Monday, 31 October 2016

Teddy tell-tale gets Scottie into more trouble.

This picture is from the Benjamin Britten production of The Turning of the Screw
When I saw the Teddy Bear I was immediately reminded of moggs Scottie series, (Part 8), where Miss Emily has Scottie's Teddy tell her all about his naughty shenanigans after she has tucked him up in bed.  

Scottie can't believe that Teddy has tell-taled on him

"Now then Scottie, you didn't think Miss Emily left without telling mummy how she had arranged for Teddy to make sure you behaved after she had tucked you into bed did you? Teddy told me all about you undoing the top button of your pyjamas and putting your hands under the bedclothes to play with willy-winky.

You silly boy, Teddy tells us all about your naughty behaviour, Teddy thinks that you're not the good little boy you used to be and Teddy wants good Scottie back again, the Scottie that cuddled Teddy in beddy-byes so that Scotties hands couldn't wander like they do nowadays.

Sixteen year old Scottie is a naughty Scottie isn't he?  Shall I tell you what Teddy thinks? He thinks you have been getting ahead of yourself and that mummy should keep you on a tighter rein.

Teddy prefered the days when Scotties pyjama time was 6.30 and he was tucked up snugly in beddy-byes by 7.30. Is Teddy right Scottie? Should mummy take firm action to get well behaved Scottie back again?

Tomorrow I will have a long discussion about your behaviour with Emily and find out if she is willing to help supervise a new bathtime and bedtime regime for you.

For now just do up your pyjama jacket top button and snuggle down and think about your behaviour while I have a word with Teddy.

Will you keep an eye on Scottie for me Teddy? I want to know immediately about any naughtiness from Scottie, will you do that for me Teddy? You will? Thank you Teddy, night-night Scottie and remember, Teddys always watching."

Saturday, 29 October 2016

A PPM letter on the importance of younger sisters when implementing pyjama and early bedtime discipline.on their older brothers.

Dear Matron

It has always been part of my disciplinary philosophy to treat adolescent boys (and young adult males) as if they were much younger than their actual age. Girls, in general, mature much quicker and as such it is correct that the male should go to bed sooner and in some cases their bedtime should be supervised by their younger female siblings. A seventeen year old boy under my supervision would find himself dressed in the uniform of a first year pupil, short trousers, knee socks, and a school cap would form the basis of his outfit. This would be worn from first thing in the morning until his daily tuition ended at 3.30pm. The boy old would have a bedtime between 6 and 7 pm with a pyjama time of 4 or 5 pm. I always advocate dressing boys in their pyjamas at least two hours before their bedtime. If a younger sister or sisters are around to witness or assist in this daily ritual, so much the better. It is a fact that boys always become calmer and more compliant once they have been put into their pyjamas. This reinforces the boy's immature status in the sibling hierarchy. That is why I prefer to put boys into childish, little boy nightwear. When they have to walk around in front of their younger sisters for two hours before  being put to bed wearing babyish pyjamas they quickly lose their aggressive attitudes and respond to discipline much better. If especially sewn little boy pyjamas are beyond your means then a few pairs of female pyjamas from any high street chain store are an acceptable alternative. A seventeen year old boy wearing a pair of Winnie the Pooh patterned pyjamas, kissing his younger sisters night-night at 6pm is very rewarding in terms of discipline. The girl or girls should be part of the boys bedtime routine, perhaps selecting his pyjamas, buttoning up his pyjama jacket for him or helping him into his pyjama bottoms then helping  mummy to tuck him into bed. Having a twelve year old sister drawing the bedroom curtains on a sunny summer evening at 6 p.m as her older brother is put to bed is a good way to involve younger siblings in his education as a well disciplined male.

Happy to discuss.

Agnes Throgmorton

As always Agnes your methods are exemplary and should be followed to the letter by any female wishing to pyjama discipline a misbehaving boy. 
I think pyjamas and early bedtimes are an ideal method of controlling unruly boys of all ages. I would have had their pyjamas warming for when they arrived home from school. As you advise, they would be very infantile in appearance and made from quality winceyette to keep them cosy and make them feel babyish. I would have put them into their pyjamas downstairs irrespective of who was there and they would spend the rest of the time before bedtime in their pyjamas doing homework or chores. I advocate a  bedtime spanking before being tucked in. I also made their bedtimes apply at weekends also so that bedtime was a routine they became used to.  


Friday, 28 October 2016

Sissy Babykins New Babysitter

“Now, now Sissy Babykins, it’s pointless struggling. Melissa is going to remove your wet nappy and put you across her knee for a bedtime spanking whether you like it or not.”


