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Don't Judge a book by it's cover. Aunty, pyjama spankings and and early bedtime comprise an excellent story from Lance

Behind the Cupboard Door…                                                        
By Lance Miller.
Every evening auntie would have Brian’s bath run and his pyjamas laid out on the bed waiting his timely arrival. He knew better than to stop off or waste time getting home as auntie would worry and to come home late without a very good reason would make auntie very cross indeed. This particular evening was like any other and upon arriving home auntie dutifully directed Brian to his waiting bath. One would think with this being so repetitive auntie wouldn’t need to be so instructive but I guess boys will be boys and they do appear to have a natural aversion to taking baths. After checking to ensure he had in fact cleaned himself properly she dried him off with her large fluffy towels and put him into his warm blue and white striped winter pyjamas. She had barely done up his buttons when he turned and hurried off to play in the lounge.  Smirking to herself she picked up the towels and placed them in the laundry humpier. Retuning to the kitchen she finished preparing dinner, all the while keeping an eye on her little boy as he played on unsuspecting.  
With dinner over Brian was quick to get down from the table and return to the lounge. He was soon spiralled out on the carpet playing with his Lego whilst he watched television, however auntie soon following him into the lounge and she had other ideas.
"Its beddy byes time for you my dear ".
What, but its way too early, it’s hardly even 5.30 auntie?
He wasn’t at all tired and wanted to watch one of his favourite programs.
 "I’m well aware of the time and I’m also well aware we need to take care of a little issue you had with some very poor decision making this morning ".
She was right of cause, but Brian had hoped she would remain unaware his little failing and thumping his fists down on the carpet he mumbled his contempt.
No auntie, please no he begged while he ever so reluctantly got to his feet.
 "Up stairs and have my slipper out ready for me please ".
“Oh no, please auntie, not the slipper”.
Auntie put two fingers across his lips. "Hush, now get yourself upstairs please. I better see my slipper out on the bed and you facing the naughty corner when I come up my dear."
"Yes, auntie", Brian answered dejectedly.
"Thank you. Now off you go please". I'll be up in half an hour or so to take care of you and tuck you into bed. While you're waiting for me you might give some thought as to why I need to punish you"
"Yes, auntie", said Brian stamping his feet on the carpet as he left.
Ever so reluctantly he did as he was told and taking one of auntie’s slippers out of the wardrobe he placed it on the bed. With a longing sigh he took a wishful gaze out the window before placing himself in the corner. Corner time was always made worse when he could still hear his television program and the distant sounds of the kids next door still playing in there bark yard. However knowing he would soon be on the receiving end of one of aunties early bedtime wallopings helped him to do some real sole searching.
 Brian was just a toddler when his father was killed and during those impressionable years it seemed as if he was in constant rebellion against his mother's authority. What was missing was his father’s belt but even though he tried her patience, Brian's mother hardly even raised her voice and never once did she ever consider warming his naughty little bottom. When he pushed her too far, she would simply confine to his bedroom until he had settled down and showed some sign of behaving himself. He knew how his mother expected him to behave and he also knew just how far he could push her before he ended up in his room. Having heard stories from his friends, he resented her and often wished she could be a little more like other mothers. He would sometimes play up just to push her until she reached her tether in the hope she might one day be like every other mommy he’d heard of and give him a smack. He felt left out and wished he could join in with his friends and tell stories of how he went over the end of his bed and had his pyjamas bottoms pulled down too. But his mommy wasn’t like the others in his street; she never hung a belt behind the cupboard door, the way all his friends parents’ did. It just never happened; he never once got a single smack, let alone one of those bedtime strapping’s his friends appeared to bet earning fairly regularly. More often than not, someone in his little group of friends would have the telltale marks of resent bedtime belting. All those stories supported with the blotches and strips did nothing but prove Brian’s heart breaking theory, his mother just didn’t love him enough.
A sound from downstairs brought Brian's child hood memories back to the slipper now waiting on the bed behind him. For reasons unknown to Brian, auntie preferred to use a slipper rather than a belt. Only last week she had reason to use one on his bare bottom for the very first time. Brian vividly remembered just how his bottom continued to sting for several minutes after she had put him to bed. He hated waiting and wondered if it would be like it was last time. Would he be grounded tomorrow? Perhaps she might smack a little harder this time? Why that silly slipper anyway? Why can’t auntie use a belt like other aunties do? Why can’t I get a good bedtime strapping, like my on line friends get.
His corner time dragged on ever so slowly but finally he heard the sound of aunties imminent arrival as she came up the stairs and into the bedroom. He understood the corner time rules only to well, so he didn’t turn around. He knew she would want to ensure he was standing there facing the corner nice and quietly, like all naughty little boys should.
Auntie took her responsibilities very seriously and smiling to herself she took some pleasure from being the disciplinarian that this naughty little boy so obviously needed.  
