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Peter Amas has sent another part of his story. Since I have not yet worked out how to set up an index, I have posted all three parts here. If you enjoy Peter's story please leave a comment as this encourages people to contribute further. If anyone has a story in them please send it to me and I will post it.

A New Life Begins

John had been on the road since 6.30 that morning. His back was hurting and he was ravenous having skipped lunch.
As he pulled into the hotel car park he was looking forward to a hot shower, dinner, a couple of whiskeys and a good night’s sleep in a comfortable bed.
He noted the hotel was unusually busy as he entered the lobby. A frequent visitor he had not made a booking as it was normally pretty quite this far north at this time of the year.
Approaching the desk he spotted Sally, the manager, whom he’d dealt with on numerous occasions.
‘What’s going on Sal, you look a little busy?’
Sally smiled at seeing him; ‘yes we have a Women’s Institute conference in town’. Are you looking to book in?’
‘I was hoping too... I've been on the road since early and have had an exhaustive day. Am I in trouble?’
A little frown crept into her smile; John knew he was in trouble.
‘I'm afraid we don’t have anything left and I'm pretty sure almost every bed in the town has been booked out for weeks. Let me ring around and see if anything’s left’. Why don’t you go into the bar and I'll swing by in half an hour and let you know if I have sorted something for you?’
John knew he was in good hands and headed to the bar with his holdall. He ordered a scotch on ice and took a seat at the bar. Three drinks later Sally came striding into the Bar.
‘I'm really sorry John it took a while but I've managed to get you the last bed within 20 miles. St. Cambusnethan House it’s a beautiful old Gothic manor further up the valley. Elizabeth Quince is the owner and a good friend of mine. It’s a bit of a drive I'm afraid but you'll be in good hands. How about I get the hotel bus to drop you up and collect you in the morning? That way you won’t have to worry about finding the place in the dark’.
John was not in a position to argue and appreciated Sally’s efforts, he accepted her offer of a lift and left his keys with her at the reception desk as he left in the hotel minibus. He was glad he had decided to take the lift as there was no way he would have found his way through the forest roads, tired and with one too many to drink.
After 20 minutes driving the minibus halted at an imposing set of gates. As they slowly opened John wondered how anyone would ever find this place particularly at night.
It took another five minutes to reach the manor but it was just as Sally had said; a rather imposing Gothic manor silhouetted against the moonlit sky. The minibus driver took John’s holdall and carried it to the door. He knocked on an old cast iron door knocker. Shortly after John could hear a number of bolts being undone behind the door. He thought the security a little unusual for a guest house. As the large heavy door drew open he was a little taken back by the diminutive old lady that stood behind it.
‘Good evening dear, you must be John? I'm Elizabeth, Sally told me you’re in a bit of a pickle. Please come in and rest your weary bones’.
John took the holdall from the driver and entered the manor. As the driver turned to leave John asked what time he would be picked up at in the morning? ‘You just phone Sally when you're ready to leave and I’ll be up in a flash’. With that he drove off leaving John and Elizabeth.
‘Follow me dear and I'll just get you to sign the register’. John followed Elizabeth into a beautiful old hallway with oak panelling all around; a large oak desk served as a reception. It sat under the stairs which wound their way up and around the hallway. The hallway itself was dimly lit but warm and a beautiful smell of roast beef was filling the air.
Like the building Elizabeth was old and of a different era. She wore a grey knee length tweed skirt, pale blue cashmere twin set and horn-rimmed spectacles. She smelt of rose water and had an imposing manner about her despite her size. John thought she may have been a schoolmistress in a previous life.
‘I’m afraid I only have one room left dear. It is in the attic and you will have to share a bathroom’. John expressed his gratitude and indicated how tired he was. ‘Would it be possible to have a shower and get something to eat’? ‘I'm afraid a shower is out of the question but I could run a bath for you after which you could join us for dinner. Would that suit?’ The thought of a good soak was appealing. John smiled and nodded.
‘Good dear, you follow me to the room and while you unpack I'll run the bath for you’. Dinner will be ready in 50 minutes which should give you just enough time to unwind.
John followed Elizabeth up the stairs, off down a landing and up another smaller set of stairs to another smaller landing. There were three rooms on the landing one at each end and one in the middle.
Elizabeth pointed at the middle door which was half stippled glass.‘This is the bathroom dear. You will be able to tell when it is occupied as you will see the light through the glass’.
She then led him to the room on the right. As they entered the room John noted it was old but clean. It looked like something from an old Miss Marple murder mystery. A wine candlewick bedspread was turned down on the single bed revealing candy stripped flannel sheets and two pillows. The room was warm but a little musty and had one window which was high out of reach in the sloped ceiling.
‘Now dear you unpack and I'll run your bath’. John sat on the bed and sighed. It had a deep hollow in the middle from years of use and was a far cry from the firm bed he was looking forward to.
Before removing his shaving kit from his holdall he tried to check his e-mail on his mobile only to discover that there was no service. He also wanted to phone Jenny his wife and catch up with the day’s news. He would ask Elizabeth if he could use the manor phone at dinner.  
After years on the road John had a habit of travelling light. His holdall contained a couple of clean shirts, underwear, socks and shaving kit.
Five minutes later Elizabeth knocked on the door. ‘Your bath is ready dear; I've left some additional towels for you by the bath’.
