other arm as Timothy tried to crouch even lower to the floor; his face was ablaze with utter humiliation and embarrassment as the nurses came towards him. It was like a nightmare as he was made to sit on the end of the examination table and then lay back. He grasped his genitals even more tightly, bending his chest forward so that he could retain his hands against his groin. He felt his legs being lifted and spread wide open as they placed them in the stirrups lifting his bottom completely off the bed. A pad was placed under the small of his back, which supported him and elevated his bottom even further away from the bed. He resisted as the young student nurse moved to his side and gently took his wrists to pull his hands away from his groin.

 Hazel spoke sharply to the trembling boy. "Look at me, Timothy." He opened his eyes which he had tightly shut with embarrassment and looked at Hazel through his widely spread legs. "Naughty boys get their bare bottoms smacked... and you are no exception." Vicki Grant looked on with admiration as Hazel delivered three sound slaps to the boy's naked buttocks. You could have heard a pin drop in the room in the silence that followed. It was such a shock to the boy that it was several seconds before he managed to gasp in astonishment.

 Hazel spoke again; "Now my boy, let the nurse position you properly and perhaps we will have no more such nonsense." Both Vicki and Hazel watched the uncovering of the boy in silence. The nurse took his wrists and raised his arms until they were laid on the bed stretched out above his head. Hazel was now able to examine the boy at her leisure. His penis was completely erect and pointing upwards toward the ceiling. His swollen testicles had stretched the scrotum so tightly that the skin shone under the overhead lights that illuminated the examination table. Vicki Grant called to her daughter as she was leaving with the girls and their mothers. "If you go and join the line Susan I will be with you in a few moments."

 Timothy did not hear Susan's reply such was his utter embarrassment in realising that not only had he been smacked in front of Mrs Grant and the nurses, but that Susan and the rest of the girls had still been in the room. He laid his head to the side and closed his eyes tightly with pure and utter embarrassment and humiliation.

 Both Hazel and Vicki looked down at the boy as Nurse Davis Wheeled across a trolley, filled with a variety of instruments. One of the four corners of the trolley ascended into a stand that had an enema bag held high with tubing descending to the glass top which held the instruments.

 Vicki whispered to Hazel as they stood side by side examining the boy. "He has perfect looks and physique of any boy I have ever seen." Hazel nodded, not taking her eyes from the boy's body. "Wonderful skin too, look at him, his skin is flawless." They moved back from between the boy's widely spread legs as Nurse Davis handed the enema nozzle to the young nurse and then greased her un-gloved finger with lubricant. "Now keep still Timothy" She announced "I am just going to slide my finger up into your little bottom and lubricate you a bit before I put the nozzle in. So be a brave boy."

 "Open your eyes and pay attention to the nurse there's a good boy." Mrs Grant's voice, which was soothing but firm, had the desired effect as she watched the young boy open his eyes. Hazel realised that perhaps there was more to Vicki Grant than met the eye. Vicki put her arm around Hazel's waist as they both watched the two nurses at work on the boy.

 Timothy groaned and writhed as first a finger was slid up into his bottom and then his buttocks spread wide by Nurse Davis, while the young student nurse gently inserted the pre-greased nozzle right up into his bottom. Hazel could not help feeling a thrill as Timothy grunted as the lower part of the nozzle was inflated with deft squeezes of the rubber bulb that the young nurse held in her hand. The coolness of the nozzle seemed to inflame the whole of Timothy's nether region. He had never felt any sensation like it. The bulb which was holding the nozzle in place seemed to be stretching his bottom far more widely than he would have thought possible... and yet at the same time inflaming his penis to throb uncontrollably.

 Nurse Davis let go of the boy's buttocks and immediately started lathering a shaving brush. Almost nonchalantly she applied the brush to his genitals, gently lifting the swollen testicles as she applied the foam evenly. The younger nurse reached upward and switched on the water from the enema bag and then took a razor from the trolley.

 In an almost callous and casual manner, she took hold of the young boy's penis and ignoring his moans of protestation, moved it this way and that as she shaved the entire area around his penis as well as between his legs and buttocks.

 Timothy was beside himself with utter humiliation as the nurse deftly pulled the skin of his foreskin tightly up over the head of his penis and shaved the small hairs that could be seen on the base of the shaft.

 He opened his eyes in shock as he felt one of the nurses stretch his bottom cheeks wide while the nurse shaved the last vestiges of hair in-between them. He gasped as she moved the enema tube from side to side to facilitate the further exposure of the crease of his bottom.

 The young nurse stood back and admired her handiwork. The boy was now completely bereft of pubic hair, his pale smooth skin bared of any covering made his penis seem even larger as it thrust upwards from his groin.

 Timothy felt his eyes well up with tears of embarrassment. The light above him became blurred as he felt the first pangs of cramps in his tummy. He groaned audibly as the water began to fill up inside him. The young nurse looked at Hazel and beckoned her over to the side of the examination table.

 "Will you gently rub his tummy for him, it will stop some of the cramps and he still has another pint to go."

 Hazel moved to the boy's side and placed one hand gently on his chest and stroked his cheek with the other. She watched as he opened his eyes, his expression showing his utter dismay as she leaned her head over his and whispered to him.

 "Don't worry Timmy, I think all the younger boys have had to go through this before their medicals. Somehow her words or the closeness of her caused him to blush an even deeper shade of red.

 "I am going to rub your tummy a little it will help you." As Hazel rubbed almost sensually over the boy's tummy she casually let her forearm brush over the head of his penis. As if it was the most normal thing in the world she took hold of his penis and moved it out of the way while she rubbed his lower stomach.

