Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Aunty administers a pyjama spanking.

Aunty had come home early and found me dozing on the sofa instead of cutting the lawn. "Well, you must be very tired indeed to be sleepy at  2pm.Perhaps it's best if I put you to bed for a very early night. You just lie there while I fetch your pyjamas." Despite my protestations Aunty soon had me ready for bed. "I think a smacked botty before bedtime is necessary too don't you agree?" I didn't but that could not prevent aunty from hauling me across her lap and lowering my pyjama bottoms for a bedtime spanking. "Right. let's get you tucked into beddy-byes shall we."  Nursing my sore bottom, I pointed out it was only 2.30 in the afternoon. "I think a week of 2.30 bedtimes will focus your mind on your chores in future, yes that includes the weekend too. Come along, time for bed."

Monday, 29 October 2012

Nanny Smackbottom finishes her tea before she administers a maternal spanking to Sissy Babykins

How wonderful to be in Sissy's place wearing his cosy long nightdress. Imagine standing there, clad only in your sissy nightie, facing Nanny who patiently sips her tea. Perhaps she is contemplating how severe to make this, his second spanking of the day. Will she lift up his nightiie to expose his bare bottom or will she merely spank over the brused cotton material of his winceyette nightie? Either way, once his punishment is complete Sissy will be despatched to bed at a ridiculously early hor of the day. Once esconced in beddy-byes he can reflect on his foolishness in misplacing his mitten.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Another dose of early bedtime discipline from Aunty.

When Aunty came to visit unexpected she was furious to find me still in my day clothes at 3pm. Why wasn't I ready for bed she demanded to know? My excuse that all my pyjamas were in the wash cut no ice with Aunty and she went out to her car and came back with one of her nighties and a quilted dressing gown. In no time I was undressed, made to put on her nightie and sent to the naughty seat. I sat listening fearfully as Aunty rang her friends and made arrangement for them to rendezvous at my house.  After I had spent time contemplating the error of my ways I was made to put on the dressing gown ready to receive her guests. I spent two hours serving tea and washing up before I was put across Aunty's lap for an early bedtime spanking.Tearfully I was made to say goodnight to each of Aunty's friends and she took me up to bed at 6pm.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Phillip's pyjama punishment

When Phillip's mother educated his young wife into the efficacy of pyjama and early bedtime discipline she could never dream that her daughter-in-law would embrace her philosophy so enthusiastically. Soon Phillip was inducted into a strict regime that entailed him wearing floral pyjamas in the marital home at all times and learning how to be courteous and respectful to all females. Once his daily chores were fulfilled to the satisfaction of his wife Phillip was despatched to bed early with a well spanked bottom.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

This is a re-posting of Thomas' story. I have edited it a bit and corrected the typos, I have also included a picture of the kind of pyjamas that Aunty Susan first dresses Thomas in. I hope he forgives me for the changes as Thomas had his character being put into a nightie.

A Summer Holiday with my Aunt 

By Thomas

This story is about the time I spent my summer holidays with my
aunt because my mother who worked as a travel agent had the
opportunity to work abroad and needed some one to look after me.
I was 15 at the time and almost 16 .

"Susan, I hate to ask you this but could you look after Thomas for
me over the school holidays, he’s been a bit of a problem lately ,
cheeky, won’t go to bed at a decent time, the usual really and I
couldn’t trust him on his own, I don’t want to miss this
opportunity and you're so good with unruly children.”

"If I agree, then he’s to obey my rules , I won’t put up with cheek
and he’s not too old to be put to bed with a spanked bottom. I’ll
expect him to help me around the house as well, but I’d wouldn’t mind the company , I’m a bit lonely since the girls left home and there’s plenty to do around
the place.”

The place was a small holding on the Fens that her husband had given
her as part of a painful divorce and she was coming close to 50 but
still extremely strong as I was to find out .

"This is a giant favour Susan, he breaks up next Friday I will bring him then, rest assured he’s will obey your rules, won't you Thomas?" This was the first time my presence had even been acknowledged and somewhat huffily I began to voice my protest at being farmed out without being consulted.
"That's quite enough from you Thomas," mum said interrupting me, "any more cheek and you'll be put straight into your pyjamas and sent to bed when we get back home."
Aunt Susan said, "It's good to hear you're still punishing him with early bedtimes, that means I can do the same. See you soon Thomas."
All the way home I was seething that mum had let Aunt Susan know she still used  pyjama and early bedtimes on me but held my counsel, I had an idea.

 The final week of school passed and I promised mum that I would be a
good boy when I was at Susan’s, and so we arrived at 2 ‘o’ clock.

 Mum had a cup of tea with  Aunty, then she left me with a good-bye kiss.
When she’d gone the first thing Susan said was," while you're here you
will call me Aunty Susan or Aunty, now let’s get you unpacked , follow
me .”

I followed  her upstairs to a bedroom at the back of the house, which
was just as her daughter had left it.

  The room was decorated in a very feminine way with flower motif wallpaper, teddy bears sat scattered on the bedroom furniture, the curtains were pink and
the bed itself had  fluffy white frilly pillows to match a frilly
white cover .

