Sunday, 31 March 2013

Babykins Punished by Mummy and his Younger Sister Part One

I am a naughty baby.
I spend my days being looked after by my ‘babysitters’ my mother, my very ex- girlfriend Melanie and my sister Lisa, who is only fourteen.
I unfortunately decided to creatively remove money from my mothers business to entertain a very seductive, older woman with expensive tastes. She disappeared of course, as soon as mummy discovered my crime. Melanie was furious with me and wholeheartedly agreed with mummy’s punishment plan.
Since I had behaved like a foolish little baby, it was decided I must be treated like one. I accept the fact that I behaved foolishly, but to be subjected to such humiliating punishment is surely wrong?
I was told by mummy that if I behave, she might allow me to ‘grow up’ again, so I behave and co-operate in the hope that I may be. 
Mummy makes me sit on the pink baby rug in the garden.
This was my public punishment for supposedly being cheeky to Melanie at my last nappy change, which of course is not true at all. All I did was complain that she had pinned then too tightly. She laughed and told mummy I was being naughty.  Mummy said that any further defiance on my part would result in a bare bottom nursery style spanking. Lisa became overjoyed at this announcement. Mummy told Lisa that it is the only way to correct my errant behaviour.
I was wearing the footed pyjamas that mummy gave me for Easter. They are bright yellow, with pictures of bunnies emblazoned upon them, they also have a flap at the rear for easy spanking access.
 I was also tightly pinned into two heavy nappies with extra soaker pads. I complained to mummy how uncomfortable they were but all that earned me was a scolding.
‘You are an ungrateful Babykins who just has too much to say’, she said, pointing an angry finger at me as if I was a naughty child.
Mummy shoved my dummy into my mouth and tied it into place with ribbons.
‘Someone of your age should be seen and not heard’.
Melanie looked at me with a wicked grin and then with mummy’s approval, secured the dummy by tightly tying the attached pink ribbon behind my head. The dummy was oversized and kept my tongue permanently depressed, preventing any coherent uttering.
“Mmmmphhh!” was all I could muster in protest at my treatment.
Melanie gave me a red plastic tea set of little cups and saucers and a teapot and told me to play ‘tea party’ with Mr. Flopsy my teddy bear. I attempted to play nicely but was distracted. Melanie wore a flounced petticoat under her powder blue party dress that was very short along with tall, high stiletto heels and dark stockings that she knew I loved. I could see glimpses of garters and stocking tops as she set out the plastic tea set on a checked cloth.
‘Babykins can look but not touch,’ she told me with an amused look on her face.
‘Now come along and pour Mr Flopsy a nice cup of tea.’ I had to sit cross-legged with Mr. Flopsy and pretend to play. Everyone laughed and made me feel very foolish.
Melanie was sitting opposite me; I could see a slight glimpse of those stocking tops as she delicately dangled her stiletto heel on her nylon clad foot, taunting me, as she said in mocking baby talk, ‘Is the naughty baby looking up Melanie’s dwess? Babykins should get a smacked bot-bot for that.’
Mummy then said sternly, pointing her well-manicured finger straight at me.
‘If you don’t play nicely babykins, you will be put to beddy-byes immediately!’
Melanie added, ‘Wittle baby should be playing pretend tea-party, not ogling grown up ladies legs; shame on you, do you want to be put to beddy-byes?’
Everyone laughed as I vehemently shook my head and lowered my gaze. Not wanting to be put to bed I offered Mr. Flopsy a cup of imaginary tea.
‘I would like a cup of tea too baby Babykins!’ added Lisa, I reluctantly stood up and did as she asked.

Infuriately she made me pretend to serve everyone with cups of imaginary tea until I could stand it no longer and flung down my little red plastic tea-pot in frustration,
‘Well it is getting late so perhaps babykins is telling us he wants a nap’.  Melanie said as she placed a well-aimed smack on my bare legs.
She placed her face close to mine. ‘Is the ikle wickle babykins tired den?’
Mother sighed, ‘He must need his beddy-byes because he is being very naughty and showing off in front of grown ups.’

Upon hearing this I stamped my pyjama clad foot and tried to yell, ‘no! I won’t go to bed this early’ Unfortunately the small matter of having a babies dummy strapped into my mouth rendered my outburst as pathetic infantile gurgling.
‘What a naughty temper tantrum, we can do without that sort of behaviour babykins. You need a sound spanking then it’s off to beddy-byes at once for a good long nap!’