"Have you been thinking about why I need to punish you, she asked as she closed the bedroom curtains and turned on the light.”?
"Yes, auntie"
"Good. So you understand why you’re getting my slipper and a early bedtime then?
"Yes auntie", Brian answered softly.
All right then, you may come out of the corner now please dear.
Auntie was sitting on the side of the bed and smiled sympathetically when Brian turned around and stood before her with his head bowed.
 "Pull down your pyjamas bottoms and get over my lap please, honey", auntie said, picking up her slipper.
"Can't I keep them up please, Brian begged? It will sting just as much."
"Oh honey stop being silly, naughty little boys have to be spanked on the bare bottom. How can I tell if I’m doing a proper job if she can’t see how red your bottoms getting? We spoke about this last week, didn’t we Brian?
Yes auntie, I guess so.
It was all to obvious why Brian was being silly, he was excited; his pyjamas tenting out in front left little to the imagination and Auntie discreetly turned away until he had pulled his pyjama bottoms down to the middle of his thighs and had lowered himself across her waiting lap. She knew this nonsense would disappear the moment he felt her slipper on his bare upturned bottom. In a soft calm voice auntie proceeded to reaffirm why she needed to punish him. As she talked she gave his upturned bottom a reassuring rub and a soft pat every-once-in-a-while. Auntie’s caresses felt good, but her loving voice as soft as it was   reminded him why he was over her knee. As auntie continued to softly scold him Brian once again promised to give more consideration to his decision making.
"Do you have anything else you wish to say before we start dear", auntie asked as her little chat come came to an end.
"I'm sorry, auntie", Brian said once more. "I'll show you I can be a good boy, I promise. Please don't spank me too hard."
"I know you'll be a good boy tomorrow honey but I think we both know today’s effort was defiantly worthy of a smacked bottom and an early bedtime, don’t we"
Yes auntie, I guess so.
With her left arm holding him snugly against her body. She brought her slipper down hard across her boy's bare bottom. Even though he knows it’s coming, that first smack still came as a surprise. He tried to be a brave boy and take his spanking in silence. But after the first ten, the sting of each smack seemed to build on the previous one and he was soon gasping as the slipper continued to smack down hard on his exposed bare bottom. After giving Brian some thirty or so smacks she gave him a momentary break so he could catch his breath.
Brian's bottom was already very pink and auntie could feel it warming as she gave it some gentle rubbing."I love you, honey", auntie eventually said, lightly patting his bottom as a sign that his spanking was about to recommence.
"I love you too, auntie", Brian said softly.
"You know we aren’t finished yet, don’t you honey", she said just as she once again took a firm hold and continued on with his spanking. This time, the smacks were considerably harder and eventually the house was again filled Brian’s loud gasps and squealing promises of much improved behaviour. Auntie knew just what was required and continuing on she administered many good hard smacks. Finally the sobs came and Brian once again became the little boy he so desperately needed to be. His breathless crying interspersed with partially formed words promising to be good and begging for an end to this slippering. But auntie continued his bottom warming until he eventually sobbed limply over his loving mommy figures lap,
"OK, honey, you can get up now", I think I’ve smacked you bottom enough for you to have received the message.
Brian could hardly see as tears now filled his eyes and when he got to his feet he did that, I’ve just had a hard spanking dance. Gingerly holding this bottom he danced from foot to foot and sobbed loudly as the horrid sting continued to intensify.
Auntie put down her slipper and upon standing she opened her arms. I do love my little boy so much; auntie softly whispered as she gave him one of her very special after smack bottom cuddles.  
Oh auntie, I love you too, Brian sobbed as he enjoyed the security and tenderness of her loving embrace. It was these wonderful moments that Brian desperately needed; auntie was far more than a simple house keeper, she created this very private and special relationship hidden away from all the cruelty and horrors of the outside world. Every body needs someone to be responsible to and she was his authority figure. She alone had the power to absolve him of any wrong doing and cleanse him of his daily stress and guilt. She was his very special auntie.
Eventually she released him and bending down she took hold of his pyjama bottoms and eased them gently up and over his bright red stinging bottom.    
Naughty boys with smacked bottoms need early bed times, don’t they my darling.
Yes auntie, Brian whimpered softly as auntie pulled back the bedding.
Sitting on the side of the bed auntie kissed him on the cheek and warned him to stay in bed and go to sleep. Moments later he was alone in his semi darkened bedroom, his sore bottom reminding him of how naughty he had been and how he needed to make amends.
The following day Brian Looked down at the convicted man now standing before and told him to stop blaming bad parenting for his despicable crimes.
“There are no excuses for treating any women so badly, 10 years with a non parole period of 8 years. Take him away”.
I think auntie will be much happier with me today, after my bath and I’ve my pyjamas on I should get lots of play time thought Judge Brian Onslow. As he sat in his court room presiding over the fates of so many he often watched the minute hand on the clock slowly ticking his life away wondered if his auntie’s justice might ever require her bend him over the end of his bed and pull down his pyjama bottoms. Might she ever administer the old fashioned early bedtime strapping he so desperately needed?
Will she ever hang a belt behind the cupboard door the way other aunties do?


