Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Corner time in red striped pyjamas, followed by a humilating public spanking and an early bedtime.

I had to get ready for bed early yesterday afternoon as aunty was entertaining Miss Jacobson and some of her friends. Aunty wanted me ready for bed so that I could serve the teas. Unfortunately I managed to spill some tea onto Mrs Kilbrights lap. I was sent out into the garden for some corner time to "reflect" on my behaviour and to consider what punishment I should receive. Of course it wasn't difficult to guess. After twenty minutes outside, aunty called me in to go across her lap for a smacked bottom before being sent to bed for an early bedtime. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves except me, as aunty spanked me for a full ten minutes in front of her friends. She then insisted that I kiss everyone night-night before I was sent upstairs to bed.

Miss Jacobson's friends enjoy the spectacle of my pyjama and early bedtime punishment.

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sitting in the garden before bedtime wearing naughty boy, striped pyjamas.

On Friday, aunty decided that it was such a sunny day that we would take afternoon tea out on the patio. Unfortunately for me, she also decided that I could get ready for bed first. She handed me a pair of blue striped pyjamas to put on. What she calls my,"naught boy "pyjamas. Miss Jacobson, of course joined us, and I spent an uncomfortable forty five minutes outside before aunty thankfully, sent me to bed at 5pm.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Luc has sent me another tale about Luc and Jordan. More pyjamas, spankings and early bedtimes? What do you think?


Julianne had booked rooms for all the family in a guest house owned by Suzanne, a good friend of hers. Julianne’s sister Josiane and her daughter Jenny were also joining us, as well as my step-daughters, Agnes and Astrid.

We travelled in two cars. The twins went in the first car with their aunt and their cousin. I had to sit in the back with my son in the car driven by my wife, Julianne and her mother. As we set off they began  to talk about their plans for the holidays. Of course, Jordan and myself weren't  invited to take part in the discussion, our wishes weren’t taken into consideration. Even when our holiday bedtimes were being discussed. I tried to intervene when they began to discuss our pyjama time hoping to get a later bedtime.

My wife reminded us that she and her mother were the ones who decided our bed and pyjama times. She also pointed out that we knew full well our usual time for putting on our pyjamas, and that our bedtimes had been the same for many months, so she didn’t see why we would go to beddy-bye any later during the holidays.

I cheekily suggested that perhaps we could put our pyjamas on at the same time, but be allowed to stay up and extra hour each night. After all, it was the holidays. She replied that such an idea was ridiculous. We must stick to our childish bedtimes so that she and her mother could enjoy peace and quiet without us disturbing them.

My mother-in-law told my wife that she hoped, "those two won’t disturb us and we can go out as we want, without have to come back early for their bedtimes."

My wife reassured her. "Don’t worry, mum. Every time we go out, we’ll get the boys into their jim-jams and put them to beddy-byes before we leave. That way we can enjoy our days out.

Jordan began to complain upon hearing this news, but Julianne quietened him down by threatening to stop the car and smack both our bottoms for everyone to see. I hushed him as I did not want a humiliating spanking on the roadside. They continued to talk about our bedtime, ignoring us completely even though we sat just behind them. Her mother asked if it was possible for us to eat in the guesthouse dining room dressed in our pyjamas before our early bedtime, as there may be other guests around.

"Oh, we’ll sort something out. Beside's, Suzanne is looking forward to seeing these two being punished with pyjama and early bedtime discipline. She is quite determined to help with their early beddies so I can't see it being a problem. In any case, the maid can bring them food once they are tucked up in beddy-byes."

She glanced in the rear view mirror, and for the first time talked directly to us.
"By the way, I hope you two brought your sleepy-bye things, I told you to?"
 I confirmed we had packed our bottles, bibs, stuffed pets, dummies and earplugs.
"And your potties?“  She enquired. I stammered. "N…no, darling, I … I thought … since we would be in a guesthouse we’d have an en-suite toilet."

 She instantly became angry. "Do you imagine you two will be accommodated in a suite? All you need is a bed each, don't you?" I answered pitifully. "Er… yes, darling, you… you’re right. I… I’m sorry…"
 Julianne, calmed down, in fact she started to laugh. The pair of you are sleeping in the old servants sleeping quarters. It's quite a walk along the corridor and down the stairs to the communal toilets. We'll make you walk to the toilet in your pyjamas, I have no doubt you will be seen in your jim-jams by plenty of other guests, how amusing."

My mother-in-law joined in. Also laughing, she suggested. "We will have to make sure they are wearing their most childish and humiliating jimmy-jams when they go to the toilet."

Jordan began to protest again, Maryse gave him a slap. "Shut up, you cry-baby! I don’t want you moaning every time you're  put to beddy-byes early. I expect your father will be more sensible than you and he‘ll make you obedient. I hope he’ll set an example for you going quietly to night-nights when both of you are put to beddies.. Am I right, Luc?"

Once more, I quietly agreed. "Of… of course. I know early bedtime is good for both of us…"

My mother-in-law  added." Well, be warned Luc. If Jordan isn’t a good boy at bed and pyjama time, you’ll both be punished. Only you will be punished more harshly, understood?"  I only nodded.

After two hours, Julianne stopped by a roadside cafe for a break. Her mother told her we should arrive at the guesthouse  just before lunch. Then she said, "We will all be tired when we get there, so I think the best thing is to have a quiet meal with Josiane and the girls. These two should be put straight to bed for an early beddy-byes when we arrive."

My heart sank. I knew that the first day of our holiday was likely to be a short one, at least for my son and myself, but I didn't expect being put to bed at lunchtime. Looking at Jordan, I saw he was upset too, as Maryse continued to talk about our arrival. "And we’ll obviously have to put them to bed before we have our lunch."