John took off his suit jacket, shoes and tie and took a clean shirt, underwear and his shaving kit to the bathroom. The room was full of steam; a large cast iron bath was waiting filled to the brim and smelling of lavender. John stripped and left his clothes on a wooden towel stand. He slipped into the piping hot water and after a few minutes could feel the tiredness seeping out of his body. Within minutes he was dozing off; the effects of the journey, tiredness and alcohol taking effect.  
John awoke with a start, he could feel the water temperature had dropped and realised he may have been sleeping for some time. Mindful of his hunger and not wanting to keep other guests waiting he got out of the bath and went to dry himself. It was then that he noticed that his clothes were gone from the towel rail. Taking one of the towels he began to dry himself off. Whatever Elizabeth had put into the water his skin was incredibly soft and sensitive and the towel felt luxurious. He wrapped a towel around his waist but it was too small and he had to hold both ends together on his left side. Mindful of his predicament and curious as to where his clothes had disappeared he checked that the hallway was clear before creeping back to his room hoping not to meet anyone.
As he entered the room he was startled to see Elizabeth sitting on the end of the bed. ‘I took the liberty of taking your clothes down for an airing. We will have them cleaned and freshly ironed for you first thing in the morning’.
Somewhat embarrassed John thanked her but explained that he had no other clothes. ‘Not to worry dear I have taken care of that’.
As Elizabeth stood up John could see that she had left a pair of old fashioned purple and grey candy striped flannel pyjamas neatly folded on the bed with an old woollen dressing gown and carpet slippers. ‘I've left these out for you, now put them on quickly while the heat from the radiator is still in them’.
Not knowing what to do John stressed that he did not wear pyjamas and didn't want to put her to any more trouble. ‘No trouble dear; I don’t accept this modern habit of men sleeping naked. It leads to all forms of inappropriate behaviour. Quickly now let's put these on. Once you feel the warmth of the flannel you will be happy to wear them’. Elizabeth took the jacket from the bed and shook it out. She undid the buttons and approached John with the jacket outstretched. John was feeling a little aroused by the whole affair. He didn't want to wear the pyjamas but part of him wished to surrender to this motherly figure ordering him about like a child. He offered her his right arm and slowly she slipped the jacket sleeve up over his shoulder and back. The warmth and softness of the flannel excited him as it caressed his skin and he began to feel movement in his loins. As she took his left arm the towel fell from his waist revealing his growing manhood.
Elizabeth was not phased and slowly began to close the buttons from the neck down. Left standing in a half closed pyjama jacket naked from the waist down John was pink with embarrassment and the heat from the bath.
‘Now dear, don't be embarrassed, after 30 years nursing men I've seen all sorts’. Having finished buttoning him into the Jacket she grabbed the pyjama bottoms. Like the jacket they were a little too large. She offered a pyjama leg to John and he willing stepped into them like a helpless old man. At this point he was hot and weak from the bath and excitement.
Elizabeth pulled the bottoms right up over John’s belly button and began to tie the waist. She tied a series of granny knots to ensure the bottoms did not fall down. John could see himself in a full length mirror with a large bulge protruding out under the pyjama bottoms. He looked like an imbecile but was further aroused by the image and softness and warmth of the flannel.
He was looking in the mirror when Elizabeth hit the top of his penis with something hard; it immediately shrank away. Elizabeth was holding a wooden spoon; ‘something I learnt from my days in nursing, it always works my dear’. John was somewhat taken aback but Elizabeth assured him it was in his best interest.
Elizabeth slipped the dressing gown over his shoulders and tied the belt. Finally she placed the carpet slippers on his feet which had disappeared under a curtain of flannel. ‘Now dear don't you look delightful; you'd swear you were born for them’.
The whole episode could not have taken more than five minutes but John was now encased in warm, flannel and completely at the mercy of a diminutive old woman. He was not sure how this had happened or why but he was also aware that he had enjoyed it and was in part responsible as he had willed it to happen.
Elizabeth then invited John to join her and the other guests for dinner. John protested that he did not wish to be seen by others dressed like this. ‘Nonsense’ Elizabeth said as she led him by the hand leading him out onto the landing and down to the dining room.
Not used to wearing pyjamas John felt a little restricted but found pleasure in how the fabric caressed his skin and loins as he walked. He felt a degree of comfort and peace he had not felt since his childhood.
As they entered the dining room John was take aback to see five other men sitting around the dining table; all dressed in pyjamas and dressing gowns. Some wearing traditional pyjamas like John’s; some paisley flannel pyjamas and one poor sod seemed to be wearing floral women's pyjamas and a quilted house coat. What the hell had he got himself into?
Elizabeth stood behind a vacant chair and invited him to sit down. As she pulled the chair back from the table he could see that it was an old fashioned wicker wheelchair. Something told him that if the sat in the chair his life would never be the same again. He looked to the faces of the other men for answers but they looked lost and bewildered like little children waiting to be told what to do. Standing there dressed in pyjamas, vulnerable and with no visible means of escape, John became resigned to his fate. Elizabeth took his hand and gently led him to the chair. As he sat down a feeling of total nervous exhaustion swept over him; he felt powerless, drained and completely alone.
‘Gentlemen’ Elizabeth announced. I would like to introduce our latest guest. John will be joining our little clan for a few weeks to learn the finer arts of pyjama discipline. Please be gentle with him as he learns to adapt to his new life.