“Ha-ha. Does that upset you my pet lamb? Oh yes, young Melissa is going to be your permanent babysitter from now on and your babykins regime will be much more severe. Melissa will undress you at 3pm and give you a lovely warm bath. Then she will pin you into fresh soft nappies and put you into your nightie ready for beddy-byes.”


“What, you don’t want Melissa to be your babysitter? Well it really doesn’t have anything to do with you does it sugarplum? I make all your decisions for you don’t I”


“Ha-ha, yes I do. Your new beddy-bye time is 5pm; Melissa will bring you into the parlour at 4.45. You will be paraded in your night attire for our pleasure before you are tucked into your cot. So that we don’t have to listen to your constant whining your dummy will be permanently tied in place except when you are being fed your pureed vegetables or your baby bottle. Do you like the sound of your new baby lifestyle babykins?”


I think you are beginning to repeat yourself Sissy Babykins, time for bed!”

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Is mummy putting her little boy to bed? Perhaps not.

Philip Treadwell stood with his hands on his head alongside the clothes airer, thereon draped with his striped, winceyette pyjamas. His bottom bore the bright red glow of his over the knee slippering administered not five minutes earlier by Mrs Treadwell

"Keep those hands on your head unless you want to go back across my knee." She threatened as he went to soothe his sore bottom. Philip stood uncomfortably with his hands on his head for another ten minutes, his arms began to ache as they ignored him as they chatted and drank their tea.

"Right, come here and let's get you into your pyjamas and off to beddy-byes, it's already after six o'clock, ten minutes after your bedtime," Mrs Treadwell urged. Philip stood facing the three women, shamefully parading his nakedness as Mrs Treadwell slipped his arms into the red striped pyjama top and, starting from the bottom, slowly buttoned him into the jacket.

Miss Alexander stared at him, "you really are a naughty little boy," she giggled, emphasising the "little, no wonder you have such an early bedtime, little boys such as you are not allowed to stay up with the grown ups are they?" Philip knew he was expected to answer, " Aunty," he replied nervously.

The three females all laughed at his reply, not with him of course but at him. Mrs Treadwell knelt on the floor and held the striped pyjama bottoms open for him to step into. He put his left foot in first and rested his hand on her shoulder to steady himself as he put his right foot into the pyjama bottoms.

Mrs Treadwell pulled them slowly up, he shivered as the soft winceyette material brushed against his groin and his willy winky quivered slightly as it was enveloped in winceyette. "Now now Philip, you know that sort of activity is forbidden. Do you want to be put back across my knee for another spanking?"

 "Sowwy mummy," he quickly replied shaking his head, using his "baby voice", to appease her.

Mrs Alexander tightly tied his pyjama cord trapping the hem of his pyjama jacket inside the bottoms. "There, all ready for beddy-byes, slippers on too," she ordered.

Placing his bunny slippers beside him, she watched as he shuffled his feet into the fuzzy, pale blue slippers. "Say night-night to Nana and Aunty," she urged taking his hand.

Philip blushed but did as he was told. The two women could not suppress their smiles as they proffered their cheeks for Philip to kiss.

"Night-night Nana, night-night Aunty," he whispered pathetically, feeling self conscious standing in front of the ladies, in his striped winceyette pyjamas and blue fuzzy slippers as if he was a little boy.

"Off we go, up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire." She led him to the foot of the stairs and paused. "Wave night-night Philip." She lifted his arm and waved it for him. The two women sitting on the sofa waved back, mimicking his arm movements, then laughed out loud.

His mother-in-law and sister-in-law always enjoyed watching Philip's wife put him to bed.

Babified Boyfriend

Once aunty has untied Babykins dummy  Melissa would be left alone to babysit him. her first duty was to give him his bedtime bottles of milk before settling Babykins down for the night even though it was only 4pm. Melissa was determined to impress Miss Gotobed and Mrs Spankalot and prove she was capable of becoming his regular babysitter.

Melissa enjoyed seeing her ex boyfriend being permanently babied by his aunts and wanted to help humiliate him further. "Now Babykins time for you to drink up all your milky wilky like a good little baby," she teased. She tied his bib around his neck before she forced the teat of the first bottle between his resisting lips. She tilted the bottle to supply a steady stream of milk to Babykins.

All he could do was drink and swallow as fast as he could, helpless to stop the flow of milk cascading into his mouth. As soon as the first bottle was empty she reached for the second. "No more please…." Sissy Babykins pleaded,  as milk dribbled from his mouth down the front of his bib.