 "There... has that lessened the cramps, Timothy?"

 He looked at her through his haze of embarrassment, feeling her stretch his erect penis back between his legs as she continued rubbing his stomach. Another hand was placed on his chest and he looked to his right to see Mrs Grant peering over him.

 "I have to go into the other room Timothy, but I will pop in and see you before leaving the centre." She looked up at Hazel and smiled.

 "I am helping some of the nursing staff as well as looking after Susan, but I will see you later." Vickie looked down at Hazel's delicate fingers holding the boy's penis as if it were the most normal procedure in the world.

 She could not help the thrill she felt as she observed the young boy's perfectly formed body and his utter embarrassment as he was being shaved and stroked, his erect penis being firmly grasped by Hazel's delicate fingers. She knew that the water filling him up inside would be further stimulating his sexual arousal.

 The nightmare of his preparation continued; one embarrassment quickly compounded by another in a series of utterly humiliating procedures. ...Hazel and the nurses helping and guiding him to the toilet...the humiliation as a hand reached between his legs and deflated the nozzle... the bending over as a syringe was pushed into his bottom and water expelled up into him... standing naked and ashamed after he had expelled so that the nurse could examine the contents of the toilet bowl.

 Timothy could not believe that he could be so humiliated. He trembled and shook as the nurse made him walk to the middle of the room and bend over whilst she wiped his bottom like one would a small child.

 He blushed profusely, his cheeks burning with shame as she instructed him gently but firmly.

 "Hands on your head and legs wide apart... stand straight like a big boy now."

 When at last he had his legs spread apart and his hands placed on his head to her satisfaction, she pulled up a chair and sat down in front of him. To his horror she moved the chair closer, her knees moving under him between his legs.

 His body tensed as he watched in dread, feeling the soft cool fingers of her hand gently encircle his penis. Although his penis was no longer as rigid as it had been, he felt utterly humiliated and powerless as her cool slender fingers tightened around his timid flesh.

 Without preamble she lifted his penis upward as she placed her other hand beneath his scrotum and gently lifted his testicles, pulling them forward from between his widely spread legs.

 The feeling of her cool hands gently holding his most intimate and private parts, was too much for Timothy to bear. He felt his penis throb between her delicate fingers and then to his horror, begin to erect fully.

 Both Hazel and the young nurse had moved to stand in front of him. He looked at them, his whole body beginning to shake with the shame he was feeling. Nurse Davis spoke to Hazel and the nurse, ignoring both the boy's utter humiliation and his throbbing penis.

 "This is most unusual I have only seen it once before." She pulled his testicles even further forward, ignoring Timothy's gasp as she held them firmly stretched away from between his legs.

 "His testicles are so swollen that they are causing pain. If I were to guess I would say that he has not yet experienced an ejaculation, although as you can see his testes are full... and he is obviously capable of a good and firm erection."

 She squeezed his penis and let her hand slide down the shaft exposing the glans and ignoring completely the boy's complete humiliation and groans of dismay. He had never felt so naked. His freshly and smoothly shaven flesh felt sensitive even to the lightest touch. He could even feel the air against his skin as the nurse casually held his genitals out for Hazel to examine.

 I will let you bath him if you will Hazel and have a word with the doctor while you are doing that. Tina will help you bathe him..." She nodded at the young nurse, but try to avoid him ejaculating as I would like the doctor to see this." She hefted his testicles in the palm of her hand as she spoke.

 Timothy looked at Hazel, his face filled with shame as he saw her looking at his testicles and penis. He blushed again as she looked him in the eye. "I hope Timothy that you are going to behave yourself while the nurse and I bathe you and that I am not going to have to smack your bottom again."

 Timothy looked at her his bottom lip trembling and mumbled to her almost incoherently. "err....nnn ooo..miss."

 The bath was prepared and a naked and trembling Timothy was made to stand in the ten inches of water that the young nurse had drawn into the shining inner surface of the tub.

 Tina looked at Hazel and spoke to her in a voice that showed her admiration for how she handled the boy.

 "Er Miss... erm, Hazel, if you would get the boy to hold on to the safety rail up there.... Er, you will be able to handle him erm... more easily."

 Hazel smiled to herself as the young nurse pointed to the safety rail that was set into the ceiling above the bath. Two chromium plated adjustable rods extended down from the ceiling to a bar, which was high enough to make Timothy have to stretch to reach it. Hazel was aware of the exact meaning of what the young nurse had said, in that the boy would be completely open to their ministrations.

 "Grasp the bar Timothy and open your legs wide, let's have no nonsense now." She slapped him lightly on the buttocks, much to the embarrassment of the boy and perhaps, she thought, to the delight of the young nurse.

 Timothy stood and endured the most humiliating bath he had ever had. Not only did they handle him like a prize animal on show, but their comments on various parts of his anatomy accented his total shame and vulnerability.

 "Right keep straight and stop squirming about" Hazel admonished him as she took the first scoop of water and began to lather her hands with soap.

 Tina followed suit as they began at his shins and lathered him up to the tops of his thighs. Timothy could not cope with the sensation of their soft and delicate hands gently caressing his body. His penis had erected fully and was standing straight out and upwards from his body at an angle of forty-five degrees.

 Both Hazel and the young nurse deliberately ignored his genitals as they began to soap over his chest. Hazel became aware of the sensitivity of his nipples as she gently scraped her nails over them on the pretence of washing his chest.

