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A dose of early bedtime and pyjama punishment for this 18 year old.

This is a series of musings on early bedtimes by early bed-timer better known to some perhaps as Luc Holly

                Husband put to bed
 by early bed-timer
 I only have to sleep at 7 :00 PM since about 4 years, 18 months
 after I’d begun to live with Gisele. I’ve met her in the bar where
 she still works. I continued to go every night in her bar and she
 became irritated. Because I didn’t stop visiting her bar, drinking,
 spending money and flirting, a girlfriend of her suggested joking I
 would bedridden every evening before she goes to work. What
 an idea! Gisele gave me no choice: TO BED OR OUT! I
 protested but finally chose to obey and to go to bed as she
 ordered. Today I regret nothing even if Gisele became gradually
 stricter with my bedtime and me.
                I’m an accountant, go to work at 7:00 AM and am back home at
 about 5:00 PM after a walk of 25 minutes. I usually promptly
 undress, take a shower and put my nightie on. Then I prepare a
 tray and go to bed to take a light meal. While Gisele is preparing
 naked in our bedroom, we talk and often make love. After an
 orgasm, I fall asleep more easily, even at 7:00 PM. A suppository
 isn’t necessary! I sleep till next morning or when Gisele is back
 home and want to be taken again. She leaves me at 6:45 PM
 with a last kiss, with no light and without an access to any clothe.
                I’ve compulsory early bedtime on weekend too. Gisele is very
 independent and when she wishes to be alone (or to go out with
 girlfriends or daughter) she put me to bed in the daytime too. If
 she’s angry against me, I’ve to be in bed punished all day on
 Saturday and Sunday. It’s arrived sometimes because I was
 back home too late after working.
                Sometimes, Gisele’s daughter Patricia, 20 you, is my baby-sitter.
                She’s at least as strict with me as her mother!
                Teresa, my ex-wife, was very astonished when she learnt I was
 obliged from now to go so early to bed. With her, I usually went to
 bed after midnight (and went working after 8:30 AM). She had
 one time to come to meet me for formality. On this occasion,
 Gisele told I’d in bed and in nightie when Teresa would come, an
 early Saturday afternoon. Once more I protested firmly before I
 obeyed. Gisele said Teresa I was punished because I wasn’t
 enough obedient. Teresa laughed much at me. I felt really
 humiliated. After Teresa had leaved my bedside, I’d to sleep
 immediately, in the middle of the afternoon, while both the women
 were talking drinking coffee! Next Saturday afternoon, Teresa
 came back and gave me a teddy bear! By chance, I was then
 again been put to bed because Gisele wanted to go out with a
                Today, be early to bed (punished or no) is a habit for me. I don’t
 feel more humiliation about being put to bed as a young kid. It’s
 sometimes annoying or frustrating (when I’ve to give up an outing,
 a meeting or a TV program) but it’s more often pleasant for me.
                In any case, it’s resting and I so please Gisele. It’s the most
                To bed
 Posted on 2003-09-23 18:27:28
 by early bed-timer
 I’m already near 40, but since I’m living with Gisele, I’ve strict
 bedtime every day (7:00 PM) included on Saturday and Sunday. If
 I’m disobedient (late back at home after working, arguing,
 fighting, moaning, drinking to much, driving car not correctly etc),
 I’ve to go earlier to bed, in nightie, and to stay in bed by daytime
 too (whole afternoon, all day on weekend and holidays i.e.)
 Friends of Gisele and her daughter Patricia (20) are sometimes
 witnesses of me being sent to bed as a punishment. They
 sometimes come on my bedside with mocking smile and speak.
                Sometimes on the contrary, especially when I’m in bed being
 punished, I’ve to get up to greet them, in nightie as I’m. I’m
 embarrassed but excited too. I feel babyish to be punished as a
 kid, but I confess I enjoy being put to bed as much as Gisele
 enjoys put me in. I think it’s because of that I’m so often
 disobedient and GIGO punishes me frequently. To be confined in bed
 by day, shutters and curtains closed, is even so annoying and
 frustrating because of no meeting, outing, reading, and watching TV.
                Only waiting thinking then sleeping. The compensation is when Gig’s
 back and in bed with me!
                Re: Husband put to bed
 Posted on 2004-04-22 17:18:43
 by early bed-timer
 I never mouthed off a niece or a young girl and therefore I’ve
 never been punished for that. Sorry :)
 Gisele currently doesn’t use baby monitor. But in the future who
                I’ve often had to spend a whole day and a weekend in bed, but
 the earliest I was put to bed is at 9:40 AM on a Saturday. We had
 scheduled an outing together. We were already ready to go out
 when Gisele received a call. That was Nicole, a friend of us, who
 suggested a shopping in a mall a long way from home. I agreed
 with that, but my wife would rather go alone with our friend. She
 told me to undress and go straight to bed. I said angrily that was
 no way, but she proved the contrary. She gave me a slap and
 dragged me by the hair to the bed, undressed me and put me a
 nightie on. So at 9:40 AM, I was down and tucked in by daylight
 with shutters and curtains closed, until Gisele returned at 5:15
 PM. I was then punished and had to stay in bed until next Monday
                I’ve in fact already been punished and put to bed at a party,
 because I was flirting with another woman. I’d then to undress, put
 a nightie on, apologize Gisele in front of all the guests, say
 goodnight to everyone and go to bed with a pacifier. I’ll give you
 more interesting details.