Julianne looked thoughtful, "you're right mother. While you go and take your car sickness medication, I can save us time by getting these two naughty boys ready for beddy-byes now. There is nothing to stop them putting on their pyjamas and slippers right now. When we arrive they will be dressed in their jim-jams all ready for beddy-byes.  Do you think that is a good idea?"

Maryse immediately agreed with my wife. "Oh, yes, a great idea. This way, we’ll only have to tuck them up in their beds, before we head back downstairs for lunch. 
Julianne turned to me. "Did you understand you two? Go on, off with your clothes and I'll pick you out a nice pair of pyjamas each. We want you looking smart for when we arrive, dont we?" She laughed at our obvious discomfort, then said. "What are you waiting for, clothes off now!" 
I was utterly shocked. "B..but, my darling, we can’t appear at the guesthouse dressed in our pyjamas. People will be shocked … er … and we’ll  look ridiculous …"

Julianne sniggered, she had packed one case containing only our pyjamas, and was rummaging through it. "Of course you’ll look ridiculous, but I don’t think that people will be shocked. Seeing two naughty boys in pyjamas like these will make them laugh out loud, not shock them."

She handed me my pair of pyjamas first.
"Now, into your jimjams! And hurry up, we’ve no more time to waste!"
I stared at the pyjamas she had handed me. There were pink, with little teddy bears on.
"Please my darling, don't make me wear these silly pyjamas, I will die of embarrassment when we arrive at the guest house." I pleaded.

"Would you prefer to go across my knee here and now, outside in the car park?"
 I shook my head. "I thought not." She said, then added. "Pyjamas on, now!"

I began to undress at the roadside. Hiding behind the car, I quickly took off my clothes and reluctantly started to put on the babyish pyjamas.
"You as well Jordan, get your jimmy-jams on, quickly or you will be across my lap."
She handed my son a pair of pale yellow pyjamas, with a bunny rabbit motif. I knew that Jordan despised this particular pair of babyish jimjams.
"I am not putting on these ludicrous pyjamas and I will not go to bed at lunchtime. You can't make me undress and travel in these childish pyjamas, I'm not turning up at the guest house wearing those pyjamas, no way!"

Julianne said nothing, leaning forward she gave him two sharp slaps across his face. Quickly, while he was off balance from the blows, she dragged him across to the car park wall and put him across her lap. His trousers and underwear disappeared fast and I winced in sympathy as she spanked his bare bottom.Luckily for Jordn no-one was about, but some cars tooted their horns in support of his spanking as they drove past.

"No more backchat, you are half undressed now, so stop this fuss Since you behave like a little boy, it is only right that you wear little boy pyjamas. Now, you put your lovely pyjamas on at once before I spank you again!"

Jordan meekly obeyed, all his bravado gone, spanked out of him by his stepmother.
She then spoke to me, "And you, what a bad father. What are up to allowing your son to disobey me by refusing to put his pyjamas on? Remember what mother said, if Jordan misbehaves, you will be punished too, only harsher!"

I was already feeling foolish as I stood there wearing  my pink, teddy bear pyjamas, yet still I had to reprimand my son. "Please, don’t upset her, be obedient. I don't want to be punished for your bad behaviour. Now put your pyjamas on, like a good boy. Look at me, I’m already in my babyish pyjamas, it isn’t so difficult nor so embarrassing and mine are pink. We‘ll have to get into beddy-byes  anyway as soon we arrive. Putting our pyjamas on a few hours earlier is not the worst thing now is it?"

He was still moaning, this started to irritate Julianne. She grabbed him again.
"Looks like this naughty boy needs his stepmommy to help him put his jimmy-jams on like a little boy." Julianne forced him into his childish pyjamas. She stepped him into his pyjama bottoms and buttoned him into his pyjama jacket as if he was a small child. Then she took him across her knee and spanked him with her special spanking spatula that she kept in the car. He was crying like a baby and he tearfully obeyed her instruction to get back into the car.

When my mother-in-law returned, she was delighted to see us both wearing our pyjamas ready for beddies. "My my," she said, in a sickly sweet infantile manner. "What two, sweet little boys we have here, all ready for beddy-byes wearing their cute jimmy-jams." Then she noticed Jordan was crying and wanted to know why.

As soon as my wife told her the full story, Maryse ordered me out of the car. On the same car park wall as my wife had spanked Jordan, she pulled me across her knee and spanked me until I was crying like a baby. "I told you what would happen if Jordan was a bad boy," she lectured as she bundled me back into the car. Two women were walking past and they shouted, "love your jimmy-jams, pink really suits you."  

My face was as pink as my pyjamas as I scrambled into the car. My mother-in-law pushed my dummy into my mouth and gave Jordan his as well. "Don't you dare take those out, I don't want to hear a sound from you two for the rest of our journey, understand?" We both nodded, and tearfully sucked obediently on our dummy's.

After one and a half more hours, we arrived at the guesthouse. Julianne parked the car. Turning to me  she said. "I can't believe the fuss Jordan made about putting on his little boy, bunny rabbit pyjamas. Aren’t you ashamed? You are his father after all. His, and your childish behaviour, should tell you why you both still require a lot more pyjama and early bedtime punishment."

Jordan was asleep, still sucking his dummy. I nervously removed mine to speak to my wife.
"Yes, I am very sorry for his and my childish behaviour my darling wife. I quite understand why we have to be bed punished and wear our childish pyjamas. Jordan will be obedient and quiet the whole holiday, I promise."

She smiled and held my hand affectionately. "He had better be,and what about you, husband dearest. Are you going to behave and be a good little boy for me as well? Will you put your jim-jams on and go to beddies when told to, hmmm?"