 My suitcase was  on the bed and it was some trepidation as I watched aunty remove my clothes and put them into drawers and hang them up. When the last of them were out and put away, Susan said in a cross voice, "where are your pyjamas?”

This was my moment, I drew myself up to my full height of five foot two.
"Aunty Susan, I don’t want to wear pyjamas anymore, I'm almost sixteen so I
haven’t packed any. Men of my age sleep in their underwear of naked as I propose to do.”

Her face betrayed her anger, "You, a man, don't make me laugh, look at the size of you, you're nothing but a misbehaving naughty little boy. And if you think you are sleeping naked on my clean bedding think again. If your mother knew what you were up to she would tan your backside, I know very well she insists you wear pyjamas for bed and I am certainly going to enforce that rule whilst you are under my roof!”
This tirade against me was shouted in a loud voice and I was certain I had misjudged what her reaction would be most definitely.
"You just stand right there." She said angel as she left the room, coming back moments later with a bundle of clothes in her arms.
"Let’s see if these will make you regret you didn't pack any pyjamas of your own, my daughters old nightclothes have just found a new owner, you!"

Aunty put the clothes on the bed, I could see now that they were indeed girls winceyette pyjamas. There was a pink pair with white flowers and a white pair with pink flowers. Aunty also placed a nightdress on the bed which was also made from soft yellow winceyette and  had  frilly cuffs and a lacy neckline, it seemed to have a lot of buttons as well.
"Come here," aunty commanded. Aunty held the jackets and trousers of the pyjamas against me and said," these will do fine , a little bit big but nice and
comfortable  the nightdress you will wear when you've been particularly
naughty which I have no doubt will not be unusual!”

I had never envisaged this scenario when I deliberately lied to my mum about packing four pairs of pyjamas. Aunty Susan had taken me by surprise and I desperately tried to backtrack. "Please Aunty, I don’t want to wear girls pyjamas especially the nightie, can't we go to town tomorrow and I will use my pocket money to buy new pyjamas, I promise."

 The next thing that happened was totally unexpected.
Aunty turned me around and pushed me face down on the bed ,with one
hand she held me and with the other pulled off my shoes and socks, then my
trousers and underpants, then she pulled me up and removed the t-shirt I
was wearing until I was totally naked.
“You are a cheeky, naughty, very little boy." she said unkindly as she slapped my hands away from my attempt to cover my nakedness. Well you’ll soon be tucked up good and early in bed and if your lucky a 5 ‘o’ clock bed time for you is the bet you can hope for all of next week!”

She positioned me over her knee and began a very hard and fast spanking,
"Well we know now that your behaviour warrants an early bedtime and your cousins pink pyjamas will suit you just fine so I have saved you some money haven't I?"
I had thought I would easily be able to resist my aunt but, like my mother she was deceptively strong and she kept me pinioned on her lap while she spanked and scolded me. At first I tried to be brave but after a good 5 minutes my bottom was
glowing red all over and my struggles to free myself had left me exhausted.
 Aunty sensed my rebellion was almost over, "are you going to be a good little boy for Aunty Susan and do exactly as you are told or do you want me to continue spanking you,?" She asked.
Through my tears I could only nod my acquiescence but this wasn't good enough for aunty, she was determined to break me across her lap. "
Say, "I promise to wear my pretty girls jimmy-jams and be a good little boy for Aunty Susan. Say it!" She spanked my bare bottom once more and I blurted out the words from behind my sobs.
"Please aunty Susan, I promise to wear my  pretty pyjamas and be a good boy."
"That's close enough," she said as she stood me up facing her. She picked up the pink floral pyjama jacket and held it open for me. First my right and then my left arm was inserted into the pyjama sleeves and the jacked lay draped around my shoulders. Aunty Susan smiled at me, making eye contact as she slowly began buttoning up the pyjama jacket beginning from the bottom.
The neckline of the pyjama jacket had, what I later found out was called, a Peter Pan collar and aunty ensured the top button was fastened securely to show off this feature.
"There now, how lovely you look," she said as she ran her hand down the front of the thick winceyette material of the pyjama jacket, the hem of which rested two inches below my pee-pee. Her hand continued it's downward movement and she pressed the soft material against me causing me to inadvertently gasp.
Still smiling she picked up the pyjama bottoms and urged me to step into them, right leg, then the left. She pulled them up around my thighs and nestled the elastic around my waist.
"Yes they suit you, pink winceyette pyjamas are just the thing for a
naughty boy to wear for an early bedtime but to make sure you’ve learnt
to do as your told, your going to get a hairbrush over that naughty pyjama clad
She dragged me by the ear to her bedroom picking up
the brush off the dressing table, sitting down on the bed and pulling
me over her knee again and began slapping my winceyette clad bottom.

"I hope you’re learning a lesson you won’t forget in a hurry you naughty little boy!”

Finally the spanking was finished and Aunty took me back to my bedroom , pulled back the bed-clothes and ordered me into bed, tucking me tightly in and pulling the bedclothes neck, she drew the curtains on a fine summer day at 3.30pm.