 Punishing stepfather
 Posted on 2003-10-03 14:43:01
 by early bed-timer
 I’m the 19 year old stepdaughter of Luc. Mom imposes him daily early
 bedtime. She also put him to bed as a punishment on weekend
 and public holidays when he’s disobedient. I often baby-sit him. If
 he’s already in bed in the daytime, I can decide myself when he
 has to sleep. I can tuck imp in, close shutters and curtains, and
 switch off as early as I want. I sometimes give him first a baby
 formula in a bottle as a last meal before lights out.
                If he’s still up, I’m allowed to punish him. I like to tease him with
 sexy wear and posture and when he becomes nervous I send him
 to bed immediately. I’d rather do that when a friend is with me. We
 both take pleasure to order a near 40 years man to undress, put
 a pink nightie on, then go to bed with daylight. We enjoy even
 more when we spank him bare-bottomed before to tuck him in.
 so we did last Sunday afternoon. Luc was in bed being punished
 by mom. She was gone out and I was doing the babysitter in the
 company of my friend Brigitte. By 3:30 PM, we went to the
 bedroom to make sure he was asleep. He wasn’t! He had turned
 on his bedside lamp and was reading a comic strip! I became
 very angry. I gave him a slap, uncovered him, ordered him to lie
 down on the belly and pushed up his nightie. I spanked him then
 until his bare bottom became red. When I stopped, he believed
 that was finished, but Brigitte handed over. She stopped only
 when he began to whine! After that, I ordered him to have a
 corner time, with red bare bottom under pink nightie, kneeling in
 the living room while Brigitte and I were watching TV. I sent him to
 bed again after half an hour, lights out and without dinner. I told
 mom what happened when she was back home, and stepfather
 will be in bed as a punishment again all next weekend. So much
 the better, he deserved to be punished!
                Mom punishes my stepfather
 Posted on 2003-10-04 13:24:53
 by early bed-timer
                Mom imposes a strict discipline to Luc, my stepfather. He has
 daily tight hours. He goes working at 7:00 AM. He must be back
 home at 5:00 PM immediately after works. He has to be
 undressed, showed and in bed with his nightie on not later than at
 5:30 PM. He has then about one hour available in bed to take a
 light dinner, to discuss events of the day, problems and programs
 with mom and me, to quickly scan the paper or read personal
 mail. By 6:30 or 6:45 PM, it’s goodnight for him, lights out, tucked
 in and locked up in his bedroom until next morning. Off course no going out, meeting friends or TV. His physical exercise is to walk 50
 minutes daily between home and the office where he’s an
                Luc’s bedtime is the same on weekend.
                When mom or me receive guests, Luc is often sent to bed earlier.
                On Sunday and Saturday it may be since early afternoon or even
 all day if guests come before lunchtime. Sometimes I go to the
 office and pick him up, when mom wants he went earlier in bed
 because of guests or outgoing.
                When Luc breaks a rule he’s punished. He usually has earlier
 bedtime such as
 lights out at 5:00 PM on week days, whole afternoon or all day in
 bed on weekend or holidays. If he has been more seriously
 disobedient (turn light on or get up after bedtime i.e.) or has done
 a grave offence (smoking, drinking, spending too much money,
 driving to fast i.e.) he is spanked on bare bottom with hand or
 hairbrush before a corner time kneeling naked in his nightie,
 sometimes in front of guests. Instead of tea or dinner, he takes
 only baby formula or milk in a bottle before lights out.
                When mom is gone out, I usually baby-sit him, alone or with a
 friend. I can then put Luc to bed as I want and also punish him as
 mom does.