Mummy grabbed me by the arm and put me straight across her knee, undid the flap on my footed pyjamas and gave me a nursery spanking with her bare hand.
Mummy said, ‘as a punishment for your behaviour, I am going to get you ready for bed right here in the garden in front of everyone.’
Lisa’s friend Lisa arrived just as mummy removed my footed pyjamas then spanked me even harder on my naked bottom.
 ‘Oh look baby Babykins is acting up and having a cry-baby tantrum.’ She said mockingly.
Mummy began to put me into my nighttime nappies well before noon on a beautiful sunny, summer afternoon.
Lisa started to tease me with taunts. ‘Is lickle babykins going to beddy-byes because he is tired? Why is a boy of twenty still wearing nappies? He must be a very naughty baby.’
 In full view of everyone, mummy pinned me into four pink flannelette nappies and slipped yellow plastic baby pants caricatured with nursery rhyme characters over my legs.
‘Since you act like a spoilt toddler you must be treated like one.’
 Lisa cooed, ‘what pretty baby pants, you look ever so sweet wearing them.’
 Mummy sat me down on the rug dressed in just nappies and plastic pants surrounded by giggling girls. Lisa told me eagerly, ‘baby brother is going to sleepy-byes soon ’
Mummy came back carrying pyjamas I hadn’t seen before. The pyjamas were made of soft winceyette, pink with little frolicking lambs emblazoned upon them. The pyjama top fastened with a myriad of tiny buttons and had a Peter Pan collar edged with lace. The cuffs of the sleeves were lightly elasticised and decorated with a flounced, fussy frill. Mummy held the matching bottoms in front of my face.
‘Won’t you look just darling wearing these pretty jim-jams babykins?’
She said teasingly before handing the pyjamas to Melanie, ‘perhaps you would like to get him ready for beddy-byes’, she suggested.
 Melanie was not going to miss this opportunity to humiliate me. I attempted to dash off, where to I do not know, dressed as I was in nappies and plastic baby pants. All I did know was that I didn’t want to wear those pyjamas.

Unfortunately, several pairs of female hand of assorted ages pounced on me pinning me down against the baby rug.
‘Ok babykins; let’s get you into these pretty pyjamas. Melanie stared straight into my eyes as she slowly and deliberately buttoned me into the pink pyjama top, and then gripping the waistband of the pyjama bottoms she began slowly easing them up my legs.
‘There, all cosy- wosy ready for beddy-byes, what a sweet babykins you make those lovely girly pyjamas are perfect for your naptime. Perhaps your mummy will dress you in pretty jim-jams permanently to prevent any more misbehaviour, hmm, would you like that?’
I shake my head furiously at her suggestion. Mummy laughs, ‘what a splendid idea, it’s something I shall certainly consider, now Babykins, its time for beddy-byes’.
Twisting my earlobe, Mummy marches me off to my bedroom amidst much laughing.
Mummy unties my dummy after making me promise not to spit it out, I agree and am relieved to be able to move my tongue again. She folds back the bedclothes and I am tucked into bed, babyish flannelette sheets that are secured with pins ensure that I cannot escape from my beddy-byes prison. The room is instantly darkened as the curtains are closed to block the, ‘nasty stay awake sunlight’ as mummy calls it.
Mummy tucks an additional quilt over me, then takes her leave, teasing me as she closes the bedroom door,  ‘nightie night my tired little babykins, off to sleepy byes with you.’
Babykins mother congratulated herself as she descended the stairs; she felt no regret about regressing her son back to baby like dependency. In fact, she thought, he looked so sweet and helpless lying tucked up in bed dressed in his little girl pyjamas that to let him return to the arrogant, insufferable son he was previously might just be a mistake.

‘Is my sweet ex-boyfriend all tucked up in beddy-byes fast asleep?’ asked Melanie laughing. I don’t suppose he enjoyed that one little bit!’
‘My brother is only getting what he deserves the spoilt thing!’ Lisa said in a resentful voice, ‘it’s about time he was punished like the immature baby he is.’
After about an hour, Lisa decided to check on her brother and tiptoed up the staircase. As she did so, a plan started to take shape in her mind. She could not prevent a smile creeping across her face as she crept into his bedroom. It didn’t take her long to find what she needed.
Silently she pulled back the bedclothes that encompassed slumbering, he stirred slightly and she hesitated, fearful he would wake before she had prepared the scene of the crime.
Carefully, she slipped the small torch and war story comic book that she had found in his room under his pillow.