"Yes darling. I will be a good little boy for you." I murmured softly, deeply ashamed at my timidness.

Maryse looked at Jordan. "He’s already asleep. It's just as well he has to be tucked up in beddy-byes soon. Your son needs so much sleep I think we had better put him to bed earlier during our stay here. Perhaps a pyjama time of 4 o'clock then maybe 5 o'clock would make a good bedtime for the little sleepyhead?"

Shocked at her sugestion I protested. " Nighty-night time at 5:00 pm in the summer? That’s too early for a 19 year old boy in my opinion."

My stepmother replied curtly. "Your opinion doesn’t matter! You have no choice in your son's bedtime nor your own!  Besides, I know fine well that you are only protesting because you realise you will be given the same pyjama time and the same sleepy-byes time as Jordan."

I said nothing and hung my head. I was ashamed to admit she was right, I did not want to have to put my pyjamas on at 4pm every night and be put to beddies at 5. 

We were welcomed by everyone who had arrived before us and who were already settled in the guesthouse. Everybody was cheerful. After they kissed my wife and her mother, they were soon interested in us. I felt extremely embarrassed getting out of the car wearing my pink, teddy bear pyjamas and with my pink slippers on. 

I was actually in a hurry to get to the privacy of our bedroom and into bed out of the way. Jordan was still half asleep, and he was ordered to keep his dummy in his mouth. Jenny and the twins burst out laughing as they saw how we were dressed. "Look! Our two baby boys are already dressed for beddies. I bet they were naughty little boys and were punished by having to put their darling jimmy-jams on!" My wife laughed. "How did you guess? Of course they were naughty, they have both had their botties smacked as well."

Our hostess Suzanne appeared.  My wife explained our misbehaviour and why we were wearing our naughty boy pyjamas. She told Suzanne of her plan to take lunch quietly with her family, while we would be put straight to bed.

"I gathered you wanted these two to get straight up to bed judging by their attire. It's not often we have two guests turn up wearing their little boy and," she paused slightly, looking me up and down, "their little girl pyjamas.

I decided to stop delaying our bedtime and said. "Yes, you’re right. Suzanne. It’s already past our bedtimes. Moreover, my son is very tired and sleepy."

She was smiling at me, but spoke quite icily, "I think it best if you refer to me as Aunty Suzanne, don't you? You must treat me with respect or I will punish you myself." She said, leaving me in no doubt about who was in control.

I hastily agreed. "Sorry Aunty Suzanne," I  apologised, blushing as I did so.

She ignored my apology and, although speaking to me looked directly at Jordan.

"Your son seems to be in no a hurry to go to beddy-byes does he." Jordan showed no reaction, standing there in front of everyone wearing his childish, yellow, bunny rabbit pyjamas, and with his dummy still between his lips.
I suggested we went to our room quickly so we could get to bed. My wife  looked at me with disdain, as she said. "Of course you will go to bed now. But not before you have kissed us all goodnight."

Once more, I could do nothing but obey. I kissed everyone night-night. My sister-in-law Josiane and her daughter Jenny, as well as my step-daughters Agnes and Astrid. Then I kissed my mother-in-law Maryse night-night, before finally my wife Julianne . As I kissed her, she patted my pyjama clad bottom and said in a loud voice, "nighty-night my little boy. I hope you will enjoy your long time in beddies and not disturb the grown ups peace and quiet."

Everyone laughed as she spoke and I blushed furiously. Aunty Suzanne smiled and said it was no problem and that she would personally take care of Jordan and myself. She would make sure we were tucked into beddy-byes she promised as she sent the rest of my family out onto the terrace for their lunch.

We followed Aunty Suzanne across the entrance hall where the communal toilets were, then, up a flight of stairs and along the corridor where my wife and her mother bedrooms were. We, however had to go up still more stairs to reach our room. My son, slippered and wearing his yellow, childish pyjamas was still sucking his dummy. I was wearing my pink, teddy bear pyjamas and also my slippers. 

Aunty Suzanne ushered us into the room and turned down our beds. Jordan sleepily climbed into his bed and I watched as he was tucked up by Aunty Suzanne.

However, just as I was about to get into bed, I realised I had to go to the toilet. Aunty Suzanne told me I was a naughty boy for not saying something sooner and swatted my bottom with her hand. I yelped with the shock and was made to to take her hand as she guided me back downstairs the way we came, toward the entrance hall and the toilet.

We passed a maid carrying clean linen on the way down. She stared at me. Obviously because I was wearing pink, girl’s pyjamas. She was trying to hold back her laughter. Suzanne told her off, but in a jokey way, saying.

"What's the matter with you? Haven't you ever seen a naughty boy, ready for bed at lunchtime wearing his pink, teddy bear pyjamas before?" 
When we reached the entrance hall I was forced to wait for the toilet as it was occupied. Aunty Suzanne stood with me holding my hand. "If it doesn't become vacant soon I will take you into the girls toilet." She threatened. "After all, you are dressed appropriately." She laughed, just as a couple went past. The woman cast an astounded look at me and asked what I was playing at wearing my pyjamas in public, during the daytime.

Aunty Suzanne said. "Tell the nice lady why you are wearing your jimmy-jams pet lamb."  I blushed and could only stammer. "I… I’m sorry… er… I was a naughty on the trip down, so my wife and my mother-in-law decided to punish me by making me wear these babyish pyjamas and I also have to go to bed early now."
She looked at  Aunty Suzanne, thinking she was my wife and said. "Well done to you. What a splendid way to punish your husband."

She turned to he partner and said." Did you hear? What a great idea. You would benefit from such a punishment. I will buy you some pyjamas like his and get you tucked into bed good and early from now on. No more drinking in bars for you!"