 Re: Husband put to bed
 Posted on 2003-09-20 07:26:15
 by timer-timer
                ========== In Reply To ==========
 Are you aloud out of bed after you have been sent to bed (i.e. for
 a drink, toilet act.
                -----------------------------------After I’ve been put to bed by Gisele and tucked in with lights out, I’m not more allowed at all to get up. By
 night, I’ve a bottle of water on my bedside table and a pot
 chamber in it. I’m locked up in bedroom and can wear nothing
 apart my nightie.
                By day, while Gisele is still at home, I can call to ask her
 permission. She usually gives me. If she’s an entertaining guest, they
 can catch in sight of me. I’ve then to greet them and say them
 goodnight, in nightie as I’m, before to go back to bed and sleep
 again. Depending on the guests, she explains them she has put
 me to bed because I was tired or sleepy, in bad mood or
 moaning, punished for disobedience or others grounds.
                Sometimes even because of too cold or rainy weather! As Gisele
 wrote before, I confess that in such a situation I’m excited as
 much as embarrassed or humiliated.
                PS I confirm what Gisele wrote: I’ve to be in bed punished all
 weekend because I made dangerous overtaking last Sunday. I
 just awake for lunchtime in bed before to sleep the rest of this
 Saturday. Weather is superbly sunny and Gisele is going out with
 Patricia and Mandy, a friend, while I’ll be confined in bed and in
 darkness. But I deserve to be punished.

Signs Of Progress

Posted by misspends on 2004-03-20 03:18:08

A woman has every right to administer control over her husband’s behavior. It is a fact that men who comply with the wishes of their wives lead more productive and happy lives. Women are more mature and responsible than men. If a man is really in love, he will prove it by accepting her guidance and authority, and he will be better off for it. Relationships are more successful when the woman is the dominant partner. This is the arrangement in most marriages today, even if men don’t want to own up to it.
Re: Signs Of Progress
Posted by timer-timer on 2004-03-24 18:35:14
I totally agree with you. Before I was living with Luc, he frequented bars, was extravagant, drunk too much, drove car dangerously, had very late bedtimes and naturally woke up badly in the morning. Since I control him, he’s much better. I think early bedtime for a man is an excellent thing. Luc has to sleep at 7:00 pm at the last, every day, so no more outing in the evening, no useless expenses, no more drink nor night driving. Only a long and good night in bed, resting for him as than for me! He’s at present ever fit in the morning … and for love too!
I regulate his whole day. His curfew is at 5:00 pm with no tolerance. Then shower, a light supper, a talk about the things happened during the day, with he already in bed and me on his bedside. I finally close shutters and curtains, tuck him in, give him a nite-nite kiss then switch light off.
When he’s disobedient, cranky or has misbehaving, I punish him with spanking, corner-time and overall earlier bedtimes. If I want to be quiet, to receive friends or to go out with them, I put him to bed as a child in the early afternoon on weekend or on holiday. And isn’t well advised to moan or so: he’d be punished more hardly.
His ex-wife Teresa is much surprised that Luc has to go to bed so early every day. With her, his usual bedtime was after midnight. She regrets not having done as I do myself. She came home two times last months, on Saturday afternoon, for administrative affairs: her ex-husband was both times in bed being punished. Teresa was admiring about my work. She gave me congratulations and told I was right to be strict with a hubby as ours who deserves to be disciplined and punished as a little kid.
Gisele, wife of Luc
Re: It's bedtime? From Gisele
Posted by timer-timer on 2003-09-20 06:46:43
In fact, my darling is currently really tight asleep. I’ve confined him in bed all weekend punished because he drove car dangerously last Sunday. He admitted to deserve a tight punishment. Not you?
I wish to clarify that since Luc has compulsory early and punishing bedtime, we are happier together. He became a better lover since he has to wait in bed I’m back. I enjoy meeting him in bed too, but I confess that I enjoy much more to put him to bed, especially when witnesses are present. I’m sure he enjoys it too. He’s embarrassed to be seen in bed or in nightshirt in the daytime, but excited too, I believe.
I encourage every woman to try compulsory bedtime for husband or friend. They’ll be surprised with the result!

