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Lionel's Pyjama Punishment. A personal account by Mrs Sykes-Patterson

Dear Wincy,

I thought I would share the recent and not entirely unexpected punishment of my husband, Lionel at the hands of Mrs Clark's sewing circle members. This of course came about as a result of his silly comments regarding those same fine upstanding women.

The monthly meeting had to be held at Mrs Clark's house as the village hall had been double booked with the Scottish dancing society.

Lionel was occupied polishing the bottoms of my saucepans in the kitchen but was summoned curtly following a discussion of the sewing article in the current "People's Friend" magazine.

“"Lionel, come in here for a moment. Miss Jones, our junior member, has been working on a project entitled, "Effective Pyjamering for the Disobedient Male". I am advising you as the only disobedient male present,  that you are about to receive a thorough pyjamering and will model Miss Jones" creative efforts without complaint. The other ladies will naturally be taking pictures or videos with their mobile phones to study the finer points of your pyjamaring at their leisure.”

Lionel was then informed that Miss Jones had been shown the e-mails and comments that had passed between Wincy"s Aunt, Eunice and Mrs Clark. She had used these as inspiration to design a pair of pyjamas with which he was to be "pyjamaed".

Lionel"s face was a picture of embarrassment as Miss Jones took a large, brown paper parcel out of her sewing holdall and opened it to reveal a pair of neatly folded, red striped winceyette pyjamas.

Miss Jones cleared her throat nervously before beginning.

”"Ladies, thank you for giving me this opportunity to present my findings. To be clear, my ultimate focus is simply to achieve the ultimate humiliation of the surly male and I have chosen to design a pair of traditional striped pyjamas as a way of achieving this. Now that men who are not supervised by responsible females, choose to wear such monstrosities as, "lounge pants" and T-Shirts as night attire, the requirement for right thinking females such as ourselves, is to emancipate and humiliate the so called modern man by ensuring he is attired for bed fully buttoned into an oversized pair of unfashionable, striped pyjamas whilst being paraded around in front of respectable ladies”

She paused, then politely asked if Lionel would possibly mind in assisting her by trying the aforementioned pyjamas on for her and wearing them in front of the sewing group so her pyjama project could be properly appreciated.

Mrs Sykes-Paterson as usual was quick to interject.

“My dear,girl,  you do not need to request Lionel"s participation, instead, you firmly order him to comply with your wishes. Observe.”

Mrs SP fixed her intimidating stare on the quivering Lionel.

“Lionel, remove your clothes and prepare to be fully pyjamaed by Miss Jones. Come along, quickly now,
unless you want a visit across my knee?”  

An embarrassed Lionel shook his head, swiftly removed his clothes and stood pathetically hiding his modesty behind cupped hands.
“Lionel, please shuffle over to her so she can ascertain if any adjustments to your lovely new pyjamas are necessary"  "Now, kneel down so that she does not need to stand and remember that as a silly, worthless male who is about to receive a thoroughly deserved pyjamering, you will not speak unless spoken to.”  

How delightfully awful it was to see the red-faced miscreant kneeling in front of the youthful and very attractive Miss Jones. Her crisp, white cotton blouse, complete with cameo brooch at the collar, strained around her ample bosom as she shook out the striped pyjama jacket and proceeded to hold it up against Mr SP.

"Oh dear, I am afraid this pyjama jacket going to be far too large for you Mr Sykes-Paterson, but lets try shall we?”  

After fastening the top button of the jacket and adjusting the collar to sit smartly, it was clear that,
"too large" was an understatement. In the kneeling position, both the wide sleeves and jacket hem almost reached the carpet. To Miss Jones surprise, the ladies murmured their approval at his appearance, happy that this silly man was beginning to appreciate the humiliation of being pyjamaed.
Unfortunately for him. it was to become much worse.

"Stand up now Lionel, so that I can assess the fit of the trousers? Without a pattern to work from, I based the sizing on gentlemen's trousers from the 1940"s, so the openings at the bottom have a 24" hem which I hope are not too wide".

Miss Jones proceeded to prepare the pyjama bottoms for the next stage of the pyjamering by pushing her arm down inside a trouser leg and gripping the bottom, she rolled it into a short tube.

“Why don't you place one leg and then the other on my lap so that I can roll the trousers up your leg easily?"

As he stood there, balancing on one leg with the lovely Miss Jones adjusting the flapping material, it was apparent that the voluminous trousers with their low cut crotch were hiding certain "stirrings".