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Miss Jacobson asserts herself and puts me to bed suitably attired for the weather!

Miss Jacobson ordered me out of the bath, which was a shame as I was quite enjoying playing with the plastic rubber ducks. I had adjusted the water temperature to tepid as Friday had been another sweltering day in the city. Here in the country, the late afternoon was still hot but not as humid.
"Come along out of that bath,  you've been in long enough." Miss Jacobson enjoyed being privy to aunty's pyjamas and early bedtime punishment regime that I was subject to and was beside herself that aunty had gone off into town leaving her in charge of my bath time. Last time, I had complained that it was too early and too hot for pyjamas and aunty and Miss Jacobson contrived to dress me in my pyjamas and a nightie so I meekly said," Yes Miss Jacobson," and clambered out of the bath and dried myself as Miss Jacobson looked on. "You really are a little boy aren't you?" she said unkindly as she clasped my wrist and led me into the cool bedroom thanks to a breeze from the open window. "And as a little boy I want you in your pyjamas ready for bed right now, are you going to argue with me?  She put her index finger under my chin and tilted my face toward until I was forced to look directly into her eyes. I shook my head and whispered, "no Miss Jacobson," I averted my gaze, ashamed of my  compliance and ashamed of my nakedness. She turned away and opened the dresser drawer.
" Right let me begin by getting you into these." In her hand she held a pair of aunty's favourite winter punishment pyjamas, a pair of floral winceyette pyjamas. The jacket buttoned to the neck with a Peter Pan style collar and the bottoms were footed. Aunty liked to see me wearing them as I sipped my cocoa.
"These are my winter pyjamas," I protested as Miss Jacobson stepped me into the bottoms. I had to rest my hand on her shoulder to prevent losing my balance as she tugged up the pyjama bottoms. She laughed, and as she buttoned up the pyjamas top said, "well it's forecast to be cooler overnight so we don't want  you catching a chill do we? In fact, to be on the safe side why don't I... " She was rummaging in the drawer, "yes these paisley brushed cotton pyjamas will keep you cosy." I recoiled as she advanced toward me clutching the maroon pyjamas. "No Miss Jacobson, please the footed pyjamas are perfectly adequate."
She held open the pyjama jacket. "Nonsense, now do as I say unless you want a trip over my lap, do you want to be spanked like a disobedient little boy?" I could feel tears welling in my eyes, "no Miss," I sniffled as
I was buttoned into a second pair of pyjamas. "How do you feel now, cosy?" she asked.
"I really am a bit warm Miss," I replied. She felt my forehead with her left hand. "Positively freezing, you need a sturdy pair of striped pyjamas to keep you warm my pet lamb." Once again she rifled through the drawer and emerged clutching  a pair of striped flannelette pyjamas." Now, you should be happy wearing  these, your aunty tells me you call these your grown up, big boy pyjamas, is that correct?" I blushed, it was quite true. With aunty insisting I wear boys and girls pyjamas and nighties too,when aunty let's me wear my striped pyjamas  I pretend to myself that I am not under aunty's control. "Get these on, I want to see you in your big boy's pyjamas," Miss Jacobson quickly had be buttoned into them and stood back to admire her handiwork.
 "You know I can't quite see it myself, you just look like a silly little boy who is wearing three pairs of pyjamas!"  Foolishly I lost my temper. "Now wait a minute, you can't treat me this way, I am telling aunty that you made me cry and she will be very annoyed with you." Miss Jacobson howled with laughter. "You pathetic creature, your aunt thoroughly approves of my actions, get over my knee you silly little boy. I will make you cry alright" I was hauled across her lap and spent five minutes being scolded and spanked. I assumed that through three layers of pyjama bottoms the spanking would not hurt but Miss Jacobson used  one of my own  Bob the Builder slippers to administer the spanking and believe me, even through three layers, it hurt enough to make me bawl and beg her to stop. "Aw, is the little baby cwying? Do you want to go to beddy-byes now or  do you want me to give you another spanking? Speak up, I can't hear you, and make sure you answer politely or else" Still hanging over her lap I managed to splutter, "beddy-byes please Miss." Another spanking was more than I could face and  being put to bed at 4  o'clock seemed almost attractive even if I was wearing three pairs of pyjamas. Miss Jacobson pulled back the bed clothes, "wait a moment," she said as I was about to climb into bed.  She left the room, returning seconds later.
"I almost forgot, your aunty wanted to see you in this nightie. You had better put it on."
It was pointless to protest any more, Miss Jacobson eased my head through the blue floral flannel nightie. The nightie cascaded down and I was completely passive as she hummed to herself as she buttoned up the nightie. "Right into beddies with you," I clambered in, already beginning to swelter thanks to my multi-layered night attire. Miss Jacobson covered me with the bedding and tucked me in. She kissed my forehead. "Night-night, only sixteen hours to go until you can get up.Your aunty and I will come to check on you when she arrives home and if there is one unfastened button you will face the consequences, understand?" I nodded. Miss Jacobson closed the window and drew the curtains, locking the door behind her as she left.