 The intimacy of them washing under his arms and around his chest had him trembling from head to foot. He knew with an absolute certainty what was yet to come, dreading the moment when they would turn their attention to washing between his widely parted thighs.

 It was Hazel that made the first move, making the most of the situation she took hold of his chin and made him look her in the eyes. She could see the distress written all over his face as she spoke to him.

 "Right Timothy, I am going to wash your penis and testicles and I do not want any false modesty from you young man. Now turn to face me and get those legs spread wider so that I can get at you properly. Remember... any nonsense and you will be out of this bath and over my knee... and all in front of our young nurse here. So Timothy my boy... are you going to be a good boy... or will you be going over my knees with that bare bottom of your raised in the air...mmm?"

 Her words could not have been chosen better for the humiliating effect it had on him. His face suddenly suffused in an almost purple blush as he looked at her. He could not speak such was his abject dismay... instead, he opened his legs as wide as he could and looked down shamefaced and trembling.

 The first touch of her hand was like an electric shock as she took a firm hold of his penis and without warning stretched the foreskin back as far as it would go. He jerked his hips in anguish as she raised her other hand and soaped behind the rim of the glans.

 He trembled and shook as she washed his penis thoroughly, before reaching right between his legs and carefully drawing his tender scrotum forward, rolling the testes in her hand before applying more soapy lather to his most intimate parts.

 Suddenly he felt himself beginning to throb uncontrollably and his body tremble as the acute sensation of an impending ejaculation surged through his young body. Hazel felt it at that very same moment and took her hands away from his body. Hoping that she was not too late and the boy would not ejaculate.

 This was something that she did not want... at least not yet. Her surprise turned to a smile as Tina, who had been aware of the danger suddenly doused the whole of his genitals with a jug of freezing cold water. The boy gasped out loud as the shock of the water hit him. "argh..."

 Hazel could not help smiling at Tina as the boy shivered from the shock of the cold water. She ignored his protestations and spoke to Tina. "Well that seemed to have done the trick, I think we are nearly finished if you would just bend him over and wash his bottom I think that will do."

 More humiliation followed as Timothy was made to hold onto the side of the bath with his legs spread wide apart, while the young sixteen-year-old, inserted her small hand between the cheeks of his bottom and washed him thoroughly. He gasped as a slender finger was pushed against the tight rosebud of his sphincter and to his horror, pushed up inside him. To add to his humiliation her other hand slid around his hips and he felt slender fingers take a firm hold of his penis.

 "Just one more little push and I am almost finished." Her soft voice almost whispered in his ear as she pushed up into his bottom and at the same time jerked his foreskin up and down the shaft of his penis in quick succession until he was fully erect again.

 He moaned and groaned as the young girl expertly manipulated him, feeling the head of his penis slap against his tummy as she stretched his foreskin backwards and forwards.

 "There now we are all done." She whispered as she suddenly pulled her finger from inside his bottom and smacked him smartly on the buttocks.

 She let go of his penis and stood back.

 "Right young man. Let's have you out of this bath and dried off."

 Hazel wondered as she watched Tina manipulate the boy so expertly, how many young boys she had done that too, at their compulsory medicals.

 As Hazel dried the boy she continued to subjugate him with words and actions. "Bend over there's a good boy and let me dry your little bottom."

 She parted the cheeks of his buttocks with her bare hand and then proceeded to dry them. As she stood him up and dried his chest she made sure that the towel constantly rubbed the tip of his penis. She made him stand with his legs wide apart while she took hold of his penis and patted it dry.

 She repeated the procedure with his testicles, aware that boy was absolutely suffused in a blush from head to toe.

 The final humiliation was when she asked Tina to check his bottom and behind his foreskin to see if he was completely dry, accompanied by the remark;

 "I usually have to powder little boy's bottoms after they have been bathed. I don't suppose you have any do you?"

 Timothy absolutely cringed with embarrassment at the remark and the instruction she gave to the young nurse.

 Timothy could hardly bring himself to look at her as the nurse stood in front of him in her crisp white apron.

 "Legs apart and bend over, there that's the way."

 She leaned over him and encircled his waist her hand reaching up under him and nonchalantly taking a firm hold of his penis and testicles as her other hand explored between the cheeks of his bottom.

 "Right up you get, come along now."

 She hurried the boy to a standing position and slapped the inside of his thighs until they were spread to her satisfaction.

 Timothy could have sworn she had a satisfied smirk on her face at his abject humiliation, his body was trembling all over as she reached forward and deftly took a firm grip on his penis.

 He trembled as she moved closer to him. Her young breasts were almost pressed against his chest as she reached between their bodies and cupped his testicles in an upward motion and at the same time stretched his penis so that it was touching his navel. He could not meet her gaze as she stepped back again and deftly pulled his foreskin back along the shaft and examined behind the glans, she moved the swollen flesh this way and that and then casually patted it in an upward motion before letting him go.

 Timothy was near to tears with embarrassment as he was made to walk between Tina and Hazel as they left the tiled bathroom and proceeded towards the larger room at the end of the corridor.

 Again he clasped his hands to his groin, battling to keep his erect penis hidden from view. As they walked down the corridor he could see several of the mothers with their daughters who were fully dressed in their school uniforms.

 Timothy cast his eyes to the ground and began to crouch lower, it was just as they were passing a pretty girl of sixteen and her mother that Hazel slapped his bottom twice in quick succession.

 "I can see that I am going to have to take you over my knee if there is any more nonsense. Now stand up straight and walk properly you naughty child."