Mrs Harbury was quick to note the tell-tale protuberance through the folds of Lionel’s pyjama trousers and in a swift movement that belied her age, picked up the silver cake slice and delivered several sharp blows to the offending bulge. Lionel howled in pain, hopping from one foot to the other with pyjama sleeves flapping wildly. The ladies nodded in joint approval as he was reprimanded severely by Mrs H.

"You ungrateful naughty man. Miss Jones is now quite embarrassed at your display of male impropriety, get back down on your knees, put your hands on your head and apologise.”

Lionel was contrite and spoke in a barely audible whisper.  "Please Miss Jones, I am very sorry, my new pyjamas are lovely and I look forward to being dressed in them and wearing them for Beddy-Byes. I am a very naughty male and deserve to be punished"
Mrs Harbury towered above the cowering Lionel as she informed him.

“You will present yourself across the laps of each of the ladies present and receive six smacks on you bottom from all of us.”

Slowly and regretfully, Lionel made his way around the room and soon his pyjama clad bottom was smarting from his spankings.

"Now Lionel,” continued Mrs Harbury. “Stand up straight for me so that the other ladies can see you weeping like a little boy and standing there in your oversized pyjamas.”

She proceeded to undo the trouser cord, pull the waist of the bottoms up to his armpits before firmly tightening it again and letting the jacket cascade down to knee level.
"Oh my goodness,” exclaimed Miss Jones in disappointment. “The pyjamas are sadly far too large and appear huge on Lionel, I'm so sorry ladies, I feel that I've let you down, my sizing estimates are all wrong.”
Mrs.SP felt the need to interject.

"Nonsense, Miss Jones, I consider them to be a triumph in the art of pyjamering!  I don't feel that any adjustments are needed at all.  Look how ridiculous Lionel obviously feels encased in folds of striped winceyette. Lionel, would you please be so kind as to parade yourself through the living room in order that we ladies can admire Miss Jones" handiwork in greater detail?"

What fun the ladies then had as the poor man flapped and tripped his way through to the lounge, unsuccessfully attempting to hold up his billowing pyjama trousers with his hands hidden inside flapping sleeves. Various ladies tugged and pulled at his pyjamas in appraisal as he passed  along them before finally it was time for Lionel to pose for pictures.

"Lionel, please stand in the corner of the lounge while the ladies take photographs of you for their records.

"Lionel was made to adopt various positions for ten minutes whilst the ladies captured him posing in his ridiculous oversized, red striped winceyette pyjamas as every humiliating comment caused him evermore embarrassing.

"Doesn't he look ridiculous in those enormous wide-bottomed trousers?"

And, "Won’t he struggle to eat breakfast with those long sleeves in the way? He'll need to be fed with a spoon like a baby."

Then, “Imagine him opening the front door to the postwoman wearing those?"

Finally the ladies finished the photo session and Lionel thought his afternoon ordeal was finally over.

Lionel turned to his wife and asked. "Please Dearest, may I be allowed to take off my new pyjamas and put on my jeans and t-shirt?"

His wife looked at him with disdain.

“Don't look so relieved Lionel, your pyjamaring isn't over yet you ridiculous man. Mrs Watts and Mrs Harbury will escort you to the naughty boy bedroom for an early bedtime. Mr Watts has already been pyjamaed by Miss Jones and been tucked into bed wearing his new pyjamas with a very sore bottom and crying pitifully with good reason I might add. Both of you are to have your pyjama punishment extended for the entire weekend for the entertainment of the sewing circle. Believe me, from now on you will be subject to a strict pyjama time and early bedtime regime which will ensure your obedience. ”

Mrs Watts and Mrs Harbury each took hold of Lionel’s hand and led upstairs to bed to begin his pyjama clad servitude.

With Regards - Mrs SP

Thursday, 4 June 2015

From little boy to baby boy. An eventful day for a nineteen year old.