*It has come to my attention that I perhaps owe my many pyjamaed experience to Ariadne and David.
Thanks for your assistance, any more bright ideas?

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Aunty spanks me and puts me to bed early

After I had displeased aunty on Friday afternoon she decided the best punishment for me was an early bedtime. Of course I protested that it was only 5.30 on a beautifully sunny, hot afternoon. Nevertheless, I was ordered to go upstairs, take a bath, put on my pyjamas then come back down for some cocoa before bedtime. (Aunty has recently concluded that cocoa helps me to sleep better.) Reluctantly I did as I was told and went upstairs, aunty had already laid out the pyjamas she wanted me to wear, a blue striped pair that were made from particularly thick and heavy winceyette.

After my bath I buttoned up the pyjama jacket and made my way downstairs. As I entered the lounge I heard the unmistakable tones of Miss Jacobson. Aunty and Miss Jacobson were sitting chatting on the sofa, aunty said, “ah, here at last.” Then turning to Miss Jacobson, “ I ordered him into his pyjamas early as he was most disrespectful earlier.”
“I do hope he has been spanked,” Miss Jacobson said staring intently at me. “ I notice the top button of his pyjamas remains unfastened too, she informed aunty.
“Interfering busybody,” I said quietly under my breath, unfortunately, not quietly enough. “What did you say?”  Asked an indignant Miss Jacobson.

“Get that top button fastened and then get over my knee you naughty little boy,” boomed my outraged aunt.
Stupidly I tried to reason with her. “But aunty it’s far too hot to wear pyjamas let alone have my top button fastened. Aunty’s face turned to thunder, “I will not tolerate such insolence.” She dragged me across her lap and gave me the longest spanking she had ever administered. 

“You-will-wear-whatever-I-tell-you-to wear-and-not-question-me-under-any-circumstances,” she intoned as my bottom bore the brunt of her anger.

 “I suggest you need to give this naughty little boy a further appropriate punishment, I have an idea that will prove to be extremely fitting my dear.” Miss Jacobson said as aunty paused from spanking me leaving me draped helplessly across her lap.

Aunty had just finished removing my pyjamas when Miss Jacobson returned.

“Absolutely perfect, beamed aunty when she saw what Miss Jacobson had bought, quickly now get it on him.” Aunty was oblivious to my naked embarrassment as she and Miss Jacobson made themselves busy them putting a full-length winceyette nightie over my head. I felt the nightie cascade to the floor enveloping me in the soft winceyette material.

