Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pyjamas and Slippers are the punishment clothing items of choice for these two strict maternal aunties who also use nappy punishment and spankings to maintain discipline in their households.

Dear Mrs Y

Thank you for your letter. I have bought Michelle up to wear ladies slippers and pyjamas and because of this he is mostly very well behaved, he has learnt over the years to respect his elders, and although he still misbehaves himself I have a firm grasp of the discipline he requires.

I put my success down to making him always wear pretty fluffy slippers, which I started many years ago to stop him turning out to be an ill-mannered boy. I insisted he wore traditional full fur collar girl’s slippers with fur lining, which I always used to buy in Marks & Spencer’s here in the UK. They used to sell them in a variety of pretty pastel colours, and I was able to get his school slippers there too, as they sold a nice royal blue colour, which matched his school, uniform.

At home he wore this same style of girl’s slipper, but for bedtime and for Sunday best I used to put him in pretty pink full fur collar slippers with a perky bow on the slipper collar to make each slipper more attractive and dress him in equally pretty floral winceyette pyjamas.

When visiting friends and family I would make him take his bedroom slippers in his slipper bag, which he was made to take everywhere. Fortunately even when he was older his feet where quite small, and at sixteen and he was able to wear this style of slipper with his long white socks, which made his slippers highly visible, and I used to be often asked why he was wearing pretty girl’s slippers when we were out shopping.

It certainly kept him quiet, and I never had the problems that other mothers had, as he was keen to stay indoors to do his chores after finishing his homework because of his slippers and pyjamas.  Other than church on Sunday, the only time that he was allowed out was to go to dance classes, which I thought were important, and there he mixed with some well behaved young ladies.  I used to make him wear his bedroom slippers for dance classes, and would change him into his slippers before I left and took his old slippers home in my bag so he had to wait in class for me to return to take him home.

Quite often I would try to get a pair of little fur bootee slippers with cartoon characters on the slipper front to make the slipper more attractive and by adding some bells to the pom-poms of his slippers the jingling drew people’s attention to his slippers and embarrassed him further, so he learned to walk elegantly and carefully, so the bells did not jingle and people might not see his childish slippers.

What surprises me is that so many mothers put their little boys in Mary Jane shoes, but I must say that girl’s slippers on a boy make them more obedient, and his friends can see constantly that he is in his slippers. By always having his feet inside a fur lined slipper, it also stops many accidents in the home or when out shopping.
At home he is the slipper monitor and has to warm and fetch my slippers when I come home and gently put them on my feet, before making me a cup of tea. My sister and her two girls get their slippers warmed by Michelle when they are staying here too.

Anyway, I thought I would update you on my personal success in disciplining Michelle with his slippers being worn for all occasions. I do think that all boys should have girl type slippers and pyjamas on indoors, and not wear shoes on the carpet.

I would like to hear if other mothers have had similar success, and whether they insist like I do that a pair of pretty fluffy pink slippers and pink floral pyjamas are worn at all times in the home. 
Keep up the good work,

Mrs Kendrick.

Dear Mrs Kendrick

How wonderful to read about fluffy slippers and pyjamas being used as effective petticoat discipline. I have used slippers and winceyette pyjamas as a tool to keep my husband under control.

Hubby had become undisciplined and downright cheeky, and grounding him and deprivation of privileges had no effect on his behaviour. For many years I ran a small guesthouse exclusively for retired ladies. One of my guests, Miss Fulsham first advised me of the wonderfully calming influence that a pair of fluffy slippers and some floral winceyette pyjamas can be on a troublesome male.

 Now hubby must always wear slippers indoors, fur collar ones in various feminine colours.
The wearing of winceyette pyjamas enhances hubby’s punishment. Miss Fulsham used to take great care in selecting his pyjamas for him. Something that embarrassed him greatly, she favoured old-fashioned floral winceyette pyjamas, lovely and warm on chilly nights. Nowadays my husband spends the evenings dressed in his pyjamas and slippers, sitting quietly until it is his bedtime. At seven thirty on work nights he says goodnight to everyone and I take him upstairs to tuck him into bed.
Thank you for bringing slipper discipline to a wider audience. I can certainly vouch for their efficacy.