Philip was standing in the corner of his room sobbing quietly. His hands were on the back of his head, around his ankles were a puddled pair of pyjama bottoms; Philips pale blue, striped winceyette pyjamas. His bottom stung and was red from the spanking he had just received from auntie Agnes.  Philip had been a very naughty boy and auntie had soundly smacked his little bottom until Philip was a very sorry boy indeed.
Auntie Agnes had marched into his bedroom. Philip had to be up early as Auntie was going to take him shopping for new clothes. In her opinion, Philips shorts were not short enough. Philip was outraged, he hadn't worn any shorts with an inside leg of more than two inches since he became  his aunt's little boy and here she was saying his shorts were too long.
Philip had disagreed, rather too vehemently, hence the over the knee nursery style spanking he had just received. Auntie had pulled Philip out of bed, lifting him up by the scruff of his pyjama jacket and marched him over to the chair behind Philip's school desk. She sat herself down and draped the by now sobbing Philip over her upraised knee. She spanked Philip's bottom repeatedly for almost three minutes as Philip had howled and begged auntie to stop, promising of course, to be his aunt's little angel.
Agnes Ashburnum placed him in the corner, hands on head, and busily began choosing the clothes her little boy was to wear on the way to the school outfitters. She was rather upset with her boy. How dare he complain or think he had the right to dictate what he was to wear, or how he was to be punished for that matter. Well, by the end of the afternoon, she knew a naughty little boy that would wear what he was given, and thank her auntie for it, or he would again be a very sorry little boy indeed.
Mrs Ashburnum began gathering the rather fine school uniform her boy would wear. She picked out a smart, little, white, short sleeved school shirt, a grey sleeveless jumper with red trim around the v-neck and the waist of the jumper, a pair or ankle length grey school socks with two thin red lines at the top. Mrs Ashburnum looked at the bottom of the wardrobe at the footwear section of her collection and picked out a pair of brown, t-bar sandals. She hadn't made her nineteen year old little boy wear sandals as infantile as this before, she was sure that Philip would make a fuss, well let the little scamp; he'll wear them with several hand prints to the backs of his legs if need be. She next searched through her vast school shorts section but couldn't find what she was looking for. Hmm … Just as well we are going to the outfitters. Can't have a little boy without pull-up school shorts. She found the next best thing, a pair of very brief, fully lined school shorts but which had an inside leg of only one inch. They were made of a flannel material, but not thick flannel. As they were second hand, and obviously, many a boy had been smacked in them, the material was quite thin. She chose a grey school blazer with red ribbon trim around the edge of the blazer and the lapels and a grey school cap with very short peak and also with red trim.
Mrs Ashburnum called Laura and the maid promptly took the boy's clothes for the day and went to Philip's room and began running his bath. Philip, still sore from his bottom smacking, didn't want to be punished again, so meekly took hold of Laura's hand and was led meekly to the bathroom, undressed and sat in the bath as if he really were a little boy. Philip just laid there soaking in the wonderful warmth of the water and bubbles.
"Come along master Philip." said Laura "It's time for you to get dressed. Your aunt is going to buy you some nice new clothes today. Aren't you a lucky little boy? Laura grinned.
Philip didn't feel very lucky at all. How many other nineteen year old boys were seen out in a short trousered sailor suit? He might be nineteen but when dressed up, he looked no more than ten or eleven.