I felt guilty as Suzanne led me into the girls toilets. The man looked angrily at me and then became fearful as he realised what he had to look forward to.

Pyjamas and early bedtimes!

Monday, 7 July 2014

Oh dear. Sissy Babykins has been a very naughty boy. His new babysitter, Melissa, has imposed a very early bedtime and it appears his new lifestyle is permanent.

“Now, now Sissy Babykins, it’s pointless struggling. Melissa is going to remove your wet nappy and put you across her knee for a bedtime spanking whether you like it or not.”


“Ha-ha. Does that upset you my pet lamb? Oh yes, young Melissa is going to be your permanent babysitter from now on and your babykins regime will be much more severe. Melissa will undress you at 3pm and give you a lovely warm bath. Then she will pin you into fresh soft nappies and put you into your nightie ready for beddy-byes.”


“What, you don’t want Melissa to be your babysitter? Well it really doesn’t have anything to do with you does it sugarplum? I make all your decisions for you don’t I?”


“Ha-ha, yes I do. Your new beddy-bye time is 5pm; Melissa will bring you into the lounge at 4.45. You will be paraded in your night attire for our pleasure before you are tucked into your cot. And so  we don’t have to listen to your constant whining, your dummy will be permanently tied in place. The only exception willl be when you are being fed your pureed vegetables or your baby bottle. Do you like the sound of your new permanent baby lifestyle babykins?”


I thinks you are beginning to repeat yourself Sissy Babykins, time for beddy-byes.”

Monday, 30 June 2014

Luc's new story. A wife imposes early bedtime and nightie discipline on her husband and his friends wife is very impressed.

My friend John and I worked together. We went to the pub, watched the football, and chatted up women, even though we were both married. Things changed when John got caught cheating. He was the picked up in their car every night  by his wife Marion.. At the weekend I never saw him, and whenever I phoned, she would answer and always say that he was not able to come to the phone.

One Friday, I decided to try once more and so, at  5:30, I rang to invite John out for a drink at 7:30. As usual his wife answered, however this time, instead of abruptly fobbing me off she started telling me a most extraordinary tale.  She told me that John wasn't able to go out any longer because at this precise moment she was getting him ready for bed. His bedtime was 6pm she told me. By 7.30, she said, he would be in bed, fast asleep. If I wanted to, she added, I could quickly wish him night- night as he had just brushed his teeth and was coming back from the bathroom as she spoke.

At the other end of the line I could hear a conversation. "Come and say night-night to your friend like a good little boy." I heard Marion say. Then John's voice, "no, no, Marion. Please don't make me talk to Mike. I'll die of shame."

"I know you'll be getting a smacked botty and spend all day tomorrow in beddy-byes if you don't do as you are told." She ordered, before I heard John's trembling voice at the end of the line.

"Hello, Mike, sorry but I can't talk ... er ... I'm feeling a bit poorly so I'm going to bed. Have a nice weekend. Bye." His wife again took the receiver and told me "Goodbye, Michael, John has to go to sleepy-byes now," then she hung up.

It was all very puzzling. Mike avoided me all week at work, so I was surprised the next Friday when I came home and my wife Susan, told me Marion had invited us around for a chat. So, at 4.30 we drove to his house. Marion asked us in. She was forty one, a good few years older than Mike and about seven inches taller. In fact, now that I thought about it, the similarities between Johns wife and my own were remarkable. They were both older and somewhat taller than us and, although we pretended otherwise when we were chatting up other women, they both wore the trousers in our homes.

John and Marion  had been married for eighteen months, it was John's first marriage and I remember thinking at the time how she had pursued him like a lioness stalks her prey. She was attractive, but to me she always unflattering clothes and never any makeup. That afternoon, as she answered the door she was wearing a plain, black skirt and a white, long sleeved blouse, buttoned at the neck. She looked like a strict school ma'am I thought as we followed her in.

She led us into the living room. John sat on the sofa looking extremely nervous, Marion offered us tea. "Tea?" I said laughing, don't be daft, let's have a beer together. He just shook his head. This wasn't the John I knew, then Marion said, "John doesn’t drink alcohol any longer do you John?" He shook his head in half-hearted agreement. "Those days are over, when he drank, it only led to bad behaviour, as you know all about Michael." She said pointedly.

We drank our tea in a rather awkward atmosphere, at least it was between me and John. Marion and my wife chatted  happily away until Marion suddenly said, "John, isn't it time for you to go and get ready for beddy-byes?"

John flushed bright red, but rose to his feet and answered, "Yes mu… Marion." And disappeared upstairs.  I was astonished, and although I had overheard the strange exchange they had had last week, I had dismissed it from my mind.

I was even more astonished when, five minutes later, John re-entered the room wearing the kind of nightgown that an eleven year old girl would have refused to put on. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. The nightie was made from soft flannelette material and was full length. To make matters worse it was pink and covered with a blue floral motif. John like me, wasn't a particularly tall guy, so the hem of his nightie brushed the carpet. Just peeking out from beneath the hem I could see that we was also wearing pink, fur lined slippers. He hurried past me, unable to look me in the eye and stood in front of Marion, who was calmly sipping her tea.

"Please Marion," he began, "would you please button up my nightie for me?" His nightie had a frilled bodice and a frilly neckline that buttoned at the back. Obviously he was unable to fasten the buttons himself.

"Now, now John, you know the rule. You wouldn't want to go across mummy's lap for a smacked botty in front of our guests would you? What must you call me when you are dressed, ready for beddy-byes?" I could see his face brighten a deep red once again and he swallowed deeply, his lips moved, but at first no sound came from then until his voice croaked into life.

