Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Step-son Babified. A letter from Caroline to Etta


Dear Etta, 

Thank you for your message. I am delighted to hear from you after reading your most interesting account of dealing with your son Jonathan when he was 16. I believe older teenage boys – and even those in their 20s - can often be very immature and need strict discipline and control which should include regular corporal punishment and being kept dressed in suitably childish clothes such as short trousers, sailor suits, and babyish play rompers and pyjamas. Girls are far more grown up and can be most effective in exercising authority over a boy older than themselves such as Melissa with Jonathan.

I married Edward’s widowed father, Malcolm, in 1978 when I was a young 24. I have always been attracted to older men and Malcolm was then 59 while his son was 12.  Edward was attending a boys prep school and still in short trousers which he wore at all times. He looked very sweet in his school uniform and was an obedient and respectful child. After passing his common entrance he moved to the upper school at 13 where I had hoped he would continue in short trousers but this was not allowed by the school and nor could I persuade his father to keep him in shorts outside of school. Nor did my husband believe in the use of corporal punishment aside from my occasionally slapping Edward’s legs before his early bedtimes. 

Sadly my husband passed away three years after our marriage and I was left to look after Edward on my own. Fortunately, I had been left a sizeable amount of money so my first action was to remove 15 year old Edward from school, put him back into short trousers, and have him educated at home. I employed a Governess who provided some of the tuition as well as a young lady of 19 - who taught at the house in an especially prepared traditional style schoolroom. As well as short trousers he now wore a full Prep School uniform with a maroon blazer, cap, and long turnover knee socks with brightly polished black lace-up shoes or Tee-strap sandals in brown or red. He looked such a sweet little boy in his new clothes and could easily pass for 11 or 12 although of course he felt ashamed and embarrassed when out in public. I also imposed an earlier bedtime of seven o'clock with no exceptions.

I was also able to introduce a strict regime of corporal punishment which included smacking his bare bottom over my lap and slapping the backs of his bare legs. 

I also gave permission for his Governess and tutor to spank and chastise him if necessary. His Governess was a keen advocate of spanking then imposing bare bottom corner time. I often came across Edward  tearfully standing facing a wall with his hands on his head and his red, sore botty on display. 

The lady tutor imposed discipline too, Edward always cried when being smacked but he knew it was for his own good. The other sanctions  – applied by both, were punishment essays or writing lines in detention. 

I imposed vigorous mouth soapings for when he told a fib and enjoyed making him wear particularly childish attire around the house. These outfits were especially made-to-measure by my friend, a lady dressmaker and included sailor suits, velvet shortalls with a bib and cross straps to the rear, and baby-style rompers plus various nightwear outfits.

Footwear consisted of girls’ white knee socks or white ankle socks with either patent leather single strap Mary Jane shoes or girls' Startrite sandals that I managed to acquire by ordering by post directly from the manufacturers. Furthermore I ensured all his white ankle socks had a pretty lace frill on the turndown above the ankle to give a distinctly “little girl” appearance. 

For the first year of my new regimen he adapted reasonably well and seemed to accept that despite his age he was now Mummy’s very special little boy. He was far too frightened to resist and found it easier to meekly comply with his sissy dress code. Anyway, for his private lessons he only wore his short trousers and school uniform and not his childish costumes which were confined to the weekends and then only around the house. Aside from myself only his Governess saw him in these clothes so he did not complain even though she often addressed him as “Babykins” or “Baby Teddy”. She taught him needlework including embroidery and had him sew lace frills on the legs of his velvet shortalls and rompers as well as on his white ankle socks. He soon became highly proficient and was able to make his first pretty white and then pink pinafore with ruffled borders and ruffled over the shoulder straps. 

Nevertheless, despite his initial submissive attitude I began to notice a slightly rebellious streak creeping in some months after his sixteenth birthday as though he felt his increasing age allowed him to be more assertive. I was determined this should be promptly nipped in the bud with a dose of suitable baby treatment. 

Treating him as a baby would soon get rid of his silly delusions of being grown up. I first replaced his little boy pyjamas with a very short extravagantly frilly, baby doll nightdress with a nappy covered by plastic ruffled knickers that could be easily seen below the hem of the dress. I replaced his bed with a cot and from then on he was put in a fresh nappy every evening before his revised even earlier bedtime of 6.30. 

Inevitably he was wet due to the lengthe of time he was in his cot so always required changing the next morning. 

My challenge was now most firmly aimed at his humiliation which meant dressing him in the most girlish and babyish outfits I could think of and ensuring he would be seen like this and teased by selected visitors and friends. He would soon realise he would only be allowed to grow up when his Mummy decided and not before.

I will write more as to how I met this challenge over the following years.

To be continued. 



  1. Edward is another very lucky boy I look forward to reading more of how he gets on

  2. Always interested to read of boys being put back into short trousers. It must come as quite a shock to find oneself aged 15 wearing short trousers again after three or four years in longs.

    1. It was a shame Edward was ever introduced to longs in the first place.Boys should be kept in short trousers as long as possible, I recommend into their late teens minimum. There is a mad rush these days for children to become adults ridiculously early. Girls seem to handle these pressures better than the boys do therefore I always insisted on short trousers for the boys under my jurisdiction whatever their age.

    2. Dear Helen, while I completely agree that boys should be kept in short trousers until their late teens, it would seem to me that the experience of having been allowed to wear longs from an early age (however misguided we may feel that to be) and to be suddenly told they would henceforth be put back into short trousers, must be a great deal more upsetting than for a boy who has been brought up wearing nothing but short trousers well into his teens.

      I would be most interested to know if your experiences looking after boys bears out my supposition.

    3. mogg, I have re-posted Helen's letter from last year regarding her experience in Scotland in the seventies. That's the decade not the temperature.

  3. You are quite right Helen, boys need to wear short trousers full stop. They do think they are adults at a silly age. Mummy kept me in short trousers right until I left home in my early twenties. The only rule was that my bottom should just be covered and that was it.

  4. My mummy keeps me in short trousers etc and i am nearly 30. I love it! I don't care if others think me odd! It is not only what I wear. Bedtime, bath time, discipline are all those appropriate for a boy not a man. I should be very happy to respond to questions or comments. I really hope there are more boys like me. freddie

  5. I am sure there are Freddie.Please reveal more details of your lifestyle.