He was only five foot tall, had flawless smooth hairless skin, and was kept hairless from the neck down. He also had gorgeous straight blond hair with natural highlights that hung straight down in a little page boy hairstyle and had the most amazing blue green eyes, which could melt the heart of the strictest auntie.
Philip got out of the bath and was enveloped in a big white fluffy towel by Laura who promptly dried the boy's flawless skin. As Laura was drying off the boys legs he noticed for the first time that Philip's legs now had a beautiful light tan while his bottom was a snowy white; or would have been if he hadn't been spanked by auntie that morning. Having dried Philip, Laura took the boy by the hand and took him to her bedroom where they both found the clothes for today laid out. Philip frowned and rolled his eyes as he saw the little prep school uniform.
Philip stood while Laura began dressing the boy. She started with the short sleeved white shirt, then the little school ankle socks. Philip really frowned when he saw those, he much preferred to wear long socks with school uniform, he thought that little ankle socks, with or without the red trim made him look silly and even more childish than he usually did. Laura noted the boy begin to pout but said nothing, she next picked up the grey school shorts. Holding them up she noticed that these were shorter than the lad normally wore, the inside leg was only one inch. The thin flannel material was beautifully soft and had a white cotton lining. She held them open and Philip reluctantly stepped into them. Philip had to admit that they did feel very good, indeed, as Laura slowly pulled them up and tucked the white shirt in before fastening the shorts and pulling up the zip he felt himself shiver with excitement.
"Turn around Master Philip, let me see how you look."
Philip did as he was told, gently feeling his bottom through the thin flannel. Laura sat back on the bed and noted how well they marked the boy's bottom. As Philip was not allowed to wear underpants, the seam of the tiny school shorts disappeared up his bottom and the flannel clung to his bottom cheeks beautifully. Laura could just about notice a patch of now dark pink skin just showing below the hem of the shorts where Philip had been soundly hand smacked by auntie.
Laura picked up the school tie and tied it in a Windsor knot, then came the v-neck sleeveless jumper and the blazer. Again, Laura noted how, with the blazer on, you couldn't see Philip's little shorts; Philip carried on pouting. Laura reached into the left hand pocket of Philip's blazer and pulled out the school cap and put it on the boy, making sure that some of the beautiful blond fringe showed below the peak of the cap, she thought it made Philip look like a mischievous little scamp.
"Ah. We almost forgot your footwear, didn't we little boy, we can't have you going out in stockinged feet now can we?"
Laura looked under the bed and almost giggled when she saw the childish, brown T-bar school sandals, she just knew that Philip wasn't going to like them; she was absolutely right.
Philip took one look at the sissy little sandals and all he could do was flap his mouth open and closed like a goldfish out of water.
" I can't, I won't wear those. " Philip almost screamed.
"You will put these lovely sandals on right now you naughty boy. How dare you be so naughty when I'm trying to dress you? Your aunt will be told about your disobedient behaviour."
Laura managed to force Philip's little right foot into the sandal and fasten it, when she tried to put the left sandal on Philip wailed and stamped on her hand.
"That's it young man." Without another word she held the left sandal by the heel, took hold of Philip's left arm and began smacking the back of Philip's legs with the sandal.
"You will wear SMACK, SMACK, whatever you are told, SMACK, SMACK.
Six smacks landed from the sandal to his left leg, from the hem of his shorts to the back of his knees. Six perfectly marked, dark pink outlines on his leg.
"Your aunt, SMACK, SMACK, has spent a lot of time and effort turning you from a tearaway teenager into a well behaved, polite little boy. You're not going to disappoint her or me with behaviour like that."
Six more smacks of the sandal landed on his right leg.
"Now little boy." asked Laura, holding onto Philip's arm, "do I need to give you a proper spanking over my knee before you do as you are told?"
Philip didn't answer, he just wailed. He was smacked one more time on the left leg.
"No Miss Laura."

"That's better." 
Finally, Philip was dressed in his very traditional, prep school uniform with little ankle socks and sandals and a blazer that covered his shorts, and what was worse, a stupid school cap. The slipper marks, showing clearly on the backs of his hairless legs, stung painfully. He went to rub and soothe them.
"No, leave those marks alone, let them be a reminder of what happens to naughty little boys.

"I'm so sorry Miss Laura." Philip sniffled, rubbing his eyes with his little balled up hands
Laura sat the nineteen year old boy on her lap and stroked the inside of his thigh.

 "There, there little one, it's all over now." She said, gently kissing his smooth hairless cheek.  "Just remember to be a good little boy and you won't have to be punished again."
Laura took hold of Philip's hand and led him downstairs to Mrs Ashburnham's study. She knocked on the door and entered. Laura, instead of taking little Philip to stand in front of his aunt took him to the corner of the study and made him face the wall, hands on head.
Mrs Ashburnum noted the back of the boy's legs.
"Well, well Laura, I see you have had to impart a lesson to the little scamp."
Philip was standing with his hands firmly clamped on his head, causing the bottom of his blazer to lift a few inches. Mrs Ashburnum could now see the hem of the tiny little shorts, but more importantly, see the bright pink thighs of her chastised little boy.
"I'm dreadfully sorry Mistress, but your naughty little boy decided to throw a tantrum when he saw the sandals he was supposed to wear and well …"
"Hmmm … don't worry Laura. From now on you will obviously have to take a more, shall we say, hands on approach in young Philips upbringing. You have my permission to adminster smacked bottoms and legs at your own discretion."
"As Mistress wishes," she turned and looked at the back of the boys legs, bright and pink under the hem of his little shorts.
They left Philip in the corner for half an hour; "Philip, come over here little boy." Philip turned around and saw his aunt sitting behind her huge, leather topped desk and Laura standing to her right.. Philip walked slowly over and stood in front of the desk, eyes cast down, staring at his infantile school sandals; Goodness how he hated them.
"I hope you've learnt your lesson little boy, I really don't want to have to punish you again today.