"Would you please button up my nightie for me mummy" he said, in a weak, pathetic voice. Marion laughed delightedly and duly took his shoulders, then turned him around to button up his nightie for him. "There now, mummy's little angel is all ready for beddy-byes isn't he," she asked in a sing-song voice as though she was talking to a toddler. Now, be mummy's good little helper and pour our guests some more tea before you toddle of to sleepy-byes, it's almost six o'clock and time for beddies."

John's hands trembled as he filled our cups. Once he had finished, Marion prompted him, "say goodnight to your friends and I will take you up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire my angel."
He still couldn't look at me and kept his eyes firmly on the floor as he bid us goodnight and they left the room. Marion towered above him as John clutched her hand as if he were a toddler.

We could hear his plodding footsteps on the stairs as he made his way up, and we could hear Marion scolding him as she followed him. "I didn't like your attitude one little bit John. I may have to consider an earlier bedtime for you if you don't buck your ideas up."

I was stunned by what I had just witnessed, although strangely Susan had been curiously quiet, and appeared to be much more accepting of the whole incident than I was. But before I could challenge her Marion reappeared and I cleared my throat, nervously I plucked up the courage to ask why my friend was being humiliated by her in such a manner.

Marion calmly put her cup down, placed her hands in her lap and smiled sweetly at me. "This all started," she began, "when I hired an investigator to follow the pair of you and found out what you got up to on your "boys" nights out. That was when I decided John should be punished for cheating on me with early bedtimes. I decided I would keep him here at home, where I knew where he would be safely tucked up in bed like the naughty little boy he was."

She took another sip of her tea before continuing. "I found that putting him across my lap and smacking his bottom as if he was a naughty child, which in my eyes, he is, as well as putting him to bed early, worked very well. John became more obedient and well mannered, so I decided he would have a regular, permanent early bedtime from then on. On work days I drive him home because I want him ready for beddies as soon as possible. He showers and puts on either, a long nightgown as you have seen him wearing, or, a pair of  little boy pyjamas that I have had especially sewn for him. Then he goes to bed at six o'clock on the dot every night, seven days a week, with lights out and straight to sleep. It means I can relax here at home in the knowledge that John is safely tucked into bed upstairs."
She paused for a moment to brush non-existent crumbs from her lap then went on explaining his new early bedtime regime.

"On weekends, he is not allowed out of the house unless I accompany him. Although his bedtime remains at six, I put him into his nightclothes when I deem it suitable. On Saturday mornings he has housework to do. I make him do his chores dressed in his childish pyjamas, so that, if it suits me, I can put him to bed with a sore bottom after lunch if  he has not worked well enough."

She paused, as though waiting for me to say something, but I was too shocked at what I was hearing to say a word.

"I have control of all the finances. I have told him that if he wants a divorce, he can have one. But with my evidence of his infidelity, I will walk away with the house and all the money Alternatively, we can remain married, but he must obey me and live the lifestyle of a naughty little boy who will be permanently punished for his past failings, that, as you have witnessed, is the decision he has made."

What an evil bitch, I thought as I excused myself. I went upstairs, intending to take the opportunity to see John. I tried his door, but it was locked. The key was in the lock so I turned it. His room was in the dark, but I could just see John lying in bed. I also heard him crying on his pillow so I silently closed and locked the door again to avoid embarrassing him further.

Back downstairs, I mentioned that I had heard John sobbing in his bed. Marion burst out laughing and said John was merely proving what a wimp and a baby he was. His early bedtime, she said, was very fitting. I  also mentioned that John appeared to be locked in his bedroom. "Yes he is," she answered, "that is so he can't get up and sneak out without my permission, although, apart from his nightgowns and pyjamas there are no normal clothes in his bedroom so he would be a sight to see dressed so childishly." Again laughed, this time uproariously at her own comment.

I asked what happened if John needed to use the bathroom, after all, I said, he is tucked up in bed for a long time each night. Her reply amazed me further. She told us that John had a potty beside his bed, so he had no need to visit the bathroom, but instead would use the potty like a small child. I was shocked, but my wife surprised me by actually appearing amused by it all.
Coming back home, my wife insisted on driving. She was silent with a face that told me she was annoyed. I wanted to discuss what we had witnessed and tried to start a conversation. I obviously took John's side and was saying how awful it was and that he should not put up with being treated like a small child by Marion. Immediately Susan became angry and replied that John was, "a bad little boy who deserves to be punished for his womanising and a baby‘s bedtime and wearing nighties is an appropriate punishment in my opinion."

Once we were indoors Susan removed her coat and quickly grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back. "Oww, stop you are hurting me." I cried surprised by this sudden attack. Susan had never been afraid to overpower me to show who was the boss. She had been a junior champion at one of the martial arts, but  this time I  detected a real sense of menace behind her actions. Susan  led me upstairs to the spare bedroom. "Darling, what…what are you doing?" I asked, in an attempt to pacify her.

"Did you think Marion hadn't told me what she discovered you fool," she spat. I know full well that you were just as bad as John and I knew and approved of her plan to punish John the way we saw earlier. And now, my little cheating bunny rabbit it's your turn, start getting undressed now!" It was my turn to swallow hard. "You can’t really be serious, " I  asked, fearful of her intentions.

"On the contrary, I never have been more serious, clothes off now!. At that moment, my guilty conscience left me unable to argue with my  angry wife. I only could pitifully stutter, "Er… w…well, darling. If you think it's for the best… I… I’ll get into bed…"

She curtly added, "hurry up!"
As I  prepared to undress she turned down the bedclothes, but as she face me she became angry at my slowness and she yanked down my trousers and underpants, thrust my arms upward and ripped off my tee-shirt then  shoved me onto the bed where she pulled my socks off. Now totally naked, I suddenly felt embarrassed and went to pull the bedclothes over me. My wife stopped me.