‘Naughty babykins is going to be in lots of trouble now,’ she whispered to herself as she planted a tender kiss on his face and left the room with a happy grin on her face.

Standing at the top of the stairs she shouts dramatically for her mum. The sound of her approaching footsteps once again brings a smile to her face. ‘What on earth is wrong Lisa?
‘It’s a good thing I checked mother. Babykins has been really naughty’.
Seconds later they enter the bedroom of the bleary eyed Babykins. The overhead light is turned on and Lisa stands by as her mother leans over to awaken her errant older brother.  A bewildered Babykins is barely awake as his furious mother berates him for his disobedience.
‘Didn’t I tell you to go straight to sleep young man; instead I find you have been reading comics under the bedclothes just like a naughty little boy.’ His mother brandished the comic and torch in front of him whilst Lisa smirked at his discomfort.
Babykins began to realise that Lisa had tricked his mother into believing he has misbehaved and childishly pleads his innocence.
‘But mummy, it’s Lisa, she must have did this…and… I am not a baby!’
Lisa laughed as his credibility diminished even further; her mum only saw his foolish pleas as proof of his guilt. 
‘How dare you try to blame your sister, you will be severely punished for this flagrant naughtiness.’
‘No, really mummy that bloody sister of mine has…’


‘We shall have none of that language, naughty Babykins’.
‘Mum, shouldn’t babies be seen and not heard?’ suggested Lisa.

His irate mother forcefully pulls Babykins out of bed, she twists his ear until he cries out in pain and marches him into the bathroom. Lisa gleefully follows clapping her hands. She watches with amusement as mother grabs a washcloth and wets it with hot water. She roughly washes his face causing Babykins to resist and whine about being innocent.
‘So you still won’t admit you are a bad little babykins? Very well I am going to scrub clean that fibbing mouth of yours! Maybe after a mouthful of lather and bubbles, you will admit your naughtiness and apologies to your sweet little sister’.
Taking a bar of pink scented soap, she held it under the warm water, until it is soft and sudsy.
‘Open that mouth and put that deceitful tongue of yours out at once!’ adds mother.
He knew how angry mummy was but Babykins resisted long enough to anger her even more.
She pinched his nose as she vigorously soaped his tongue until he felt sick, then she soaped inside his mouth.
The scented soap made him want to gag even more. The amount of soap bubbles and increased, pieces of soap lodged in his teeth and the foul taste began to contaminate his tongue.
Lisa laughed silently behind her mother’s back as Babykins tried to tell his mother the truth.
‘No more fibs about your sister!’ She repeated, intensifying her efforts with the bar of soap. Eventually his mother withdrew the soap from his mouth, Babykins spluttered and a mix of suds and soapy water cascaded down his new pyjamas and almost everywhere else.
Babykins mother was not at all amused as she stripped him right down to his flannelette nappies and hauled him across her lap.
‘Look what your misbehaviour has caused, well I know one little baby boy who is in big trouble.’
Lisa was eager to join in his humiliation; she helped to unfasten the safety pins from his nappies, allowing them to fall away leaving his bottom exposed invitingly for a spanking.
‘You really are a baby!’ she cried in disgust. Babykins was horrified to realise he had actually wet his nappies during his mouth soaping.
‘Babykins, you certainly deserve this,’ mummy said as she rolled up the sleeve of her blouse and began to spank as she had never before. Babykins bottom became redder and redder.
The sound of her hand hitting his crimson bottom were masked by the desperate squeals of pain and protest that billowed from his soap sudded mouth.
After administering here severest ever spanking, mummy slipped a pair of thick rubber baby pants over Babykins flailing legs and ordered Babykins to clean the bathroom until it was spotless.
Lisa’s friend Lisa bounded up the stairs, eager to discover what all the commotion was about.
Babykins mother dragged him by the ear back to his bedroom, whilst young Lisa watched in amazement.
Babykins stood shamefaced before his little sister, her friend and his mum dressed only in a pair of thick rubber baby pants.
Lisa smirked as she spoke, staring firmly at her humiliated brother.
‘Mum, I think that perhaps Babykins bedroom is providing him with too many distractions’.
‘He doesn’t deserve to have the large bedroom complete with his TV, DVD player, stereo and computer; he should be put into the small back bedroom that used to be my nursery and spend most of the day in his room, that way he won’t be any trouble at all.’
The back bedroom was situated on the ground floor, Babykins would be within a few feet of the patio area and able to hear everything beyond the confines of a closed and locked door, yet remain helpless whilst tucked up in bed.
‘Think about it mum,’ Lisa continued slyly while continuing to look at her older brother.
‘You will need lots of peace and quiet so you can concentrate on rebuilding your business that my idiotic brother nearly ruined. Won’t you need to use the house to meet with potential clients?’
‘Perhaps you are right Lisa. Tucked away in the nursery he wouldn’t be able to misbehave.’
Lisa giggled along with young Lisa, as she continued presenting her plan to her mother to keep her brother confined to nappies and tucked up in bed.
Babykins mum listened attentively and glared at her mischievous son as he continued his bathroom chore
Lisa added, ‘Of course I will also need space to relax during the summer after my hard work at school without being disturbed by Babykins here. I need time to spend with my friends without his foolish behaviour towards them.’
Lisa held her breath as her mother thought about her daughter’s suggestions.
Finally she said, ‘I agree with everything you have said Lisa and my mind’s made up’.
 Babykins knees shook, filled with anger at Lisa and Lisa. Mum turned to the distraught Babykins and smiled.
‘Babykins, it’s back to the nursery for you!’
His anger bubbled to the surface as he raised his voice in total opposition.
‘Now just a moment, you don’t think that I will agree to this, do you?’ You lot are daft and mad if you think….’
 ‘How dare you speak to us like that Babykins? Now get over here this instant!’