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Quite a lot of people associate pyjama punishment with slipper punishment too. Here's one naughty girl who find's this out the hard way

Jane’s endures a slippering and pyjama punishment.

Shoes off slippers on, house rules at Jane’s parents house.
Firstly let me give the background details to her mother’s house rules and the consequences of breaking the rules.
Jane’s parents was house was in rural Surrey England. Her mother was incredibly strict and very house proud. The carpets were white throughout as well as having cashmere rugs.
Her mother operated at strict non-negotiable shoes off at the door house rule for everyone. It was a large house with an entrance hall. It was expected that shoes were removed there.
Also she would not allow anyone to walk around the house in just socks. Essentially everyone was expected to wear slippers.
Jane was expected to take her shoes off and leave them at the door; her slippers were left inside the house by the door. She had quite a few pairs and they would all be in a shoe rack by the door.
She always took her socks off straight away, as her mother wanted washed all dirty clothes immediately. Most of her slippers were pink and fluffy.
Her mother would not tolerate any disobedience and Jane knew that if she was caught not wearing her slippers that she would immediately have to get into her pyjamas and go to bed very early. If she was caught wearing shoes in the house then she was spanked over her mother’s knee with pants pulled down and her mother would spank her with one of her father hard-soled leather slippers.

 Then she was sent straight to bed. Jane’s usual bedtime when she was 12 was 7.30pm.She was expected to be in her pyjamas by 6.30pm.There was quite often guests in the house with their children who quite often teased her for being in her pyjamas so early.
When she was 14 she had had a terrible row with her mother before school, so to get back at her after school that evening she deliberately trailed mud all down the hall carpet in her shoes. Her mother was out but when she came home and saw the ruined carpet she totally freaked out. Jane was spanked on her bare bottom with her father’s hardest slipper. She was spanked mercilessly for over 30 minutes. She was put into her pyjamas and made to stand in the corner until her father came home from the Airport. He was a wing commander. When he came home Jane had to explain what she had done. He asked her if she was sorry and she didn’t answer so he said that clearly she should be punished further.
For the next two months she had to get into her pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers straight after school. Do her homework immediately and have he supper and go straight to bed no later than 6pm. On weekends she had to be ready for bed by 3.30pm.During this two months she was constantly humiliated by being seen by visitors in her pyjamas at 3.30pm.
Much younger children openly laughed at her and would taunt her sometimes by pulling off her slippers and hiding them. Then they would tell her mother that Jane was deliberately throwing her slippers away to cause trouble. Jane was sent straight to bed for the first two times with her cousins opening laughing at her. The third time she had her slippers pulled off and thrown away, Jane was marched in the room next door and spanked over her mother’s knee bare bottom. The door was open and her three cousins stood and watched with glee, openly teasing her as she was slippered and as she cried out in pain and embarrassment. There were aunts and uncles in the room and everyone heard the slippering. Her cousins had always been jealous of Jane because she went to a very exclusive public school and they had to go to the local state school. They thought that Jane was a snob. As Jane was sent to bed after her spanking the girls shouted that she had deserved all she had got and that they would tell everyone in the village.
Jane never wore shoes in the house again. She made sure that as soon as she got home it was shoes and socks off at the door and then straight into slippers every time.
In all the years I have known her I have never seen her in our house in shoes. We don’t allow shoes in our house. She has always made me wear slippers, but she buys me the most comfy and stylish leather slippers so I don’t mind. She loves her slippers fuzzy and furry and often really massive ones. Last week I bought her these incredible alpaca wool slippers. They are fully enclosed and absolutely massive. If I am a good boy she rubs me up in them. She bought me a pair of barker’s English leather mules and just like her mummy did all those years ago she’s been spanked with them with her pyjamas pulled down every night for the last two weeks.
When her mother visits us, which is about every three months because she lives over 300 miles away, Jane gets all her slippers out mummy and Jane play all night with them trying them on.
I suppose it’s the nature nurture argument. Perhaps we are all the sum total of our past after all.  