"Oh no my little bunny rabbit, did you think you were going to escape that easily. Up you get,  that's it stand up." She opened the dresser drawer and took out a pair of yellow pyjamas. They were made from soft brushed cotton and had pictures of blue bunny rabbits emblazoned upon them. "No, no please Susan, not that I don't want to wear those pyjamas," I pleaded. However she just ignored me and I sobbed as she stepped me into the pyjama bottoms and buttoned me into the pyjama jacket. It buttoned all the way to the neck and she turned me around to look at myself in the wardrobe mirror.

"Well now, who's a cute little babykins in his bunny wabbit jim-jams," she gloated as though she was talking to a toddler. I stared at my reflection, I was a toddler, wearing my fully buttoned, yellow, bunny rabbit pyjamas that were at least a size too big. Susan was crouched behind me grinning triumphantly.

 "Don't you look sweet my little Bunny Wunny," she continued to tease. "I asked Marion's friend to make you these humiliating pyjamas as a special surprise for you and tomorrow we will visit her again and you will pick out your fabric for three more pairs of little boy pyjamas and three nighties just like John's so that you can be tucked into beddy-byes wearing different jammies and nighties every day of the week, aren't you a lucky wittle bunny wabbit?"

By now I was sobbing uncontrollably as I realised I was going to have to endure the same punishment as John. "Your womanising days are over. You are now permanently under my control and as such will have early bedtimes and wear your nightclothes for the foreseeable future. Now, snuggle down. " Susan ordered, "and mummykins will tuck you into sleepy-byes!"

Her statement about making my bedtime punishment permanent was shocking enough, but now I looked at her wide eyed, surely she didn't mean….

"Yes that's right, you are now my ickle Bunny Wunny and you will call me mummykins." She confirmed, then added ."Unlike John, who only has to call Marion mummy when he is dressed for beddy-byes, you will call me mummykins at all times, regardless of who is present. I don't care if a room is full of your friends from work, mummykins is my name, understand Bunny Wunny?"

Still sobbing, I nodded tearfully as she put me to bed with a smack on my pyjama clad bottom. She pulled the blankets up and turned on the bedside lamp then leant out of the window to close the shutters. Our neighbour must have been at her window opposite as I heard my wife call across to her. "I just put my hubby Bunny Wunny to beddy-byes …  Oh no, he isn’t ill, he is quite well, only today is the start of his new early  bedtime regime … Thanks, I‘ll tell him … OK,  bye."

She closed the shutters and the window, then drew the curtains. "Jocelyn told me to wish you nite-nite. It’s sleepy-byes time for you. Straight to sleep now and don’t  dare get up, else… I’ll check on you later."

She gathered my clothes up and opened the door, ready to leave. "But what if I need the bathroom?" I asked despairingly, fearful of her answer.

Susan laughed and smirked as she spoke. "Don't worry about that little Bunny Wunny, I’ll  borrow a child's potty from mum, you can use that if you need to." I started to sob again.

"Look on the bright side, you’ll have not have to run the risk of being seen by anyone  as you ventured along the corridor wearing your little boy pyjamas will you?"  She laughed again, then said, "At least not tonight anyway." She turned the light off and locked the door behind her.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Luc's story continues with daddy having to apologise to his neighbour Ingrid in a most embarrassing manner.

                                       DADDY HAS TO APOLOGISE

My wife came back home from town before 3:45, we had finished our baby meal. I was just leaving the bathroom after I had brushed my teeth and I was ready to go back to bed. I hoped I’d be in bed and asleep before she returned so I could avoid her anger. She asked why I was already wearing my pyjamas. I answered that Jordan and myself had been sent to bed in the early afternoon, by her mother.

When my son in turn went to the toilet he was sulking and upset because he was in bed wearing his childish pyjamas. He told her, whining again, that it was early beddy-byes for us because my mother-in-law Maryse had to punish me, but that he hadn't done anything wrong to deserve punishment. 

She asked me harshly what I‘d done to be in my pyjamas so early and tucked into beddy-byes. I stammered that I didn’t know why I was punished but since her mom was in charge of us in her absence, it was right to obey her and to put my pyjamas on and get into bed when she ordered. I added shyly, "Sorry, but it’s sleepy-bye for us, so we have to go back to bed… I…I have still to tuck Jordan up before we sleep until tomorrow."

I thought that she’d let us go quietly back to bed since it was her mother who had given us our early pyjama and bedtime punishment. Instead, she became angry, gave me a slap on my bottom and said. "Naughty little husband, how dare you tell lies to me. Don't take me for a fool. Mother would have a good reason to bed punish you!"

My son sniggered and for that my wife gave him a slap too, right on his pyjama clad bottom and told him. "You, off to bed now! You are no better than your father!" He yelled and scurried off to bed holding his sore bottom.
My wife called her mother for an explanation. Maryse reported what she saw me doing with Ingrid our neighbour, except she exaggerated everything. Hearing her mothers words, Julianne became more angry, she lowered my pyjamas bottoms then, taking me across her knee, spanked me severely with her strong arms.

Then she told me to go and fetch my soft toy, Mr Bunny, and my dummy from the bedroom and not to forget to wear my slippers. My wife ordered me to put my dummy in my mouth then she took me by the ear, dragging me downstairs. I had no choice but to follow her. When she opened the front door, I took my dummy out to ask where we were going. "Get that dummy back in, shut up and march." She ordered, giving me a spank. She paused only long enough to tie my dummy in place before she resumed her march. I felt acutely embarrassed, being marched along, outdoors, in broad daylight, wearing my girlish baby pyjamas, with a dummy tied in my mouth and holding a stuffed-rabbit. 

