Saturday, 20 September 2014

Who Suffered Pyjama Punishment?

Annoying Aunty when she is watching Dr Who was a big mistake. I accidently knocked over her sherry as she watched avidly. I found myself punished by having to stand outside in the naughty corner, in my pyjamas, until the good Doctor was finished his rounds.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Anthony's visit to Aunty Susan's does not turn out well.

As they walked to Aunty Susan's, Anthony found himself being held by the hand by both his mum and Angela. The late afternoon rain had left puddles of water on the pavement, as they walked, Anthony felt rather foolish. Not just because he was wearing his special visiting outfit, which was bad enough, but because each time they came to a puddle his mum and Angela insisted on hoisting him in the air by his hand and shouting, "wheeeee….", as they lifted him across the puddles.

Anthony was fifteen years old, and being lifted like a toddler was not something he enjoyed. The rain came again, this time more persistent and his mum decided they should hop onto a bus to take them the rest of their journey. Thanks to the rain, the bus was quite full and there were only two vacant seats downstairs. His mum insisted Angela take one of those.
"Anthony can sit on my lap, he doesn't mind, do you bunny, upsa-daisy."

To his utter dismay Anthony was positioned onto his mother's lap as she sat down. He felt that everyone else on the bus was looking and sniggering at him. His mother's hand rested on the inside of his bare thigh as his "visiting trousers", rode high up his legs.

Angela was definitely looking at Anthony. She watched as the boy sat docilely upon Mrs Green's lap and noticed that her hand rested on Anthony's smooth, inner thigh. She pondered on why a fifteen year old would allow himself to be dressed, and treated as a much younger boy. It was then she noticed that Anthony's hands were clenched in frustration and that he was acutely embarrassed and frustrated by the situation he was in. It was just that he didn't, or couldn't rebel against Mrs Green's authority.

Angela realised that she rather enjoyed witnessing his discomfort and that being "Aunty Angela", was a desirable prospect and she promised herself that, if possible she would add to Anthony's woes.
In fact, nobody apart from Angela had been looking at Anthony. Why would they? A small boy sitting on his mother's lap on a crowded bus was not unusual, Anthony was a convincing little boy.

The bus dropped them yards from Aunty Susan's house. Anthony's hands were firmly grasped by his two female companions as he door opened. Aunty Susan was his mother's younger sister, her husband had worked on the oil rigs in the North sea for many years and Anthony had rarely seen him. She was taller than his mother, but her auburn hair was dyed blonde, and she dressed much more fashionably than his mother.

Likewise, his cousin Kevin, who was two years younger than Anthony was  allowed to wear the latest fashions. As they entered the house Anthony noticed Kevin's expensive trainers and his jeans. How he longed to wear clothes such as those.
"Well hello Anthony," she said as they entered, "what a lovely outfit you are wearing, aren't your legs a bit chilly in those short trousers though?"

"Short trousers are just fine, whatever the weather, " said his mother forcefully as she looked distastefully at Kevin's jeans.

Angela and Aunty Susan knew each other and the three women sat on the sofa and the chair whilst Anthony had to make do with the carpet. He sat on the carpet surrounded by the females whilst Kevin sniggered and made faces at him behind the grown ups back.

"Well why are we here," his mother demanded, it' s getting very close to Anthony's pyjama time and bedtime." Kevin sniggered loudly this time and was admonished by his mother.

"Now Kevin, just because I don't insist that you wear pyjamas to bed, doesn't mean that Anthony's mummy can't put him into his jimmy-jams before his early beddy-bye time. Even if he is fifteen."

Angela noted how Aunty Susan had managed to babify Anthony, by attributing nursery type words such as jimmy-jams and beddy-byes to him and mentioning his age.

Of course his mother didn't help when she replied. "I can't envisage any time in the future when Anthony will not have a pyjama time and a bedtime, it seems perfectly sensible to me."

Angela was once again bemused by Mrs Green's apparent total lack of awareness as to how much she embarrassed Anthony in front of others.

The conversation returned to the purpose of their visit.

"Tell them why they are here mum, tell them." Kevin urged his mother.

"You know Mrs Jackson's, daughter is getting married tomorrow," She began. "Well unfortunately the little boy who was due to be her page boy has come down with chicken pox. I immediately thought of Anthony as short notice replacement. All he has to do is carry her wedding train up and down the aisle, it is so simple."