Melissa  administered a sharp smack to the inside of his leg that caused him to yelp with pain. "How dare you use grown up talk, Babykins. You have just earned yourself a trip across my lap and an extra early bedtime, it's straight into your baby footed pyjamas, as soon as you milky wilky is all finished and I'll put you down in your cot for the night. And don't dare forget that you are to address me as Aunty Melissa. I am not your girlfriend now. Naughty Babykins!"

She slapped his bare inner thigh one again and quickly pushed the second bottle into his mouth. This time she was more persistent and lifted the bottle higher and higher until Sissy Babykins was struggling to keep up. Eventually Babykins cascaded milk back up, through his nose and choking in the process.

"Oh dear babykins, oh dear, "soothed Melissa as she dabbed at his mouth with his bib. He coughed and bought up some more milk. "Ask nicely and we can forget about this last bit," she said holding up the bottle. There was about a third of the contents left.  If you don't ask nicely you will finish this and I will make you drink a third bottle too." There was a pause before his hesitant voice  began. "Pwease Aunty Melissa, Babykins doesn't want any more milky wilky me had enough."

Melissa beamed a lovely smile and pressed his face into her chest, enjoying his acceptance of his babified state. "Well done Babykins, that was a lovely little speech."

Then, quite suddenly she inserted the teat of the bottle back into his mouth and once more began the flow of milk into his mouth. "But Babykins must drink up all his milky wilky or how will he ever become a big strong boy, hmmmm?" She laughed.

Melissa was thoroughly enjoying babysitting her ex boyfriend.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Message to Lance Miller

Hi Lance

Just wondering if you were still visiting the blog? It is a while since I heard from you.

You did mention a while ago about sending some nightie composition images that you enjoyed creating and was curious to know if you had anything to send me?

Regardless, just let me know you are still around and enjoying the blog.

Best wishes

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

A Short History of Petticoat Discipline by Miss Susan MacDonald

When petticoat discipline was first employed we will never know. A study of social history shows that it was discussed in family magazines and newspapers during Victorian and Edwardian times, and the beautifully decorated and laced girls' fashions of the times would no doubt have made them especially effective at subduing the high spirits of boys who required firm discipline. Certainly, as we can see from family photographs of the time, it was the fashion until the Great War to dress both little girls and little boys in virtually identical clothing; beribboned vests, petticoats, white lace dresses, and big bonnets, often until the age of five or six.

Some men who were brought up in these times, including former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan (Lord Stockton), recalled being dressed by their nannies in especially pretty and girlish clothing for some minor offence, and petticoat discipline is mentioned in Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy's excellent book 'The Rise and Fall of the British Nanny', published in 1972. (Incidentally, I strongly recommend this book to readers, as well as its companion volume, 'A History of the English Public School'). As Brenda Love writes:

'This ploy worked by humiliating and embarrassing the boy so much that he was careful not to engage in any kind of activity that would draw attention to himself, thus making him easier to control in public. The degree of modification in attire depended on the boy. For some, only a bow tie, short pants, or velvet fabric was sufficient, for others, lace, bows on the shoes, shaved legs, and girl's underwear was necessary'.

Petticoat discipline for keeping boys in line is a broad term, which encompasses more than the wearing of petticoats and girls' dresses. Also very effective was dressing a boy in a sailor suit, or Little Lord Fauntleroy outfit, with tight-fitting velvet pants, silk stockings, a blouse with a large lace collar, and girls' patent single strap shoes. Sometimes if in this kind of clothing, or if under full petticoating, the victim would have his hair curled as well.

Mrs Birch makes mention of this form of clothing in her excellent essay on the subject:

'Blue velvet shorts, a white shirt with ruffles adorning the front and sleeves, a big bow tied at the front, white stockings, black patent leather shoes and a blue velvet cap would make any self-respecting male squirm with embarrassment. If this attire didn't sufficiently humiliate the lad, more lace and ruffles would be added. But his feelings would not be spared. The male would be marched out to the giggles of family and friends. Such attire ensured a more subdued and respectful attitude'.

There are many cases given of males into their twenties being kept, for discipline reasons, in Little Lord Fauntleroy suits, or frocks and petticoats, in the old publication 'London Life', the offices of which were largely destroyed during the blitz. It never recovered, and ceased publication during the war years. Also commonly described in its pages were cases of Scottish boys being made to wear a kilt without a sporran, or tartan skirts, which were much cheaper. Dressed like this, the boy could actually be taken outside, usually with a silk petticoat and pretty knickers on underneath the kilt, which made the boy much more careful of his clothing, and the punishment even more effective.