A Gentle Slip Into Submission.

Slowly and in stages John awoke. As his senses returned he had a strange feeling that something was wrong. His eyes were open but the room was so dark it was hard to tell. He knew he wasn't in his own bed; he felt hot, groggy and out of place. ‘Where the hell am I?'
He recalled a bizarre dream in which a gentle old lady had dressed him in beautifully soft pyjamas before bringing him down to meet other similarly clad men. He was aroused just thinking of it..‘What was going on’? As his head began to clear he became aware of other sensations beside the heat. Lying on the flat of his back he felt constricted and struggled to move. His arms seemed pinned by his side and something felt tight around his neck, waist and legs.
Thinking again of the dream he realised it had happened. The constriction he was feelings was the buttoned up pyjama jacket and the cord tied high up around his waist. He began to recognise the sensation of thick flannel against his skin but still had no idea as to why he couldn't turn, move or sit up. ‘How the hell had he got to bed; who had put him there and where was he?'
He also had a strange sensation in his loins. Feeling the softness of the pyjamas and thinking of how subtlety he had been led into wearing them he was developing an erection but it became more uncomfortable as his manhood grew. His state of arousal combined with the thick flannel and bed clothes made him perspire profusely.
Hearing voices outside the room he called out‘Hello, can you help me’; the door creaked then opened. A light went on and the room lit up temporarily blinding him. As his eyes adjusted he recognised the old lady that had so deftly clothed him in flannel. 'Are we awake John? I'm sure you've had the sleep of angels in those beautiful Jim-jams. We have a visitor here to see you.' John was struggling to take it all in. He caught a glimpse of his pyjama clad arms fastened by his sides with thick black webbing straps that protruded through the candlewick bedspread. 'What was happening? Why was he here? What did this old lady want with him’?John's eyes  bore into Elizabeth. 'Please let me go! You can't do this to me! Who do you think you are?' He shouted.
As he writhed in the bed fighting the restraints a soft cooling hand caressed his brow. 'John please calm down this is best for us both’; his gaze shifted to the source of the voice. He was both relieved and shocked to see his wife Jenny sitting by his side. Mortified that his wife should see him like this tears welled up in his eyes, Had he taken ill? Had something happened? Was he in hospital? He had no idea what was going on.
'How are you today darling? I know Elizabeth is taking great care of you. It's in both our interest that you spend a little time here and learn how to behave. She assures me that when you are ready to leave you will be a new man, a new husband and our relationship will be back on track’.
John was confused and bewildered he couldn’t understand what Jenny was saying. He was just delighted to see her. ‘What are you saying, what's happening, why am I here?' Sitting on the end of the bed Elizabeth spoke. ‘Now John, Jenny and you both know that you were drifting apart, she was desperate to win you back and found out about our little establishment through the wife of a good friend of yours. You’ll be with us for a number of weeks; subject to you making good progress of course. Jenny has cleared your diary and made time. She will visit weekly to assess your progress and learn the finer arts of pyjama discipline.
Now Jenny it is time for you to leave and join the other ladies while we prepare John for the day’s activities. And John darling, just to reassure you all is above board and legal, we are a private psychiatric institution and when you signed the register last night you committed yourself to a course of behavioural therapy and subsequently relinquished all authority to Jenny. We can hold you indefinitely if needs be so the sooner you adopt the required behaviours the sooner you will be back in the bosom of Jenny.'
John could feel a sense of panic welling up inside; he was sweating due to fear and the layers of blankets, flannel sheets and thick pyjamas but more importantly he knew the truth behind what Elizabeth had said. They had been drifting apart and John didn’t know how to rescue their relationship which he so desperately wanted to do. ‘Please Jenny don’t do this; let me come home now’.
As Jenny turned to go John could see tears in her eyes. Elizabeth assured her that all would be well as she escorted her out of the room.
Some minutes later Elizabeth re-entered the room with a large woman dressed in nursing whites pushing the old fashioned wheelchair he had sat in at dinner last night.
They began to undo the straps holding his arms to the bed and slowly they pulled back the blankets. John could see why he couldn’t move. Similar straps across his chest and legs kept him securely anchored to the mattress. He thought about making a bolt for the door but as he tried to move he collapsed, as weak as a kitten.
Having loosened the straps Elizabeth struggled somewhat to untie the cord on his pyjama bottoms; his vulnerability made him feel aroused and his loins began to throb again. Slowly she pulled the pyjama bottoms down to reveal an adult nappy. John was totally mortified; the last vestige of his dignity gone. Elizabeth undid the nappy and removed it. ‘Now darling that was quite heavy, it looks like you have quickly regressed. You know there are some that say there is nothing like the freedom of a nappy at night time’. Elizabeth gently pulled the bottoms back up over John’s manhood but did not retie them. John was grateful for this minor gesture; restoring some of his dignity. With the help of the nurse he was lifted into the wheelchair. ‘Now John, we have run a lovely bath for you and once you've had a good soak we will get you dressed and bring you down for your first session’.
