Sunday, 29 April 2012

Yet another batch of responses from the archives of Pyjama Punishment Monthly

Dear Robert;

How dare you whine to me! I am a female who believes in strict early bedtime discipline and pyjama punishment for naughty whiners and cranky baby boys like you.

First off, I think it very nice of your sweet mother to escort you every day from school. She must really love you to devote her time to you in this manner and to hold hands as if you were a sweet little child sixteen or not!

          I think it admirable that your sisters bathe you. They should be allowed to undress you from now on for your impertinence in this letter you have dared to write. You should be kept shaved completely from the neck down and rubbed with sweet scented creams to make your skin soft and girlish. In your bath should be scented bath oils as well as bubble bath scented of course. You should be covered in suds and shampoo and soap completely with a bar of scented soap in your mouth to keep you quiet during your bath. They should powder and dry you off completely with your hands on top of your head.

Your mother was right to let your sisters pick out your feminine pajamas and dress you. I want more details on all the pajama sets you have in detail my lad. Do you hear me? It is good to wear the pajama bottoms in case of accidents because you should not be allowed out of bed at all once you have been put to bed. I do hope your sweet mother enforces this rule.

          After your bath, it's bedtime. In bed you will be made to sit up and be fed your baby food and formula warmed up in a bottle every day you arrive from school. What time do you arrive home? Baby food should be a lot of vegetables and some fruit and the formula should contain some sleeping powder from the local chemist strong enough to keep you compliant with your bedtime.

Your bed preparations should be: blinds lowered completely, curtains drawn tightly and if you don't have hermetically lined curtains, after your mother reads this, she should get them to keep out 100% of that nasty daylight from bothering her sweet baby. A child minder (baby monitor) is a great idea. It should be so that even if there is static you should be punished with more bedtime and your sisters should carry the receiver when they are in the house or yard and tell mother when you violate the rules. You should have no access to clothes and your bedroom door closed and locked. An electric blanket is a good idea to induce sleep along with many regular wool blankets and your sheets should be brushed flannel for the same reason. You should be tightly tucked in to keep you from getting up. A pacifier tied in the mouth is a great idea and should either be coated with nail biter deterrent or your mother should use a medicated pacifier and add castor oil to it. I also suggest padded hand mittens to keep you chaste in bed. You know how you boys get aroused. The effect will last an hour or more. Your window (in good weather) should be kept slightly open so you can hear the sounds of an active world outside.

On weekends and holidays (days off from school) you should be in bed at 11:30am at the latest, before your mother and sister's lunch so you won't argue and act cranky with them at the table and lunch should be in bed. Prior to that, you should have a bath and fresh pajamas before you are allowed down for breakfast. Your every movement until beddy bye at 11:30am should be monitored. Regardless of your opinion, if your mother wishes to take you somewhere in public, you should go in your pajamas. However sometimes you should just be put to bed for the night before mother goes out.

You should be put to bed as punishment all day for misbehavior when required by your mother or sisters. The schedule should be: 7:30am-bath and fresh pajamas, make bed. 8:00am-breakfast downstairs in pajamas and return to bed by 8:30am at the very latest. From that point it's sleepy time until 11:30am when you will get your baby lunch in bed (formula and baby food) before night -night at noon. No tea and no dinner. This is your punishment schedule.

If guests come over on weekends and holidays, you should be put to bed before they arrive. This includes friends of your sisters, even though they might only be coming over to pick them up to go out somewhere and the policy should be once down in bed, there you will stay until at least the next morning.

Your girlfriend: Does she have a new boyfriend now that you have "dumped" her by going to bed so early? I demand a report from you in the next communication? If she does come over for tea or lunch or even dinner, and with a friend you should be in bed well beforehand. She could be allowed to kiss you and say goodnight or she may elect not to disturb you. I demand you detail how she feels in your next communication and how she feels about you.

I think regardless of how I feel (I do not agree with you being allowed up for tea) that your mother is doing right by letting you up for tea as long as you are back in bed within one half hour of being allowed up and you should be in your pajamas. If she continues this practice, that is fine but if you are punished that should not be allowed. What time is teatime at your house 3:00pm?

I think it admirable for your girlfriend to buy you such nice pajamas and how dare you protest? She did help put you to night- night so the adults could talk and have dinner in peace.

          Your sisters should be allowed to make the decision if you are deserving of bed punishment for the slightest of offenses and carry out the details of putting you to bed. A bath is not always necessary by the way. I think your mother will agree to this.

I am demanding answers on any questions I have included in this communication and I want to hear about many incidents in detail which means more of what was said and done and next time I want to hear your thoughts of being put to bed as punishment while everyone is downstairs enjoying a picnic or family gathering with you.