 Timothy wished a hole would appear in the floor and swallow him up, such was his dismay as involuntarily he looked up to see the girl snigger at his nakedness. The mother raised her eyebrows to Hazel in sympathy and understanding at having a recalcitrant child to look after, as Hazel took his arm and pulled it away from his groin.

 Timothy could not contain his penis and testicles in just one hand so he pressed his penis close to his tummy as he was led towards the door of the common room.

 As they entered, he saw that a nurse and Mrs Grant were clearing screens away. To the side of the room, he could see Susan and Gail, now fully dressed, helping to arrange the screens against the wall. Timothy groaned with embarrassment when he saw Susan and Gail.

 The nurse stopped and turned to Hazel." If you have Timothy wait by the door over there, I will see how long it will be before he can see the doctor, Why don't you go and get a coffee, you must be parched"

 Hazel smiled at Tina and instructed the boy to go and wait by the door. When he hesitated, Hazel immediately took a firm grip on his upper arm. Timothy groaned in horror, as he saw that the door the nurse had indicated was where both Susan and Gail were stacking the screens.

 The offer by both Gail and Susan to help with the screens had not been entirely altruistic. Susan knew that Timothy would be the last to go in and that in all likelihood her mother would stay at least to see Hazel before she left. She smiled at Gail almost conspiratorially.

 They both watched as the naked boy was escorted by Hazel to wait by the surgery door.

 The door, which was only a few feet from where they were standing, had a screen in front of it, which was shaped in the letter L. He was again crouched low, both hands now protecting his modesty as best he could as he hobbled rather than walked to the closed door and disappeared behind the screen.

 He had managed to avoid his eyes meeting the interested gaze of the girls as he walked across the room.

 Once behind the screen, Hazel spoke sternly to him.

 "Right young man I have told you about being slovenly once too often."

 Without warning, she took a hold of his waist and turned him around. Before he could protest she had bent him over, her arms encircling his waist. To his horror, he realised that she was going to smack his bottom and that Susan and Gail were only a few yards from the other side of the curtained screen.

 "Pleeeease...assessee." His pleading was cut short by the first of a dozen sound slaps that she delivered not only to his bottom but also to his legs. He involuntarily began dancing about as she slapped him. 

He could not believe this was actually happening to him as she tightened her grip around his waist and continued slapping him. As the twelfth stroke of her hand fell upon his reddened bottom and legs she stopped and stood him upright...

 "Right young man... hands on your head...quickly now and stand up straight." She watched him intently, her beautiful face stern and foreboding as he reluctantly obeyed.

 "Now let me tell you, if I find that you have moved one millimetre while I am gone, you will be over my knee, right here in this room!"

 Timothy blushed profusely feeling utterly ridiculous as he stood with his hands on his head. His long penis although not erect was still turgid, the plump flesh lying heavily over his swollen testicles.

 Timothy stood as he had been instructed when the screen was suddenly wheeled away to reveal both Susan and Gail looking cool and fresh in their school uniforms.

 "Sorry Timothy, Susan said as she slid the screen along the floor. "We have to have all of these away before the next girls arrive."

 Timothy could have died on the spot. He dares not move his hands, the results of his disobedience already displayed in red blotches on his bottom and thighs.

 He blushed bright red and hung his head in utter shame as the screen was wheeled away. Looking down with his hands pressed firmly to the back of his head, all he could contemplate was his absolute nakedness and utter humiliation.

 He could hear the screens being moved and several footsteps in the hall, he sensed that someone was approaching him.

 He raised his head to see Mrs Grant standing in front of him. "I am sorry Hazel has had to smack your bottom, my, my... it does look red... and your legs too I see."

 Timothy blushed aware that that was not all that Mrs Grant could see of him.

 "Never mind you will be seeing the Doctor in a few minutes... I'll get Susan and Gail to come across and cheer you up a bit... they can manage the other screens afterwards."

 The last thing Timothy wanted was for Susan and Gail to see him naked again, he felt even more vulnerable with his genitals freshly shaven, not even a whisper of hair to protect his modesty.

 He was blushing an even deeper shade of red as Mrs Grant gently patted his burning cheek and walked across to where Gail and Susan were working.

As Mrs Grant spoke to them, his body trembled uncontrollably with embarrassment as the two girls walked across to where he was standing.

 Susan was the first to speak as she stood close to him and placed her hand on his bare shoulder.

 "Poor Timmy... having to have his bottom smacked. I am sorry, I know how shy you are."

 Susan's voice was soft and soothing and sounded sincere. Timothy blushed an even deeper shade of red as Gail casually walked to his side and smoothed hand gently across the cheeks of his bottom. He flinched in shock at the intimacy of her touch.

 His embarrassment was paramount at being made to stand naked and fully on display in front of the two teenage girls.

 Gail spoke to him, her hand stroking gently down across his sensitive bottom cheeks.

 "Did she hurt you very much? The slaps sounded very loud."

 Timothy blushed again, his face already so reddened with embarrassment that the effect was minimal. To his horror he felt his penis pulse, knowing full well that he had no control over it.

 He began to crouch, pushing his bottom backwards as he felt his penis beginning to become erect once more.

 "Pleaaaase er.. miss"

 His plea went unfinished as Gail took her hand from his bottom and stood beside Susan. She placed her hand gently on his chest, her long fingers grazing over the sensitive flesh of his nipple as she spoke to him. I think you ought to stand up straighter. If Hazel catches you like this I think she will be having your bare bottom over her knee.