"Sniff .., you wont auntie" replied Philip in a low voice.
"We'll see." she said, then patted her lap.
Philip smiled and ran over to auntie like an obedient puppy dog, who picked him up and sat him on her knee. Philip liked it when she cuddled him.
"Well young man, today we are going shopping for some new shorts and a few other thing for you.. Now, I warn you Philip, if you misbehave while we are shopping, I will have no hesitation in giving you a good smacking, in public wherever we are."
Auntie had put on her stern face as she warned.
"Then, upon our return home you will get a sound spanking and be put straight into your jimmy-jams and put straight to bed without supper. Do you understand?" Mrs Ashburnum scolded firmly.
"I'll be good auntie honest … cross my heart."
"Well don't say I didn't warn you. Now please go to the car with Laura while I finish this letter."
She stood Philip up and sent him off with a firm smack to the back of his shorts as he scurried away.
Mrs Ashburnum smiled as she watched them leave with Laura tightly holding Philip's hand. It had hardly taken any time at all she mused. Oh of course she and Laura had easily overpowered such a small, weak willed man child. She remembered that first night how they had stripped him and lowered him into the bathtub. Yes, he had fought them but a few slaps to his legs had subdued him and he sat placidly but trembling as they washed him. His smooth, hairless body, no sign of facial hair whatsoever on the nineteen year old, and the strange timid voice should have been clue enough, but the tiny stump that was his penis explained why this nineteen year old was her perfect candidate.
She put down her pen and began to think of the clothes she was going to buy her boy. He had plenty of school uniforms but realised that she didn't have a little Cub Scout uniform for the boy. Yes, we'll go to the school outfitters and kit him out as a little Cub Scout. He placed a call to the outfitters to let her friend know that they were on the way and also to find out if she had the shorts that he had spoken to him about a week earlier. Philip was going to be a very surprised little boy.
Philip was very comfortable in his uniform, he no longer felt embarrassed at being seen in public wearing his school uniform, even with the tiny school shorts, he noticed that people didn't really stare at him. He was happy skipping along by aunty's side as he held her hand. Looking at a mirrored shop front window he noticed how he looked just like a little boy with his auntie. He was learning that it was much better to behave and be the perfect little boy rather than be punished for disobedience. If he acted and behaved like a little boy no one gave him a second glance, save for people admiring his smart appearance.

As they neared the outfitters, Mrs Ashburnum bent down slightly and wagging her finger in Philip's face reminded him to behave; in they walked.
Philip had never been to a shop like this before, it smelled of wood polish and cloth, it was a very traditional shop with all manner of traditional boy's clothes, from play clothes to school uniforms and other uniforms beside. Philip held onto aunty's hand as they walked up to a distinguished looking lady in a white blouse and grey pleated skirt, half moon reading glasses were perched at the end of her nose.
"Ah. Mrs Ashburnum, how wonderful to see you again Madam." She looked down at the boy who was trying to hide unsuccessfully behind Mrs Ashburnum.
"This must be the delightful little boy of yours you were telling me about." She looked down at Philip and smiled, struck by the boys incredible boyish bashfulness and noticing the long expanse of bare thigh below his cute little school blazer.
"Patricia, my dear lady, yes, this is my little scamp. He is actually a good boy most of the time, though he can be quite mischievous and naughty at times and requires a smacked bottom."
 Philip wanted the ground to swallow him up and blushed mightily.