John was lost for words. As he was pushed out of the room he felt broken and alone yet somehow soothed as his power was taken from him ‘would he find answers here’? He still loved Jenny so very very much. In less than 24 hours he had been stripped of his dignity and was now dependent on this woman who seemed to have power over himself and his wife. His feelings were a mix of fear and a deep sensual arousal at the thoughts of being bathed by this elegant, motherly old lady.
Upon entering the bathroom Elizabeth and the nurse slowly and methodically removed his pyjamas. 'please don't remove my pyjamas' he pleaded, 'let me go and no one will hear of this, I promise’. My pyjamas he thought. Up to yesterday he had not worn pyjamas since his childhood but now he felt attached to them and did not want them removed. They threw the pyjamas into a laundry basket. It looked like others had endured similar humiliation judging by the variety of pyjamas visible in the basket. Lifting him deftly into the bath both Elizabeth and the nurse began to scrub his body vigorously with lavender scented sponges. He could feel his skin tingling and lifting with the cleaning.
20 minutes later they helped him out of the bath and into the chair in which a huge towel had been placed. They dried him thoroughly and started to comb his hair. ‘Now John, Elizabeth said. I promised you last night we would have your clothes freshly aired and ironed. Nurse Hopkins will help you get dressed and prepared for this afternoon's activities. I will see you downstairs for afternoon tea shortly. I promise you a most interesting afternoon.' Afternoon! John thought. Had he lost all track of time?  
As Elizabeth left the room Nurse Hopkins sprinkled talc on his bottom and began to dress him. He was delighted to be reunited with his own clothes and despite his weakness worked with her to get dressed. Finally having donned his suit he collapsed further into the chair exhausted. As he was pushed out of the bathroom his knuckles grew white as he gripped the arms of the wheelchair in both fear and anticipation. God only knew what lay ahead.   
A Loving Emasculation
By Pete Amas
As they exited a small wrought iron lift John could hear noise coming from somewhere ahead; it sounded like women giggling. Heavy with the scent of rose water the air clung to his clothes as Nurse Hopkins pushed him toward the noise; they entered a large brightly lit day room.
John noticed Jenny, Elizabeth  and five other women. They were  all dressed like Elizabeth in cashmere twinsets and skirts. This was a dated look and not Jenny's usual style. In the middle of the room were the five other men he had dined with the previous night except they were all now fully clothed; sitting in a circle facing out toward the women. Like him they all sat in wheelchairs. As John was pushed into the circle Elizabeth handed him a parcel wrapped with brown paper and string. 'Now John our first session will shortly begin'. 'Ladies and gentlemen today we are going to play pass the parcel. Whoever is left holding the parcel when the music stops will be the luck winner. Let us begin'.
Nurse Hopkins pressed play on an old cassette tape machine. The hissing sounds of Pop Goes the Weasel wafted the air. John found the whole situation surreal. Elizabeth gently prodded John and asked him to ‘pass the parcel’. Wishing to please her he passed it to the young man to his right. quickly the parcel was passed from man to man as it went around the circle. The men seemed to want to offload the parcel as quick as possible and in no time it was back in John's hands. He passed it on again and it got halfway around the circle when the music stopped. A small balding rotund man was left holding it.
'Well done Derek’ Elizabeth said. One of the women in the group gave out a little squeal of excitement. ‘Mary would you like to help Derek open his parcel’? Derek began to go red and didn’t appear too happy to have won the prize. As Mary began to untie the parcel John could see it contained a really old pair of blue, white and grey striped flannel pyjamas, a blue wool dressing gown and carpet slippers. Derek looked somewhat relieved.
'Now ladies who would like to help Mary in getting Derek ready for bed’ Elizabeth asked.'Jenny as a newcomer to our circle why don't you help?’
Mary took Jenny by the hand and they both pushed Derek out from the circle. Within seconds they had him up standing out of the chair and began to remove His clothes. He looked pathetic as he mumbled and pleaded with them not to humiliate him in front of the other men and women. 'Don't be silly darling, 'Mary said 'sure all your little friends have seen you get ready for bed; won't they all be joining you soon'.
Minutes later Derek stood naked with his trousers around his ankles trying to hide his manhood. Mary undid the top button on the pyjama jacket and asked him to put his arms over his head. He did so obediently and She slipped the jacket on over his head. Having closed the top button she flattened down the collar and helped him step forward out of his trousers. She then handed Jenny the pyjama bottoms. ‘Now Derek, be a darling and step into the bottom for Jenny’ instructed Mary. As he did Jenny slowly and methodically pulled the bottoms up. Elizabeth’s voice interjected ‘Jenny, men are always likely to play with themselves, particularly when being forced to wear pyjamas, so it is important that the Pyjama jacket is always tucked into the bottoms'. 'Be sure to always buy oversized Jim-jams and tie a number of granny knots well above the belly button’.