 To his horror Gail's hand moved softly over his chest and down onto his tummy, her fingertips just reaching down to his freshly shaved pubis. She touched the sensitive area as if checking for something, before she moved her hand away and both girls stood back from him. He stood straight his eyes unable to avoid looking at them as they watched his penis began to throb, the turgid flesh pulsing visibly.

 "Oh Timothy... your penis is moving... are you going to get an erection?" Susan asked innocently.

 Timothy wished he would faint... anything to escape the foolishness and humiliation he felt. The girls stood and watched as his penis stiffened until it stood out from his body, the flesh full and throbbing visibly.

 Susan could see he was becoming more and more distressed at his embarrassment and motioned to Gail.

 "We will leave you, Timmy, don't worry it will all be over soon."

 The girls moved away talking quietly to each other, it was Gail that turned her head back to look at the naked boy, his body standing upright with his hands on his head and his penis sticking straight out in front of him. She paused, examining him carefully with her head tilted to one side as if deep in thought.

 As the girls moved away, Gail looked at Susan. "I don't know how much you know about sex and well... boy's bodies. But do you think he has ever... you know erm... cum... ejaculated." Susan looked at her friend's serious and enquiring expression. "I don't know, but somehow I get the feeling that he hasn't. He is such a shy boy and deep down I think he would... well he would just think it a wrong thing to do."

 It was perhaps a quarter of an hour later that Hazel returned to the surgery door. Timothy's erection had subsided to an almost flaccid state as she looked at him, placing her hand gently on his cheek."

 I am sorry I had to smack you Timmy, but you were a naughty boy. However, Vicki has been telling me what an extraordinarily shy young man you are. The doctor will see you now I think, so you can take your hands down." Timothy immediately clasped his hands to his genitals as he realised that they were about to enter the doctor's surgery.

 Hazel stepped forward and knocked confidently upon the surgery door. It was only a few moments before an extremely pretty young nurse opened the door. "Come in." She announced, holding the door open wide so that Hazel was able to usher the young boy in.

 The surgery was large and divided by a large screen in the centre of the room. In front of Timothy, who was again clasping his hands in front of his groin, was a large desk, upon which was a blotter pad, `in' and `out' trays and a stethoscope.

 Towards the middle of the room was a very modern examination couch with brown leather stirrups already in place. There were weighing scales of a very modern design and several shelves with complicated instruments of various shapes. A strong overhead light illuminated the examination table.

 There were two nurses, both dressed in smart white tunics. Both of the nurses were young and slender. The shorter of the two had short almost black hair while the other nurse wore her long blonde hair tied back in a chignon.

 It was the doctor who held Timothy's attention, she was small and petite, her pretty face was neatly made up and the small steel-rimmed glasses she wore gave her a studious appearance.

 She was wearing a white coat made of very fine cotton. He realised that the doctor could not be much more than twenty-six or seven years old. As she stood up Timothy could see that she had an absolutely tiny waist, accentuated quite prominently by her white cotton belt.

 She looked at Hazel and smiled, displaying her perfect teeth. "I understand that you are..." She looked down at the form she held in her hand "...Timothy's temporary guardian, erm that is, while his mother is away?"

 Hazel replied confidently. "Yes, that's right! His mother is staying with my own mother while she recovers from a bout of influenza. So I have taken charge of Timothy and am staying at the house to look after him."

 The doctor smiled. She realised that Hazel was a confident and able young lady and was quite sure that Hazel meant exactly what she said when she said `take charge'.

 The doctor turned to one of the nurses. "Let's get him weighed and measured and then I will examine him." She looked towards the young boy, noting the perfection of his pale flesh as he stood with his hand clasped over his genitals. She turned to Hazel. "There are some forms to sign, which you as guardian at the present time may sign in his mother's absence.

 She opened the palm of her hand to indicate that Hazel should sit on a chair by the desk while one of the nurses took Timothy by the arm and led him to the scales. He began to blush once more as the pretty dark-haired nurse placed her soft hands on his waist and positioned him on the scales.

 He stood there until she motioned him to step down and stood him against the wall, which had a scale marked in feet and inches upon it.

 "Put your hands by your sides and stand up straight with your head touching the wall." Reluctantly Timothy uncovered himself, blushing as the nurse glanced down at his naked body. He blushed even more as her body pressed firmly against him as she placed a small movable marker on his head.

 "Right you can move forward." She said as she noted the position of the maker.

 The next part was particularly humiliating as she made him stand with his legs apart and his hands stretched out to either side. "Now stay like that until I have finished measuring you there's a good boy."

 His red and blushing face was a testimony to his utter embarrassment as her delicate hands held the tape around his neck and then from his shoulder to his fingertips.

 Each time she measured him she called out the result to the other nurse who had come to stand by them with a clipboard. The nurse pressed her body against him as she measured his chest and then his waist, her cool hands playing havoc with his feelings.

 Timothy blushed profusely as she knelt down and passed the tape around his buttocks, her face was pressed almost intimately against his tummy as she brought the ends around to the front. He trembled as her hand brushed against his penis as she placed the end of the tape to the measurement. Again the back of her hand brushed against his penis as she put the tape on his thigh.

 Timothy could but stand there, his arms still outstretched and beginning to ache just as the pretty nurse smiled at him and spoke; "You may put hands on top of your head now, they must be aching by now."

 Timothy blushed, as she looked him in the eye. Deliberately and without warning, she reached forward and cupped his testicles before placing the end of the tape with her other hand between his legs.

 The humiliating experience of her looking him straight in the eye while holding his genitals was too much for Timothy and he blushed mightily.

 "My you are a shy one;" she said. "I would not have thought a young man like you could blush so much."