"Philip, don't forget your manners introduce yourself to the nice lady, you will address her as Miss Fortescue-Smythe."
Philip, all the while looking at the floor, held out his hand.
"Pleased to meet you Miss Fortescue-Smythe," he said in a whispered, embarrassed and remarkably childish voice. 
"What a sweet, well mannered little boy you have there Madam. It's hard to believe that he could ever be naughty or…..nineteen," she added.
Mrs Ashburnum laughed, "I can guarantee you that he can be quite a mischievous nineteen year old. Still we will soon turn him into the perfectly behaved little boy he longs to be, with the help of Mr Paddle of course."
Miss Fortescue-Smythe, her hands clasped together and her head tilted to one side, nodded attentively as Mrs Ashburnum continued.
"Only today I have had to give his bottom a good spanking and Laura my maid, had to smack his legs for his misbehaviour."
Mrs Ashburnum looked down at him and ordered, "Turn around Philip."
Mortified at having his marks of shame displayed, Philip did as he was told and presented his back view to Miss Fortescue-Smythe.
"Well. I see he has been very naughty indeed," she said as she saw the faint pink outline of the slipper still visible on the back of the boy's legs.
"Well I must say, it's good to see that there are guardians such as yourself that ensure naughty boys of any age receive the just punishments they deserve for their naughtiness and  misbehaviour. A good leg smacking never harmed a boy and lets him know who the grown up is and who the little boy is."
It was Mrs Ashburnham turn now to nod in agreement, "and if he misbehaves on this outing he will be put straight into his pyjamas and sent straight to bed on our return. Isn't that so Philip?"
Philip blushed again.
Miss Fortescue-Smythe agreed that early bedtimes were also an excellent punishment for naughty boys then decided to get on with her business of selling little boy outfits.
"Now Madam, I have all the clothes you requested for little Master Philip. I will need to take a note of his measurements for future attire. I hope you will behave Master Philip, we wouldn't want you in your jimmy-jams and tucked up in bed too early now do we?" She grinned.
It was then that Philip started to grimace. "Ooh auntie please may I…."
"Philip, don't fuss, I am busy buying you some much needed new clothes."
"But auntie, I need a wee-wee" said Philip urgently as he started dancing from foot to foot.
"I told you to go before we left, you will just have to wait until we are finished."
Philip was panic stricken, he didn't think he could hold on for very long. As his mind attempted to dismiss thoughts of toilets and waterfalls, Miss Fortescue-Smythe began showing Mrs Ashburnum clothes.
"Here are the items for the boy"
Mrs Ashburnum held a green, crew neck jersey with a little yellow scout's logo on the front. Like many a mother had done in the past to their children, Mrs Ashburnum held the jersey against the boy to make sure it would fit.
"Perfect, absolutely perfect. You will look so sweet in your cub outfit I will have to put you in it right now."
Mrs Ashburnum picked up the pair of plain grey, woollen knee socks. She bent down and took off Philip's school sandals and little boy ankle socks, then put the long socks onto the boy. The tops of the socks went about two inches above the knee. She left them there and next took a pair of garters for the socks. The garters comprised of white elastic with a green tassel. She pulled them up to just under the boy's knee and folded down the sock top. On the outside of each sock were now hanging a cute green tassel. She continued to dress him in the cubs outfit until Philip was now standing in the middle of the shop in grey long socks with garters and green jersey; of course he had no underwear and was again blushing while looking at his grey sock covered feet.
Miss Fortescue-Smythe could not help but stare at Philips tiny nineteen year old penis as she handed Mrs Ashburnum  a red and yellow neckerchief that went round Philip's neck and fastened with a tube of leather called a woggle. Next came a green cap with a yellow trim. Mrs Ashburnum took great care placing it on Philips head, ensuring his fringe was visible in the process.
That left only left the shorts. They almost took her breath away as a beaming and triumphant  Miss Fortescue-Smythe held by their waist, the most adorable little boy school shorts she had ever seen.
They were in fact, infants shorts. They were worsted school shorts but very, very short indeed, slightly shorter than Philip's current flannel shorts. The difference was that these shorts had a false fly, they were elasticated all the way around the waist and had no white lining or pockets. If her little boy needed to go wee-wee he would have to lower the shorts. Philip trembled slightly as auntie made him step into the shorts and pulled them up. They felt incredibly brief and thin to Philip, he knew they wouldn't offer much protection when auntie spanked him. Auntie took his shoulders and pointed him toward the mirror and there he saw reflected, a very small, timorous and cute looking nineteen year old Cub Scout.
"Auntie please, I need a wee-wee."
"Philip, I told you to act like a big boy and wait, now stand still while I speak to Miss Fortescue-Smythe. Do I have to warn you again about being naughty? Your little boy pyjamas are waiting for you at home if that's what you want?"
"No auntie." Philip pouted and commenced to hold tightly onto his willy through he shorts while auntie talked.
Philip was desperate; he really did need to use the bathroom.
When it happened he almost began to cry. Philip stood miserably to the spot as he began to feel a slow trickle run down his leg. He looked down and began sobbing as he stood there soiling his new, infantile cub shorts.
Mrs Ashburnum looked down at the boy, as did Miss Fortescue-Smythe who commented.
"Well I never, I never imagined a boy like you having a wee-wee accident like this, and in your new shorts too. Dear me."
"James Richard Ashburnum." Auntie exclaimed." Here I was thinking you were a grown up little boy and it turns out instead you behave like a four year old.  
Without further ado Mrs Ashburnum took hold of Philip's arm and soundly smacked the backs of Philip's legs until they were bright red.
"Naughty-naughty-naughty boy... You bad, bad boy."
Over and over again Mrs Ashburnum smacked the back of the boys legs until Philip was dancing from foot to foot and crying hard as the back of his legs turned redder and redder with purple finger marks appearing on his legs.
Once Philip was crying hard from the leg smacking and the embarrassment, Mrs Ashburnum placed him facing a corner and swiftly pulled the infant shorts down to Philip's feet and gave him twelve very hard smacks to his bottom and told him not to move. She walked back over to Miss Fortescue-Smythe and began apologising while Philip stayed in the corner, crying like an infant.
"You see, what am I going to do with him? Honestly. Wetting himself like a toddler."