I suddenly realised, my wife, who was dressed very severely in a white blouse and a dark suit, was taking me to our neighbours house. I started to whine though my dummy only allowed me to make a babyish, "mmmmphhh", muffled sound and I only got spanked again for my impudence, this time three spanks on my bottom with the palm of her hand.
"Oh, you can whine, you naughty boy, Ingrid will hear and see what kind of womaniser you are, nothing but a little cry-baby!
At Ingrid’s front door, I tried once more to speak and remove my dummy, but my wife gave me another slap, this time on the face. She rang the doorbell. It felt as if hours passed before the door was opened. My sexy neighbour stood, staring at us in disbelief. At first speechless, she recovered, to say cheerfully.

"Oh, my dear Julianne, how are you? Oh, Luc, I’ve already seen your pretty pink pyjamas and those childish bedroom slippers, haven't I? This afternoon when your step mom sent you to bed as a punishment and your son also was sent to beddy-byes early because of you. Oh and what a lovely stuffed rabbit you have, you look so sweet and babyish. Not like a real man at all."

My wife told  Ingrid she had bought me over to her because of my childish behaviour that afternoon and that I begged her forgiveness. My wife told her I was going to apologise humbly and sincerely for  behaving like a silly, childish,  naughty little boy.

Julianne untied my dummy and I murmured shyly. "I…I’m very sorry…."

Ingrid appeared taken aback. "That’s all I get, that's not a humble apology is it?" 

My wife again gave me a slap on the face and, twisting my ear again, forced me to kneel. She ordered me to repeat her words. "I, a silly, naughty little boy humbly beg your forgiveness for my disrespectful behaviour towards you Madame. I am genuinely and sincerely sorry. I promise I’ll never do anything like that again. My lovely stepmother rightfully punished me by making me wear these babyish pyjamas and putting me to bed early as befits a naughty little boy. It would be very generous of you if you were to forgive me my foolish behaviour."

Ingrid tried not laugh and said she would forgive me if I would carry on with my punishment and submit strictly to the bed punishment imposed on me. Also I had to apologise to my son for him suffering the same bed punishment because of my actions. I promised, then my wife noticed it was near 4:15 and time I was tucked  back up. I was relieved to avoid this embarrassing situation and agreed with my wife's decision.

I even dared to say shyly, "You‘re right, Julianne, it’s sleepy-bye time for me since I am under early bedtime punishment. Besides, Jordan has already been in bed a long time and he won't like it if I’m not in bed too, since I am the cause of his punishment."
However, unluckily for me Ingrid neighbour offered my wife a coffee. I was mortified when she accepted and even more so when I was not offered  a drink, but was instead given corner time! I had to stand, facing the living room wall, holding my stuffed toy Mr Bunny, for almost half an hour, until both the women finished their drinks.
Before we left, my wife suggested Ingrid should spank me for my naughty behaviour and she accepted the offer at one. She ordered me to lower my pretty pyjama bottoms then patted her lap, I lay across it then she gave me ten strong spanks, so hard were they that I started to cry and begged her to stop. Tearfully I put my pyjamas back on before my pitiless wife dragged me back home, again by the ear. My poor bottom was red-hot and I was unable to stop crying.

Julianne still dragged me upstairs before putting me to bed with no cream for my burning bottom and no tissue for my tears. My son awoke because of the noise and my sobs. He asked Julianne. "Why is dad crying like a baby?"

She replied harshly that our dear neighbour had administered a good spanking that he thoroughly deserved, and she continued, if you don’t be quiet and snuggle down facing the wall you’ll suffer the same fate at my hands. Jordan obeyed immediately while I of course had to lie face downward. My son risked  punishment all the same to ask his stepmother if he would have to stay in beddy-byes all day tomorrow too, a Sunday.

She replied, "Yes, baby. Since I feel sorry for your daddy in spite of what he did, you’ll be in bed like him, to keep him company. Now, nighty-night, I don't want to hear a murmur from either of you or else!"

Monday, 23 June 2014

Luc's new story in its entirety. Baby Beddy and Daddy Beddy. How a husband and son are bed punished by his new and his old wife.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         BABY BEDDY AND DADDY BEDDY

Since I married my second wife Julianne several months ago,  me and my eighteen year old son Jordan have actually been given a compulsory early bedtime. After we undress and put on our pyjamas, we must prepare our bedroom for sleep by getting our beds ready and closing the shutters and curtains. We put our potties in our bedside table, then we go downstairs to eat a snack in the kitchen wearing our pyjamas at 5 PM. When we have finished we wash our dishes and lay the table in the dining room for my wife and her relatives to have their dinner. After that we brush our teeth then come back downstairs to bring the baby monitor to my wife so she can hear and punish us if we get out of bed without permission. We also kiss my wife nite-nite and also my stepmother, my stepdaughters and any guests present.

My wife usually comes upstairs to our bedroom a bit later to tuck us in and to humiliate us further by making sure we have our stuffed toys cuddled in beside us. Mine is a stuffed rabbit and Jordan has a teddy-bear. Our dummies are placed in our mouths and we must keep our faces turned against the walls. She then kisses us good-night on the forehead and locks the door. Every night we are in bed with lights out at 6 PM at the latest.

My stepmother Maryse, and the twins, Agnes and Astrid, my wife's two twelve year old sassy girls life with us in my house. Of course, her family share the most comfortable rooms. She also prefers to eat and to pass the evening and most of her weekend quietly in their company and some friends. This is why she puts me and my son to bed so early. According to her moods, I’ve sometimes to be in bed a part of the night in her room instead of the one of Jordan. But even in this case, beddy-bye is at 6 or earlier for me.