 He proved her wrong as involuntarily he blushed once more at seeing Hazel turn her head, from the desk where she was filling out his forms, and look at him.

 She spoke, her tone matter of fact, as she watched the young nurse nonchalantly lift his testicles once more and proceed to measure the length of his leg from the groin. "Now Timothy I hope you are behaving yourself, I would not want to have to smack your bottom again."

 Her words causing the boy to blush an even deeper shade of red, waves of humiliation washing over him as he stood naked before the young nurse, his legs spread wide apart and his hands on top of his head.

 The nurse looked at him as she finished taking his measurements and stood upright, her face now only inches away from his. Her tone conveyed a feeling of sympathy as she gently laid her soft hand on his cheek.

 "Poor baby, it's all a bit much for you isn't it."

 Timothy blushed again this time at the intimate contact of her hand and the closeness of her face to his.

 His humiliation continued as the nurse sat him on a cold metal chair while she took his blood pressure and a small quantity of blood. She made him stand up and passed him a large glass jar with a tube-like end. He blushed as he saw it, knowing that he would be required to give a urine sample.

 His embarrassment was almost palpable as she made him stand by the sink in full view of everyone.

 "Now see if you can fill the bottle for me."

 Timothy looked at her incredulously; surely he would be able to do it in private! The nurse smiled at him and said.

 "I am sorry Timothy you will have to do it in front of me, I am going to test it straight away." She took the jar from his hands and knelt in front of his. To his dismay, she took hold of his penis, which was still plump but hanging down between his legs, and placed the end and most of the shaft into the jar.

 "Now take hold of the jar, there's a good boy."

 Without another word she turned to the sink and turned on the cold tap. She placed a sponge underneath the running water and quickly, turning towards him, placed it against his tummy. The shock of the cold water and the running of the tap quickly had the desired effect and Timothy began to urinate helplessly as the young nurse watched him. She moved behind him and pressing her body close to his, she passed her hands around his waist took hold of his penis and the jar and squeezed the last few drops from the end of his penis.

 The nurse took the jar away and then made him stand in the middle of the room with his hands on his head. She left him there, her face displaying an expression of professional sympathy as she left him in his humiliating position.

 It was about ten minutes before the doctor got up from her desk and placed the stethoscope around her neck.

 He could feel himself blush as she took his face in her hands and bent his head forward. Her gentle fingers began to run through his hair as she examined his scalp. She then looked in his ears before tracing her hands around his jawline. He could see from over her shoulder that Hazel and both the young nurses had joined the doctor and were standing to her side as she placed the cold stethoscope against his chest.

 "Breathe in deeply and hold your breath until I tell you to expel."

 Her voice was soft, almost intimate as she moved the cold metal over his chest.

 "Right put your hands by your sides and expel your breath." She let the stethoscope drop and waited until his hands were by his sides.

 She raised her arms and placed them on each shoulder before moving them over his shoulders and down his arms.

 Her touch was soft and gentle and her cool hands made goose bumps appear upon his flesh.

 "Now hold your arms outwards with your fingers straight."

 Timothy obeyed as she placed her hands on either side of his chest and slowly moved them down his body until they were holding each side of his narrow waist.

 She went down on one knee and continued feeling either side of his body as her hands brushed down over his hips and thighs to his ankles.

 "You may put your hands down by your sides now." She stood up and to Timothy's embarrassment took hold of his penis with both hands and gently pushed the foreskin back until the glans was fully exposed.

 She examined it carefully before letting it drop back between his legs. Timothy groaned as he felt his penis throb at her touch. She made no comment as she lifted his testicles and spoke to him once more.

 "Now turn your head to the side and cough for me." Timothy obeyed meekly, his cough weak and feeble, such was his embarrassment at standing in front of the four young women while his testicles were being held so intimately. "And again, a nice big cough please Timothy."

 He blushed but managed a much stronger cough. The doctor turned to one of the nurses and asked her to bring a chair. The taller blonde nurse immediately fetched a chair, which she placed in front of Timothy.

 The doctor sat on the chair and placed her hand upon the inside of the boy's thigh. "Now open your legs as wide as you can there's a good boy." She turned her head to Hazel as the boy obeyed her, spreading his legs as wide as he could.

 "Nurse Davis has told me about her cause for concern Hazel, and I am afraid to say that his testicles are indeed very enlarged and swollen."

 She turned back to Timothy and looked up at him from her chair.

 "Look at me Timothy and listen." Shamefaced the boy looked at the young doctor, his face blushing as her eyes fixed on his.

 "I am going to ask you some questions and I want truthful answers. Do you understand me?" Timothy blushed, but managed to answer.

 "Yes, doctor." His voice was croaky and hoarse.

 "Do you know what masturbation is?"

Her question embarrassed the boy but reluctantly he managed to answer her. "Yes, I think so miss, er.. doctor."

"Have you ever masturbated? Played with this until you have ejaculated? I want a truthful answer now."

 Timothy blushed profusely as the doctor almost casually took hold of his penis and laid it in the palm of her hand. The doctor could see the colour suddenly rush to his face as he looked at his penis laid in her hand and then replied.

 "Honestly er.. miss.. erm truthfully I haven't."

 He stuttered and stammered as she continued to hold his penis. After a few moments, she let go of his penis and cupped his scrotum in one hand and gently felt around the testes with the other.

 "Are you having pain from your testicles?" She looked up at him as she spoke. His eyes were immediately drawn to hers as he made his admission.

 "Yes... miss... er doctor, sometimes they hurt."

 "Does the pain wake you up at night?"