Failure to do so will result in further punishment. Do you understand baby Robert??

Mistress Janice Oryan

From LilBbyJennie:

          Can we humiliate you any further? Oh let me count the ways.
First since you’re obviously a little child despite your age I believe the name Robbie is much more appropriate. I also think that the Dry- Nites Pyjama Pants are inappropriate for someone of your age at home when nappies obviously suit your temperament with cute frilly plastic rumba panties over them this way your mother does not have to worry
about her little one doing anything in the bathroom at all. I think a baby potty should be placed in the middle of the living room and when you need to go you need to ask your sisters or mother to take you potty, and it will be up to them if they want to or not. If they
decide to let you go in your nappy they will change you whenever they wish too with you having no say in the matter at all. I think a dummy tied in place at all times is wonderful ideas to help you better learn how to use that tongue appropriately. Also because of
your childish behavior you should call your mother Mommy or I think the U.K equivalent is Mummy.

I think the Dry-Nites Pyjama Pants should be saved for when you go to school and afterwards your Mummy should ask you if you stayed dry. Since everyone at school knows your not a big boy you may as well dress appropriately with girlish pants and sweaters and blouses. Since you still need to learn how to respect your peers and
betters you call everyone from your sisters to your ex Miss or Mrs. so and so and guys you will call Mr. REGARDLESS of their age. The only exception of course is your Mommy. You should also thank for ex for agreeing to sit for you and when she finds someone new you should thank him for treating her like a boyfriend should instead of having to subject her to childish plays. I also think a daily spanking given at beddy-byes should help remind you to be good the next day and the severity depend on your behavior. I think lines should suffice as well 500 for starters saying I will respect my betters and obey. In answer to your question, Baby Robbie can we find any other ways to
humiliate you? OHHHH YYYEEESSS 

From LilBby Jennie:
More ideas oh let me think a second if i have any. It will take awhile. OK I lied I have plenty. First since there are uniforms what about a childish book bag or backpack to carry his school books some girly cartoon character like strawberry Shortcake, my little pony to match his jim jams, Dora the Explorer even Madeline and matching lunch box which will have baby food for his lunchie. I also thought of getting him a stuffed animal or doll dressed in similar attire whether it is nappies or pyjama pants that go everywhere he does at school it will be in his book bag to remind him of his status and maybe having his ex feed him lunch at school if they have the same lunch time. Since there is a possibility however slight of him getting out of bed why use a bed at all when a crib or i think the UK equivalent of a cot will work nicer. Also baby dolls instead of pyjamas will be easier to change and dress the dear sweet boy. Why not turn his room into a little girl’s room with pink walls and possibly nursery characters. Since he has a uniform for school and his pyjamas for other occasion he does not need street clothes so donate them to a local charity. Why not also put him in childish tights and get rid of the pyjama bottoms entirely. Maybe if he is good he may have mashed bananas or something that is adult food blended and pureed into mush for the little one.
I also think a daily dose of castor oil first thing in the morning will also control that tongue and attitude during the day if he realizes there will be more where it came from if he is naughty. There are the enemas that can be given for "cleansing" and if he is
cranky he must be sick so temp taken rectally.

I do believe I have learned some tricks from the wonderful and gracious Mistress Janice.

Gertrude's son Robert writes to Pyjama Punishment Monthly.

Plea from Gertrude’s Son

Dear all, my name is Robert and my Mother has been seeking your advice regarding my bedtime. Thanks to your comments, not only do I have to go to bed even earlier then before but my mother has also changed her working hours to enforce new, even
stricter rules. Don't you think it is unfair that my mother now escorts me home from school every afternoon?  She waits for me at the school gates and I have to
walk home holding her hand! Thanks to Alice everyone at school knows I am going home straight to bed and they call out to me on the way home.

 ' Off to beddy-byes now Robert?' and 'night-night Robert' Recently one chilly day, my mother made me wear a pink scarf and matching mittens, putting them on me in
front of my friends from the football team. My mother said I must wear them or she would spank me right there and then even though I am sixteen! My sisters are now allowed to give me a bath every night. Once we arrive home my sisters undress me and
use lots of baby suds and baby shampoo to make me, 'all clean for beddy byes.' They cover me in baby powder and my youngest sister, who is only twelve, selects my pyjamas. Since my tantrum I am only allowed to wear girl’s pyjamas. Mother took me shopping and bought several pairs for me, all chosen by my sisters who took great
delight in telling the shop assistant they were for me. The pyjamas are all very childish and covered in lace and flowers and my sister takes plenty of time choosing which pair I will wear to bed. I am buttoned into the pyjama jacket. I hate wearing the brushed nylon pair as they are very hot and the lacy collar irritates me a lot.  Before my sisters
step me into the pyjama bottoms I am further humiliated.