Mrs Y.

Dear Mrs Y

I was delighted to read about your husbands pyjama and slipper discipline and am pleased you agree that an ill mannered male can be have his behaviour improved by the wearing of childish slippers and little girls pyjamas. Dressed in them permanently Michele has been brought up to wear his slippers whenever he is indoors, and I have a style of slipper which I make him wear too when we are out shopping, which is more durable for outdoors, but equally humiliating.

Moreover, I have found that wearing childish slippers and pyjamas at all times negates the need for Mary Jane sandals, which did not improve Michele’s behaviour enough, so pretty slippers are now worn constantly as a reminder that Auntie has a ‘special’ slipper which is not so comfortable for Michele. After a difficult start Michele has now accepted that his house slippers are put on when required, and he is not allowed to touch either slipper, or remove a slipper, without my permission.

At the start he would try to remove his pyjamas and slippers when I was not looking, or would try to slip them off when guests came to the house, but I quickly corrected this disobedience with three strokes from the rubber sole of my full fur collar slipper on his pyjama bottoms. The additional humiliation would be that his terry nappies and plastic pants would now be very obvious, and I would stand him in the corner with his pyjama bottoms pulled down to his ankles to show off his nappies and baby pants. It did not take long before he learned not to misbehave, and now he waits patiently while I choose which girls’ slippers he must wear each day, as he now has an extensive slipper collection for all occasions.

Here is a picture. The floral winceyette pyjamas he is wearing ensure there will be no sneaking out to play football or such nonsense while the prettily jingling bells on the pom-poms also draw attention to Michele’s big fluffy bunny slippers so that I can hear where Michele is when I am in the kitchen and know he still has his slippers on like a good boy should!

I do hope you write again with more of your husband’s experience of floral winceyette pyjamas and furry slippers!
Best wishes

Mrs J Kendrick

Dear Mrs Kendrick,

How delighted I was to read about Michele’s slipper discipline. I congratulate you on your success in maintaining strict control over your nephew, and how correct you are in using the slipper on a misbehaved bottom to restore order!
I discovered the beneficial effects of insisting males wore female slippers through my mother’s excellent disciplining of my younger brother, and how it generally improved his behaviour around the house, and prevented him from ‘showing off ’ in front of guests.
It is now my husband who is the disobedient little boy and who attempts to avoid wearing his slippers and pyjamas, I too find it necessary myself to administer a spanking when my husband is impertinent enough to complain about wearing his cosy slippers. I leave them in the hallway, ready for him to wear when he returns home from work. You will not be surprised how many times I have to send him back to put them on. He protests and complains but he soon shuffles his feet into the slippers after I threaten him with a taste of the slipper sole upon a pyjama-clad bottom.
I think your idea of tinkling bells attached to the pom-poms of Michele’s slippers is inspired. There is now no chance of him removing his slippers without your permission.
Making him stand with his pyjama bottoms around his ankles while exposing his nappies and baby pants is also a wonderful disciplinary tactic, and something I would like to attempt on my husband. How many terry nappies do you use, and do you buy special baby pants or just use regular chemist purchases?
I notice from the picture that you also keep him attired around the house in winceyette floral pyjamas. These are excellent for establishing a compliant sissy male in conjunction with an appropriate pair of slippers.
I usually allow him to wear his normal clothes as long as he has his pretty girly slippers on, but when my mother and my sister visit I prefer him to be ready for bed wearing winceyette pyjamas very similar to the ones Michele is wearing.
Hubby would prefer to be put to bed before they arrive, rather than be seen in his sissy slippers and pyjamas, but I find it better to delay his departure to bed until they have arrived. It is very satisfying to witness him scurrying off to bed with the sound of female laughter ringing in his ears.
May I ask you if you have set your nephew a regular bedtime? I have found my husband responds better to routine so I usually dispatch him off to bed at seven thirty, unless of course he has been a naughty boy, in which case I will put him to bed immediately.
I have included a picture of the slippers and pyjamas my husband was wearing during their last visit before I sent him to bed. I only have to buy slippers especially for him, as he has a smaller foot than mine, and pyjamas for his birthday and at Christmas but usually he wears my cast-off pyjamas, reluctantly off course.
Mrs Y.