Miss Fortescue-Smythe gave a small cough. "Ahem, I wonder if I could make a suggestion Madam?"
"Please do so."
"Well you see there is a small shop just down the road that specialises in …shall we say……little boy clothes for the older boy if you take my meaning. I  could give them a call to expect you if you would like?"
Philip didn't hear what they had to say to each other, he was busy in the corner dying to be able to rub the back of his burning legs. He was so embarrassed, he didn't know why it had happened, he had never ever wet himself before and just the thought that he had made him cry all the more. He had finally regressed to being a very small, contrite little boy and he would do anything to make auntie love him again .
The two women ended their conversation. "Thank you so much Miss Fortescue-Smythe, you have been most helpful.
"You are most welcome Madam. Goodbye Master Philip, it appears you have an urgent appointment with your pyjamas and an early bedtime." She laughed.
Mrs Ashburnum strode purposefully over to Philip who was more of a little boy than he thought, and quickly gave Philip a further six hard smacks to his bare bottom
"Auntie please, no. I don't want to go out with wet shorts."
"If you disgrace yourself in public then you will have to take the consequences. Naughty boys are punished. I don't care if people see you with wet shorts. I knew you were a little boy, but I never expected you to wet yourself like a toddler."
Philip felt very uncomfortable and humiliated in his soiled clothes. The dark grey wet patch at the front of his shorts, together with his wet stinging legs, made him feel like the toddler auntie talked about.
Mrs Ashburnum took hold of his hand, there were quite a few people on the street who pointed and laughed at the little boy in his boy cub scout uniform with the tiny wet infant shorts and bright red legs being dragged along by a stern looking women and, as auntie strode so fast, his little legs almost had to run to keep up with her.
They stopped outside an old fashioned looking shop with a bay window that had child mannequins dressed in clothes that harked back to a previous time. The bell above the door bell tinkled as Mrs Ashburnum strode up to the counter still holding onto Philip's hand. Philip stood there mortified, with his wet shorts sticking to his bottom and his red legs stinging so hard.
"Ah, you must be Mrs Ashburnum, Miss Fortescue-Smythe did call."
"I am indeed; I hope that she explained the problem."
The lady standing behind the glass counter looked over her pince-nez at the very sorry looking little boy with the wet shorts and frowned.
"Yes indeed, and I must say that I fully and wholeheartedly agree with your solution."
Philip was standing in front of auntie looking down at the floor and still snivelling away.
"Hmm … Yes … I have the perfect outfit for your boy Mrs Ashburnum. As you can imagine we have ample accessories for little boys who insist on wetting like toddlers, I have taken the initiative to have selected some items that you will need. But considering the situation, I think you may first wish to remove the little boy's clothing?"
"You are of course correct." Auntie stood Philip between her knees and began taking off the new cub scout uniform, tutting and scolding him all the time on his behaviour until he was completely naked.
"Madam may have use of these." The assistant handed Mrs Ashburnum a small bowl of water, a wash flannel and a towel. Briskly auntie cleaned the wee-wee  off Philip, quite purposely paying particular attention to his tiny peepee.
 The assistant looked on amused as Philip stared down at the floor blushing profusely.
"We will start with these Madam," The lady said, once Philip had been, none too gently, towelled dry by auntie.
She presented a pair of long, white socks, but not any normal long white socks, they looked like girls socks with patterns all the way to the top and no turnover. She handed them over to Mrs Ashburnum and she put them on Philip.
"Oh Madam, they suit the child very well. Now here is a nice little shirt for the darling." She pulled out a silk type white shirt with short, puffed and bunched sleeves.
As auntie began putting the shirt on him, Philip became more uncomfortable than ever.
"Oh doesn't he look just divine? Come over to me little boy." Philip looked at auntie who nodded and Philip walked over to the lady, very embarrassed. She had in her hand a bow tie in pale baby blue. Philip cringed as the lady fastened the bow tie around the shirt collar.
"Perfect, we're almost done little boy"