 "Sometimes miss." The boy replied truthfully.

 She stood up and left him and spoke to both of the nurses.

 "I want him on the table... er no not that one." She gestured towards the examination table.

 "Behind the screen, I think. I want good access and plenty of support he may be there for a while."

 Timothy could hear the conversation but had no idea what was about to happen to him.

 Timothy stood as he had been left while the nurses disappeared behind the screen. He could hear the soft hiss of pneumatics and hear the nurses busy with some kind of apparatus, but beyond that, he had no idea what they were doing.

 He was aware that a very bright light had been turned on, reflecting its beams against the ceiling above the top of the screen that divided the room. Hazel and the doctor were in deep conversation by her desk as the boy stood naked and embarrassed but otherwise waiting patiently.

 It was probably ten minutes that the two nurses came for him. He could understand that something was about to happen as he was led forward, with each nurse at either side of him, holding his arms firmly. They walked him through past the side of the screen and into the second half of the modern doctor's office.

 He trembled as he saw the fully automatic gynaecological bed starkly illuminated against the white tiled floor and walls of that section of the room. There were futuristic looking gas cylinders and trolleys with callipers and instruments neatly placed on their surfaces.

 He was propelled towards the bed and quickly turned around so that his bottom was pressed against the end of it between the technical looking stirrups. Pads and supports seemed to be everywhere, their brown leather supported by highly polished chromium plated arms that seemed to have adjustments at every joint.

 His confinement to the examination bed was carried out quickly and efficiently as if he might flee with fright. He was made to sit his bottom on the bed and quickly laid back while to nurses deftly hoisted his legs into the stirrups. Straps were attached and pads placed under him and around him that he apprehensively looked at the two nurses and stammered:

 "er.. what are.. y... you going to do.. er nurse."

 The nurse answered soothing her hands over the trembling boy's brow.

 "Don't worry, the doctor will be through in a moment."

 He was given no more information as they continued adjusting the bed. His legs were held high but thankfully not too far apart.

 The support pads were under his thighs, knees and ankles... as well as soft supports under his lumbar region and around his hips. Suddenly he heard the hiss of pneumatics and felt the stirrups moving, pulling his legs further upwards and widely apart until he felt his bottom cheeks opening. One of the nurses busied herself adjusting something cold against his buttocks and again he heard the hiss of air as the cheeks of his bottom were stretched apart, exposing the sensitive opening of his sphincter.

 The last adjustment was the placing of a pad under his head, which the nurse inflated with air. Timothy did not think that he could have been placed in a more humiliating position. His legs were stretched far wider and higher than that of the preparation room where he had been given an enema and had his genitals shaved.

 He blushed as he saw Hazel walk into the room and stand looking at him from in-between his widely spread legs, just as the nurses were attaching loose restraints to his wrists which had been placed on the bed above his head.

 His apprehension grew even stronger as one of the nurses placed an oxygen mask next to his head. Although it had been placed there as a precautionary measure, Timothy looked at it ominously.

 The doctor walked through and asked one of the nurses to reduce the size of the screen, which divided the room so that she could see the door. The nurse walked in-between Timothy's prone position and the dividing screen and drew it back. Timothy could now see into the first part of the room and realised to his dismay that the screen only covered the middle part of him. His legs and head were clearly visible to anyone that entered the surgery.

 The pretty young doctor spoke to Hazel, ignoring the boy's worried expression.

 "I have asked Vicki Grant to come as soon as she is free. Vicki used to be a nurse here at the centre and as she lives near to where you are staying I thought she would be the ideal choice to help you with what we discussed." Timothy blushed immediately as he heard that Mrs Grant would be coming into the surgery, hoping against hope that whatever they were going to do to him would be finished and she would not see him in such a humiliating and revealing position.

 The doctor continued talking with Hazel: "Of course ideally, you will need three of you, so I am going to ask one of the nurses from the centre to come along and help you.

 "Now what I am going to do is extract as much semen as I can and..." The surgery door opened cutting the young doctor off in mid-sentence. Timothy watched in horror as not only Mrs Grant walked in, but she was immediately followed by Susan and Gail.

 They all immediately looked at Timothy as they entered the room, seeing him blush a beetroot red as he saw them.

 Mrs Grant spoke to Susan; "If you and Gail take a seat here I will go through. I don't know why you both don't go and get a drink from the canteen after all your hard work.

 Timothy watched the girls sit down realising immediately that they could see his head and the position of his legs quite clearly from their position.

 The screens hid his midsection from their view, but Gail could see how embarrassingly open and accessible his position was. She was surprised at the thrill she felt run through her as she wickedly imagined having him in that position for her own pleasure to examine as she saw fit.

 Mrs Grant walked through and smiled at Hazel and the doctor and nurses.

 "Sorry I couldn't come sooner."

 She looked down at Timothy her eyes taking in every inch of him as she walked over to Hazel who was standing next to the doctor at the foot of the bed. The two nurses immediately took up their positions on each side of his hips. One of them nonchalantly laid her hand against his tummy just above the juncture of his penis, which was now lying flaccid between his legs.

 "As I was saying;" The doctor continued where she left off. "I am going to take as much semen from him as I can in the time permitting and then I think we will have to keep a close watch on his output during the coming weeks.

 The doctor looked over Timothy's body and addressed Hazel, Mrs Grant and the two nurses.