Anthony looked at his mother, he didn't like the sound of this one little bit.

"And he has to wear the outfit, don't forget mum," added Kevin mischievously as he handed his mother a box.
"Oh yes. This is the best bit, " Aunty Susan said excitedly. "Anthony gets to wear this gorgeous page boy costume too."

The box was opened and out came the most ridiculous outfit Angela had ever seen. It consisted of a long sleeved, frilly silk blouse with an enormous frilly collar, white knee length socks and black, patent Mary Jane shoes. A suit of black crushed velvet with a pale blue, silken sash that tied around the middle completed the ghastly outfit.

Angela fully expected Mrs Green to dismiss the idea immediately, but no, not a bit of it. Mrs Green was clapping her hands in excitement, proclaiming how wonderful it was that her little Anthony was going to be a page boy at Kathleen Jackson's wedding.
Anthony despaired. "Mum it’s not fair. I don't want to be a page boy and wear this horrible outfit. Let Kevin do it, he is younger than me." Angela noted there was real desperation in his voice, but now, after her initial shock, she so wanted to Anthony to wear the page boy outfit.

The smirk disappeared from Kevin's face as his name was mentioned.

"Now Anthony," Aunty Susan began. "Kevin is younger that you but he is so much bigger. You are the same size as the little boy who has taken ill, that is why I volunteered you. Of course, your mum will be attending as your guardian too. Just think, Anthony a member of the Green family at the Jackson's wedding, and as the page boy too!"

Her sister's speech had made up his mother's mind. "Anthony, you are going to be the page boy and that is that. My little boy is not going to miss the opportunity to be page boy at Mrs Jackson's daughter's wedding. Why, it is the wedding of the year in this town."

Mrs Green had spoken. Anthony knew that once his mother had decided to accept the invitation his fate was sealed. Angela looked at the triumphant faces of Kevin, Moira and their mother whilst Mrs Green was genuinely delighted. Only Anthony, who was still sitting on the carpet like a pet dog, was unhappy as tomorrows itinerary was discussed.

The journey home was filled with the excited chatter of Mrs Green. Angela played her part and agreed enthusiastically with her plans. Anthony was to be put straight into his pyjamas once they were home and put to bed early as he had such an important day tomorrow. Anthony trudged silently alongside side them, imprisoned by their clasping hands and dreading what tomorrow would bring.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Punished in Pink Pyjamas by Aunty and Mrs Jacobson

I was minding my own business working in the garden, and hanging out washing, when I overheard Aunty and Mrs Jacobson discussing my pyjamaring for the long, Bank Holiday weekend. Aunty  was proposing dressing me in a pair of floral winceyette pyjamas for Sunday bedtime but Mrs Jacobson wanted to put me to bed in the pyjamas she had dressed me in for my gardening duties. I was outraged and strode over to them insisting that I was master of my own destiny and that I would choose my own pyjamas from now on as I was not their slave to be dressed and ordered about as they saw fit. Of course it was a mistake. Within seconds, I was put across both their laps in turn, for an immediate over the knee spanking.  I was then dressed in my floral pyjamas and placarded for my impudence and left in no doubt that I was indeed "owned" by aunty and Mrs Jacobson.

Friday, 15 August 2014

Here is a picture that illustrates a marvellous new story on moggs blog about a boys missed pyjama time and subsequent otk spanking. Don't miss it!

Richard, sitting beside Aunty Amelia wearing the pyjamas she dressed him in after his spanking. Aunty Amelia has just embarrassed  Richard once again by sitting him on her lap and giving him his, "goodnight cuddle". Richards looks nervously around at the roomful of ladies and wonders who else will decide a goodnight cuddle is appropriate.

Striped Punishment Pyjamas

Aunty made me wear another pair of the pyjamas Mrs Buckfast had bought round for me to wear. A green striped pair. Aunty says I have to wear them to Mrs Jacobson's barbeque tomorrow. I am not looking forward to that one bit.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Babysitters for Luc And Jordan

