Friday, 14 February 2014

Humiliated in little boy pyjamas

I have been ill recently and my Aunt took the opportunity to insist I stay with her so she could nurse me back to health. As soon as I arrived she made me change into pyjamas and put me straight to bed. This was early in the afternoon and Aunty decreed that my bedtime would be 5 pm every night but I was to be kept permanently in pyjamas during my stay. It didn’t take long until Miss Jacobson appeared and one morning I was deemed well enough to serve tea to her sewing club ladies dressed in humiliating pyjamas. I am only five foot tall and my Aunt has always been overprotective. Even when I was a boy my usual bedtime was 7pm, unchanged until I left for University. She has bought me boy’s slippers to wear (size 3.5) so I greet her friends wearing pyjamas with spacemen or trains on them and wearing Scooby-Do slippers, it is hardly surprising they treat me as if I was a seven year old.
 If I complain Aunty tells me I am an ungrateful little boy, she spanks me, with a slipper of course, and brings my bedtime forward an hour for a week. Yesterday at 1pm I was made to wear my little boy pyjamas and stand in the corner whilst my Aunt and Miss Jacobson entertained her book club members. Aunty pinned a card to the back of my pyjamas explaining why I was being punished and I stood there until 3pm when I was made to say night-night to everyone and was tucked into bed.

Pyjama Punishment Poll

Babysitting Teenage Boys

I recently acquired the help of a babysitter for my  sixteen year old nephew Michael. Miss Fanshawe is a woman in her sixties who will adopt a no- nonsense approach to babysitting duties. Michael is very immature and needs constant supervision. Miss Fanshawe has recently imposed alternative measures to myself and is seeking my assurance that she has my support in her methods.

Recently Michael has been allowed to stay up until 7pm on school nights. Miss Fanshawe would like some flexibility in Michael's bedtime.
Should Michael go to bed when he is tired or be set a bedtime. What time would his bedtime be?

Michael is usually dressed in his pyjamas at 6pm. Miss Fanshawe would prefer to dress him in his pyjamas sooner.
At what time should Michael be dressed in his pyjamas and why?

Michael usually wears striped or paisley patterned pyjamas for bed. Miss Fanshawe wants him to wear the yellow and blue teddy bear motif pyjamas she has sewn for him.
Which style of pyjamas should Michael wear to bed?

Michael has a habit of getting out of bed once Miss Fanshawe has tucked him in for the night. His excuse is that he needs to go pee pees. Miss Fanshawe has been dressing him in Dry-Nites Pyjama Pants to combat this whilst I favour more traditional nappy wear.
What nappies would be best for Michael's incontinence, terry towelling cloth or Dry-Nites disposable pyjama pants? Suggest an alternative method of preventing bed-wetting?

Michael enjoys singing and has been asked to sing a night- night song at bedtime and is finding it hard to decide which is his favourite.
Should Twinkle -Twinkle little star or I'm a little teapot short and stout be Michaels bedtime song? Suggest an alternative bedtime song Michael could sing.

Michael has developed a nasty rash on his legs and is scratching until he draws blood. What is the best method to prevent this?
Wearing thumbless mittens to bed or wearing two pairs of pyjama bottoms to bed. 

Due to medication he is being given, Michael becomes tired around lunchtime and often requires an afternoon nap. How should Miss Fanshawe dress him for his nap?
Put into his usual nighttime pyjamas. Undressed and wearing a nappy. What do you suggest Michael's naptime sleepwear should be?

Michael sometimes sucks his thumb when he sleeps. What is the best preventative measure?
Use nail varnish remover on his thumbs. Train Michael to suck a baby's dummy at bedtime. What method can you suggest to prevent thumb sucking?

It will soon be time for Miss Fanshawe to host her monthly ladies sewing society evening.
Should Miss Fanshawe dress Michael in his babyish pyjamas before the ladies arrive or wait until they are all present before fussily getting Michael ready for bed in front of her friends? Suggest Miss Fanshawe's best course of action.

Miss Fanshawe recently took Michael visiting to her sisters and unintentionally stayed beyond Michael’s pyjama time. Luckily her sister lent her a pair of her pink floral brushed cotton pyjamas and Michael was soon properly attired.
Should Miss Fanshawe take a pair of Michael's pyjamas with her when she takes him visiting or rely on borrowing a pair from her host?

Miss Fanshawe does not drive and usually relies on public transport. Michael was highly agitated about travelling home by bus wearing pink floral pyjamas. On this occasion Miss Fanshawe's niece drove her and Michael home.
In future should Miss Fanshawe insist Michael board public transport in his borrowed pyjamas or take a taxi?