Friday, 6 July 2012

More from Pyjama Punishment Monthly about a Scottish example of pyjama punishment

Dear Pyjama Punishment

My wife has insisted I write to you chronicling an experience I had during my teens.

I was lodging with two sisters in Edinburgh called in a very sedate and residential area. I found myself in their care after sustaining burns to my hands and damaging ankle ligaments while preventing a small electrical fire in the kitchen from turning into something far more serious.

The sisters, Clara and Sophia, exploited my situation to impose a form of discipline while at each step convincing me that everything was perfectly logical.

Difficulties in accessing the bathroom persuaded me to agree to their suggestion that it would be far simpler if I were to use a potty to go ‘wee-wee’s.’ As the sisters explained, it was the most sensible solution to the problem and they would of course help me upstairs to the facilities when absolutely necessary.

They then told me that it would be easier for them and more comfortable for me if I were permanently attired in nightwear. Constantly being dressed and undressed, they said, would be far too time consuming and unnecessary since I was unable to venture outside.

I could see that this made sense only, as I pointed out, I did not own any pyjamas. Not to worry I was told, they had thoughtfully borrowed some for me from a friend. I should point out that I am only five foot one inch tall but what transpired next caught me totally off guard. It turned out that their friend had provided some of her daughter’s nightwear; she was only twelve years old and evidently not a tomboy.

Consequently, despite my muted protests, I allowed Clara to button me into a pink floral winceyette pyjama jacket. She insisted upon fastening the Peter Pan collar up to the neck to ‘keep me cosy.’ The bottoms, much to my embarrassment were too long and my face was as pink as my pyjamas as they finally settled the waistband somewhere just below my ribcage as they discussed whether of not it would be better if I were to wear a nightie instead.

Moaning about my attire, I was told to stop being a baby as they were only caring for me as best they could. Ashamed of my carping, I timidly acquiesced while they tucked me, ensconced in floral pink pyjamas, into the camp bed they had set up for me in the living room.

At mealtimes one of the sisters would patiently feed me, this gave them the opportunity to ensure I ate all my vegetables; previously I would toy with them and leave them on my plate. This had clearly annoyed them and now I could not escape their predilection for serving mashed turnip and broccoli with every meal.

After the meal I was handed a spouted baby cup to use as a drinking vessel. It was, they said, ‘practical and efficient.’ I was just about able to clasp this between my bandaged hands and once again I could not deny the logic behind their reasoning.

Similarly, when I dribbled milk down my pyjamas I did not demur when they produced a baby’s bib and tied it around me. The words used were, ‘It will save us from constantly washing your jim-jams.’

The camp bed was not at all comfortable, and one night I somehow managed to tip it over. Clara and Sophia were most concerned when they discovered me lying helplessly on the floor in the morning. Their solution was not at all to my liking.

This was the perfect answer they explained, as they showed me the child’s cot.

‘Now you can’t possibly fall out and injure yourself can you?’ Obviously I couldn’t, but that was hardly the point. When the rail was lifted I was effectively trapped in the cot, being unable to lower the rail myself. Of course being confined overnight meant I was unable to access the potty and thanks to their insistence that I consumed copious quantities of milk throughout the day it was a genuine problem. But the sisters had the solution.

‘Lift up a little dear. That’s it.’ It was a strange sensation being put into baby-soft nappies by Sophia, and she pinned me into the fleecy white squares with practiced ease. ‘There now, all done. Nothing to get upset about was it?’

Upset was not the word when they first suggested putting me into nappies, but they explained it to me in such a fashion that it all made sense and I meekly concurred.

Initially the cot had been set up in the living area; obviously I understood when they said this was inconvenient. So of course I once again agreed that it would be sensible to move it into the box room.