Jenny pulled the bottoms up over Derek's navel and tied a series of granny knots. 'Well done Jenny, look how obedient Derek has been throughout; in time you can expect the same results from John.’ Jenny then slipped the dressing gown over his shoulders and tied the corded belt. She placed the slippers on his feet before gently easing him back into the chair.
John was both aroused and mortified by the whole affair. How could a fully grown man allow himself to be treated in this way. He couldn't get his head around it.
Elizabeth then produced a second parcel and the game began again. This time John was as keen as the other men to offload the parcel. It went around twice before landing in in the arms of the young mans to his right. Just as it did the music stopped and the young man slipped the parcel into John's lap. He tried to hand it back But Elizabeth intervened. 'Now John, you must take it as it comes. As a punishment I think aunts Jane and Sarah will help you get ready for bed’.
Two of the ladies jumped up with joy and took the parcel from John as they wheeled him out of the circle. Opening the parcel they giggled like school girls. John struggled to see what was in it. One of the women swung around modeling what appeared to be a pale blue winceyette pyjama top with a small red rose pattern and frilly Peter Pan collar. The other lady swung around modelling a pale blue satin padded house coat.
It was evident that the men were relieved to see the pyjamas. 'You can't make me wear those' he moaned. 'Now John in no time at all you will be ready for bed and comforted by softness of these beautifully made Jim-jams. Ladies show Jenny and John how it should be done’. The two ladies danced mockingly towards John while modelling the nightwear. They teased him by caressing his face with the garments allowing him to feel the softness of the fabric.
Seconds later aunts Sarah and Jane had him standing up out of the chair and were deftly removing his clothes. Despite his protest he didn't have the energy to resist and couldn't keep their hands off him. In no time he was left, like Derek, standing naked covering his manhood in embarrassment. Sarah pulled his hands away and quickly slipped the pyjama jacket up over his arms. only then did John realise the jacket was going on back to front. 'What are you doing'? He went to remove the jacket when he noticed his hands had become encased in fabric. Sewn into the sleeves were soft Winceyette padded mittens. To his mortification the top buttoned up the back and as Sarah closed the buttons he knew he was trapped in this ridiculous ensemble. As he resigned to his fate Jane gently eased  him back into the chair. He looked in disbelief at his now disabled hands.  
Jane began to slip the soft bottoms up over his legs. Like the sleeves the bottoms had padded winceyette feet. John was highly aroused by both the softness of the fabric and his public humiliation. His enlarged member confirmed to the women that despite his protestations he was enjoying his slippage into the subservient male role.
Sarah began to sprinkle talc on his privates as Jane slowly pulled the jim jams up over his legs. She stopped at his knees and he was effectively immobilised.  To his horror Sarah then produced an adult nappy. Both ladies lifted his legs and gently placed the nappy under him. As Sarah closed the nappy she painfully folded his member forward and sealed the Velcro tabs. Safely now secured they  pulled the pyjama bottoms up to his navel and tucked the top into the bottoms.
The pyjamas were obviously too large but incredibly soft. Both Sarah and Jane began to button the top into the bottoms. It seemed they were designed to fasten together. ‘What sort of outfit was he being forced to wear and where had they got it from’. Now, completely clothed like a young child, Sarah began to slip the house coat on over His shoulders. He was totally mortified which seemed to please the ladies including Jenny. ‘Please don't leave me like this he pleaded'.
The men seemed to enjoy his humiliation but were afraid to expresses their delight should they be forced to wear a similar ensemble.
'Now John don't you look Divine,we'll have to take some photos for our web site. In no time we will have you in beddie byes. Those Jim-jams and the diaper will ensure you can't play with yourself and get undressed’.
'Jenny' Elizabeth said; 'Sarah has been kind enough to make these Jim-jams for John and over the next few weeks we'll help you make some suitable ones for when he is ready to go home'. 'You'll be amazed at how quickly he'll adapt to his new life and will be comforted only by having his regular bedtime pyjama routine’.
John was parked beside Derek and watched as the other men were stripped of their dignity and forced to wear pyjamas. When the game was over John was the only man dressed in feminine pyjamas. He began to believe it had been planned this way.
‘Now ladies the only task remaining before bedtime is to put our newer guests into their night time nappies. May I suggest that you work in pairs until you are familiar with the steps?’John’s humiliation was somewhat eased in seeing that some of the other men had to endure the same treatment. However none of the other men seemed to be aroused by their treatment which struck him as unusual. In no time they were all ready for bed and wheeled back to their rooms.
John was exhausted and as Jenny and nurse Hopkins tucked him into bed he was both comforted and relieved to get some rest.
Jenny kissed his brow as she said good night.'Jenny, please take me home, we can work this out surely you don't want to do this to me'.
‘John how could you be so naive, I had a wonderful afternoon and you look so beautiful in those Jim-jams. I want this more than ever now. Elizabeth assures me that in no time you will be a docile, obedient and subservient little man and wonderful husband who enjoys his bedtime pyjama routine. Look at the progress we’ve made in one day. Now go to sleep darling you have another big day ahead of you tomorrow.

