Saturday, 28 September 2013

A naughty boy tries to deceive his aunt and receives a pyjama spanking and an early bedtime regime for his trouble. A story by Lance

                 A High IQ Does Make You Smart

Peter meandered in the front door and was heading for his bedroom when he heard" Peter, can I have a word with you please". His aunties voice had enquiring tone he thought as he shuffled his way into the living room. She pointed to the couch positioned directly opposite her favourite chair.

"I had lunch today with Jenny Callaghan your science and maths tutor. We had quite a discussion about you Peter.

Peter cringed; this wasnt good.

"She said your grades have been rapidly going down hill and if they don't start going back up, she's going to have to fail you. Now what do you have to say about that, young man?"

Peter squirmed, "It's just...Its really difficult for me, auntie ...its really hard... "

"She told me that your assignments have gotten sloppy and that you're even a few behind. Is that true? "

"I guess so auntie, but..."

"No buts young man!!! There is absolutely no excuse for slacking off in your schoolwork. When your parents told me you had a conditional expectance into college, I agreed to you coming and living with me on one condition.  All you had to do was concentrate of your study and this is how you repay us. I have to say Peter; both Jenny and I are very disappointed in you. 

Do you remember what I said I would do if you misbehaved?

 No, answered Peter timidly?

Yes you do, Ive mentioned it on more than one occasion.

But auntie, you cant be serious, that was just a bit of fun.

Fun, oh I can assure you a sound hair brushing from me would not be funny young man. Im just as serious now as I was then and my warning still stands. You can pack you bags and explain to your parents why youve flunked out or accept the consequences of your behaviour.

Are you serious, are you really going to spank me with a hairbrush?

"I think youve earned yourself a trip across my lap...however Jennifer tells me you have a math test tomorrow. Have you even started studying for it?"

Peter looked down at the floor and shook his head. His auntie sighed.

"Well then, as much as I'd like to wallop your bottom right now young man, I don't want anything to distract you from studying. So get yourself upstairs to your room. Youre not going anywhere tonight so you might as well get cleaned up and ready for bed. You are going to spend the evening studying for that test tomorrow and I dont expect there to be any nonsense! Understand?"

Peter nodded eagerly. "Okay auntie...I'll study really hard!"

"You'd better show some significant improvement, do I make myself clear?

Peter looked down again. "Yes maam". "Alright, get going then. I'll bring your dinner up a little later"

Peter trudged upstairs to his room and tossed his backpack on the bed. With mixed feelings buzzing around in his young head he finished showering and put on his somewhat infantile pyjamas. Peter was extremely intelligent, a truly gifted 18 year old. Regrettably such intelligence often comes at a cost in one way or another. Some said he was verging on genius but emotionally he was well behind for his age group. Being at university with the tested social and emotional development level of a 10 year old was always going to produce some obstacles and his parents understood this only to well. However Peters aunts offer of a home off campus came with considerable relief and made his continued advancement in higher education more feasible.

Gazing in the mirror as he did up his buttons, the tenting out in front of his pyjama bottoms was all too obvious.  How could he possibly study after hearing the threat of an over the knee hair spanking with a hairbrush?

Taking hold of him self and closing his eyes and once again squirming across his aunties lap having his bottom spanked!

Oh auntie, please dont stop.  Ive been a very naughty boy. Oh yes auntie, spank me harder

But his all too familiar fantasy soon came to its usual abrupt ending and once again he was left feeling sad and lonely.  No matter how he behaved, no matter how much he longed for this special attention, he knew his auntie wouldnt spank him. In reality the very idea of it was actually quite ridicules.  However ridiculous it was the deep desire for maternal spankings was always in the back of his very confused young mind.

He eventually sat down sat down at his desk and thought about how he had purposely goofed off. His auntie being disappointed in him had actually hit a real nerve, he had never heard this before and it was slowly sinking in. Maybe, ...if he did that math test properly tomorrow, his auntie would forgive his little deception and everything would be OK again.

The next morning Peter noticed an odd sort of a smile from Ms. Callaghan as she handed him the test paper. Peter worked his way through the paper in half the time as everyone else but this time he didnt mess about and answered everything correctly. Before the day was over Peter received a request to visit Ms. Callaghan office.

"Now this is much more like it, Peter, she said handing him his math paper with an A+ on it.

"It seems my little chat with your auntie did you some good" she smiled with that same sort of smile he had noticed earlier in the day.