“No please, I don’t want to wear a nightie,” I pleaded as Miss Jacobson spun me around to fasten up the buttons that encased my neck in a frilled horror. Miss Jacobson tugged the sleeves of the nightie until the frilled elasticised cuffs nestled neatly on my wrists, “there now, this nightie will keep you lovely and warm won’t it,” gloated Miss Jacobson as I was marched upstairs and tucked tightly into bed. “Don’t you dare get out of bed until I come for you in the morning,” aunty said as she threw an extra duvet on top of the existing bedding. I was already beginning to regret my naughtiness as the beads of sweat formed on my forehead, I watched as aunty drew the heavy blackout style curtains that, once the bedroom door was closed would leave me practically in complete darkness despite the fact it was not yet six o’clock.
 I was in for a long uncomfortable night.


Sunday, 7 July 2013

An interesting letter from an edition of Pyjama Punishment Monthly

Dear Nanny Smackbottom
When my husband oversteps the mark I like to punish him as if he is a small child. I thought your readers might enjoy seeing and hearing about such a punishment. On this occasion we were on our way out to the theatre when his outrageous flirting with the taxi driver began to anger me. I ordered her to turn back telling my husband that he had just earned himself a spanking and an early bedtime instead of an evening out. He tried to bluff and joke his way out of the situation but his blushing face was just the beginning. I ushered him back into the house and ordered him upstairs, asking the somewhat bewildered young lady driver to wait in the living room. I soon had him dressed in his 'naughty boy’ bunny pyjamas and draped over my knee for a well-deserved nursery style spanking.
After his spanking I made him crawl baby like along the landing where I made him stop to say 'night night' to the waiting young lady. I then tucked him into bed and pointed out the video camera that would let me know if he got out of bed. I resumed my journey explaining my discipline methods to the young lady who was by now very interested in hearing how I punished my husband in the manner of an unruly little boy. I greatly enjoyed my evening out and upon my return I am pleased to report that he was sleeping soundly.


Another afternoon with Aunty and Miss Jacobson, bath time and naughty nephew pyjama spankings.