Sisters of the Sorority
By Peter Amas

Jenny left the room feeling elated and aroused. She could not believe how empowered she felt seeing John in his pyjamas and knowing that she had total control over him. Already he seemed meek and emasculated. Elizabeth had told her how she would have to change the nature of their relationship. How he could no longer see her in a sexual way but must now begin to see her as a motherly figure that controlled and directed his life.

She began to understand the full depth of the transition that both she and John and must undergo. Jenny had been nervous when she first contacted Elizabeth but having visited the house and seen the behavioural change in patients she was convinced that Cambusnethan house and a relationship based on her dominance would be best for both of them.

Her own transition was revealing. Arriving the night before John she had been introduced to a number of other wives by Elizabeth. Within minutes of her arrival she had been shown to a dormitory and had her belongings removed. The other wives took her and began to introduce her to the ways of mothering like sisters in a secret sorority. They gently removed and bagged her clothes and prepared her for a bath. After the bath they dressed her in a beautifully soft old fashioned flannel nightdress that removed any sense of sexuality. Nervous and unsure she had a fitful sleep. The following morning the ladies had laid out unusual clothes for her which seemed quite old fashioned. They dressed her in a pink satin slip; over which they placed a pale blue short sleeved cashmere jumper and cardigan. She then stepped into a knee length grey and blue checked skirt. Surprised at how soft and feminine she felt she admired her new svelte yet dated image in the full length mirror. Surrounded by all the other wives they admired her new look and praised her figure. She looked and felt powerful.

Elizabeth entered the room and clapped her hands like matron in a school dormitory’ ladies please step back and let me see our new sister’. Elizabeth took Jenny by the hands and stood back admiringly. ‘Delightful, absolutely delightful dear. John will be enamoured with your new look and without realising it will began to transfer motherly feelings toward you. How could he resist being subservient to such a delightful and powerful woman.

John awoke with a desperate need to pee. Encased in the backbuttoning Pyjamas he had been free to move around the room but shortly after being put to bed he had fallen asleep. As the pressure on his bladder grew he awoke. He got out of bed and tried to open the door to get to the bathroom. The door was securely locked and in frustration he began to pace back and forth. Desperately he tried to unbutton the pyjama top from the bottoms but his hands were useless encased in the flannel mittens. Grasping at the fabric he tried to tear the pyjamas from his body but his efforts were futile; he was so securely bound in flannel. Fifteen minutes later he was sweating and close to tears. His struggle to remove the pyjamas had a profound effect and despite his need to pee he had become aroused. Sitting with his legs folded on the end of the bed he rocked back and forth to comfort himself. Shortly after he felt a little leak of warm fluid enter his nappy. Mortally ashamed he began to cry. As a flood of emotion swept over him his bladder relaxed and he felt the nappy grow hot and heavy with urine. Surprisingly it did not feel wet and uncomfortable and despite his disdain it was not a totally unpleasant experience.

Lying down on the bed he tried to relieve himself by caressing his loins but the now full nappy and mittens made it impossible for him to feel any pleasure and though increasingly aroused he was incapable of fulfilling his desires. He fell asleep frustrated and exhausted.

Jenny and Elizabeth, both dressed in flannel nightgowns and house coats observed John's behaviour from behind a smoked glass mirror. Unbeknownst to John he had been under observation from the moment he had arrived the previous evening. Jenny had watched from behind the glass as Elizabeth masterfully coaxed him into wearing the pyjamas shortly after his arrival. She was surprised at how little he had resisted and how sweet and powerless he looked in the striped flannel pyjamas. Elizabeth had told her how most men crumble when finding themselves in a similar situation and how their secret desire to be stripped and put into pyjamas by a powerful mothering figure always came through. Even the most dominant of men could be divested of their power when stripped and placed in oversized pyjamas.

