Sunday, 9 June 2013

Is Pyjama Punishment a sign of the times?

Sunday morning and I have spent the last three hours since we returned from our walk standing in the corner dressed in my pyjamas. We are going to Miss Jacobson's for lunch and aunty says that I must go next door with this sign pinned to me so that Miss Jacobson and her friends know why I am wearing my pyjamas. After I have washed the dirty dishes aunty says I am going to be spanked in front of everyone and then put straight to bed. This means I will be in bed before 3.30!

Aunty also says I have to thank Dave for his excellent idea about punishment placards and that if anyone has any suggestions for methods of punishments and what the placard should say then please to let her know via the blog.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Once again aunty has me at a disadvantage in oversized striped pyjamas

On one of my most recent visit to aunties I told you about my embarrassment at having to attend Miss Jacobson's sherry party wearing my striped pyjamas. Well it appears she has taken rather a shine to seeing me being punished in pyjamas. On Friday morning I received a phone call from aunty insisting I finish work early and drive down to her house. Upon my arrival, as was my usual habit, I took a bath to wash away the city. I was still soaking when aunty entered the bathroom and emptied the bathtub. "Come along out you get", she said, enveloping me in a bath sheet. I spluttered my objections to her intrusion but to no avail and I was ushered downstairs where the intimidating sight of Miss Jacobson confronted me. "Well, well, if it isn't my little pyjama waiter. How are you?" Aunty pulled my towel away and whacked my bottom with her hand making a loud smack thanks to the bathwater that still clung to me. "Manners, young man, answer Miss Jacobson."
"Sorry Miss Jacobson," I mumbled, "very well thank you." Aunty beamed, "That's a good boy. Now Miss Jacobson has a surprise for you." To my horror Miss Jacobson presented me with a pair of enormous blue and white striped pyjamas. " I saw these and just had to get them for you, now be a good boy and let's see you wearing your new pyjamas, you might as well be ready for bed." I protested loudly, “It’s only 1pm, I am not putting pyjamas on at this time, especially these awful pyjamas."
Aunty had me laid across her lap within seconds of the words leaving my mouth.
She admonished as she spanked me. “Naughty-naughty little boy. You will wear your lovely new pyjamas and show your gratitude to Miss Jacobson unless you want me to put you to bed this instant. Is that want you want?"
"No aunty," I sniffled as I nursed my now tender bottom. I was made to stand while Miss Jacobson buttoned me into the pyjama jacket and stepped me into the pyjama bottom, tying them tightly around my waist with the pyjama cord with the jacket tucked into the bottoms.  "Don’t you look sweet? Aunty mused as I stood there feeling ridiculous, the pyjama bottoms covered my feet and the sleeves of the jacket were so long that they enveloped my hands. Aunty whispered in my ear, then said, "Haven't you something to say to Miss Jacobson," prompted aunty.  I swallowed and then reluctantly I addressed Miss Jacobson.
"Thank you for my lovely new pyjamas Miss Jacobson, I like them very much and want to wear them all the time." Miss Jacobson clapped her hands at my pathetic capitulation and lent forward proffering her cheek. As I moved forward to kiss her cheek I tripped on the cursed long pyjama bottoms and fell into her lap.
She grasped me around the waist and settled me on her lap. "Well this has to be an omen," she laughed cuddling me tightly. Aunty joined in the laughter and went to fetch tea leaving me in the clutches of Miss Jacobson. "What a cute little boy you are dressed in your gorgeous jim-jams, I could just keep you with me forever." Aunty entered carrying a tea tray. "Well unfortunately my nephew is going upstairs to bed for an afternoon nap after his warm milk but I promise you can have another cuddle time later." I had to spend another ten excruciating minutes perched on Miss Jacobson's lap whilst I drank my milk before aunty took me upstairs and tucked me in.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Pink Pyjama Punishment

Visiting Aunty one afternoon it didn't take me long to annoy Aunty and I was soon across her knee being spanked wearing my pink pyjamas and about to be put to bed at 3pm when her neighbour Miss Kirkbride rang. She had injured her arm and wondered if I would be available to wash and dry a pile of dirty dinner plates for her. Aunty immediately agreed to this and volunteered me to vacuum as well. Aunty escorted me next door. Miss Kirkbride provided me with a pink nylon tabard to protect my pyjamas and a pair of pink rubber gloves and I was set upon my task while Aunty and Miss Kirkbride settled down to a cup of tea and a chat. I had almost finished the mammoth task when one of the plates escaped my grasp and smashed on the kitchen floor. Aunty was furious with me and I found myself across her lap for the second time that afternoon. Aunty then asked Miss Kirkbride if she would like to punish me too. As her injury prevented her spanking me I was instead sent to the corner to stand on the naughty step with my hands on my head to contemplate what a naughty sissy I was. Aunty made me stand for an hour before taking me home for yet another spanking and an early bedtime.