Other cases seemed to involve a desire on the part of the mother for a daughter, rather than a son. In these cases the boy would be kept in childish petticoats and frocks, as well as long white ruffled night gowns at bedtime, long after his peers had started wearing shirts, trousers and pyjamas.

His hair would be allowed to grow long, and the mother or governess would often tie a big bow in his curls. Of course the mother would notice that her son was much more docile and subdued dressed like this, and realise as a bonus the inestimable disciplinary value of petticoating.

Petticoat discipline, however, was not confined to males who were still in the care of their parents or others. 'London Life', and the journals which followed, featured many cases of married men being petticoated by their wives to ensure that they remained submissive and obedient husbands, and attended to all the domestic duties about the house. Sometimes a man would be made to wear a frilled, full-length pinafore, much to the teasing amusement of any visitors, or in private, he might be fully petticoated and trained to do needlework and knitting, as well as all his household duties.

In the case of both boys and husbands, if stricter discipline were needed, then sometimes the they would be put into nappies and baby clothes, and often made to use a dummy and generally behave like a baby. A dummy would also be employed by lady school teachers to subdue talkative and troublesome boys in class. They might also be made to sit next to a girl on the girls' side of the classroom.

Several journals through the years printed 'petticoat' letters of an extremely high standard. I have already made mention of 'London Life'. Another - probably the best of all - was 'Justice Weekly', a Canadian paper published from the early 1950s to the early 1970s. In the 1970s, SRA Publications, who produced 'Search', 'Relate', and 'Accord' magazines, printed many wonderful letters on this fascinating subject, as did 'Madame', which is still being published today, although sadly it no longer seems very interested in the subject of petticoat discipline.

To quote Mrs Birch once again,

'Such treatment certainly led to [boys] being more demure and placid. After all, who is going to go running around the garden and climbing trees in a prissy frock and risk showing their knickers with layers of frilly lace at the rear! Sadly, such punishments have all but disappeared for troublesome males'

Newspapers and women's magazines still carried occasional mentions of petticoat discipline well into the 1960s, but the subject no longer seems to be discussed in these times of increasing delinquency and spiralling divorce rates.

As I have written, it is my aim to bring it back into domestic use, but I do need the help of our readers. If you would like to tell us of your own experiences, or send us any letters from the past concerned with petticoating, please do so.

Susan MacDonald

Monday, 17 October 2016

Sissy Pyjama Curtsey

Aunty has finally "broken" her nephew. When he came to live with her he planned to enrol in that college course. It turned out that Aunty had a different plan for the eighteen year old. Aunty kept her new sissy permanently dressed in very sissy pink pyjamas as she made him learn and practice how to curtsey nicely. Failure to meet her high standards resulted in an immediate spanking for sissy. Sissy was also taught to speak in a new way too. With his eyes lowered to the floor, he was instructed to speak in a quiet, almost whisper like, little girl lisp that delighted Aunty once he had perfected the technique. Finally, Sissy Babykins as she re-named him, was ready to be introduced to her circle of friends and his new life of obedience and permanent sissification began.

Friday, 14 October 2016

A Governess for Luc and Jordan. A new Luc Holly story. Part one.

Julianne has hired a Governess, releasing my wife and her mother, Maryse from certain tasks. At 44, I should be past the age of being treated as a baby, but that’s how it is. She will also take care of Jordan my son. He is already 19 but it is decided by my wife that like me, he needs strict discipline.

Julianne called us downstairs, we were ready for beddies, it was 4 o’clock.
“Here are the two naughty boys that I was telling you about. You will be their Governess. As you can  see, I have already made them put on their night clothes so that you can put them to bed straightaway. They look like big boys, you may think, but don't let that deceive you. In reality, they are just little boys, big babies in fact. They need strict discipline and must be kept on a tight rein, otherwise they'll behave badly. No misbehaviour must be allowed to go unpunished, it's the only way they will learn obey.“

Governess Yvette looked at us with pity and contempt. “Oh Julianne. Don't you worry, I believe they will do as I tell them,” she smiled then added, “or suffer the consequences.”

Julianne looked pleased at her words. ”So much the better, you will find that it is necessary. Their behavior has been much better since Luc married me and I took full responsibility for the house and the company into my hands. But it is because I am strict and I do not allow any leeway from my rules whatsoever. For example, as I told you, their bedtime is very strictly observed, they must both be tucked up in their beds by 6 o'clock every day, weekends included.  6 at the latest not one minute past six or I will hold you personally responsible.”