Jordan and me, or "baby beddy“ and "daddy beddy", as the twins have nicknamed us, are asleep or languishing in bed while it’s still bright outside and my wife, stepmother and stepdaughters are downstairs dining, and generally enjoying themselves. Sometimes we hear them playing tennis on my tennis court!

Jordan, who is close to being nineteen, is especially humiliated when the twins, who are seven years his junior, baby-sit us. This sometimes happens when we are put to bed during the day as a punishment or my wife wants peace and quiet and not to be disturbed.

It was one of  my worst embarrassments ever when my ex-wife Diane, who now lives in Australia, visited us with her new husband. It was a Sunday and I was sent to bed along with Jordan after I served the coffee after lunch. We were ordered to undress, and once ready for bed, to come back downstairs to say nite-nite to everybody.

Our pyjamas had been laid out for us and when we came back down Jordan was wearing an infantile baby blue footed pyjamas set and I, much to my shame wore a very girlish, pink footed pyjamas. It was only 1:30 and I was as red as a beetroot and my son was in tears. His mother kissed and tried to sooth him to no avail as he was so ashamed to be in his babyish pyjamas in front of everyone so early in the day.

She then asked my new wife permission to tuck us up in beddies herself and she agreed, although she was given strict instructions to close shutters and draw curtains and to be certain we have our potties close by. She was also to ensure our stuffed animals were tucked up with us in our beds and our dummies firmly in our mouths. My ex wife came upstairs with us and she strictly observed the instructions she had been given. She stayed awhile at the bedside of our son, kissing and soothing him, saying that to take a nap after a good meal is good,  "all the more so since daddy is in the next bed".

Still sobbing, our son explained to her that we wasn’t in bed only for one or two hours but for the rest of the day until tomorrow morning.  His mother replied that was fine as well and that, "a big boy like you shouldn't cry like a baby just because he‘s been sent to bed a little earlier than usual."

"Look at your daddy." She continued, "he’s in bed like you but he isn’t whining."

Jordan told her that I cried often when I was put to bed early and it was only because she was there that I wasn't crying now too. My ex asked me if that was true and I had to confess that I cried because I felt I was being unfairly punished.

Diane laughed and told me, " Well after a good  cry I suppose you‘ll sleep better, especially if you have your stuffed rabbit to cuddle up to." When his mother got up to kiss us nite-nite, Jordan asked her, in a little boy voice, if she would read us a  bedtime story, but since she wasn’t sure that was allowed, she went downstairs to ask her "successor", if she could.

She came back to tell us that the guests everyone was going to drink champagne in the garden and that it was time for both of us to go sleepy-bye. As Julianne had instructed, she put our dummies between our lips then gently kissed us.

As a conditioned reflex, I took out my dummy from my mouth to remind her to turn the baby monitor on and to lock the door when going out. She looked angry and ordered me harshly to put my dummy back in my mouth and warned me that she would not mind giving me a bedtime spanking before she left. Eventually she calme down and made sure Jordan was tucked firmly in beddies and locked us in as she left.

Clutching my pillows, I heard my son sobbing in his bed while my ex, her husband, my wife and the others talked and laughed, clearly audible below our window. 

I heard my ex saying that she almost spanked me and then my wife explaining to our guests about the rules she has devised for us and what happens if we aren’t obedient. She explained that she or her mother sometimes give us punishment spankings. Jordan and myself are made to put on our pyjama jackets only, then taken across their laps and spanked. Then we are given corner time in pyjamas and confined to bed .

My ex told my wife I had also complained about her unfair punishments. Julianne replied  I was a naughty boy and a baby too. She added that a spanked bare bottom and corner time shouldn’t hurt big boys like me and Jordan. My ex agreed laughing loudly, and I felt even more ashamed and upset but I finally fell asleep.

Our humiliation, especially mine, started again later when Diane and her new husband came to our bedroom to bring to us our supper. To my dismay this was  jars of baby food and baby bottles of milk. We had woke up tired and rubbing our eyes because we didn't know what time it was. To make matters worse Diane tied baby's bibs round our necks while forced to eat and drink in front of them.

She fed us the food from the jars and they couldn't stop laughing while we sucked on our bottles and I was left embarrassed when I was admonished for making a mess on my bib. Once we had finished, I nervously explained we had to brush our teeth and go to the toilet before sleepy-byes. Diane told us to hurry up because she and her husband had to go back to their hotel. After we got back into bed, she tucked both of us up again, making sure our stuffed toys were beside us, then she told us they wouldn’t be leaving for three days but she that they probably couldn’t come to see us before they left because of our early bedtimes. 

After she kissed us and reminded Jordan to write to her often, she bid us goodbye and nighty-night. Before I fell asleep again, I could hear Diane and her husband  take their leave of Julianne. My former wife congratulated my new one on her discipline and recommended she continue to be strict with us, especially on our bedtimes. She confessed that she regretted to not have imposed pyjama and early bedtime punishment herself while we lived together.

From our beds, we heard their car starting and in the distance, the church clock strike 4pm. We were now to stay in bed  and sleep until Monday morning.  I said nite-nite to Jordan and  lay awake for half an hour contemplating on the humiliations of the afternoon. The worst was to have to wear my pink footed pyjamas in front of everyone and to have to go to bed so early. Finally though it was so shameful all to be fed baby food from a jar by my ex wife and to suck on my baby bottle in front of Diane's husband.
I felt very humiliated, but since I knew I had no choice but to obey my wife and go to bed straight away when Julianne ordered, I was resigned to this situation. My son had stopped sobbing and was already asleep. I finally stopped thinking about my shameful treatment and did like him.