Tuesday, 24 December 2013

A Spanking Cornertime for this Naughty Little Boy

"What is the meaning of this?" The Thurston sisters had returned early to find Philip in the kitchen brazenly drinking coffee with a young lady. "I..I.. thought you weren't coming back until 4.30 stammered Philip, spilling coffee as he anxiously looked at Agnes and Enid.  The sisters ignored his question. "Well, aren't you going to introduce us?" asked Agnes. "This is Melissa my friend from college, she..she is helping me with an essay." Philip managed to reply despite turning a very pale colour. Melissa these are my landladies Agnes and Enid.. I m..m..m..mean Miss Thurston and Miss Thurston," he babbled. Melissa nodded to the two sisters, "Good afternoon ladies, I believe you know my mother Mrs Hazard? Anyway I had better be going, Philip, I will see you on Monday." Enid smiled, " Mrs hazard's daughter, indeed we know her very well, please, stay and finish your coffee my dear, did you know that Philip was a very naughty, disobedient little boy?" Melissa laughed nervously. "Well I know he's not the tallest, ha-ha but.." Enid joined in the laughter as Agnes left the kitchen. "That's not quite what I meant. When Philip left this morning he was told that as we would possibly be detained in town he was to come home, take his bath, put on the pyjamas that he would find laid out on his bed for him and to sit quietly in his bedroom until we arrived home." She turned to look directly at Philip, "is this not the case?"   " Y..y..yes Miss Thurston." Philip cast his eyes down to the floor. "You willfully disobeyed us didn't you? Undress please Philip." Poor Philip looked aghast. "Oh no Miss Thurston, not here,  not in front ...." Miss Thurston again ignored him as she addressed Melissa. "You see what a naughty little boy he is Melissa? Perhaps you could help by turning that computer on for me?" She asked pointing to the laptop that stood on the worktop. Melissa  depressed the button and the computer began to whir into life. Philip removed his shirt and trousers and socks but had to be cajoled into taking off his underpants. "I am sure Melissa has seen naked little boys before, I believe you have two younger brothers is that not correct?" Melissa confirmed this was so, she now seemed relaxed and unperturbed at Philips predicament.
"Here we are," said Agnes returning to the room carrying Philips red striped pyjamas. "Time to get you ready for beddy-byes." Melissa watched as the two sisters buttoned him into the pyjama jacket and stepped him into the pyjama bottoms. "This is how you should have been attired two hours ago," Agnes said as she tied pyjama cord into a neat bow. Philip wished the ground would swallow him up as he stood looking ridiculous in his pyjama clad state in front of Melissa who was busy speaking to Enid. "Would you print that for me dear? Thank you." Melissa laughed out loud then began typing. Seconds later the printer chugged out a piece of A4 paper. "Show Philip what it says please Melissa," prompted Enid. Melissa smiled and held up the piece of paper. "Sorry Philip, if only I had known I would have bathed you and put you into your pyjamas myself. I have done it often enough times for my brothers." Philip moaned as he read the print on the sheet of paper. It read, I am a naughty disobedient boy and deserve to be spanked after my pyjama corner time.
"Hands on head and into the corner with you Philip," ordered Agnes. "We three girls will have little chat about how we can improve your behaviour and after that we will fetch our hairbrushes and deliver a sound spanking to that naughty bottom of yours. You can be certain that this weekend will involve lots of smacked botty and early bedtime for you Philip dear."

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

His landladies deliver a well spanked bottom to this naughty boy

When Philip attempted to sneak in late to his lodgings the two Thurston sisters were waiting for him.
"What time do you call this young man?" Agnes asked.

" I...I... I 'm sorry for being late but it .." he stammered " Enid Thurston held up her hand.

 "Silence! We don't want to hear any of your lies. You were told to be home by 5 pm and it is now 5.15, you will be punished. Take off your clothes." Even before he could respond to the request two pairs of female hands began to remove his clothing. Between them, they quickly reduced the frightened 18-year-old to a state of nakedness. "Stop it please, what are you doing?" He gasped frantically trying to preserve his dignity.