On the way home from school one afternoon my mother made me go into the local chemist and buy a pack of Dry-Nites Pyjama Pants! I had to stand there red faced as she explained to Mrs. Robson how I was being punished with early bedtimes and made to wear girl's pyjamas and how I was not allowed out of bed to use the toilet. Mrs Robson is my girlfriend's mother! 

My sisters say 'time for your nappy' as they make me put them on before holding open my pyjama bottoms for me to step into. Don't you realize how foolish I feel standing in front of my younger sisters wearing a pair of girls brushed nylon pyjamas with what amounts to a nappy underneath my pyjama bottoms!  I am then taken straight to bed, given my last meal of the day and told to 'snuggle down for sleepy byes.'
Once I am tightly tucked into bed my sisters argue about who is to give me my milky drink, which is in a baby's bottle!  I have to finish the bottle before a baby's dummy is
tied into place leaving me unable to speak properly without sounding like a small child. The curtains are tightly drawn and my mother switches on the baby monitor and warns me I shall be spanked if she hears me attempt to get out of bed. 

Apparently it is you I have to thank for being confined to bed at the weekend. I am only allowed up at teatime and not allowed any clothes. Mother says I must wear girl's pyjamas all the time apart from school days.  I don't know where
she got that idea.  Last Saturday, I was sitting at the tea table wearing winceyette pink floral pyjamas when there was a knock at the door. It was Mrs. Robson with Jackie, my
girlfriend! I tried to run upstairs to hide but was held by my mother.  Jackie hands me another pack of Pyjama Pants saying, ' I hear you have been a naughty boy Robert
and need these.' She laughed as I was made to thank her. 'Oh and I see it is true you have to wear pink pyjamas, they are very pretty and nice and cozy too I should think. So
here is a present for you.' Inside the parcel was a pair of 'My little Pony' girl's pyjamas! Mrs. Robson said, 'they are too small for Jackie now but they should be perfect for you.'
Mother made me say. 'Thank you for my lovely pyjamas,' blushing furiously and close to tears I was actually grateful to be taken back to bed by my sisters. Once I was tucked back in however, to my horror Jackie came up and sat on the bed beside me!
'Well you are a naughty little baby, all tucked up in your pretty jim-jams. I am afraid we won't be going out together any more but you will still be seeing a lot of me as your mother has asked me to baby-sit for you.'  I started to protest but she picked up my dummy and tied it into place.

'Shush now babykins it's time for you to go bye-byes even though it is only 4:30pm!and guess what? Next Sunday you are coming to have tea at my house and your mother has promised you will be wearing your new pyjamas! Won't that be lovely? Night-night precious, see you soon' So now I am dreading Sunday when I will have to wear
my ex-girlfriends, 'My Little Pony' pyjamas in front of her and her mother!
I beg you to advise my mother to stop this punishment. Don't you think I have been punished enough? Surely there is nothing left you can think of to humiliate me
Gertrude's unhappy pyjama clad son Robert.

The frilly pink girls pyjamas Robert's sister's made him wear.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

The original letter Published in Pyjama Punishment Monthly


Does anyone have a solution to Gertrude's dilemma?
A dose of Castor oil will be administered to the supplier of the best answer!

My fifteen-year-old son has always had an earlier bedtime than his sisters despite the fact they are both younger than him. Even though they are just aged fourteen and twelve they are far more capable than he. My son’s bedtime is 6:00pm with preparation beginning at
4:00pm. I expect him to be in his nightclothes by 4:30pm. These consist of dainty; cotton baby-doll pyjama sets in the warmer months and traditional, cosy girl’s floral winceyette pyjamas during the winter. These tend to be of the kind toddlers of three or four might wear, as I do not consider him old enough for “grown up pyjamas”.

At weekends his routine varies. On Saturday his sisters invariably stay with friends and since I am soft hearted I put him into his pyjamas at 2:00pm but allow him to stay up until 6.30pm when he is just in time to say night-night to Nana and Auntie Beatrice, my mother and sister who regularly visit at that time. On Sunday, since it is school the next day he is bathed and ready for bed by 1:00pm and safely tucked up no more than a half an hour later. At weekdays, since I usually have not returned from work by 5:15pm, it befalls his sisters to ensure he adheres to the rules. They will oversee his supper; the girls eat with me once he is tucked up in bed, make sure he washes his dirty dishes, select his pyjamas, help him undress and assist with the donning of his pyjamas before supervising face washing and teeth cleaning. I am always home in time to take him to bed as I think that is very important for a boy of his age to have Mummy there to tuck him in and kiss him night-night. Now he is about to turn sixteen he requested that his bedtime should be moved to seven pm. Upon consideration I agreed to a trial period to begin immediately. Unfortunately that is where my trouble