 Dear Mrs Y,

It was good to see your letter explaining your experiences of using childish slippers and winceyette pyjamas on your husband to improve his behaviour. As I have experienced myself, the wearing of feminine slippers makes their behaviour so much gentler. Michele’s fluffy slippers are kept in the hallway too, and I change his slippers immediately when we get indoors from his outdoor zip bootee slippers to ensure he makes no dirty footmarks on the carpets. In the winter though, his slippers are warmed on the radiator and I make him kneel on the floor whilst I put on his slippers and check they are firmly held in position so there is no excuses if they are removed without my permission.

Like you, I have found that the addition of winceyette floral pyjamas is ideal for wearing around the house, as he can not easily stray too far from me, and I can keep an eye upon him. Does you husband also have a floral dressing gown to match, like Michele has?

A regular bedtime too is one that you identify as being a key point for discipline, and Michele has an early bedtime too, but first he is bathed and changed into his nighttime nappies at 6.00pm each night, with his special night bunny sleeper, and fluffy bunny slippers.

I do hope you tell us more about your experiences.
Best wishes,

Mrs J Kendrick

Dear Mrs Kendrick,

I was pleased to hear you have such effective control over your nephew. My husband is several years younger than myself, and I must confess that he still has his rebellious moments. I regret that I did not get the opportunity to discipline him into my ways at an earlier age.
My husband’s slippers are worn exclusively in the house; I admire your achievement in ensuring Michele wears his slippers outdoors as well. Does this attract any adverse comment?
I make my husband wear slippers without heels; consequently he has to shuffle around the house, making his whereabouts more obvious. As you say, the main problem is keeping an eye on errant males to keep them out of mischief.
 I am sure you agree what a relief it is sometimes to get him tucked safely into bed in the evening. The idea of a floral dressing gown to match his pyjamas is delightful and is something that I must explore for the chillier months ahead. 

 Is six o’clock Michele’s actual bedtime or just the time he is ready for bed? Does he wear his bunny sleeper and slippers without argument?

My husband has some very girlish pyjamas with pictures of sweeties on them that I call his ‘naughty sissy’ pyjamas. He has to wear them when he has especially displeased me but I usually have to cope with a tantrum before I can get him dressed in them ready for bed, because they are so babyish and frilly. Thankfully, I can rely on my mother and sister for assistance, as they are always available to help with discipline. On those occasions I usually administer a pyjama spanking before putting him to bed.
Here is a picture of him wearing them. Please continue to regale us with your successful slipper discipline regime.

Mrs Y

Dear Mrs Y

It was so good to hear from you again, and explain the situation regarding your husband’s slipper discipline.

I am pleased to hear that you continue to keep him in a controlled manner and that he is learning that a strict female hand keeps ill-mannered males in check.

For Michele I am pleased to say that his behaviour has been very good this past month, although we have had a few tantrums at bedtime, but with after a stroke of the cane he knew he had put on his fluffy bunny slippers for bedtime, and stop saying it was too hot to have his cosy winceyette pyjamas put on him for bed.  We have had a couple of wet beds this past week, but after the second occasion I increased his booster pad thickness, which he wears inside his terry nappies, and he has been dry in the mornings, which saves so much washing. I am so pleased his new plastic pants have been so effective too, much better than the previous style, which did leak around his legs at night. He has a bed wetter plastic fitted mattress on his bed at all times.