Julianne then spoke to us. “This is Yvette, your Governess She will be taking care of you. You must obey her as if she were me or Mummy. She will be giving you your bath. She will put you to bed to sleep whenever she chooses...before 6, of course. She will be giving you your meals. If you disobey her she will punish you herself."

Jordan asked sulkily “Including spanking? On the bare bum?"
Yvette replied herself. I don’t recall you being given permission to speak little boy, you will be punished for your insolence, but for your information, yes Indeed, young man. Spanking bare bottomed, corner time, mouth soaping anything I see fit.”

Our new Governess crooked a finger under Jordan's chin. “Now, on your knees, with your hands on your head.”

Julianne smiled with satisfaction.  “ I see that Yvette has really taken my instructions on board. As for you Luc you can see that she and I are on the same wavelength. So, you cannot get away with disobedience when Mummy and I are not here.

I wanted to show that I had completely understood.
“C.c..c..certainly, my darling. I am going to obey Governess Yvette just as I do you and your mother, I shall be sensible and I... I shall try not to do anything stupid so that she would not need to punish me.“

Julianne turned to Yvette, “I forgot to say that if Jordan misbehaves and requires punishment then Luc is to be punished similarly since I hold him responsible for Jordan’s behaviour.”

Yvette smiles,”Oh I see, then Luc, you too down on your knees hands on your head, immediately!”

 “I...yes...but…but I would not like you to be too…er… harsh with me.” I stammered as I lowered myself onto my knees in front of Julianne and Yvette.

“I shall be as harsh as I need to be with naughty boys.  I shall make sure you obey me, you know the house rules and you will follow them strictly without exception. I shall not tolerate any deviation, Julianne has given me clear instructions. No leeway ever. No deviation ever. No excuses ever. If you don't like being punished, all you have to do is to obey without a murmur in every way.”

Julianne looked approvingly at her firm tone as Governess continued.
“I think you have both clearly understood. You must speak to me in a respectful way because I have total authority over you in the absence of Mummy. You will be very contrite when speaking to me and you will call me“Miss” each time you speak to me or “Governess”, not Yvette, understand?"

“Yes Miss,” we both replied. Thankfully Governess allowed us to stand up and told us to go outside to fold and bring in the washing.

Jordan still feels aggrieved that his bedtime is at 6pm  but, seeing that he and I must be in bed and asleep at the same time and in the same room, he scarcely has any reason to feel sorry for himself. Governess will certainly punish us if we deserve it.

As we went outside some neighborhood girls, Karin and Maria began to watch us and of course they made fun of us laughing and pointing at us in our night attire.
 “Oh, do you see this? They are in their cosy nightclothes in the garden I suppose they are being punished with early bedtimes again. I wonder how they have been naughty this time?”

Jordan foolishly could not stop himself replying. We are not being punished, just going to bed earlier today.”

The girls continued teasing, one said loudly. “For big babies like them, it’s normal to go to bed early.”

The other girl laughed. “That’s true. They need lots of beddy.byes time, that way the case less trouble, tell me, Baby Jordan, does your girlfriend know that you are ready for bed?”

Jordan shouted at the girls to go away and leave us alone, as I tried to quieten him
“Jordan behave yourself. If Governess hears you about your behaviour we will be punished and you will have deserved it but I should not be punished as well. You know that we could end up being sent to bed tomorrow, all day.”

My son became quite sheepish. “You’re correct  I am sorry, I must apologize to Karin”

Jordan blushed. “Oh.. er… yes… Karin I am sorry.”

Karin looked angry. "That's not good enough. Come and apologise here in front of me.” Jordan hesitated. I told him to do as he was told. He went over to her dragging his feet. “I beg your pardon…” He began.

“Not like that. On your knees in front of us.” Karin ordered. He turned to me, tears welling in his eyes. I told him to obey. Karin insisted “On your knees immediately.”

I had been made to wear a long flannel nightgown for beddies, Jordan had been deemed to be a very naughty boy and had been dressed in his yellow little boy pyjamas that were more appropriate to his behaviour . He knelt in front of the girl of fourteen in his cute pyjamas and  mumbled his excuses whilst sobbing.

“Mmm… because you look so cute in your baby pyjamas I forgive you on this occasion. But,” she added, “you shall tell your Governess of your naughtybehaviour or we will tell her ourselves.”