My son was under the impression that a later bedtime also meant pyjamas not being donned until 5:15pm. This was not the agreement. When I arrived home I found my daughters had spanked him and gave him corner time when he refused to get ready for bed at his usual time. Something they have my permission to do. They had also dressed him in his special, “naughty boy pyjamas,” the pink floral winceyette ones with the Peter
Pan collar. Amidst all the tears and recriminations the best I could do was pack him off to bed there and then. I now find that my daughters are unhappy about spoiling our evenings together, they feel the best place for my son is to be tucked up in bed at his usual time and to continue letting them get him ready for bed, choosing jim-jams etc. I have, for the moment reverted back to the previous arrangement, something my son is not happy with but do not wish to undermine my daughters authority over their brother.
Your advice on the matter would be most appreciated.

Gertrude Kirchgarten.

Friday, 27 April 2012

More responses from the correspondence originally published in Pyjama Punishment Monthly

Dear all, 
Well I must say my son appears to have taken leave of his senses. On Saturday his Nana and Aunt Beatrice arrived unexpectedly early. With them was eleven-year-old Alice who was being looked after by my sister. Alice immediately shouted out a cry of recognition. It appeared she was in the first year of my son’s school. My son of course had no knowledge of such a junior pupil. I suggested a game of ‘Ring a Rosie’s’ for the pair of them, and indeed, Alice was soon laughing and enjoying herself twirling around and falling down. For some reason my sixteen-year-old son appeared to be less enthusiastic and I had to threaten him on more than one occasion with a spanking to remind him to play nicely.
At 2:15pm I approached them and told my son to go upstairs and fetch his pyjamas, 
as it was time for him to get ready for bed. I informed Alice that they could play a less 
boisterous game once I had put my son in his pyjamas ready for bed. Imagine my 
surprise when he flatly refused to obey me, saying such nonsense as he was to old to
 be wearing pyjamas. You can imagine the shock I felt at being shown up in such a
 manner in front of guests. I was so I took down his shorts and put him across my lap 
for a spanking. He was not at all pleased to be spanked in front of everyone but I 
ignored his cries and sent Alice off on an errand to his sisters’ room to fetch some 
punishment pyjamas. 
She returned with my son in full-blown tantrum mode and I had to elicit help from his
Nana and Aunt to remove the remainder of his clothing as he wriggled and squirmed to avoid our grasp. All to no avail as I was determined that he was going be put to bed immediately!
’How do you like having to wear these pyjamas?’ I asked, as Beatrice and I held his 
legs while his Nana dressed him in the pyjama bottoms. There were more frantic efforts to escape as he realized he was being put into his sister’s pair of white, soft brushed cotton pyjamas emblazoned with pink rosebuds. We held him as my mother buttoned him into the pyjama top, fastening the top button to enhance the effect of the pretty Peter Pan collar. How he sobbed as I made him kiss everyone night-night including Alice before asking her to help me tuck him into bed even though it was only 2:30pm. What a story she would have to tell at school on Monday!
On Sunday morning, as a punishment, he was given his bath by his sisters and put 
straight back to bed in a long pink winceyette nightie. I told him that because of his babyish behavior his sister’s would put him to bed as soon as he came in from school, homework and meals would be attended to in bed. I also told him to expect to spend future weekends confined to bed all day. Furthermore he would wear little girl pyjamas or nighties at all times when in the house until I decided otherwise.
Do you think I have been too harsh on him perhaps or even too lenient?  
Your opinions are always welcome
Gertrude Kirchgarten.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Some of the replies to the letter published in Pyjama Punishment Monthly

From Kelly Ann:

No not at all, you are taking control, and showing him who is boss, I know my bf who read this secretly wishes he were in your sons shoes as he loves to dress femme and wear lacy and frilly things. (Mistress Linda)

From Kelly Ann:

You could also then ask that girl to be his baby sitter too and also then sort of have an older female tending to and watching out for the girls and teaching them to be more dominant and helping each other

From Janice Oryan:

Dear Aunt Gertrude;

Congratulations on your treatment of your errant son. How dare he act up in the presence of young ladies and girls? You were right to put him to bed immediately without dinner. In my attachment, I have outlined how this miscreant should be treated.

May I suggest?

After school, he must be bathed by the girls and dressed in pajamas and put in bed with blinds and curtains tightly closed. He should have formula (with medication) and baby food as dinner in bed, (it is much healthier than the junk food older boys crave-no additives or preservatives)(I also suggest when unruly make him eat nasty things like seaweed, stewed cabbage in castor oil OR strained prunes and cod liver oil) do his studies and lights out within one hour of arriving home. What time does he arrive?