 Julianne isn’t just my second wife, she’s also now the boss of my own company.
 I was the manager and I took her on as my assistant, I had fallen suddendly in love. I have to explain she  is very beautiful. At first she was distant. I tried to get her interested in me and once took it too far that  once she slapped me. She was very professional, sitting in my office, opposite me.
Then one morning she was sitting in my chair. For  a couple of weeks we effectively swapped roles before she sent me out in order to supervise the other office staff. Saying, "they need to be motivated and I am the creative one so you can supervise them."
So my office became her office and I was the one to  bring her coffee. I was so captivated by her charm and her presence I was reluctant to reassert myself as the manager. I was becoming addicted to Julianne… as I am to this day.
In the eyes of  the employees, she was the actual boss. I had been supplanted. Eventually, once she controlled the whole company entirely, she agreed to marry me and, at work, I effectively  became a mere member of staff.
After he left school, my son became a junior office assistant to my wife.  Julianne didn’t conceal  the fact that Jordan and myself were now strictly disciplined by her. We had become a laughing stock to the rest of the staff.
 I tried for a while to conceal the fact that Jordan and I now had a regular, compulsory early bedtime, but Julianne began to to have her mother collect us from the office at three thirty every afternoon
She would kiss us both on the cheeks as we walked through the secretary's office and say,"night-night little ones. Mother, make sure they are put straight into their pyjamas and are tucked up in bed by four thirty." To add to our humiliation, we had to say night-night to the girls in the office too.
They would giggle and laugh out loud as they sarcastically waved us "night-night"
One day, after lunch, my wife  asked me to assembled the  office girls. Jordan and I stood beside Julianne wondering what was going on. To our total embarrassment and shock, she asked who would volunteer to put me and Jordan to beddy-byes after work, and babysit us until about seven thirty, as her mother was unavailable. I blushed severely and could only stare at the floor while Jordan was as white as a sheet.
Katrina and Lillian, two of the secretaries, slowly put their hands up and offered to put us to bed. Julianne said we would all leave the office at three pm so that her mother  could show the girls what to do before she went out, " since she’s used to getting the boys ready for bed."
The rest of the afternoon was very embarrassing for my son and myself. The employees were sniggered and giggling. Looking especially at me,their former boss.
I was relieved when three pm arrived. As usual, Julianne kissed us nighty-night before we left. She threatened us with a harsh punishment if we were not obedient and she advised our new babysitters to be strict with us.
"A firm spanking across a pyjama clad bottom is a  good way to make them docile and quiet." She advised, as we trooped miserably out of the office.
 We left being mocked with  shouts of, "Nite-nite babies. Sweet dreams." 
And  Katrina and Lillian were even told, "Don’t forget to get the babies windy-woos up before sleepy-byes!"
We arrived home at five minutes past three.  Maryse was already dressed for going out. After the introductions, she sent us to undress in our children’s bedroom and to get ready for our bath. Lillian had to run a bath and to wash us. Katrina helped prepare our "supper" which consisted of jars of baby food and baby bottles of milk with honey.
Lillian and the bath were waiting for us. She soaped and washed us vigorously, then rinsed us. As we were getting out of the bath, she smacked our wet bottoms. It was supposed to be because we were not getting dry quickly enough, but I think it was just that she enjoyed hearing the wet slaps on our  bare buttocks.
She said as she scolded. "I  suppose, that  as  naughty little boys  you two are often spanked? "
She continued to slap my bottom as she spoke.
"Some…sometimes … ouch… but only when… ouch… when I have been … ouch… been  disobedient or … ouch… or when Julianne or her mother … ouch ……are angry with me… ouch … er…Lillian, please … ouch… please stop spanking me… ouch … it hurts … ouch…"
 My mother-in-law, hearing my squeals of pain, joined us  and laughing asked.
"Oh, what sort of mischief did my disobedient son-in-law do to earn a smacked botty?“
 I protested that I had done nothing wrong. and that I didn’t deserve to be punished. Maryse corrected me straight away.
 "You don't decide  whether your  punishment is deserved or not little boy. If your babysitter spanks you, you don't have to be told why you are being spanked. She has the right to punish you in any way she sees fit."
Blushing, my face faced the floor as I replied. "Ye…yes,  mummy-in law you…you’re right…er… I’m very sorry."