What I was definitely not happy about was being put down for the night at six o’clock. I was stripped, washed, pinned into my nappies dressed in pyjamas and put into my cot clutching my sippy cup of milk. At six fifteen they would both enter, pull the curtains tightly shut, bid me goodnight and close the door leaving me helpless in the dark with no alternative but to settle down for the night.

When I dared to complain about this treatment, I was told, in a hurtful tone, that they couldn’t be expected to devote the whole day exclusively pandering to my needs. I immediately felt guilty and assured them that it was quite all right and that I was content to be put to bed early.

One of my most humiliating memories was when a young female reporter came to interview me from the local free paper.
I was seventeen, it was only six thirty and I had to be awakened dressed in girl’s pink winceyette pyjamas, wearing nappies and lying in a cot. Lurking at the bottom of the cot were a discarded sippy cup and a baby’s bib.

‘Tell me,’ she asked deadpan, ‘how do you feel?’

Then the camera flashed. I made the front page with a headline that read:

Grateful sisters nurse fire hero back to health

Needless to say I do not own a copy of the publication in question.

Once my injuries had healed the pyjamas and cot were returned from whence they came and I reverted back to toying with my vegetables.

For many years I assumed I was just rather eccentrically cared for, however my wife is convinced that I was subject to a form of pyjama punishment discipline. What do you or your readers think? I would be most interested in your professional opinion.

A letter about bedtime discipline from Pyjama Punishment Monthly

Dear Pyjama Monthly
I would like to congratulate you on your most informative and enlightening magazine. In particular I note with interest the correspondence that appears periodically about bedtime and pyjama discipline. Many years experience nursing on children’s wards helped me enormously when I was given the responsibility of providing a home for my nephew.
My ward sister first advocated to me that children were much better behaved when given early bedtimes and properly attired in nighties and pyjamas, she insisted every child upon admission was dressed accordingly for the duration of their stay. In those days we often had older boys and girls in our care who were reluctant to abide by her rules but she allowed no exceptions. ‘If you do not wish to wear pyjamas,’ she would inform red-faced boys; ‘I can easily provide you with a suitable nightdress.’ Not surprisingly they quickly conformed. Occasionally a particularly irksome boy would wake up after an operation to find himself wearing a floral nightie, a situation explained by Sister to surprised parents as a, ‘necessary expedient to facilitate professional nursing care!’ Boys and girls in their teens, dismayed at being tucked into bed at eight o’clock when the lights were dimmed, were further upset when Sister insisted the side rails of their cot beds were raised just like the younger patients. She would be horrified at children’s wards today that resemble noisy crèche’s, devoid of any discipline.
My nephew came to me aged ten and it was immediately noticeable that he was unused to going to bed at a sensible time. Fortunately I quickly instilled in him the need for a good night's sleep. Jonathan enjoyed a happy normal childhood in my care, but I refused to be the kind of person who allows children to wander the streets at night unsupervised. I would gladly let him attend organised events, collecting him at the end of the evening, but mostly I insisted he was ready for, and in bed, by seven o’clock. AND he had to wear a soft wincyette nightie with a pretty feminine or babyish pattern. If he was any trouble he had to go to bed with a baby's dummy pinned to the bodice of his nightie. Since I also prefer to retire early, I felt it not unreasonable to have personal time to myself. Jonathan is now happily married and still enjoys the security of soft flannel nighties and earlybedtimes thanks to his enlightened wife.
The need to feel secure and wanted is in us all, ensuring our little loved ones are attired in cosy nightwear, and placed in a safe warm bed at night, provides a sense of well-being that anyone would appreciate, whether they are children or adults. There are many varied methods of achieving these values described in PDM. I can certainly understand the need for a more disciplined approach to problematic individuals whether by enforcing baby discipline, or traditional petticoating, but ultimately the objective is the same; to create a happy, loving environment for all concerned.
Please accept my congratulations once again on providing a platform for similar minded women to share their experiences on your pages.

Ms Penelope Elliott

Philip doing the ironing for aunty.

Looking in at the life of Philip. Aunty has already humiliated her nephew by dressing him in pink frilly pyjamas. Now she is giving him a list of chores to perform before his 4pm bedtime.