Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Mummy Knows Best. A PPM letter to Nanny Smackbottom

Dear Nanny Smackbottom

My son is a shy and well-behaved boy so I don't often have to discipline him but I do wish to keep him sweet and innocent as long as I can.

Tommy is very small and lightweight for his age and was bullied at school so I removed him and now keep my little boy at home all the time with mummy who knows how to care and protect him.

I still put Tommy in nappies at bedtime as the poor little chap has a problem and wets almost every night. Recently he somehow got it in his mind that he was a big boy and didn't need mummy to pin him into his lovely fluffy nappies any longer. Of course I had to find a way to correct his misconception.

It was my turn to host the ladies monthly get together and I realised it was a perfect opportunity to reinforce mummy's control. That evening I told little Tommy I was going to bath him early. I always like to bath my 16 year old son myself to ensure he is properly clean for beddy-byes, he protested of course but he knows very well not to make too much of a fuss when I've made up my mind.

The doorbell rang just as I was towelling Tommy dry in front of the fire as always. I told Tommy not to move while I went to let in Mrs Matthews but when we returned he had ran into the kitchen, I called him into the living room but he answered back that he wanted to put day clothes on on account of our visitors. Of course I was having none of this nonsense and used my naughty boy voice to tell him that he knew full well that after bath time it's pyjama time and if he didn't return immediately I would have to review his bedtime.

This threat made him come to his senses and he came out sheepishly with his towel still wrapped around his waist, barely taking his eyes off the floor. I'm not sure if Mrs Matthews had already noticed the pair of pyjamas and nappy that were warming on the radiator but Tommy certainly did.

I undid his towel and told him to lie down on his changing mat. He was reluctant at first since his nappies had been a secret between us up to now but he quickly did as he was told.

I explained his bedwetting problem to Mrs Matthews and how because of the monthly meeting tonight I wanted to make sure he was all ready for bed before our evening started. She was surprised when told Tommy was 16 but voiced her approval of his nappying, she said she always thought it best that bedwetters were kept in nappies and that Tommy seemed like such a little boy that she wasn't surprised at all that he still wore them. He'd already been blushing but he turned bright red as she spoke.

Once his nappy was securely in place I began to put him into his pyjamas. One of the things I insist on is that my little boy wears proper little boy pyjamas. That night I'd purposely chose his most babyish jim-jams, they were footed pyjamas made from soft, baby blue winceyette with baby bunnies. Mrs. Matthews was delighted by the sight and insisted on examining his pyjamas by sitting him on her lap."Aren't you a lucky boy your mummy keeps you cosy in such lovely jammies?" She asked him, giving his tummy a tickle as she did so.

Tommy wanted to dash off to his bedroom but I told him how I expected him to stay and play quietly with his toys in front of us. Of course the rest of our guests couldn't resist the freshly bathed and nappied little boy playing in his footed pyjamas, so he spent much of the evening being patted on the bottom and cuddled in their laps. Eventually I came back from preparing snacks to find he'd fallen asleep being cradled by Mrs Andrews. I knew then that my plan had worked perfectly as I tucked him into bed.

He didn't feel like much of a big boy after that experience and now I always take him along to the get-togethers. I take his nappies and pyjamas and change him into them after we arrive in front of everyone much to their enjoyment.

Tommy started to babble on too much so now I employ a dummy to  soothe him and calm him down, I also worried he would become lost on our trips to the shops so I put him into some baby reins for a while but have now obtained a pushchair that I strap him into. My 16 year old little boy looks so sweet as I push him along the high street as he sucks his dummy. Two of the ladies are expert seamstresses, and have made him some new baby pyjamas, I now keep him in nappies and infantile pyjamas permanently as there is no need for my little boy to become a big boy at all.

Some of the ladies have asked to be allowed to nappy him and pop him into his jim-jams. I always agree as it emphasises to Tommy that he is just a little boy and that he will continue to be my little boy for a long time to come.


Nanny Smackbottom replies

Thank you for your wonderful letter Beth. What a lovely example of effective nappy and pyjama discipline. This is an excellent way to ensure Mummy's little 
boy behaves himself and that no matter how old he becomes, Tommy will remain your little boy for the foreseeable future.

Nanny Smackbottom