On weekends and holidays and the entire summer I suggest:

·        Fulltime bed confinement

·        8:00am - bath by girls, teeth brushing, toilet

·        8:30am - in bed in fresh nightie or girl's pajamas

·        Tucked in with extra quilts and preferably an electric blanket.

·        Have him sleep in a position he dislikes a great deal

·        Brushed flannel sheets to induce sleep

·        Baby doll or stuffed animal to cuddle up with

·        Consider a sleep mask-they work well

·        Baby formula in bottle with medication

·        Medicated suppository if necessary for unruliness

·        Baby pacifier tied in place

·        If very unruly-medicated pacifier filled with castor oil or soap tied in place (The girls will love this)

·        Blinds lowered, curtains (lined of course-hermetically sealed type if possible) tightly closed

·        Window slightly open in good weather so he can hear children playing, birds singing and 

·        An active world he is denied access to

·        Baby monitor and recorder (the latter in case you go out and you need to record his movement)

·        No lights allowed

·        No clock allowed

·        No reading materials, radio or any items he can entertain himself with

·        No visitors

·        Clothes removed from room-closet kept locked

·        Room should be kept very dark

·        He should be told the rules: sleep and be very quiet or else! -No Noise Allowed

·        Door tightly closed and locked

·        Sleep until baby lunch in bed of course-guests allowed to see him and help at lunchtime

·        11:30am - baby lunch

·        Formula and more baby food

·        Toilet, teeth brushing, wash face

·        BED until next morning

·        NO TEA nor DINNER - No guests after lunch - only beneficial sleep, rest and complete quiet

·        Peaceful day with naughty big boy in bed

·        On the holiday you might allow him up in the morning until 11:00am either in pajamas around the house or in bed reading and allowed visitors

·        Earlier bedtimes if punished or his sisters feels he should go to bed-whenever they wish

·        ALWAYS put to bed when you or daughters have guests or you have a party

·        If allowed up-pajamas or nightie only. Street clothes are taboo

·        I have also attached a detailed file on bed punishment for your reference. Thank you Aunt Gertrude and I look forward to more updates from you.

From jk475:

Well I think he should be ready for bed weekdays immediately after he arrives home from school and has dinner in bed, lights out within one half hour upon his arrival.
On weekends for the time being, 12:30pm is more appropriate to prevent him from running around and getting in trouble; if he continues his protesting, then all day on the weekends. 8:30-to bed, sleep till noon and baby lunch then bed till the next morning.
Big boys really need their sleep don't they? Please Aunt Gertrude, we would like to hear more?

From Kelly Ann:

That is only proper and when he does get older tell him he can wear old aged clothing but ones of a more girlish style or what is he wearing now.

From Janice Oryan:

Dear Aunt Gertrude;

It is so delightful to hear that your fifteen-year-old son is treated as the miscreant he really is. Certainly pajama of a child much younger than him has him in tears as well as teaching him a lesson that "when you act like a child, you get treated like one".

Certainly this lad's brashness must be dealt with. I can imagine him protesting that his sister's are younger and they deserve an earlier bedtime. Typical mach boy! His sisters are obviously more mature than he and as noted, help in getting him ready for bed. I applaud that action.

It is quite clear that he has too much time to be up and about. I would suggest that his bedtime start immediately whence he arrives home from school. That is to clean up, brush his teeth and take dinner in bed. His studies once complete, bedtime should be immediately afterwards with lights out, door locked and shades pulled completely down and curtains tightly closed. I would recommend lining his curtains (if not done already) with a special hermetically sealed type to resist 100% of the sunlight. And if he becomes difficult or argumentive, a sedative suppository should be given. Also he should have sleepy time herbal tea at dinner to induce sleep. I further recommend a child monitor to see he is kept quiet and chaste once in bed. Any noise should be severely dealt with of course.

The weekends are a different matter. I see no reason to allow him up to continue being incorrigible and unruly. A preventive cure is needed here. Set back his bedtime to just after lunch and he will take that once in bed. That way there will be no arguing or unruliness at the table. He will forego tea and dinner as well. A sedative suppository and sleepy time tea will help keep him asleep until the next morning.

I am sure your household should be very quiet and happy with this arrangement. Of course all day bedtime for punishment or when you or his sisters deem necessary and definitely to bed before guests or visitors arrive.

I wish you well with this chap and do let us know more about how you discipline him and whether these rules I recommend are to your liking.