Now as she and Elizabeth watched John struggle to remove the pyjamas and rock back and forth on the bed in desperation she knew he was close to breaking down. Shortly after he fell asleep Elizabeth instructed Nurse Hopkins to enter the room with Jenny and change his pyjamas and nappy.

John awoke startled to find a dark shadow standing over him. Nurse Hopkins spoke quietly to calm him. Jenny sat by his side caressing his head. Nurse Hopkins had already detached the bottom of the Jim-jams from the top and had pulled down his bottoms. She was taking her time in changing his nappy and began gently washing him with warm soapy water.

Somewhat groggy he was both aroused and relieved. He was beyond mortification and totally resigned to his fate. Jenny was surprised at how utterly compliant he was as he was further humiliated. Having completed changing his nappy nurse Hopkins began the process of placing John into a fresh pair of pink feminine flannel pyjamas. His eyes looked pleadingly into Jenny's. She helped Nurse Hopkins change his top and straightened out the frilly Peter Pan collar. She then pulled the blankets up over his flannel clad body leaving his arms on top of the candlewick bedspread. Kissing his brow she bade him goodnight. She knew he been broken and was now under her spell. She would begin to plan for their eventual homecoming and would prepare a special discipline bedroom. She would also purchase a variety of suitable pyjamas and make some special flannel punishment ones under the direction of Elizabeth and the other sisters. She knew now that she could call upon them at any time to control her husband. 'Jenny stood to go. Before leaving she kissed his brow and whispered into his ear 'sleep darling, you have been a very good boy and you will need all your energy for tomorrow'.

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Lionel's Pyjama Punishment. A personal account by Mrs Sykes-Patterson

Dear Wincy,

I thought I would share the recent and not entirely unexpected punishment of my husband, Lionel at the hands of Mrs Clark's sewing circle members. This of course came about as a result of his silly comments regarding those same fine upstanding women.

The monthly meeting had to be held at Mrs Clark's house as the village hall had been double booked with the Scottish dancing society.

Lionel was occupied polishing the bottoms of my saucepans in the kitchen but was summoned curtly following a discussion of the sewing article in the current "People's Friend" magazine.

“"Lionel, come in here for a moment. Miss Jones, our junior member, has been working on a project entitled, "Effective Pyjamering for the Disobedient Male". I am advising you as the only disobedient male present,  that you are about to receive a thorough pyjamering and will model Miss Jones" creative efforts without complaint. The other ladies will naturally be taking pictures or videos with their mobile phones to study the finer points of your pyjamaring at their leisure.”

Lionel was then informed that Miss Jones had been shown the e-mails and comments that had passed between Wincy"s Aunt, Eunice and Mrs Clark. She had used these as inspiration to design a pair of pyjamas with which he was to be "pyjamaed".

Lionel"s face was a picture of embarrassment as Miss Jones took a large, brown paper parcel out of her sewing holdall and opened it to reveal a pair of neatly folded, red striped winceyette pyjamas.

Miss Jones cleared her throat nervously before beginning.

”"Ladies, thank you for giving me this opportunity to present my findings. To be clear, my ultimate focus is simply to achieve the ultimate humiliation of the surly male and I have chosen to design a pair of traditional striped pyjamas as a way of achieving this. Now that men who are not supervised by responsible females, choose to wear such monstrosities as, "lounge pants" and T-Shirts as night attire, the requirement for right thinking females such as ourselves, is to emancipate and humiliate the so called modern man by ensuring he is attired for bed fully buttoned into an oversized pair of unfashionable, striped pyjamas whilst being paraded around in front of respectable ladies”

She paused, then politely asked if Lionel would possibly mind in assisting her by trying the aforementioned pyjamas on for her and wearing them in front of the sewing group so her pyjama project could be properly appreciated.

Mrs Sykes-Paterson as usual was quick to interject.

“My dear,girl,  you do not need to request Lionel"s participation, instead, you firmly order him to comply with your wishes. Observe.”

Mrs SP fixed her intimidating stare on the quivering Lionel.

“Lionel, remove your clothes and prepare to be fully pyjamaed by Miss Jones. Come along, quickly now,
unless you want a visit across my knee?”  

An embarrassed Lionel shook his head, swiftly removed his clothes and stood pathetically hiding his modesty behind cupped hands.
“Lionel, please shuffle over to her so she can ascertain if any adjustments to your lovely new pyjamas are necessary"  "Now, kneel down so that she does not need to stand and remember that as a silly, worthless male who is about to receive a thoroughly deserved pyjamering, you will not speak unless spoken to.”  

How delightfully awful it was to see the red-faced miscreant kneeling in front of the youthful and very attractive Miss Jones. Her crisp, white cotton blouse, complete with cameo brooch at the collar, strained around her ample bosom as she shook out the striped pyjama jacket and proceeded to hold it up against Mr SP.