Luc's Flannel Nightie

Jordans Little Boy Pyjamas

“No Karin, please.” Jordan begged, still on his knees. She resumed her severe approach. “Ah so you have nothing to tell her? She doesn’t need to know you have been cheeky to us?”  “

I intervened again. “Er… excuse me young ladies. We must finish our work and then get to bed. You can be assured I will tell Governess about Jordan’s cheeky behaviour even though it will mean I will be punished also.”

Maria laughed, “ha-ha, It’s true you will both be punished. Hurry off to beddy-byes, you big babies. Night-night and sweet dreams.”

I replied politely” Thank you, young ladies, have a good afternoon and a lovely evening”.

While this was going on, I had finished filling the clothes basket. Good thing too as Julianne rejoined us at this moment. She was talking to Governess.

“Yvette, my dear husband is going to show you to their children's bedroom. He is going to show you in detail how their bedtime routine is organised. You won't forget anything dear, Luc, will you? No bath is required as Maryse already gave them one after lunch before putting them into their lovely night clothes, you can start to bathe them regularly tomorrow.”

“Of course I will do as you ask but me Julianne, Governess,” I hesitatingly began, “I must tell you that Jordan was cheeky to the girls outside when we were folding the washing, I apologise on his behalf and hope you can forgive us.”

Governess stared at me, “I am pleased that you told me Luc, the girls have actually already informed us of Jordan’s bad behaviour, I will take note of your confession and decide how to punish the pair of you later.

“Nervous about our impending punishment, I took Governess upstairs to our room, or as Julianne and Maryse called it, the nursery.

Our new Governess is a beautiful young brunette, of medium size, but healthy, athletic and solidly built. Her brown hair is long. Subsequently, she gathered it mostly in a bun, but that first day it fell freely over her shoulders and down her back. She was wearing a white blouse and a black dress, dark coloured tights and sensible black shoes.

She looked determined, confident and capable enough to enforce strict discipline and punishment on us, the naughty boys.  I was used to being seen by Julianne and Maryse wearing only pyjamas or a nightgown but on this occasion I was deeply embarrassed, the young woman who was seeing me in my nightgown in the middle of the afternoon. She was my new Governess who I had to obey.

I showed her our room, a children’s room in reality and she was the one who was going to put us to bed and it was she who was dressed while I was wearing my long flannel nightgown. She will also get to bathe us every day before nighty-night time and tuck us in with a bedtime much earlier than neighborhood young children and even babies.

Governess was surprised upon entering our room. More a nursery than a boy’s bedroom with infantile wallpaper, teddy bears and soft toys to hug in beddies and most humiliating of all our baby cots.

“Ah, I see you have been made to sleep in baby cots, quite sensible for naughty babies like little Luc and Jordan,” she teased.

“Err..yes... since we  both spend so much time in bed asleep like babies, Julianne thought it was better for us, the bars make it harder to get up out of beddies without permission...Julianne and Maryse do not allow us out of bed once we have been tucked in   Here's my bed … er…cot.”

Governess patted my nightie clad bottom. “I see, and are you ever tempted to disobey, do you have to have your naughty bottom smacked very often?”

I blushed as she lightly caressed my bottom. She then continued exploring the room and opened the top drawer of our dresser.

"Julianne has appeared to have thought of everything, here are all your nighties and pyjamas how feminine they are, I will enjoy getting you ready for beddies after your bath. I'm sure you must look such a cute little boy… or should I say girl when sleeping in your lovely nighties and girly pyjamas.”

Governess Yvette opened the second drawer. "Oh and here are all of Jordan’s little boy pyjamas too. As the young one he gets to be a cute little boy, I think though I would like to see him in some little girls nightclothes, like his pa-pa. Oh and how sweet it is that each of you have their own soft toys, perfect for naughty children to snuggle in beddies with.”

R├ęsultat de recherche d'images pour "cots for adults"

My cot, the one in which I’m put to my usual early beddy-byes and frequent early bedtime punishments

Julianne arrived with Jordan. ”Well Governess Yvette, I shall leave these two naughty boys in your capable hands, deal with them as you see fit and report back to me.”

Julianne left and Governess smiled at us. “What should we do now? I think it's naptime for both of you since you're already dressed for bed. But first Jordan needs to be punished for being cheeky to the girls outside.”

Governess sits on Jordan’s cot mattress and taps her lap. Jordan reluctantly drapes himself across her, he know he dare not disobey. She tugs down his pyjama bottoms just enough to expose his bare bottom and then begins a rapid spanking. One two three, one two three. She spanks him three time in quick succession on each buttock six times.

Almost immediately he begins to jerk and thrash around on her lap but she has a firm grip and he wails his displeasure.