However my apology wasn't good enough for Maryse.
" You have also to apologize to your babysitter little boy, and to show respect call her Miss Lillian"
 I mumbled, "Oh yes, of course… er … sorry Miss Lillian."
 Lillian smiled as she slapped my buttocks, two more times.  She turned to my mother-in-law and said.
 "You know, I think this naughty little boy should wear a lovely long pink nightie to beddy-byes, just to prove that he has no control over what he wears to beddy-byes any longer." My mother-in-law grinned. "Of course, an excellent idea. I have just such a one here.
Even though the weather was very warm, Lillian dressed me in a long, brushed cotton, floral, pink nightie that buttoned at the back of the neck. There was frilly lace sewn around the neckline and it tickled my throat.
"Please Miss Lillian, could you unfasten the buttons so my nightie doesn’t irritate my neck?"
She looked at me with distain and slapped my cheek. "How dare you ask such a thing. of course your nightie must remain fully buttoned, how else are you to be warm and cosy in beddy-byes."
I risked another slap. "But Miss Lillian, it is very warm I really don't think…"
Slap! "How dare you answer me back, you will be punished for your disobedience."
 I fell silent and wore my  warm, long pink nightie with a heavy heart and watched as Katrina attended to Jordan's night attire. he looked close to tears as Katrina picked out a pair of girls, white, brushed nylon pyjamas for him to wear. They too would be very warm to wear in bed on such a warm day.
Katrina buttoned up the pyjama top. It had a mandarin type collar and a bow fastening at the neck. She took great care in ensuring the bow was tied neatly and that the ruffles on the sleeve cuffs were neatly positioned on his wrists. "Don't you look pretty," She teased as she stepped him into the pyjama bottoms.
Then to add to our humiliation my mother-in-law appeared with two  white  frilly nightcaps which the girls placed delightedly on our heads.
Maryse told us how sweet we both looked, all ready for beddy-byes in our female nightclothes and it was such a shame that she had to leave now.
So now Jordan and I were left in the hands of our babysitters, Miss Lillian and Miss Katrina as we had to call them. It was only recently when they both had to address me as Sir.
Katrina and Lillian were discussing together and looking in various drawer's in the kitchen until Lillian exclaimed, "yes! here they are."
We were led out onto the patio  and sat down at the table on the terrace which was overlooked by two of our neighbours' houses. Jordan and I became quite nervous sitting there,  warm in our cosy nightwear and night bonnets.
 "Right you two, this is what is going to happen." Lillian began forcefully. As she spoke, Katrina came  up behind Jordan and me and fastened two, white towelling baby bibs around our necks. I began to protest. "Now just a minute we…."
Lillian held up her hand, "silence! You will do as you are told. We will feed you your jars of baby food and your baby bottles of milk like the infants you are. Then you will head off straight to beddy-byes without a murmur. If you’re tucked cosily under your blankets early enough, Katrina will read you a bedtime story, but sleepy-byes and lights out by four thirty at the latest. Understood?
I ventured to speak. "Please Miss Lillian and Miss Katrina, we will both do as you say, but perhaps it’s not correct to sit on the terrace with…er… with only nighties  and pyjamas on…. and girls' ones at that."
Lillian looked angry. “What have I just said? Now be quiet and obey unless you want to go across my lap out here? We are aware that your neighbours know you have a regular babyish bedtime. Maryse told us they have seen you both before in pyjamas and nighties. One of them even spanked you across your jimjams, you surely can’t have forgotten that?"  She asked sneeringly.
I muttered, blushing. “Yes, you’re right…I…I’m stupid…fancy forgetting, we will just sit here on the terrace."
Lillian and Katrina sat down and spoon fed us our jars of baby food. Then they gave us our baby bottles of milk to drink ourselves whilst hey ate their own meals. to eat with us. They had tea with cake and ice-cream instead of jars of vegetables and apple puree.
Our two babysitters had fun seeing us sitting down with only our nightclothes on and the bibs they had tied round our necks, eating baby food and sucking on baby bottles.
They teased us as hey ate. Lillian said, "Oh  you look so pretty ready for nighty-night in your long cosy nightie Sir."
 Katrina added ,but baby Jordan's pretty pair of pyjamas suit him too. Perhaps these little boys should wear their nightclothes to the office so all the girls can see how sweet and babyish they look dressed ready foe beddy-byes."
Lillian laughed excitedly and clapped her hands.