As for Michele’s bedtime, this is normally at 8 o’clock, but does get reduced to an earlier time if he has not behaved during the day. I do insist though that bath time is always at 5.30pm and night nappies, pyjamas, dressing gown, and bedtime bootie slippers, must be on him by 6.00pm, so I can sit down and have two hours reading before I put him to bed.

I know you asked about Michelle’s reaction to him having to wear his girlie slippers out when we go shopping, but there is no problem with this now, as he has become used to having childish slippers on. It’s all about how early you teach them to wear slippers. At first it was difficult with him in early years, when he would try and hide his slippers by standing close to the shopping trolley, but I found that by sending him down the isles to get items he quickly became used to the fact he was wearing slippers.

As for comments: yes, he regularly gets asked why he has pretty girlie slippers on his feet, and he has been told to say, “Auntie makes me wear pretty slippers”. He gets embarrassed though when young ladies come up to him and say they have the same pair of slippers themselves, and comment on the pretty colour or fur collars of his slippers. The best advice I can give is not to let your naughty boys wear long trousers, but keep them in shorts as I do Michele, then the slippers cannot be hidden and are highly visible for people to see on him.

I hope I have been able to assist you with further information on slipper discipline. Best wishes

Mrs J Kendrick


Dear Mrs Kendrick.

I would like to say that although we both agree on the efficacy of slipper and pyjama discipline, in general I am not wholeheartedly in favour of the use of a cane to maintain discipline, although as his aunty you obviously know best as far as Michele is concerned.

I usually find that a smack on his pyjama-clad bottom as my husband walks past with a basket of ironing, or more formally, a proper over-the-knee spanking before being despatched promptly to bed, is adequate enough for my husband.

Perhaps it would help if I recount a typical weekend:

Any formal spanking takes place on Saturdays. After his morning outdoor chores are completed, I send him upstairs for a bath while I select his slippers and pyjamas, and lay them out on his bed in the punishment bedroom. I, too, have to deal with tantrums when he objects to wearing cosy floral winceyette pyjamas and warm fluffy slippers. There is some excuse for a young person such as Michele, but it is inexcusable a grown man protesting about having to get ready for bed, and in those instances once he has been correctly attired an over-the-knee spanking is inevitable.

He shuffles downstairs in his pink fluffy slippers and floral pyjamas while I follow behind, regaling him with the week’s misdemeanours that have earned him his over-the-knee spanking.

Six of the best is sufficient to make him contrite, but, if I feel he had misbehaved badly enough, I give him some warm milk and send him up to bed. This can be as early as midday, and believe me he does not enjoy missing his afternoon of televised Saturday sport. I ensure the curtains are tightly drawn and, devoid of any reading material or communication devices, he has little choice but to snuggle down to sleep. I may take him more milk at six but, apart from that and the odd trip to the bathroom, he is confined to bed until Sunday, leaving me free to enjoy the rest of the day. I can do so without hindrance, knowing he is safely tucked up in bed and not out gallivanting, as he would if given the chance.

On Sunday morning my husband serves me breakfast in bed and I read the Sunday papers while my husband is preparing lunch. Upon rising I supervise in the kitchen, and woe betide hubby if he is not wearing one of his frilly floral aprons over his pyjamas.

My mother and sister join us for Sunday lunch, and enjoy his discomfort at having to serve us our lunch dressed in his pyjamas and slippers and frilly apron. After he has done the washing up, he joins us for a couple of hours before setting out the tea things. It is then that I send him up for his bath. While he bathes I select a clean pair of pyjamas for him to wear. Down he comes again, usually to some mock compliments about his night attire from my sister and mother.

Since he has to be up early for work on Monday morning it is entirely appropriate that I insist he bids us goodnight immediately after he has washed up after tea. Usually this is about five o’clock, it does vary but I prefer him to be in bed on Sunday by six at the latest.