Janice Oryan

Ski pyjamas as mentioned previously. I seem to remember the ones I wore as a child had buttons on the shoulder. Once they were fastened on you could not remove them.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

A rather intimidating set of bedtime rules for one (un)lucky chap.

Bedtime Rules.
Mummy has noticed that you are irritable and tired during the evenings but still go to bed far too late. It is obvious to nanny and me that you require a regular sleep pattern.
Mummy will ensure you have enough sleep by putting you to bed at an appropriate time each night. In effect you will have a set bedtime that will be rigidly adhered to. Mummy and nanny have devised the following bedtime schedule for you.

Mummy reserves the right to change this schedule without prior notice if she feels you need more sleepy-byes time.
Once mummy or nanny has put you to bed, you are to remain in bed until mummy or nanny rouses you the next morning. If you are discovered out of bed for any reason without permission you will receive a pyjama spanking.

Your New Bedtimes

Monday-Friday your bedtime will be 5:00 p.m.
Saturday your bedtime will be 5: 30 p.m.
Sunday your bedtime will be 4:00 p.m.

These bedtimes are to be observed all year including holidays.

Any misbehaviour on your part may result in you being put to bed earlier.

The bedtimes listed are to be interpreted as the absolute latest time that you will be in bed on the indicated nights.

*Christmas bedtimes.

Mummy has noted how, before we were married you became particularly hyperactive prior to the Christmas holidays. It seems the excitement of Santa visiting is all too much for you. To keep you calm, one week away from Christmas day you will be put to bed half an hour after you arrive home from work. This means your Christmas bedtime will be 4:00pm
Once you have begun your holiday you will usually spend the days dressed in your pyjamas to help soothe you and prevent excess excitement as Christmas day approaches. Frequent naptimes will also be required throughout these days. This also has the benefit of allowing mummy and nanny to prepare for Christmas unhindered. On these days your bedtime will remain at 4:00pm

Night attire.
Throughout the two weeks of our marriage you have persistently declined to wear the pyjamas that nanny made for you as a wedding present.
This state of affairs will now change.

As previously stated your bedtimes have been decided. However, prior to your bedtime you will be attired in your pyjamas immediately after you have washed.

Your routine will be as follows.

If  you are given a supervised bath you will be wrapped in a towel then bought downstairs. Mummy or nanny will then dress you in a clean pair or pyjamas. You are not permitted to assist in this procedure as naughty little husbands have no right to dictate to grown ups about their jim-jams.
Mummy or nanny will first button you into your pyjama jacket. Then your pyjama bottoms will be sprinkled inside with talcum powder so that you will smell nice for beddy-byes and you will step into the pyjama bottoms as instructed. When you have both feet in your pyjama bottoms and only then, you will raise your arms from your side so that mummy or nanny can pull you pyjama bottoms up properly. Your pyjama jacket will always be tucked inside the waistband of your pyjama bottoms and your pyjama bottoms waistline will be raised to a height just below your armpits. Since your pyjamas are made several sizes too large, coupled with your bunny rabbit slippers, this is intended to deliberately give you an infantile appearance that befits your status.

If you are showering unsupervised you will come downstairs wrapped in a towel and present yourself to mummy or nanny and say the following words.

“Mummy/nanny I have had my shower and want to be dressed in my jim-jams ready for beddy-byes thank you.”

If you fail to say these words mummy or nanny will subject you to a pyjama spanking.

Each Sunday, nanny’s sewing circle meets at 2:00pm. You will greet all the ladies with the words,"good afternoon aunty," After serving tea you will shower and present yourself to one of the aunty's who will dress you in your pyjamas. You will spend the time until beddybyes sitting quietly with your colouring book. At 3.55 you will kiss everyone night-night and mummy will take you up to bed.
This strict bedtime regime will take effect  immediately.   
There will no doubt be times when your behaviour warrants additional punishment. On these occasions you can expect to find yourself put to bed at any time of the day. You have been warned.

Monday, 16 April 2012

Sometimes you don't always get what you wish for exactly.

I have been married to Thomas for two years, I work and he stays at home, an arrangement that suits us both as he is both weak and ineffectual whereas I command a salary than he could only ever dream of earning. I admit that I take more pleasure from putting him over my knee and spanking him than I do from his immature fumbling. Indeed, my physical dominance of him is far more satisfying to me than anything he can provide. In fact, if I am honest, it is the main reason I married him.

I surprised Thomas prancing around the house wearing a pale yellow frilly nightie, bought, it turns out later, from a charity shop for £1.20. Demanding to know what he was playing at he first spluttered an attempted a feeble explanation confessing that he had always felt the need to wear girly nightwear and dress in little girl outfits!