"I hope youll learn a lesson that will stay with you for a while!"

Peter blushed but didnt fully comprehend what she was meaning. "Yes, Ms. Callaghan"

"Good. Class is dismissed; Ill see you tomorrow then.

Even though his test result was effortless and virtually meaningless for him, he was for the fist time rather please to show his auntie.

He handed her his math paper as soon as he got home. "Look auntie! I got an A+

"Oh Peter," she said giving him a big hug. "Thats wonderful, I'm so proud of you kiddo!!! I knew you could do it! I'm going to put this on the refrigerator and you and I are going to go celebrate!"

Peter grinned from ear to ear. "Thanks auntie! Can we have pizza??"

They went out for pizza and had a great time together. Peters slacking off appeared to have been all forgotten, until they were in the car and about to head for back home.

As auntie did up her set belt she turned and looked at him.

"Alright now Peter, when we get home I want you to go straight to your room and get ready for bed!"

"But auntie...." Peter cried in surprise.

"But what Peter, I warned you I would punish you if you ever misbehaved"

"But I got an A+ on my math test!!!"

"Yes you did Peter, and I'm very, very proud of you for that. But that just proved that youve been purposely goofing off to Jenny and me. We know what youve been up to Peter, trying to annoy Jenny.  Trying to make her angry with you has got to be the silliest thing youve ever done Peter    and for the life of me I cant think of a better reason for a spanking than that!"

Peter couldnt believe what he had just heard; she was actually going to spank him and as the drove home in silence he began to struggle emotionally with the reality of the situation.  

They pulled into their driveway and auntie stopped the car. "Alright, young man I want you to go straight upstairs to you room and get ready for bed. I want you in your pyjamas standing with your nose in the corner. While you're there, I want you to think very hard about why I'm going to punish you. Is that clear? "

"Yes, ma'am"

"Alright then...march!!"

Peter thought it was felt silly having to put his pyjamas on so early but he felt even sillier when he went and stood with his face in the corner. It wasn't fair, he got an A+ and he was still going too punished. If only he hadn't played games with Ms. Callaghan. What right did she have to gossip with his auntie anywayMs Callaghan all of a sudden he recalled that smirk he had seen on her face and that remark she made. Oh may god She knew I was in for a spankingI wonder what else she knows about me?  Glancing down at his tented pyjama pants that covered his throbbing cock, Peters face blushed bright red, is it possible they know Ive fantasised about them spanking me?   No they cant know how could they? Im just being paranoid 


Eventually heard his Aunt's footsteps on the stairs and immediately attempted to conceal his obvious excitement. He pushed his nose into the corner and closing his eyes he wished he could turn back the clock a couple of months and start over.

She came into the room and he could hear her behind him moving the chair away from his desk and into the middle of the room.

"Alright Peter, come over here to me, please"

Peters condition was immediately obvious and one that both Jenny and she had figured out was the only logical answer to Peters problem. And just as they had discussed auntie ignored it completely.  

Peter walked over to the chair where his auntie was now sitting and couldnt help but noticed the hairbrush she had sitting on her lap.

"Did you think about why you're being punished tonight Peter?"

 "' I didn't study?" Peter mumbled.

"Is that all you could come up with, young man? You obviously need to spend a lot more time in the corner thinking about it!"

"No, auntie" Peter mumbled.

"Well then??"

"'CauseI guess...if I got As all the time Ms. Callaghan wouldn't have said anything."

"That's right Peter. You had a job to do, and you didn't do it! Isn't that right?"

Peter nodded staring at the carpet.

If you had done your job correctly Jenny wouldnt have had to waste time trying to figure out what was going on in that silly little head of yours.

"We both have a job to do Peter and now Im going to have to do my job and you know what that means dont you young man?

Peter silently nodded his head.

"I asked you a question young man and I expect to hear an answer!!! Now what happens when YOU don't do your job?"

"I get spanked? Peter whispered.

"That's right...and that exactly what's going to happen RIGHT NOW!

Ill have those pyjama pants down thank you"

Without hesitation, she yanked his pyjamas down halfway to his knees and as she did there was no denying Jenny Callaghans suspicion; this is exactly what he had been angling for.

Taking a firm clasp of his forearm and helped him shuffle over her lap. Now armed with her old wooden hairbrush she laid its cool flat back across the centre of his bare bottom.