His hands were slapped away. "Agnes pointed toward his groin, "really Philip, it's hardly worth the effort is it, you really are a little boy aren't you?" He lowered his head, shamefaced to the floor then realised that Enid Thurston was holding his pyjamas. The blue striped pair his aunt had bought and packed for him. He had protested that he would not be wearing pyjamas now that he was a student but she had insisted all the same. Now Enid was flapping out the pyjama jacket. "Come along into your jim-jams, we know full well your aunt want's you to wear pyjamas and you failed to put them on last night didn't you?" Without waiting for an answer she turned him around and from behind him placed his hands into the pyjama sleeves and bought it up and around his shoulders as if a tailor was fitting a suit. Quickly she spun him around again and began fastening the buttons from the bottom upwards finishing with the top button. She stepped back to admire her handiwork, running her hand down the front of the pyjama top to smooth it.
 "There much better," she said. Agnes had been holding his pyjama bottoms and now she moved forward and bent down in front of him whilst Enid firmly gripped his shoulders. "Step!" She commanded, and Philip obediently lifted his leg and stepped into the pyjama bottoms. "Again," she said, and he once more pointed his foot into the pyjamas. Agnes pulled the blue striped pyjama bottoms half way up and ordered Philip to bend over. He noticed the two sisters now each brandished a hairbrush

Agnes bent him forward and caressed his buttocks with the bristles of the brush.
"Time for your punishment to begin Philip, just as your aunt predicted, this is what happens to naughty boys who won't wear their pyjamas to beddy-byes. let's get you spanked and tucked into bed. Your aunt recommends a 6 pm bedtime for you every night!"

Philip had thought he had escaped his pyjama spankings and early bedtimes but he was beginning to realise that Aunty would not give up her control over him quite so easily.

Monday, 9 December 2013

An early bedtime and pyjama punishment regime imposed on Simon by strict aunty Beatrice

I thought you might like to read about the bedtime schedule I impose on my nephew Simon. He was in great danger of going off the rails and ruining his life before I became involved in his life and introduced him to early bedtime and pyjama punishment. Now, at the age of sixteen he goes to bed on school nights at 6.30. I collect him from school at 3.30 as if he was a toddler and as soon as we arrive home I supervise bath time and dress him in his pyjamas ready for bed. My neighbour Miss Fulbright makes his pyjamas especially for him. She chooses ridiculously babyish patterned material of brushed cotton to make his pyjamas from and I can tell you that he absolutely hates wearing them especially the footed ones she makes for him. He looks so crestfallen each afternoon as I buttoned him into his little boy pyjamas. Once he is safely dressed in his pyjamas he goes across my knee for his first bedtime spanking. I like to spank him as soon as he is in his pyjamas to remind him that he is being punished. He then settles down to his homework until I call him for his supper at 5.30. At 6 o’clock he brushes his teeth and presents himself to me. It is then that I take him across my knee for his second bedtime spanking. After his spanking I sit him up and he receives a cuddle from aunty before I take him by the hand and lead him upstairs to tuck him into bed. His bedtime is set at no later than 6.30 but usually it is about 6.20 when I kiss him night-night.
His bedroom is strictly functional. There are no electronic distractions, just a child's two foot six wide bed and a chair that I sit in to read him a bedtime story. His curtains are made from blackout material and ensure no daylight can penetrate once they are fully drawn. This is particularly helpful during the lighter nights when Simon is reluctant to go to bed when it will still be light outside for many hours. I use a nightlight to read to him but once this is turned off his bedroom is left in total darkness to induce a healthy nights sleep.
On Friday night the routine is exactly the same, he is bathed and dressed in his pyjamas as usual. I did experiment with letting him stay up until 7 o’clock but since he was used to his earlier bedtime he became tired and irritable so I reverted back to his normal weekday bedtime. On Saturday I like him to be ready for bed by 3pm for a 5 o’clock bedtime. Miss Fulbright and her sister come for afternoon tea at 4 each Saturday and  they enjoy seeing Simon dressed in his babyish pyjamas as after all, she has kindly made them for him. Last Saturday for some reason Simon resisted my attempts to get him ready for beddy-byes and into a lovely pair of lemon coloured bunny rabbit pyjamas and ended up in tears across my knee. He was still sobbing when the Misses Fulbright arrived and I am afraid I had no choice other than to put him to bed before 4pm. It was such a shame as he looked  so sweet in his bunny jim-jams and the Fulbright's were obviously disappointed at having to wave him of to bed so early. I have promised to take him around to their house one afternoon for tea and I will take several pairs of his jammies that he can model for them to make it up to them. On Sunday  I want him in pyjamas by noon. He is bathed and pyjama clad as soon as we return home from church and I like him to be in bed for 4pm ready for school on Monday. If anyone has some advice as to how I can develop his  bedtime regime I would appreciate any advice or am I being too harsh on him?  Should I be more lenient with Simon’s pyjama punishment.

Summation of Simon's pyjama and early bedtime regime


Pyjamas on by 4pm, first otk spanking 4.05 second otk spanking 6.05 bedtime by 6.30pm


Pyjamas on by 3pm first otk spanking 3.05 second otk spanking 4.45 bedtime by 5pm


Pyjamas on by Noon first otk spanking 12.05 second otk spanking 3.45 bedtime by 4pm

Yours truly

Beatrice Halewood.