It was then that he showed me all the various sites he visited showing men wearing "little girl" party dresses with huge sashes and lots of lacy finery, usually in a shocking pink colour. He then showed me a site that had photo's of men posing deliberately wearing floaty style nighties, peignoir sets and the like. Your site, by comparison appeared to be the only sensible one where like-minded women controlled their males by exploiting their fantasies to suit their own purpose.

With plenty to think about I spanked Thomas and put him to bed, in his pyjamas. I then settled down to read all of your previous editions and found some very extraordinary but informative articles.

The next morning I confronted a sheepish looking Thomas and told him if he wanted to dress as a little girl then who was I to deny him, I explained that I had researched his fetish thoroughly and all I asked was that I should be the one to select his "little girl" outfits. To this the fool happily agreed.

Two evenings later, I ordered Thomas to undress, beside me on the sofa he could see various bags and as he undressed I could see how excited he was becoming at the prospect of being dressed as a little girl.

I motioned him toward me, "now Thomas, are you ready to become mummy's little girl?" He nodded, his face alight with expectation, it was then that I showed him the outfit I had chosen for him to wear.

"I'm not wearing that, it's not what I want at all." He protested.

I grabbed his wrist and positioned him swiftly across my lap.

"You spineless sissy!" I exclaimed as I tanned his backside with ever increasing intensity. "You will become mummy's little girl, but not quite how you imagined." Thomas was crying tearfully as I continued spanking. "Are you ready to wear your new clothes or do you want me to continue spanking?"

Thomas squealed his agreement. He stood before me sobbing as I dressed him in a vest and knickers set with a small blue floral design, a plain white, long sleeved blouse buttoned to the neck. A grey pleated skirt, a royal blue school cardigan, white knee socks and a pair of sensible, black shoes. "There we are, now you’re the perfect little girl." I teased, as I made Thomas parade in front of me. "We'll soon have you walking and talking like a real little girl, that's what you wanted isn't it?" The look on Thomas's face gave away, shall we say, his disappointment.

I sat him down with an exercise book and a pencil and told him to write me an essay entitled, "Why I will be a good little girl for mummy."

Half an hour later I stood in front of him and said, " Thomasina, you have twenty minutes to finish your essay, then it will be time for you to get ready for bed." Thomas looked up puzzled from his scribbling, "wha…. what do you mean, Thomasina, bedtime?"

I explained to him that his new little girls name was Thomasina and that little girls have bedtimes, and as he was now officially my little girl he had a bedtime too.

"Seven o'clock is your bedtime but you will prepare for bed at six every night."

"Now just a minute I…" He began to bluster,

"Do you want to go back over my knee Thomasina"? I queried. "No I suppose not," he said meekly.

"No I suppose not mummy," I prompted. Thomasina blushed but said nothing. Half an hour later I returned, "remove your uniform quickly but fold it up neatly. You will be wearing it every day all day so you need to look after it, understand Thomasina? "

"Yes mummy," came the sheepish response. Once he was naked I handed him one of the bags, "take out your new nighties," I said, I don't think they are quite what you had in mind but they are what little girls wear to bed." Thomasina was not amused as I slipped his arms and head into the long sleeved, white flannelette nightdress as it cascaded to the floor.

"This is not what I expected,” he complained as I buttoned up the Peter Pan collar on his nightie.

“How many little girls wear negligees?” I asked him. “Cosy sensible nighties are what little girls wear for bed and so that is what you will wear too!”

I prevented any further protests with the help of a baby’s dummy that I pinned to his nightie and popped into his mouth. The threat of another trip over my knee ensured it stayed in place. I had bought him a rag doll and I thrust this into his arms. “This is your dolly, Primrose,” I informed him, “ she will be your constant companion when you are ready for bed. If I see you without Primrose you will be severely punished.”

I then proceed to take a few snapshots of Thomasina who paled visibly as I outlined my plans for his life as my little girl.

His life has changed dramatically but not in the way he envisaged. My sister Agnes has moved in to supervise Thomasina's daily routine.

He occupies the small bedroom that comprises a child’s two foot six bed, a nightstand and a set of drawers that contains his girls nighties and pyjamas and also his vests and knickers. A small wardrobe house his school uniforms. Thomasina rises at 6am, and wearing his nightclothes brings Agnes her breakfast in bed while I eat downstairs as Thomasina washes up.

Thomasina then goes upstairs to put on his little girl school uniform ensuring his blouse and cardigan are correctly buttoned before presenting himself to Agnes and myself for inspection. If we are dissatisfied with any aspect of his appearance he is awarded one de-merit. How many of these he has collected by Friday evening determines the severity of his weekend punishments.

At 8.30 Thomasina must go to school. He packs his satchel with his homework and picks up his My Little Pony lunch box and sets of for “school”.