I look on fearful for Jordan but also for myself too. Her spanking technique is different to Julianne’s and Maryse.

Jordan is now standing up sobbing and rubbing his bottom, Governess pulls up his pyjamas and orders him to kneel in the corner with his hands on his head, he sobs gently as he lowers himself down. Governess turns to face me. “And now for the pa-pa.”

Governess sits me on her lap and asks me to tell her our bedtime regime as she wants to know exactly how we are made ready for sleepy-byes and put to bed.
It feels strange, me a big boy in age but not in height, sitting on our young Governess’s lap as she fussily buttons up the top button on my flannel nightie.

“We must keep you looking smart even for beddy-byes, now start at the beginning for Governess.”

“I.. err… well… we normally are given our bath, we have to sit in the bath together. Most often, it's Julianne’s mum Maryse who supervises. She undresses us completely herself, then we must place our underwear in the dirty laundry basket and take our day clothes and our shoes and put them in the wardrobe.”

“You don’t leave them here in your nursery?” She asks.
“No, no. Julianne won't let us have day clothes in the bedroom. After the bath, whatever time that is, you must put us in our nightclothes and we no longer have the right to wear anything else.“

“Then off to beddy-byes?”

“No, first we have to dine in the kitchen...before the others.”
“In the kitchen? In your nighties?”

“Or in pyjamas, yes, if Julianne, Maryse or the twins have guests, we have to eat in our room but otherwise we usually dine in the kitchen. Today, since we will probably be in beddies before the meal we'll probably eat in bed. It's Julianne
who  usually decides but I suppose it is you now Miss. I...err… I should now fetch our potties to store them in our nightstand.”

“Ah, you have chamber pots?”

"Y…yes... as we are confined in our room we... we can't go to the toilet.”

Governess stood up and we went together to get our potties, then it was time to get into bed.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Little boy short trousers and early bedtimes for this 22 year old.

Dear Nanny Smackbottom
I was educated at a Grammar school for boys in the late sixties and early seventies and wore short trousers with my uniform to the end of first form when I was 12. In second year all boys moved into longs. At 16 my parents had an acrimonious separation and I was unexpectedly sent to live with a maiden aunt whom I hardly knew although I was able to remain at the same school.
My new guardian was a striking lady, tall and well built, who wore conservative tweed skirts and sensible shoes and belonged to the Womens Institute. With her hair in a bun she looked like the archetypal schoolmistress from about 1950. Despite her daunting appearance she was a likeable and kind lady albeit somewhat strict who instructed that I address her as aunty dearest, which initially I found acutely embarrassing.
About a year later I was almost expelled from school after being discovered in possession of cigarettes and alcohol with several other sixth form boys. My aunt, or mummy, was furious and I was punished by being put back into short grey trousers for a weekend and receiving my first ever bare bottom spanking. It was a complete shock and a singularly awful experience imposed to remind me I was still a child and that children were not allowed to smoke and drink. Thankfully I was allowed to remain indoors and avoided the agony of being seen in public.
My aunt must have realised the effectiveness of her treatment and repeated it ten months on when I arrived home very late without permission shortly before I left school at 18. I then started work and was put me back into short trousers for a weekend whenever she felt my behaviour was sufficiently bad which was once or twice a year.
At 22 I was still living at home when I started dating my first girlfriend, a 19 year old trainee teacher whom I will call Ellen. She and my aunt got on amazingly well and I found myself resenting the fact that she treated Ellen much more as a adult than she did me. They seemed to become close confidants and I resented being left out.
A few months after Ellen and I had met I found myself subject to another weekend in short trousers for the first time in well over a year. My crime was to have foolishly stolen money from my aunt's purse which she soon discovered and forced me to admit my guilt. She said nothing but immediately upon arriving home from work the following Friday I was taken to my bedroom and dressed in the usual outfit consisting of a pair of very short grey trousers with long grey socks and black sandals together with a school pullover and grey shirt and school tie. I knew I would wear these clothes until I was put to bed at seven o'clock. 
My aunt had always included early bedtimes and being undressed downstairs before being put into my pyjamas as part of my little boy punishment.
Following the same routine of previous punishment weekends, before I was sent to bed, my aunt took me across her lap and gave my bottom a particularly painful spanking over her lap with her slipper.
She was a strong woman with strong arms and I knew better than to resist and end up being punished even more severely. But my sore red bottom paled into insignificance when the next afternoon without warning my girlfriend arrived to view my predicament. It was not a chance visit. I later discovered she had been told in advance of my chastisement and had been invited to see the "naughty boy" for herself.
Ellen ridiculed me without pity and ordered me to call her Miss Ellen as she was an adult and I was now a child, nothing more than a little boy in her eyes. My aunt had told her everything about how I was treated and Ellen seemed determined to humiliate me to the utmost. It was only with the greatest difficulty that I managed to avoid bursting into tears. 
That evening at six thirty I suffered the further indignity of being told in front of my amused girlfriend that it was time little boys were in bed and having my aunt undress me while Ellen was sent to retrieve my pyjamas. 
Ellen took great pleasure in mocking me as,"such a sweet little boy," as aunty buttoned me into my blue striped pyjamas. 
They each took one of my hands and lead me up the stairs to my bedroom and tucked me into bed at seven o'clock. 
As I later lay in bed, I could hear my two tormentors laughing as they doubtless chatted about my predicament.
Not surprisingly, Ellen ended our relationship the following week but continued to remain good friends with my aunt and to visit the house. From then on she always talked to me as though I was small child and continued to make me call her Miss Ellen and teased me as I sat in my pyjamas. She would insist my aunt put me to bed as early as possible so that she and my now very much ex-girlfriend could have a grown-up conversation without the presence of a naughty little boy.

