Friday, 4 September 2015

A Pyjama Punishment Monthly letter from "Peterkins" who is complaining about his strict babysitter being two years younger than he is. I am sure he wrote more than once to PPM, I will have to search the archives.

Dear Nanny Smackbottom

My name is Peter and I am 16 but currently being babysat by our neighbour Mrs Scott’s youngest daughter Ellen, who is only 14 years old, yet my still mother allows her to give me a bath and spank me with her special spanking slipper. Ellen has turned out to be the strictest of all the Scott sisters and when she babysits she treats me as though I were a real baby. Ellen has introduced new things to her babysitting technique, all of which were never done by any of her older sisters when they babysat me. The first new thing is that she insists on calling me Peterkins, something my younger sister has started copying and even my own mother! Even worse is the attire she now makes me wear after Ellen has given me my bath. It is bad enough that Ellen, like all of her sisters, always baths me at 4 pm, but she also bought two new pairs of pyjamas I must put on straight after my bath. The pyjamas are the traditional brushed cotton kind with the top having buttons down the front and the pyjama bottoms have an elastic waist The worst thing however is the design. The pyjamas are light blue cotton but they are adorned with cartoon characters from toddlers television shows. Ellen dresses me in these pyjamas after my bath and I must wear them for the rest of the evening until she puts me to bed.

Ellen has also given me a much earlier bedtime than previously and I am now sent to bed at 7 pm, a whole hour earlier than my younger sister. Ellen has also introduced corner time for me. It comes after the spankings she gives me with her slipper. It is must humiliating as I must stand in the corner of the living room for 30 minutes after my spanking with my hands behind my head and my childish pyjama bottoms pulled down to my ankles leaving my naked bottom in full view to anyone in the room. My little sister thinks the pyjamas are so funny, and when my mother saw them, she laughed as well, saying they were "adorable" on her little Peterkins, and how mature and responsible Ellen was to have bought them for me. But I'm not a little boy! I am 16, almost a man now.

Last Tuesday, I had the most horrible experience with Ellen, which shows you just how much control my mother has given her over me. I had a doctor's appointment at 4 pm, but my mother had to be at my younger sister's school to attend a play. My mother never misses any of our school functions, including mine, and since this was just a check up she felt totally safe in sending me to the doctor with someone else, Ellen of course.

I was told to be home immediately after school, Ellen arrived 5 minutes later, letting herself into the house with the key my mother had given her. My mother had also given Ellen money for a taxi. As soon as Ellen walked in the door, she hurried me up the stairs, telling me that a taxi was on the way and we had to get me bathed and cleaned up before my appointment. Moments later, I was in the tub being bathed by Ellen and minutes later being dried by her. 

I couldn't believe what happened next as she produced a pair of my cartoon pyjamas and told me that I would be wearing them to the doctor as I would be going straight to bed when we got home. My pleading with her to let me wear ordinary clothes fell on deaf ears, instead she buttoned me into my pyjamas and dropped my blue fluffy batman slippers at my feet. “Get those on, the taxis here.” She ordered.

You can imagine how I looked when we left the house dressed in my cartoon pyjamas and slippers.
I was so embarrassed as we entered the doctor's office waiting room with Ellen still holding on to my hand as if I was a toddler. I felt all eyes were on me wearing my babyish slippers and pyjamas as we took our seat in the waiting area. Soon however we were called through where I was shocked to discover the nurse was Ellen's oldest sister Julie, she used to babysit me when I was eight.

“Hello Peter, or is that Peterkins nowadays? My, don’t you look cute wearing your new pyjamas, Ellen told me she had bought you new special jim-jams, although come to think of it, didn't you used to wear pyjamas like that when I babysat you?" She laughed, then in a serious voice said, but since I need to check your weight I think you had better take them off.”

I was made to remove my pyjamas and stand naked on the scales so she could weigh me before she led me into an examining room and closed the door.

I remained naked through the whole exam, which of course Ellen watched from about two feet away, including my internal check. Finally, they determined that I needed a tetanus booster, that I was to receive on my bottom. After the injection, I was finally allowed to put my pyjamas back on, and Ellen led me from the office and we took a taxi home where I was put straight to bed even though it wasn't even my bedtime.

Please advise how I might convince my mother that I am too old to be babysat by a 14 year old.


Dear Peterkins

I'm sorry to hear you felt the need to write to me here at Pyjama Punishment Monthly. 
Your new babysitter does sound strict but I suspect she probably feels the need to emphasise her authority since she has to babysit a boy who is older than herself. The best way for her to do that is to be quite firm with you and not to let you get away with anything so that you understand who is in charge.

Even though I know having such a strict babysitter is not easy for you, it's important that you know that being very strict is not the same as being mean. Probably when you grow up and become a big boy you'll understand that girls need to be strict with boys, it's well known boys such as yourself need firm discipline for their own good.

Now about your new pyjamas Ellen has bought for you, I understand your embarrassment as they do sound a bit infantile for a boy of your age. On the bright side at least people seem to think that you look cute in them, so they must not be completely awful. It's probably another way for Ellen to underline that she is the one who has responsibility for you, but when you think about it, isn't it kind of her to spend her money on something for you? She wouldn't do that if she didn't care would she? I suggest that every time you are dressed in your new pyjamas, you think more about your own, immature behaviour and how you can improve upon it. Until then you will just have to accept that your mother thinks you still very immature and that you still need Ellen to be your babysitter.

Nanny Smackbottom