"I'm sorry I have to do this Peter, but you've had this coming for a long time!"
With that she raised the hairbrush and smacked it smartly against his right cheek. Peter squealed out at the first smack and conti

nued to cry out as his auntie smacked away at his wriggling bottom. She spanked both rhythmically and methodically, covering every millimetre. She didn't say anything for a minute or two and all that could be heard throughout every room in the house was the loud unmistakable crack of that hairbrush and Peters crying out.

His bottom was in agony; he had begun crying and begging for her to stop after the first few smacks. But his auntie dutifully ignored him and continued on, delivering some real stingers.

"Yes Peter, (WHAP) I'm sure you will be a good boy for a little while (WHAP), but Ill be repeating this whenever you misbehave (WHAP). Jennifer and I are going to make sure (WHAP you remember to be more honest and diligent from now on (WHAP)."

After about thirty old fashioned wallops, she began to lecture him, punctuating each sentence with another smack of her hairbrush.

There will be no more late nights out (WHAP).

Youll come directly home after class and put on your pyjamas, do you hear me? (WHAP)

Yeeeesss mama.

Your bedtime will be 7.00 every single night from now on! (WHAP).

And I had better not have to remind you or you'll be right back here with your pyjama pants down and crying you naughty little eyes out (WHAP). Is that clear?"

Yeeeesss maaaam.

"And while you are so attentive, the next time you want your bottom spanked, I want you to talk to me about it before it gets out of hand (WHAP), (WHAP).  Do you understand me young man? (WHAP). "" Peter cry out uncontrollably with real tears now dripping onto the carpet.   

In less than one minute of sound spanking, Peters auntie knew her young charge had had about as much as he had ever dreamed of. His bottom was well and truly spanked and he was crying his heart out.

"Alright,'s alright" she soothed, as she rubbed his back gently.

She waited for his crying to subside a little before she spoke again.

"Okay Peter, lets see if you learned anything during this lesson".

Peter tried desperately to quiet his cries and pay attention.

 Are you going to stop pretending you dont know the answers and contribute with some real effort in class?"

"Yes auntie...I will...I promise"

"And what will you do about your homework?

 "I'll do it...every night auntie...I promise...and I'll show it to you. Every night, I promise

"That's good Peter! And youll stop trying to make Jenny annoyed with you?

Yes Ill stop I promise Ill stop

And what are you going to do when you need a spanking Peter??"

"I'll come and talk to you auntie...I tell you everything Peter murmured sheepishly..."

"That's my good boy Peter, I need you to trust me and tell me everything sweetheart.  A pyjama spanking over my knee every night would be lovely. If you had only confided in me Peter we could have avoided this upset.

Im soooorrrry auntie

I think you've learned your lesson for this evening and with that she dropped the hairbrush on the floor and lifted him onto her lap. Even though he was a teenager, he wasnt too big for her to hold and rock him as if he was still a little boy. As he let go his tears of relief against her shoulder she whispered words of comfort and love into his ear. Finally, when he had cried himself outshe told him his spanking was over but now she was going to be put to bed. 

She smiled when she saw him wincing and rubbing his now very red bottom. Tucking him in, she sat back down beside him and he gently wiped away the tears that still clung to his cheeks.

Peter its not so unusual for any man to need the occasional spanking from a female authority figure. It helps to take away all that guilt and horrid stress. I do understand why you couldnt bring yourself to tell me; thank goodness Jenny was able to figure out what was bothering you. Still it was disappointing your first spanking had to be a punishment one.

Peter glanced up and even though auntie had just finished walloping his bottom rather hard she could see the questionable look come across his face.

If I get nothing but good reports from Jenny, Ill reward you with more spankings.

Will they be as hard as this one Peter asked timidly?

Will they need to be?

Yes maam, I think so? 

What else do you need from me sweetheart?

Would you please cane me whenever I misbehave?

Are you sure youll need the cane Peter?

Yes maam, 6 of the best and sometimes a bedtime strapping with a belt and lots of corner time and early bedtimes every night too.

Yes Dear, I think we can manage that.

She and watched as Peters face suddenly relaxed and took on the angelic look of little boy who had just been cried away all his secret naughtiness.

Bending down she kissed him goodnight before closing his bedroom door and leaving him alone with his thoughts and smarting bottom.

Within seconds of the door closing Peters hand became very busy.

The following morning Peter slipped a note onto Ms Callaghans desk and watched her read it. She smiled what he now understood to be one of thoughts knowing sort of smiles.

 Im sorry Ms Callaghan. I guess its true after all; a high IQ can make you smart, very smart.