His mum grabbed him, turning him as she sat down so she could apply another spanking to his sore behind. After numerous swats, causing him further discomfort and a red bottom, she marches Babykins into the corner of the room.
‘Hands on head you naughty babykins.” Babykins sobs with shame, now obediently obeying his mummy without any backchat. 

Lisa dear, will you get baby’s special dummy please?’
‘Of course mummy, I would love too!’
Squeals of laughter from both Lisa and Lisa confirmed that they were enjoying his humiliation. The girls left the room and returned with the special dummy suitable for a naughty older baby like Babykins.
Lisa held the dummy in front of his face and gleefully added a big dose of cod liver oil. The girls giggled as they saw his discomfort.
‘Now my ickle baby brother, your auntie’s want you down on all fours like the wittle babykins you are crawling about crying for your dum-dum. DO IT!’
Babykins reluctantly does as he is told with encouragement from his mother and crawls about like a baby, only pausing to look up at his young tormentors.
Lisa approaches him with his dummy and pushes it into his mouth while Lisa secures it from behind.
‘Here you are baby brother, your yummy dummy, freshly filled with delicious cod liver oil for you to suck on and enjoy. Now, hands on head and stand facing the wall while Lisa and I prepare you new bedroom. You will really enjoy spending your days tucked up in there Babykins.’
Babykins had been standing obediently alone for some time when he heard a familiar voice from behind. The scent of his ex- girlfriend Melissa encompassed his nostrils as she drew close beside him.
‘Hello Babykins, how wonderful it is to see you being punished so efficiently. I hear you have had your mouth washed out for telling lies and been spanked on your bare bott-bott. You really are a naughty little babykins aren’t you?’
Melissa spoke scornfully but softly into his ear, as she delighted in Babykins humiliation.
‘Your mummy has asked me to get you ready for beddybyes so you can enjoy your new sleepy time bedroom, won’t that be fun?’
Melissa felt no regret at all in tormenting the twenty- year-old, who had two-timed her with an older woman. She turned him to face her and untied the dummy that was now devoid of cod liver oil.
‘Hmm we shall have to see what other lovely concoction we can fill this with. Won’t we babykins.’
Babykins decided to beg; after all they had once been lovers.
‘Melissa please help me. I’m sorry about what happened between us but don’t you think I have been punished enough?’
 Melissa gave her response with venom, ‘my darling you can never be punished enough as far as I am concerned. Your mother should keep you permanently as a little baby, dressed in nappies, sissy pyjamas and put to bed early, and I have told her so, she can always rely on me to baby-sit you.”
Then she switched immediately to the baby talk that so embarrassed him.
‘Come along now, it’s cosy wosy jimmy-jams time for Babykins!”