Aunty was adamant that I should arrive before noon on Friday as she wanted me to attend her book club meeting. Unfortunately work and getting caught in traffic because of the sunny weather we are experiencing, delayed my arrival until 1.15. Brandishing flowers hastily bought at a petrol station I  entered  aunty's front room. I was confronted  by Miss Jacobson sitting primly on the sofa. "For me,?" She asked serenely, "I thought not," she said answering her own question. "I am afraid flowers will not help your situation, your aunt is furious with you for being late, where have you been?" Taken aback by her tone I became flustered, "I.. er, that is.. I tried to ring" I lied. She held her hand up and like a child I obediently stopped talking. "Enough. Your aunt has gone to collect Miss Sorebottom, Miss Goodnight and Mrs Gotobed herself, a task she intended you to undertake, what do you have to say for yourself?" I  stared at and shuffled my feet, "She never said," I mumbled them rambled on about the traffic. Miss Jacobson sighed as she listened and amused herself by removing a non-existent thread from her white cotton long sleeved blouse. She beckoned me toward her. "Your aunt has asked me to take care of you until she returns and I think the first thing you require is a spanking." Upon hearing that she intended to spank me I became angry. "Absolutely not, I haven't done anything wrong,!  I whined. In hindsight it wasn't the best of arguments. Miss Jacobson stood up, now towering above me she grabbed my chin and squeezed so that I thought  my jaw would break. "You silly little boy, do you really think you have a say in the matter. Of course you don't. You don't decide if you are to be spanked, you don't decide when and what pyjamas you will wear and you don't decide your bedtime. Whilst you are here all your decisions are made for you, just like a helpless child. Do you understand?" She released her grip on my chin, "Yes Miss Jacobson," I whispered, my status well and truly established. She lowered my pants, "over you go," once balanced across her lap Miss Jacobson pushed back my underwear and proceed to spank me for a full five minutes. Long before she had finished I was begging her to stop and  futilely trying to wriggle from her vice like grasp. "The second thing you require ,judging by the odour emanating room you is a bath. "Follow me upstairs and I will run a bath for you." It was true enough, my shirt was sticking to me, my bottom was on fire and a bath seemed very appealing. I went to pull up my trousers, "oh no," she said, "leave them around your ankles, you can waddle upstairs like a naughty little boy as an extra punishment."
Sniffling, I trudged slowly and with difficulty up the stairs with Miss Jacobson cajoling me from behind.
I undressed in the bedroom I used at aunty's, I heard the sound of water cascading into the bathtub cease. "It's ready." With a towel wrapped around me I walked past Miss Jacobson at the door and into the bathroom. I heard the door and realised Miss Jacobson was behind me. She ripped away the towel and gave my bare bottom a quick spank. "Ow, what are you doing? Get out," I shouted, attempting to cover myself with my hands. Miss Jacobson was smiling and tying a bibbed plastic apron on herself.
 "Come along, in you get," her hands now free she twisted my ear lobe, forcing me to step into the water.  she knelt alongside the bath and lathered up the flannel. For the next five minutes I was subjected to a thorough and intimate wash. As much as I remonstrated she continued to clean every orifice and crevice on my body.
"Oh stop fussing, there's nothing to complain about, " she said as she non to gently washed my genitals.
"Right out of the bath and let's get you dried.  Your aunt has instructed me to have you dressed in a pair of suitable pyjamas by the time she returns and I for one do not intend to let her down, unlike some."  I howled my protest. "It's not fair, I don't want to put my pyjamas on yet," I pouted. Miss Jacobson ignored me and continued to towel me dry. I only realised how childish I had sounded when Miss Jacobson slapped my legs..
"What did I say to you? Little boys like you have to put their jimmy jams on after their bath, you don't get a say in the matter." Feebly, instead of asserting myself, I ignored the little boy jibe, instead only muttering, "It's too early for pyjamas"  Miss Jacobson continued to roughly dry me as she said, "It's never too early for you to be dressed in your pyjamas and the sooner you realise that the better." Miss Jacobson then began to concentrate on drying between my legs, unfortunately I began to "enjoy" the attention. "Oh my, it appears someone needs their pyjamas on very quickly to hide this little problem," laughed Miss Jacobson. Then, to my utter horror, she grabbed my prominence in her hand and towed me to my bedroom in this manner.  I blushed furiously as she made me stand with my hands on my head, "to avoid any mishaps," She rummaged through my pyjama drawer. "Yes, these will do nicely," she exclaimed brandishing a pair of 1970's psychedelic style, Mark & Spence winceyette pyjamas in triumph. My heart sank as Miss Jacobson held the pyjama bottoms open for me to step into, she quickly tied the pyjama cord then eased my arms into the pyjama jacket. She was obviously enjoying my discomfort as she slowly buttoned up the jacket. "There, that's better, you don't really look properly dressed  until you are wearing you pyjamas. Now, put on your slippers and back downstairs with you."
We arrived downstairs just as aunty and her book club members returned. "Well, well," said aunty when she saw me. I see Miss Jacobson has been taking good care of you. I am pleased to see you dressed  in your pyjamas ready for bed." She then addressed Miss Jacobson, "any reason for his tardiness in arriving?" Miss Jacobson looked at me and then back to aunty. "Some nonsense about the traffic, I put him across my knee then gave him a good scrubbing in the bathtub before I put him into those lovely jimmy jams I found in his pyjama drawer, doesn't he look very naughty and spankable wearing them?"  Mrs Gotobed giggled and caressed my pyjama clad bottom, "hmmm... lovely. I for one wouldn't mind spanking this naughty bottom."
Then Miss Goodnight joined in, "what time is his bedtime? I don't want to miss putting him across my knee either." Aunty looked at the clock on the mantelpiece, let's see, it is 2 pm now, by the time he prepares our afternoon tea and washes up it will be  4pm, shall we say beddy-byes by 4.30?" The ladies universally agreed that 4.30 was an ideal time for me to go to bed. Miss Sorebottom then put in her two penny worth. "I have a little idea, why don't I pin a little sign onto the back of is pyjama jacket inviting anyone who feels the need to give him a spanking to do so?" Aunty clapped her hands  in delight. "A marvellous idea Miss Sorebottom. My naughty nephew should have plenty of spankings before bedtime."
Aunty sat down and patted her lap, "Come here," aunty sat me on her knee and putting her arm around my shoulder she asked, "have you thanked Miss Jacobson for looking after you so well? She is an ideal babysitter for you, isn't she?"  I shook my head, meaning I didn't think she should baby-sit me but aunty exclaimed, "well I think you should thank her."  Aunty drew me closer and whispered to me. "No aunty please, I don't want to." Aunty put me off he lap and ushered me toward Miss Jacobson who was now sitting on the sofa chatting to Mrs Gotobed.
Then, as aunty had instructed, I  approached Miss Jacobson  and said, " thank you for looking after me so well and giving me a lovely bath and choosing these cosy pyjamas for me to wear." I put my arms around her and gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. Everyone laughed at my pathetic antics and I scurried off shame faced to prepare the afternoon tea. That afternoon was one of the longest and must painful I have ever known. I lost count how many times I was spanked but I do know that aunty and Miss Jacobson are planning something that will not be good news for me.