As you can see this form of discipline, keeping my husband dressed in pyjamas and slippers during the whole weekend, is entirely for his benefit and I find it difficult at times to understand how he can be so truculent about it. Apart from a little teasing from my mother and sister, he does not have the embarrassing amount of exposure that Michele has when you take him shopping in his lovely girlie slippers. I have thought about making my husband hang the washing out while wearing his floral pyjamas and fluffy slippers - do you think this is a good idea?

I do so agree with your insistence that Michele take a nightly bath, and be dressed in his night attire by six every evening. Does his bedtime routine apply at the weekends also?  You mention terry nappies; do you make him wash them himself? I have thought about the use of disposables to be worn underneath my husband’s pyjamas thus eliminating the need for him to trot along to the bathroom so often. I think he uses this as an excuse to get out of bed once I have tucked him in.

Short trousers are excellent for youngsters such as Michele, are they schoolboy style or more babyish? Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be an opportunity to dress my husband in anything but long trousers, floral pyjama bottoms included!
Mrs Y


 Dear Mrs Y

I have had to adjust Michelle's Christmas list for Santa because his behaviour has been poor, and he is currently undergoing 'reminder correction' to make him behave better.

I took him over to my neighbour Mrs Hensford to look after while I went shopping for presents for Christmas, and when I came back Michelle was running around her lounge with his dressing gown undone, and his furry bootee slippers unzipped, and left on the floor.

I was furious and immediately took a correction slipper from my shopping bag, which I always carry, and slippered him three times on the back of each leg. Mrs Hensford had said that she was having trouble with him and he had been naughty when he was

having his terry nappies changed during the afternoon.

So Michele has had all his privileges withdrawn for three months. No Christmas presents for naughty boys. So his toys have been removed from his room, and all the new dollies and clothes that he wanted for Christmas have been crossed off his list.
Instead, I have put on his list:

A pair of traditional full fur pink slippers with rubber soles.

A Damart thick fleecy purple floral dressing gown that will be worn all year.
Two pairs of winceyette pyjamas, one pink floral one pair lilac floral.

I have replaced his blue full fur collar school slippers with a pretty pair of pink full fur collar bedroom slippers, with bows on each slipper, and a bell on each slipper to draw people’s attention to his babyish slippers, which I make him wear publicly as a humiliation. I have also stopped putting him in trainer pants, and instead his night terry nappies will remain in place during the day too, under his pyjamas.

Best wishes

Mrs Kendrick


Dear Mrs Kendrick
How frustrating for you to return from Christmas shopping and find your babysitter is unable to maintain discipline. I know it is a chore but perhaps in future you should just put a warm winter coat on top of his pyjamas and take him with you. I am sure those snugly zipped slippers will keep his feet cosy.
I can’t really imagine how new floral pyjamas a Damart fleecy dressing gown and a new pair of pink furry slippers could fail to disappoint on Christmas morning.
I know my husband cried with joy at his two new pairs of winceyette pyjamas.
My sister and mother had great fun admiring his new pink floral pair as he served lunch. Of course he had to wear his new white frilly apron to protect his pyjamas, mother always does provide such thoughtful gifts.
Also, you will be pleased to hear, my sister gave him a lovely pair of slippers as her gift.
I am sure you would approve from the picture, they are a quite shocking pink and fluffy to keep the chill away.

 As he washed up after dinner I must admit to thinking how smart he looked in his pyjamas, slippers and frilly apron.
Husband was bathed and ready for bed wearing his new floral pyjamas by four o’clock as I show in the picture.
As it was Christmas day he was allowed half an hour before bedtime to play with his colouring book; yes, I know I spoil him, two pairs of pyjamas and a colouring book.
There was a brief tantrum when mother insisted he sat on her knee while she read him his bedtime story but a few slaps on his pyjama clad bottom soon cured that infraction and it was night-night kisses all round then of to bed with him at five o’clock as it had been an exhausting day for us girls and we needed some relax time.
I hope you continue to keep Michele attired in feminine pyjamas, slippers and dressing gowns as I can assure you it will eventually pay dividends and you will have a dutiful polite nephew.
Mrs Y