As he spied what was to follow, Philip wanted the ground to open up and make him disappear, but it wouldn't.
"Auntie no that's for infants and babies … "
"Oh really ? Coming from a naughty little boy who has just done wee-wees in his new shorts, I find it amazing that you don't like your nice new clothes."
What he saw was a pair of, again, pale baby blue shorts to match the bow tie, but not ordinary shorts. They were again very short indeed, even shorter than the infant school shorts.
At the back of the shorts were two strips of material, braces that were sewn into the back of the shorts. She made Philip step into the shorts and pulled them up tight making sure the seam dug deep into the naughty boys bottom. She pulled the braces over her shoulder; two big white pearl buttons were sewn onto the front of the shorts. The braces were buttoned to the front. The braces were sufficiently tight enough that the shorts were hoisted very high, so much so that you could see the crescent where the bottom meets thigh, clearly from the back.
Philip cried like the infant he was now dressed as.
"There, there little boy" said the lady. "We're almost done and I must say you are looking absolutely adorable. You should thank your lucky stars that you have an aunt that buys you such lovely things. Now lets put some shoes on you shall we?"
Philip was standing there in his ridiculous looking baby blue infantile clothing, but the worst was yet to come.
There they were, a pair of pale blue baby Mary Jane shoes to co-ordinate his braced shorts and bow time. The lady put her new shoes on and buckled them up and then stepped back, looking at the little boy blue.
"Oh Master Philip don't you think you now are the cutest little boy in town?" She gushed.
Mrs Ashburnum had to agree; he looked like a big four year old in the matching baby blue shorts, bow tie and shoes, and the two big buttons at the front that held the braces just emphasised the infantile nature of the outfit.
"Now, I think you will also require these tonight Madam." Another lady appeared caring an armful of items that she placed on the glass counter.
Mrs Ashburnum smiled. "Philip, if you don't stop that snivelling, I will give you something to cry about." On the counter, were half a dozen neatly folded terry towelling nappies, several pairs of pull-up padded trainer pants, several pair of plastic pants, some of them with teddy bears printed on.
Philip closed his eyes and tried to back away from the counter as though he could wish the baby things clean away.
"What did I just tell you young man?"
"But auntie."
"Do you want me to smack your bottom soundly here and now little boy?"
Philip shook his head.
"These clothes are your punishment outfit young man. If you are going to behave like a toddler and a baby, then that is the way you will have to be treated."
The last two words were punctuated with two hard smacks to the front of Philip's thighs.
"I know someone who will be going to bed very early as a contrite little boy.
"Oh … just as well you mentioned that Madam, I almost forgot."
She opened a drawer beneath the counter and pulled out a pair of soft pyjamas, no ordinary pyjamas mind you. They were a pair of, once again pale baby blue, footed sleepers, the type with foot pads and at the back a drop seat that was held into place with buttons.
"Oh my dear lady, they are absolutely adorable, exactly what is needed, I can't thank you enough. Just what every naughty silly little boy needs for beddy-byes … hmm … lovely and roomy too, just right for a good thick nappy underneath?"
"Oh yes Madam, absolutely," Smirked the assistant.
She looked at her little boy in the toddler clothes. "Say thank you to the nice lady for all your lovely new baby clothes Mr Pee-pee pants."
Philip managed to mumble a thank you and five minutes later there were many amused people on the high street who would turn around as tall woman holding onto the hand of an adorable little boy in baby blue suspender shorts with matching shoes and bow tie.
His hand was tightly held by Mrs Ashburnum, as people passed they would have been able to clearly notice several clear and present dark red hand prints up and down the backs of his little legs, from the hem of the very brief, tugged up shorts to the tops of his little boy socks.
As they came to her car, Laura stood there holding the door, amazed at the little boys clothes, she loved them, she thought they made him look, "adorable."
"Straight home please Laura. I have to have a very long talk with a very naughty misbehaving little boy."
Philip had indeed had a very, very long talk with auntie. His Aunt's hand and a large hairbrush did all the talking.