"Oh dear, I am afraid this pyjama jacket going to be far too large for you Mr Sykes-Paterson, but lets try shall we?”  

After fastening the top button of the jacket and adjusting the collar to sit smartly, it was clear that,
"too large" was an understatement. In the kneeling position, both the wide sleeves and jacket hem almost reached the carpet. To Miss Jones surprise, the ladies murmured their approval at his appearance, happy that this silly man was beginning to appreciate the humiliation of being pyjamaed.
Unfortunately for him. it was to become much worse.

"Stand up now Lionel, so that I can assess the fit of the trousers? Without a pattern to work from, I based the sizing on gentlemen's trousers from the 1940"s, so the openings at the bottom have a 24" hem which I hope are not too wide".

Miss Jones proceeded to prepare the pyjama bottoms for the next stage of the pyjamering by pushing her arm down inside a trouser leg and gripping the bottom, she rolled it into a short tube.

“Why don't you place one leg and then the other on my lap so that I can roll the trousers up your leg easily?"

As he stood there, balancing on one leg with the lovely Miss Jones adjusting the flapping material, it was apparent that the voluminous trousers with their low cut crotch were hiding certain "stirrings".

Mrs Harbury was quick to note the tell-tale protuberance through the folds of Lionel’s pyjama trousers and in a swift movement that belied her age, picked up the silver cake slice and delivered several sharp blows to the offending bulge. Lionel howled in pain, hopping from one foot to the other with pyjama sleeves flapping wildly. The ladies nodded in joint approval as he was reprimanded severely by Mrs H.

"You ungrateful naughty man. Miss Jones is now quite embarrassed at your display of male impropriety, get back down on your knees, put your hands on your head and apologise.”

Lionel was contrite and spoke in a barely audible whisper.  "Please Miss Jones, I am very sorry, my new pyjamas are lovely and I look forward to being dressed in them and wearing them for Beddy-Byes. I am a very naughty male and deserve to be punished"
Mrs Harbury towered above the cowering Lionel as she informed him.

“You will present yourself across the laps of each of the ladies present and receive six smacks on you bottom from all of us.”

Slowly and regretfully, Lionel made his way around the room and soon his pyjama clad bottom was smarting from his spankings.

"Now Lionel,” continued Mrs Harbury. “Stand up straight for me so that the other ladies can see you weeping like a little boy and standing there in your oversized pyjamas.”

She proceeded to undo the trouser cord, pull the waist of the bottoms up to his armpits before firmly tightening it again and letting the jacket cascade down to knee level.
"Oh my goodness,” exclaimed Miss Jones in disappointment. “The pyjamas are sadly far too large and appear huge on Lionel, I'm so sorry ladies, I feel that I've let you down, my sizing estimates are all wrong.”
Mrs.SP felt the need to interject.

"Nonsense, Miss Jones, I consider them to be a triumph in the art of pyjamering!  I don't feel that any adjustments are needed at all.  Look how ridiculous Lionel obviously feels encased in folds of striped winceyette. Lionel, would you please be so kind as to parade yourself through the living room in order that we ladies can admire Miss Jones" handiwork in greater detail?"

What fun the ladies then had as the poor man flapped and tripped his way through to the lounge, unsuccessfully attempting to hold up his billowing pyjama trousers with his hands hidden inside flapping sleeves. Various ladies tugged and pulled at his pyjamas in appraisal as he passed  along them before finally it was time for Lionel to pose for pictures.

"Lionel, please stand in the corner of the lounge while the ladies take photographs of you for their records.

"Lionel was made to adopt various positions for ten minutes whilst the ladies captured him posing in his ridiculous oversized, red striped winceyette pyjamas as every humiliating comment caused him evermore embarrassing.

"Doesn't he look ridiculous in those enormous wide-bottomed trousers?"

And, "Won’t he struggle to eat breakfast with those long sleeves in the way? He'll need to be fed with a spoon like a baby."

Then, “Imagine him opening the front door to the postwoman wearing those?"

Finally the ladies finished the photo session and Lionel thought his afternoon ordeal was finally over.

Lionel turned to his wife and asked. "Please Dearest, may I be allowed to take off my new pyjamas and put on my jeans and t-shirt?"

His wife looked at him with disdain.

“Don't look so relieved Lionel, your pyjamaring isn't over yet you ridiculous man. Mrs Watts and Mrs Harbury will escort you to the naughty boy bedroom for an early bedtime. Mr Watts has already been pyjamaed by Miss Jones and been tucked into bed wearing his new pyjamas with a very sore bottom and crying pitifully with good reason I might add. Both of you are to have your pyjama punishment extended for the entire weekend for the entertainment of the sewing circle. Believe me, from now on you will be subject to a strict pyjama time and early bedtime regime which will ensure your obedience. ”

Mrs Watts and Mrs Harbury each took hold of Lionel’s hand and led upstairs to bed to begin his pyjama clad servitude.

With Regards - Mrs SP