Dear Adrian
Thank you for your letter, you don't say how recently this all occurred. I hope you are still being made to wear short trousers and being put to bed at seven o'clock in your striped pyjamas. Perhaps you could ask, politely of course, if aunty dearest or Miss Ellen could write to me and update us on your current age and if you are still being treated like a little boy.
Nanny Smackbottom

Friday, 7 October 2016

Sissy Babykins Spanked (Image courtesy of Dave Lomas)

Oh dear. It looks like Sissy Babykins has upset his nurse by refusing to go potty. She spanks his thighs for him and informs him that if nature can't take its course then she will have to force the issue. Sissy Babykins dislikes enemas being administered and begs for a second chance to perform. Nurse however has made up her mind. Babykins will be thoroughly cleaned every afternoon for a week, then put him into his jimjams and tucked straight into his cot for sleepy-byes time at 5pm.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Pyjamaed, Spanked and Humiliated

Dear Nanny Smackbottom

I remember a previous post that advocated the disciplinary measure of early bedtimes after a sound spanking. When my husband greatly oversteps the mark I also resort to such methods. I thought your readers may enjoy seeing and hearing about his punishment. On this occasion we were on our way out to the theatre when his outrageous flirting with the taxi driver began to anger me. I ordered her to turn back telling my husband that he had just earned himself a spanking and an early bedtime instead of an evening out. He tried to bluff and joke his way out of the situation but his blushing face was just the beginning. I ushered him back into the house and ordered him upstairs, asking the somewhat bewildered young lady driver to wait in the living room. In no time I had him dressed in his 'naughty boy' jim-jams, his yellow bunny rabbit winceyette pyjamas and draped him childishly over my knee for a well deserved spanking with my strap.

After his spanking I made him crawl along the landing with his reddened bottom on display where I made him say 'night night' to the waiting young lady. He was then tucked into bed. I resumed my journey explaining my discipline methods to the young lady who was very interested in hearing how I punish my husband as one would an unruly little boy. I greatly enjoyed my evening out and upon my return I am pleased to report that he was sleeping soundly.


Dear Katherine

I think your punishment method is excellent. You should invite the young female taxi driver over for dinner, one prepared and served by your husband wearing his "naughty boy pyjamas".  Afterwards you could instruct her on how to deliver a well deserved warming of a naughty boy's bottom. Perhaps then she may be interested in babysitting for you so that you can attend the theatre more often in peace, either alone or with someone more deserving of your company.

Nanny Smackbottom 

Aunty takes over from the Ladies who Spank

Stephen has been changed into his Teddy Bear winceyette pyjamas for his final spanking before bedtime. Aunty takes off her slippers and uses them to ensure Stephen will have to sleep on his tummy. Eventually Aunty tugs up his pyjamas and makes him thank the Ladies who Spank for smacking his naughty bottom for him then kisses them night-night. Aunty takes his hand and they wave him off to beddy-byes at 5 pm.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

The Ladies Who Spank Wait Expectantly For The Spanking Hour To Begin

Mrs Hardacre, Miss Golightly, Miss Sandhurst and Mrs Bottomley wait patiently for Stephens corner time placarding to finish at four o'clock before they can begin spanking him. Stephen can expect to go across each of the ladies laps several times before his spanking hour is up and he is sent to bed.