"I agree… and I feel that seeing our former boss ready for bed in the afternoon, wearing a female nightie with a bib on eating jars of baby food and to drinking milk from baby bottles, is very amusing show."
Katrina too laughed, "and don’t forget their nightcaps!"
We were almost finished our baby bottles when to my dismay I heard our neighbour Ingrid shouting to us across the fence.
"Hello!... Oh, I see you have to go to beddies even earlier then usual. Are you being punished again? What kind of mischief have you been up to?"
Although Lillian and Katrina did not know our neighbours, they knew how to embarrass me.
"Go along, explain to the nice lady what you are doing out here wearing your lovely nightie." Katrina urged me.
"Mrs Tartare, hello… er…yes, we … we have to go to bed now but not really as a punishment. My mother-in-law can’t put us to bed this evening …er… this afternoon, so my wife asked two of our secretaries to baby-sit for us and put us to beddy-byes." I blushed horribly as I stuttered my way through the explanation.
"Ah, your secretaries are also your babysitters, are they?" Katrina and Lillian introduced themselves to Ingrid and told her they had to tuck us into beddies straight away and read us a  bed time story before sleepy-byes.
Ingrid said she appreciated we had a strict bedtime, but she had heavy shopping in her car and she wondered if  Jordan or I could help carry it indoors for her.
Lillian said that I could not help as I was about to be punished for answering back earlier, but they would allow Jordan to help her if he was quick.
Jordan began to tear up, saying how could he go onto the street wearing girls pyjamas and a night cap.  Ingrid laughed. "Don’t be silly, it isn’t unusual to be in pyjamas when ready for beddy-byes, is it?"
When he came back minutes later, he walked clumsily on a pair of pink mules with high heels. Ingrid held his hand and he was holding and licking a lollipop with the other.
"Ladies here is one of your baby boys safely returned. I rewarded him with this lollipop for his help... Oh, and I lent these mules to him since the poor boy was barefoot…Now, you can put him and his daddy to beddy-byes… er… Didn‘t you  say Luc was to be punished before tucking him in? I would  like to volunteer to spank him. after all I have done it before." 
Lillian said that it was a great idea and Ingrid could certainly spank me. Then Katrina  told her that I had cried like a baby when Lillian had spanked me at bath time.
Ingrid laughed at me. "Oooh, my poor, poor baby…  I will remind you what a real spanking is like shall I?"
I was afraid now, as I remembered how much her previous spanking hurt. She suddenly grabbed me, and positioned me over the table and raised my nightgown. A hail of vigorous slaps on my naked buttocks cascaded down.
"Ouch ! Ouch ! Ouch ! That’s … ouch… unfair ! Ouch! Ouch!"
 I couldn’t help moaning, crying and pleading with Ingrid to stop spanking me so severely.
 "Shut up! I’m only showing you and your babysitters what a real spanking for a little baby boy like you is like!"
She finally stopped, saying, "corner time, now! "
Still in tears I sobbed. "But…sob… but …  the…sob…there…sob…out…outdoor…sob…on the terrace… ?"
She grabbed me once more and slapped my face. "Kneel and face the wall at once. Put your hands on top of your nightcap!"
Katrina stepped forward and said. "Well done Mrs Tartare, we now know how to administer severe spanking. Here babykins have this to soothe you, ha-ha!"
Katrina shoved a pink baby's dummy in my mouth. "Don't you dare take that out or else it's over my knee with you."
 Of course, I obeyed immediately, sucking on my dummy  but sobbing bitterly. My son, still licking his lollipop, suggested  he should get into bed without delay. Lillian told him, "only after you've been punished too!"
Turning talk into action, she put him across her knee and smacked his bottom through his pyjamas before making him kneel,  hands on his head and in tears besides me also with a dummy in his mouth.
Corner time lasted  10 minutes before we were allowed to go to bed. Katrina sent us off to the bathroom. My bottom was still hurting so I walked with difficulty, my hands placed on my buttocks trying to ease the burning. The three women laughed  at me and actually I was by now relieved to be finally  going to bed, even though I was wearing a long pink nightie, had a bib tied around my neck and was sucking on a baby's dummy in the middle of the afternoon.
Jordan slipped under the sheets and blankets first, as Lillian tucked them tightly around him.
I lay down flat on my stomach  while Ingrid  lifted my nightie and spread soothing cream on my bottom, while Katrina began reading us the story of the three little pigs.
 After about five minutes, Ingrid stopped administering my soothing cream,  pulled my nightie down and ordered me to snuggle under my blankets.
The three females kissed us nite-nite before leaving the bedroom, switching the light off and locking us in. It was half past four.

 Jordan's pyjamas
Luc's nightie