We have build a large shed at the bottom of the garden and put in a child’s school chair and desk and also a blackboard. Agnes then becomes Miss Throgmorton, headmistress of Benson Road School for girls. Thomasina has lessons that include copying pages from the Encyclopaedia Britannica with his left hand only, reciting poetry Agnes or rather Miss Throgmorton has made him memorise and spelling tests that carry a de-merit penalty for every misspelled word. Thomasina eats lunch in the garden weather permitting, and then spends some time playing on the garden swing we have had installed. The garden is quite secluded but Thomasina still becomes terribly nervous being outside dressed in his school uniform.

After lunch Miss Throgmorton encourages Thomasina’s creative side by making him paint a picture again using only his left hand. The classroom walls are decorated with many of his drawings. Indeed I have pinned two of them entitled “Mummy” onto the kitchen wall.

School finishes at three and Thomasina has domestic duties to undertake in the house before Aunty Agnes supervises bath time. When I arrive home Thomasina will have eaten completed his school homework and be wearing either a floral winceyette nightie or teddy bear motif pyjamas. His sullen reaction to my homecoming had to spanked out of him and now he has learned to run excitedly into my arms as I enter the room. I enjoy spending ten minutes with him sitting on my lap as he tells me about his day and then aunty Agnes will say something such as, “time our little girl was tucked up in bed.”

Reluctantly, for Thomasina still detests his early bedtimes, he will kiss me goodnight and take Agnes’s hand as she takes him up to bed at 7pm sharp.

Undoubtedly Thomas has got more than he bargained for when he revealed his secret desire to me but his life as a sweet little girl may not be exactly as he imagined but as far as I am concerned it is very satisfying indeed.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Aunty's little boy

My aunt is a domineering person who insists on treating me as a small boy even though I am now almost eighteen. I first went to live with her when I was nine, the shock of losing my parents stunted my growth and development and today I am only a little over 4ft 5inches tall.

Being without any academic qualifications and reliant solely on my aunt for financial support I find myself tied to her without hope of ever escaping her influence. She delights in putting me to bed early in front of her friends, she does so merely because she can. I can honestly say that since the age of nine there has not been one night when I have not been tucked up in bed by 8pm at the latest. Not one.

My day starts at 6.30am when aunty pulls back my bedclothes and ushers me out of bed. I breakfast downstairs dressed in my pyjamas before washing and being dressed in my “play clothes” by aunty. I always wear boys white y-front underpants and vest. Aunty says she can spot stains easier with white underwear. Aunty insists I wear short trousers, usually ones with a bib front that a toddler would wear; pyjama bottoms are the only long pants I ever get to wear. Aunty makes me wear tee shirts with a babyish motif emblazoned on the front such as a teddy bear or a nursery rhyme character. I also have to wear white knee length socks and along with babyish slippers my daytime wear is complete. When we go out I have sensible black shoes and an old fashioned, boys bottle green Macintosh. In summer I wear strap over sandals and a royal blue, yes royal blue blazer. I must hold my aunts hand at all times when outside and in the presence of "grown ups" I must remain silent and not speak unless spoken to. Only last week we were out and visited the tearoom in town. As usual I was allowed only a glass of milk, aunty began talking to the lady at the next table. As always on these occasions I remain very quiet and avoid eye contact. Aunty's new friend eventually commented, "you really must bring your little boy along to the summer fare on Wednesday, there are lots of activities for him to enjoy, it starts at six." Aunty smiles, turned to me and replied, “tell the nice lady what you will be wearing at six pm on Wednesday." Blushing, I whispered, “please miss I shall be in my pyjamas ready for bed." Aunty smiled and said to me," now tell the lady what happens at six thirty. Go on speak up." I blushed before whispering, " please miss, six thirty is my bedtime."

The lady looked taken aback. "So soon, it’s rather an early bedtime isn’t it? How old is your little boy, six o’clock seems very early for him to be in his pyjamas" She said, peering closer at me. It must be said that close up I have perceptible signs of adolescence. My appearance and height usually make people assume that I am only a little boy. Aunty said,  “so nice to have met you,” and marched me away.

 Aunty bent down to whisper in my ear “As soon as I get you home I'm putting you into your pyjamas and then it's straight to bed for you"

I remonstrated with her as best I could; her hand was dragging me homeward.

Why, I asked was I being put to bed? I was told it was for not answering the lady in the teashop quickly enough. That's right, at 17 years old I am put to bed in the afternoon for something so trivial. Aunty never goes back on her word. As soon as we were home I was dressed in my little boy pyjamas, put over my aunts lap and spanked before being put immediately to bed.