 "As you can see he is physically extremely well proportioned in fact I don't think I have seen a boy quite up to this standard of perfection... and I don't use the word perfection lightly. Because of his quite sheltered upbringing, I think that it would be morally wrong to encourage him in masturbatory habits. I am sure that if he is well supervised and not left to his own devices, he can be drained at very regular intervals and therefore not have the urge to indulge in masturbatory practices. I am sure that this will be the most satisfactory solution."

 Hazel looked at Timothy as the doctor continued. She could see his face was one deep red blush and wondered why she felt so much excitement at his subjugation.

 "Now I am going to suggest that you take semen from him between say between... five and seven times a day. I will give you a box of test-tubes and if you would mark them with time and date, we will be able to judge what amount needs to be extracted per day, to keep his testicles at a normal size for physical comfort. I think recording his output and times will only be necessary until you get a feel for what his output might be."

 Without showing any sign of prurient interest, both Vicky and Hazel were secretly delighted at the doctor's instructions. They both looked at the young doctor as she continued and turned to one of the nurses; "Will you make sure we have some test-tubes to hand."

 "I will use two methods today so that you can alternate between them or at times use other methods to obtain as much as you can at each session. The school holidays start on Friday and as today is Tuesday I will issue a sick note so that you may keep him at home for the rest of the week."

 She turned to Hazel and smiled as she finished her sentence.

 "If you check him regularly during the day, it should indicate whether he is ready to have some more taken from him. You will be able to tell either by the size of his testicles... or by his penis becoming erect."

 Timothy could not believe his ears. He was trembling from head to foot, his embarrassment increasingly fuelled by each sentence. He felt like a prize animal on display as the doctor discussed what was to be done to him in such a `matter of fact' manner.

 Involuntarily he turned his head to the side to avoid the steady gaze of the Hazel and Mrs Grant. As he turned, he suddenly became aware of Susan and Gail seated at the far side of the room. He could see that they were listening intently as they sat forward in their seats. It became obvious to the distraught boy that they had heard every word the Doctor had said.

 Timothy's penis was completely flaccid as the doctor moved further forward between the boy's legs. The nurse handed her an opened tube of lubricant and waited with her hand outstretched while the doctor greased several of her fingers before handing the gel back to the nurse. The fluency of the procedure seemed well practised and made Hazel wonder how many young boys and been subjected to this kind of humiliation before Timothy.

 Without a word the doctor inserted her hand between the boy's buttocks, the smooth plastic pads that stretched his bottom wide, allowed her full and unhindered access to his sphincter.

 She looked at Timothy as she pressed her forefinger against the tight rosebud at the entrance to his anus.

 "Just relax there's a good boy, I am just going to slide my finger up inside you."

 Timothy turned his head to the side in embarrassment only to see that Gail and Susan had left their chairs and had moved to the other side of the room. They were looking towards the far side of the screen and Timothy knew that they could now see everything that the doctor was doing to him.

 He groaned as he felt her finger push past the constricting muscle of his sphincter and suddenly felt an acute sensation as she located his prostate.

Timothy groaned as he felt her finger, which seemed to be deep inside of him, stimulate the prostate gland. He could feel an answering throb in the tip of his penis, as to his horror; he felt the nurse casually lift his flaccid member and deftly pull the foreskin down the shaft, shamefully revealing the glans and the sensitive flesh beneath.

 He writhed in an embarrassment of sexual sensation, his hips bucking as he tried to escape the acute sensation he felt deep inside his bottom. His attempt to escape the exquisite torture was thwarted by the confines of the gynaecological table.

 The doctor turned to Hazel and Mrs Grant...

 "As I thought, even the prostate is enlarged I would imagine that the boy has been in discomfort for some time."

 The nurse caused him to groan in misery and embarrassment. The sensation in his penis was acute as she rubbed the palm of her hand over the very tip.

 The sensation was so agonisingly exquisite that he felt he would die unless she stopped immediately. The nurse gave a smile of satisfaction to Hazel and Vicki as the penis became fully erect and hard within her hands.

 "There's a good boy now that didn't take long did it, sweetheart..." ...The dark haired nurse cooed at him. She began to sensually manipulate the foreskin up over the sensitive glans and then back down again. Her practised milking motion soon had the boy gasping for breath and every sinew of his body as tight as piano wire.

 Timothy was beside himself, engulfed in a myriad of the acutest sensations he had ever felt in his young life. Hazel moved, almost instinctively, from the doctor's side and came to stand beside the boy. She lowered her head, her breath soft and sweet and her voice gentle and loving as she spoke to him.

 "There my sweet boy let it all come out for the doctor, you'll feel much better soon."

 She placed her hand softly on his chest and ran her fingers articulately over his sensitive nipples. She could feel a thrill run through her body as he suddenly arched his back and groaned his voice almost a wail of anguish and sensation.

His body shook as Hazel quickly took each nipple in her hand and squeezed hard, turning her head to look at his penis which the nurse was steadily milking in her long fingers.

Hazel noted that the other nurse was now holding his testicles and stroking his tummy. She also noticed with amusement, that it was Vicki who held the test tube over the end of his penis just at the vital moment, catching a mighty stream of thick semen as it erupted from his thrusting member. The nurse did not miss a stroke in her milking of him as Hazel watched avidly, noting the doctor almost jabbing her finger up between his captive buttocks as he ejaculated in a wail of anguish.

His cries seemed to go on forever. Hazel turned back to look at the boy captive on the bed below her. His head was thrown back and his mouth was wide open gasping for air. Jet after jet of thick white globules seemed to burst from the tip of his penis. His head lashed from side to side as the nurse continued to manipulate his penis. It seemed to Hazel that the boy was being almost cruelly drained as the doctor expertly stimulated his prostate.